Can drinking alcohol during puberty stunt growth for males?

Here are four proofs that can prove alcohol can stunt growth for malesDrinking alcohol can lower luteinizing hormone and testosterone levels in adolescent boys.acute intoxication reduces levels of growth hormones.Increased alcohol consumption is associated with lowered bone mineral density in adolescent males

Does alcohol consumption inhibit muscle growth for weight lifters/body builders and to what extent?

Thanks for the A2A Tim HalloranWhen you drink beer, wine, or spirits, the ethanol in those beverages is given priority by your body in metabolism. It stops pretty much everything else and goes to work in a four step process that looks like

Does alcohol have a large effect on muscle gains?

Research has shown alcohol intake may cause a major setback in muscle gains and reaching fitness goals. It appears alcohol reduces muscle protein synthesis (MPS) impairing our muscle growth. Studies also show alcohol to alter hormone levels and decrease our metabolism. This means our ability to reduce body fat also becomes a problem.There is also the

Does alcohol kill the built muscles on your body?

Effects of Alcohol on fitness:As is a fast carb, most of it goes directly to fat.Is a heavy diuretic. It deshidrates you for many hours. Stop muscle building completely.For the same reason, fucks up your electrolytes, and that start some catabolic reactions, making you to lost some muscle.Being drunk and the next day

Does drinking alcohol make you gain weight?

Can alcohol ensure that you gain weight and fat? Or can you occasionally drink a glass of wine or beer and still keep losing weight? I will tell you the most important ins and outs!First alcohol, then fatLet me immediately start

Has alcohol affected my growth?

If you are young, definitely it can effect both physical growth and mental development. Would a little bit do that? It is unlikely. A lot of alcohol at a young age could be a problem. That is why we have liquor laws that (try) to keep alcohol away from

How to get divorced from my alcoholic husband

You may want to consider going to AlAnon, a support group for people living and dealing with alcoholics.  You should be able to get support from people going through the same issues you are going through.  This will help you to calm down, and think clearly, and be able to cope with all the steps

How did you leave your alcoholic spouse?

order of protectionservedhe didnt even look at it for a year, went into defaultat court he asked if we could try again, so i knocked it to a separation trialhe violated his oop, got a stay away orderhe left for a

How to approach my husband about his drinking problem

The first thing my wife had to realize was that it wasn't me with a drinking problem. She had the problem. I was completely fine with drinking. In fact I was so fine with drinking I'd schedule it into my day. It was like a bridge for me. Alcohol connected me to my customers and

How to confront my alcoholic husband

You can't do it when he's drunk. Don't even try. And if you do it when he's sober, he won't remember anything. After every alcoholic abusive episode, I wrote everything down. I made a copy of it, left it on the kitchen table for him to read. He would say, no one should act like

How to get my husband to stop drinking

You cannot cannot stop your husband from drinking, it does not work that way.What you can do:Tell him how much his drinking is damaging your relationship.Tell him (if true) that you do not like the way he treats you when he is intoxicated.Confront him about any financial concerns that exist due to his drinking.Do

How to help my alcoholic husband recover

Firstly, at the risk of sounding patronising, well done you for not upping and leaving him! It must be hell for you, and yet still you're by his side, again, well done!I'm not sure what kind of alcoholic your Husband is, but I'm guessing that he isn't a violent drunk? I certainly hope not!Actually stopping

How to leave alcoholism

A lot of people say to go to AA. That it worked great for them. Well that is great, but you need something that will work for you. Maybe that is AA, maybe that is not.I am here to represent the much smaller group of people that chose to go without AA

How does consuming alcohol affect body-building?

Bodybuilding is all about discipline ! U have to eat right, do right to reach ur gains or goals. On other hand if u are alcoholic it will cause problems reaching your set goals. It's a world known fact that alcohol damages ur kidney and liver and liver is

How much alcohol should get me drunk?

The metabolism of alcohol in humans is controlled primarily by two groups of enzymes, alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH) and aldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH). Different people produce different amounts of these enzymes, and furthermore different people produce different versions of these enzymes, with variable efficacy.

In what cases would you leave your alcoholic husband?

I have known many alcoholics, and I would say at least 25% of the ones I know never fully recovered and have fallen off the wagon numerous times with varying results. I don't know if you ever really

Is alcoholism always the main cause of domestic abuse? Has there ever been a case of an alcoholic husband not beating up his wife when intoxicated?

Boy, this question is a glaring example of a typical erroneous stereotype.Alcohol is NOT the cause of domestic abuse. Many abusers have addiction problems but the addiction does not cause the abuse, although it is often used as an excuse for the abuse.Domestic

My husband is an alcoholic and he wants to pay for treatment for my depression, is it possible to get through depression while living with an alcoholic?

I would love to give you a definitive answer. However.I am an alcoholic, it is under control, no blackouts anymore, but very detrimental to my health.I am, and have been diagnosed with depression for nearly 25 years.I'm assuming that you are an American couple otherwise

Of the top five healthy lifestyle habits: never smoke; maintain a healthy body-mass index; exercise; don't drink too much alcohol; and eat a healthy diet, which habit causes the most harm if neglected?

Excellent question! It's been shown that cadmium levels in your blood will be your eventual downfall. The oxidative stress created by free radicals in the body with every draw is so high it would need to be counterbalanced by 25mg vit C with every cigarette. There is a

Should I leave my husband because he hit me?

If he hit you once, he is likely to do it again. The truth is that all abusive husbands that hit their wives apologize profusely, at first. In 12 yrs, I never so much as raised a hand in anger to my wife, much less hit her. I

Should I let my 16 year old daughter go to a party with beer?

It really depends. On the legal drinking age in your country, how responsible she is, who else will be at the party ( only friends or strangers?) I'm 18 and have been drinking since i was allowed to (16), and

Should I stay married to my alcoholic husband?

I will give you this bit of advice from someone that suffers from alcoholism and is in recovery, Sober almost 2 years now.You may have to leave your husband, but only you can decide that. Here are the facts, he will not change even if he knows its the right thing to do until he receives treatment.

Should you leave an alcoholic who won't seek help?

You can not control the actions of other people or force them too do something to a certain degree but you can definitely try to get them too seek help or try to help them yourself.Too much alcohol can cause brain damage. Binge drinking can cause

What are the best unconventional ways to cure a hangover?

HANGOVERS are natures way of letting you know how excessively you drank the night before, but I got the keys for y'all on how to CURE a hangover fast and quickly lolI'll be going over how to recover from a night out drinking. Before

What harm does alcohol do to your body?

Drinking alcohol increases the risk of mouth cancer, pharyngeal (upper throat) cancer, oesophageal (food pipe) cancer, laryngeal (voice box) cancer, breast cancer, bowel cancer and liver cancer.Alcohol is a psychoactive substance with dependence-producing properties that has been widely used in many cultures for centuries. The harmful use of alcohol causes a large disease, social

What is more detrimental to your health: smoking a pack of cigarettes a day or drinking a 12 pack of beer a day?

I'm going to answer this from a general knowledge and personal anecdotal perspective rather than from a study-research one because I believe the answer is fairly obvious.There are VERY few people out there who can start putting away a 12 pack of beer as a teenage

What is the best cure for a hangover?

I'm guessing by the time you're asking this question, it's a bit too late for prevention, and seriously, that's no fun anyway! I actually just imbibed a bit too much myself this past weekend and wrote up a quick blog about how I coped.*Disclaimer: I am NOT a medical professional. I

What is the best way to cure a really bad hangover?

HANGOVERS are natures way of letting you know how excessively you drank the night before, but I got the keys for y'all on how to CURE a hangover fast and quickly lolI'll be going over how to recover from a night out drinking. Before you get the hangover cure we gotta REWIND to the

What is the best way to cure hangover, next morning?

Not drinking the night before...:) sorry had to.This great question as it links into different area's an example being a great way at keeping a person at arms length of forming a dependence but as I'm trying always to answer as honestly as possible would say2 shots of hard

What is the craziest thing you have done when you were drunk?

As recovering people , we are taught not to glorify alcoholism when we discuss our past. To make a tragic disease like alcoholism the source of amusing anecdotes sends a wrong message.That being said, most of us have a least one

What is the fastest way to cure a hangover?

Being a chemist, I wanted to know what causes the hangover and how I can minimize if not eliminate the waste of a day afterwards.CAUSES OF THE HANGOVER:BREAKING THE SEALLet's start from the beginning at the first sign of drinking too much. Alcohol is a diuretic which causes you to piss everything out. Drinking Vodka and Red Bull? Now

What is the medicine that can cure a hangover? What is a possible way to do away with a hangover?

Cure - try eating plain yogurt or eating hot peppers, or salsa.But, prevention is better. I have heard that magnesium tablets taken while and after drinking will lessen the possibility of a hangover.Drink a lot of water, in between drinks. Dehydration can

Which remedies are effective for hangovers?

There are plenty of good ideas listed in the existing answers to this question, however I believe that many of them speak more to prevention rather than cure. I do agree, prevention goes a long way... but sometimes you are just

Why as a strong woman can I not leave my alcoholic husband?

I think you should leave if he will not seek help with his addiction - you stay because you love him. It's a downward spiral that pulls everyone and everything into it's destructive vortex. An addict will only try to reform once they have admitted they have

Can drinking alcohol during puberty stunt growth for males?

Here are four proofs that can prove alcohol can stunt growth for malesDrinking alcohol can lower luteinizing hormone and testosterone levels in adolescent boys.acute intoxication reduces levels of growth hormones.Increased alcohol consumption is associated with lowered bone mineral density in

Can you get drunk by taking a bath in alcohol?

Yes, but it would be extremely dangerous.This question interested me so much that I thoroughly researched it. Sources are given below if you don't want to take my word.Skin does a great job keeping out water. But not so much alcohol. This is because it's an organic

Do professional athletes drink alcohol?

Yes, they do but in a controlled and regulated way.If you have alcohol in your blood and train hard, you're going to be dehydrated which will lead to a few days outside the pitch. So, during their season they restrict themselves from alcohol.But during the off season when

Does alcohol affect voice?

OH yes it does. It definitely definitely does.Alcohol dehydrates you -- especially your mucus membranes, some of which exist in your mouth and throat. I could get into the scientific details but this is basically common knowledge.If you're looking to have a sparkling, melifluous

Does drinking a beer hydrate or dehydrate your body?

One beer doesn't necessarily hydrate - there is water in the beer to hydrate, but the process of the liver breaking down the alcohol causes dehydration. There's not sufficient water in the one beer to counteract the dehydration from the breakdown process.Here's

Does exercising increase or decreases your alcohol tolerance?

Consider these two statements.Alcohol tolerance (the need for progressively increasing quantities of alcohol to get drunk) is a result of fatty deposits on the liver.Exercise helps reduce fat overall.So logically, exercising decreases ones alcohol tolerance.But then the other thing that exercise does is that it helps get the blood

Why does alcohol make people act drunk?

When you drink alcohol, the water-soluble ethanol it contains has a free pass throughout your body. After it enters your digestive system, it takes a ride in your bloodstream, passes through cell membranes and strolls through the heart. It especially likes to hang out in the brain, where it becomes a central nervous system depressant. While in the

How is drinking beer harmful to someone's health?

Beer utilization with some restraint can be useful for wellbeing. Nonetheless, when you drink in abundance or swallow a glass an excessive number of with hardly a pause in between, it can likewise negatively affect wellbeing. Recorded beneath are couple of antagonistic impacts of beerCan Raise Blood Pressure Level

How much alcohol can the body take?

Alcohol is viewed as both a sustenance, since it contains calories and you (more often than not!) devour it through your mouth, and a psychoactive medication, since it can adjust human cognizance. Ethanol is the wellspring of a mixed drink's impact, and these calories are unfilled: they have no supplement esteem, so the substance can't be processed like

I rarely drink alcohol, and when I do, I drink very little. However, I still feel terrible the next day (in a more subtle way than a hangover). I feel weak, moody, unfocused, I sweat differently, etc. My entourage is not affected the same way. Why?

You may not be drinking enough water during the day and get dehydrated. Even one drink can make someone who is already dehydrated feel off. Try drinking more water before you have a drink. If you still feel off the next day, you should probably see a doctor, just to make sure there's nothing wrong with you.

I'm going through depression. I have never tried alcohol due to health reasons. How does it feel like to be intoxicated? Does it really help in coping with depression?

No, it doesn't help at all! It only makes it worse, because at first, when you're under the influence of alcohol, it might feel like it helps, because being drunk makes you feel more confidential, but after that you will feel even more down, like with most drugs!And then you get even more depressed or even become addicted

Is a beer a day good for your health?

I'm no dietician, so you're getting my opinion here. I doubt that any alcohol is health food. What is beer made up of? Hops, wheat, alcohol, sugar, and water mostly. If you're not alcoholic, one can, bottle, or glass a

Is drinking 1-2 glasses of wine every day healthy?

Short answer:I tend to agree that 1 drink a day for women, and a maximum of two drinks a day for men won't hurt, and could be beneficial for one's health. De-alcoholized wine if available would seem to be preferable.Long answer:The last paper I read on this subject claimed that the blood pressure (a

Is drinking beer quickly not good for health?

There are lots of articles and researches claiming that beer is bad for you. And probably an equal amount of them stating that beer is good for you. That being said my personal opinion resonates John Stratmann's answer. I think he is absolutely right. It's all

Is it legal to ride a bike while drunk?

German law (Traffic law is federal law):Police is equipped with breath analyzers to measure the alcohol content within the blood.0,00 - 0,03%: no problem, you are not considered to be under any influence0,03% - 0,049%: Can be problematic if you cause an accident or if you drive in

On what base does the Church consider doing drugs a mortal sin, while drinking of alcohol is not considered a mortal sin in general?

Drinking alcohol in moderation is fine and even a positive thing. The Bible has positive references to it. Jesus's first miracle was to turn water into wine, and he used wine to institute the Eucharist. Clearly, the mere act of drinking alcohol cannot be serious matter, because Jesus himself drank wine and made it

What are some of the best beers in the world?

Beer is officially the best hangout drink ever and Beers across the world can vary in taste, colour and composition. This is my list of the best Beers in the world and where to find them.#10 Corona (Mexico)Cervecería Modelo is responsible for the creation of this fine Beer. This fine barley-made Beer has

What are the best foods to eat after consuming alcohol?

There is nothing you can eat or drink that will actually counteract or reverse the effect of any alcohol in your system. Not coffee, not greasy food, not carbs...nothing. It's a one-way process:All the alcohol in your stomach is going to continue flowing into your bloodstreamAll the alcohol

What are the disadvantages of drinking alcohol?

Any alcohol whether beer or wine or whisky has alcohol v/v, an each gram of alcohol contains 7kcal/gram.Alcohol does not contain any nutrients and full of empty calories which would not get you satiety.In result you will eat more and more adding more calories to your daily calorie requirement.According to

What are the effects of consuming alcohol after exercise (weightlifting or cardio)?

Great question!There is a lot of evidence that athletes binge drink more than the general population so it is really important to understand the effects of this! However, there is surprisingly little research on this.So first things first, alcohol is bad.

What are the top 10 cocktails?

These are my top 10 because as I have explored cocktails, these drinks have been the basis for a lot of learning and they produce so many variations.  They span quite a breadth through the use of different liquors and require different techniques.  Old Fashioned - The

What drink screams 'underage'?

Obviously, someone needs to look at least under 25 before I start making any of the following judgements. I've served plenty of middle aged ladies & gents whose tastes never seemed to have evolved since their teens, but as a bartender I was immediately suspicious of anyone ordering something that was sweet and there was

What drug doesn't stunt growth?

With my personal experience and knowledge I am going to make an assumption that you are reaching for attention through this post. With that aside I am willing to answer it.To give an accurate answer can you elaborate on which drugs you use, the quantity, and

What feels as good as drinking a cold beer after a run?

There is not much in life better than the refreshment of a cold beer after a run on a hot summer evening. But what is it exactly? The sense of accomplishment that only comes with completing some 'hard work' Combined with having done something good for your healthHaving put in that effort as

What is happening in your body when you exercise after ingesting alcohol?

the most amazing work of alcohol or any such thing like drugs that it increases the adrenile or hormonal activity in your mind about what work you are thinking to do. And when it comes to exercise after ingesting alcohol you supposed

What is the best cocktail in the world and why?

OK, let's define a base point here. First, without parameters, you are looking for an opinion, and no opinion you get need stand up to scrutiny, how? Most money from sales? Most beloved? Largest number made? Most historical? Or tastiest? All of the

What kind of alcohol beverages is healthy to drink?

I usually just try to answer the question, but there are a couple things in this question that would tell any reader that there is a serious problem with alcohol here, which changes the answer to: there is no healthy drink given the drinking pattern you describe.If you took vodka to the

Which drink is good for health in small quantity: beer, rum, brandy, whisky, vodka, or scotch?

Every Alocohol is bad if you consume more regularly. Consuming more alcohol like Whisky and Rum, Vodka etc regularly may leads to liver damage and heart diseases. I prefer beer than any other alcohol, Drinking alcoholic beverages, including beer, by healthy people seems to reduce the risk of developing heart disease.There is some evidence that drinking alcohol can

Why do I feel drunk (can't walk straight, feel light headed) after my work out?

I personally need to eat before the workout and again afterwards. That's one possibility. Dehydration can also be a problem, depending on your hydration levels before, during, and after a good hard workout.If you've got your fuel and water needs

Why do I get neck pain when I drink alcohol?

Fact 1: Alcohol addiction from two parts per thousand disguises the painThe central nervous system (CNS) is an important target organ of alcohol.Alcohol comes as a small molecule through each cell wall of the body, is quickly absorbed and quickly distributed in the body. For more detail visit this article.After drinking alcohol, it

Why do people like alcohol?

Alcohol doesn't taste good and we're constantly trying to mask it's disgusting flavor through fruity punches, sodas, lemon and limes. It can become toxic to our livers, in our blood stream, and kill brain cells. It's actually a depressant so why do people drink when they're sad only to

Why do we feel emotions stronger when drunk?

In mathematical terms, think of alcohol as a multiplier. Drinking serves to amplify our functioning of reality to a point where it can be easily seen by those around us. It's quite beneficial and freeing sometimes. Most of the time it reveals our own perceived

Why does alcohol have an effect on the human body?

Brain damageBinge drinking can cause blackouts, memory loss and anxiety. Long-term drinking can result in permanent brain damage, serious mental health problems and alcohol dependence or alcoholism. For more information on the effects of alcohol on mental health click here. Young people's brains are particularly vulnerable because the

Why is liquor drinking encouraged in the Indian Armed Forces?

Liquor is never encouraged in the Indian Army or even the Armed Forces. Over the years, issue of free liquor even to jawans has stopped.If required they have to buy their own, from the Canteen.There is a limit laid down as to how much liquor an officer or jawan can buy each month.These are some of the

Can fat people drink more alcohol than skinny people?

Theoretically sure. But skinny people usually can drink the most. A die hard alcoholic can drink a preposterous amount of alcohol. But if you're looking at blood alcohol content, et al, then the larger the consumer is the more alcohol it will take to bring him / her to a particular level.My comments regarding skinny people come from the

Can meditation cure a hangover?

I've never really been able to accomplish something like this, although sometimes relaxing the muscles in the neck actively helps. Best for me is water, advil and sweating via aerobic exercise.Hangover can however be an excellent subject of meditation and contemplation. Why am I so

Can someone lose weight whilst drinking alcohol?

Indeed someone can lose weight whilst drinking alcohol in certain amounts along with a low kcal diet.If you are also young the alcohol can dehydrate you and next day you can see yourself in the mirror thinner and the scale going down up to 1 kilo.My experience is that when I

Do you get fat by drinking beer?

Do you get fat by drinking beer? No. CAN you get fat by drinking beer? Quite possibly.Beer contains a lot of calories and even light beers, although less than regular or darker brews, will still have a decent amount. If you're consuming multiple beers every day without any kind of break and also eating all of that wonderful bar/junk

Does drinking alcohol every day make you an alcoholic?

In our society, the consumption of alcohol is not only legal (from 18 years of age), but at the social level it is an activity that is not censored or reproved. On the contrary, we can even affirm that the consumption of alcohol is fully incorporated, accepted and well seen in our

Does drinking alcohol increase the fat in your body?

Let's probe the effects of alcohol (as a related constructive matter) (by details):The Effects of AlcoholThe effects of alcohol are easily recognised at the second stage after careful study. All activities get tainted. Gait becomes unsteady and talk gets less circumspect. Well-developed movements become way-ward. Self-control is seriously impaired. Man gets into a stupor in

Does drinking beer and working out in gym helps to train better?

First off, drinking before/during a workout is dangerous because drinking reduces response time and can make you more clumsy, which you don't want around free weights or other machines that can cause damage if mishandled. Second, I don't believe anyone has shown that alcohol consumption reliably increases

Does Redbull reduce hangover?

Not really. It may jack your system up and give you more energy to get through it, but the main cause of a hangover isn't lack of energy, it's the buildup of acetaldehyde (the toxic byproduct from alcohol) in your system. Hangovers are complex beasts and are

Does Vitamn B cure hangovers, and how?

Cure for a hangover is a hard term as there is no cure. However I believe preventing hangover is possible and minimizing the hangover once it has begun is possible. But curing a hangover is difficult due to the constellation of symptoms. There are also uncountable variables from type of alcohol

Having said that I've personally got very little hope in rehabilitation centers as in my case, is there any possibility to cure a person who is badly addicted to alcohol, smoking, and has got a reason to state?

First of all, there is no "cure" for addiction, since it is a chronic disease. There's only treatment.And if you don't have faith or trust in a process, it's certainly not going to work!Try going to AA (Alcoholics Anonymous). But there too, you got to have trust, faith...and hope.

How bad are your hangovers?

Angus, my Friend !It has been three or so years since I had to stop drinking because of liver failure, after about 50'years of draining the Bourbon Barrel into my gut.You may not buy this, but I never had a hangover ! Maybe because I ate when

How to treat a really bad hangover

What you should do:1. Relieve your headache - try using a cold pack on your head. You can make it yourself by wrapping some ice from the fridge into a towel or simply wet the towel with cold water.2. Restore a water balance - rehidrate yourself!

How to avoid a hangover? What's the best cure for a hangover

I have researched and tested many solutions for alcohol hangover throughout the last few years... the bad news is there is no such thing as a hangover cure. The good news is that there are some scientifically proven ways to

How to motivate myself to quit smoking and drinking

Take the decision and stop smoking and drinking. Whatever might motivate you, can differ from other peoples motivation. You surely know all the awful consequences of smoking and drinking. Imagine yourself in the distant future when you have already invested $30 000

How to stop drinking to much water

I don't understand your question.Sensible people not involved in anything unproven, alternative, wishy washy would drink whenever thirsty, and stop drinking when no longer thirsty, our thirst mechanism is a very sensitive and efficient mechanism to regulate our fluid needs, easy. Just satisfy this need, and you'll be fine; no nonsensical

How to get rid of a rum hangover

Easiest answer: DON'T DRINKSecond: WATER WATER WATER WATER and more WATERAlcohol dehydrates the body horribly. Since alcohol is a complex sugar, and requires quite a bit of energy to process, water is used in this, and water is required in larger amounts.So drink water.

How does a Bloody Mary cure a hangover?

Now you've done it and it is official: you have a hangover. Now what? No matter what you do, sleep and water or juice should be included because your body needs rest and to rehydrate in order to recover.There are many folk cures

How does cheap alcohol affect the body differently, from expensive alcohol?

It's part of the distillation process called Congener (alcohol). Essentially they are by-products of distillation and aging.  It isn't just cheap vs. expensive.  It is also brown vs. clear.  More flavorful products (brown spirits) have more congeners that clearer spirits.  The cheapest brown spirits (typically rum) need

How does consuming alcohol affect body-building?

Bodybuilding is all about discipline ! U have to eat right, do right to reach ur gains or goals. On other hand if u are alcoholic it will cause problems reaching your set goals. It's a world known fact that alcohol damages ur kidney and liver and liver is responsible to produce digestive enzymes. And

How does water help with a hangover?

Many of the body's basic natural processes are overwhelmed by large quantities of alcohol, unable to carry on their usual functions, and key nutrients are depleted. Mentis, a dietary supplement, helps restore balance and function to the body, allowing it to return to normal after a night

How long does it take for alcohol to leave the body?

How Long Does Alcohol Stay in Your System?The body follows a pretty straightforward process when digesting alcohol. So the length of time alcohol stays in the system has more to do with how much a person drinks than any other factors. If you've

I feel too much thirsty and feel thirsty even after drinking water. I have to drink too much water. This is happening since a few days. Is it due to start of summer or due to some serious condition?

You don't mention your age or any other symptoms. Have you been loosing weight? Do you get up at night frequently to urinate? Have you been extremely fatigued? If the answer is yes to these questions then I would definitely seek medical advise ASAP. In

Is beer cool for the body?

Beer is one of the oldest and most popular alchohol drink. You must aware of the benefits of beer to the health.2. If you drink beer everyday it can definitely improve your health.3. Beer help to maintain your kidney problems. As per the study one glass of beer everyday can help to reduce kidney disease

Is drinking beer good for gaining weight?

Studies have shown that a moderate amount of alcohol can be beneficial for our health, but unfortunately it is also concentrated source of calories and beer is no exception.Beer contains not only the calories from alcohol, but also from carbohydrates, meaning it is

Is it a waste of good vodka to use it to make bloody marys?

Yes. By law, vodka that is produced in this country (USA), other than specifically flavored vodkas, can have no smell or taste. Vodka is ethanol and water. Vodkas produced outside the US may have some discernible qualities that some people may be able to detect (operable word there is

Is it true that there are health benefits to red wine, and if it is, what in the red wine actually provides those health benefits?

Health benefits of red wine are documented in the medical industry and by countless personal experiences. Talk to doctors and they will tell you that red wine in moderation is very healthy. It is hard to specify what it is in the wine, but the whole wine is

Is the hair of the dog the best hangover cure?

No. This is a myth. Here are some grea t hangover cures and prevention tools:Preventative measures: Greasy food and carbs BEFORE you drink to absorb the alcohol.Rotate each drink or shot with a glass of water.Take it easy! There's no need to have 12 beers or

Is there anything that can cure a terrible hangover?

The consumption of ethanol which is found in wine, beer and distilled spirits, leads to hangover. A hangover is the experience of various unpleasant physiological and psychological effects. We all have at some point tried out Bhang during Holi, gives you a nasty hangover.Symptoms of a hangover are headache, drowsiness, concentration problems, dry mouth, dizziness,vomiting, absence of hunger,

Is wine actually good for one's heart?

Procyanidins found in red wine is found to neutralise free radicals and found to be effective in preventing cardiovasscular diseases. A study conducted at Israel Institute of Technology shown that wine consumption for 21 days has enhanced the blood vessel cell health and

What about alcohol causes weight gain? Is it possible to drink it without gaining weight?

You should ofc stay from alcohol if you want to keep your weight goals. An occasional glas of red wine with less than 3g sugar/100ml is fine I guess but beer and drinks that contains much sugar and carbs is a

What age did you start drinking alcohol?

I was raped when I was 15. I had not even had my first kiss. I felt so much pain, shame, and disgust....the feelings were absolutely overwhelming.Whenever my dad came home from work upset, he had a few drinks and was