What ammunition do Alaskan guides use in case of bear attack? Would a shotgun slug stop a bear?

[Author's Note] I have several articles addressing this under my WildernessMaster.com persona on this site. Please review those for more information as well.There are a few things that rarely get taken into account that really play more of a determinate in the life/death equation

What is the largest bear you have ever seen in the wild?

The largest brown bear was a big coastal bear I watched through binoculars from my kayak on the Prince William Sound of Alaska. This huge boar was eating from the carcass of a dead whale and by my estimates, he easily ran 800 to 1000 lbs. It was late summer and he was putting on fat, but he would

What is it like living in Alaska wilderness?

I live in the Alaskan bush. Roughly a 2 hour plane flight from Anchorage. We are a village of 80ish people. No outside roads. Only way truly in and out is air (people do go between villages on the river). We just got basic cell service