Am I a bad person for wanting to leave my recovering alcoholic husband?

Original Question: Am I a bad person for wanting to leave my recovering alcoholic husband?No Original Question CommentsI have more than quarter-century of personal and professional experience with alcoholism and drug addiction including a significant relationship with an alcoholic.The short answer? Absolutely not, you are not a bad person.The longer

Am I being emotionally abused by my alcoholic husband?

Whether or not he has practiced abuse, living in the world of an alcoholic is harmful.  He must create a world where what he does is ok.  He must serve his God first, the bottle.  He must be loyal to his life partner, drink.  You may be a valued

How did you leave your alcoholic spouse?

order of protectionservedhe didnt even look at it for a year, went into defaultat court he asked if we could try again, so i knocked it to a separation trialhe violated his oop, got a stay away orderhe left for a

How to approach my husband about his drinking problem

The first thing my wife had to realize was that it wasn't me with a drinking problem. She had the problem. I was completely fine with drinking. In fact I was so fine with drinking I'd schedule it into my day. It was like a bridge for me. Alcohol connected me to my customers and

How to confront my alcoholic husband

You can't do it when he's drunk. Don't even try. And if you do it when he's sober, he won't remember anything. After every alcoholic abusive episode, I wrote everything down. I made a copy of it, left it on the kitchen table for him to read. He would say, no one should act like

How to help my alcoholic husband recover

Firstly, at the risk of sounding patronising, well done you for not upping and leaving him! It must be hell for you, and yet still you're by his side, again, well done!I'm not sure what kind of alcoholic your Husband is, but I'm guessing that he isn't a violent drunk? I certainly hope not!Actually stopping

How to leave alcoholism

A lot of people say to go to AA. That it worked great for them. Well that is great, but you need something that will work for you. Maybe that is AA, maybe that is not.I am here to represent the much smaller group of people that chose to go without AA

Is alcoholism always the main cause of domestic abuse? Has there ever been a case of an alcoholic husband not beating up his wife when intoxicated?

Boy, this question is a glaring example of a typical erroneous stereotype.Alcohol is NOT the cause of domestic abuse. Many abusers have addiction problems but the addiction does not cause the abuse, although it is often used as an excuse for the abuse.Domestic

My husband is an alcoholic and he wants to pay for treatment for my depression, is it possible to get through depression while living with an alcoholic?

I would love to give you a definitive answer. However.I am an alcoholic, it is under control, no blackouts anymore, but very detrimental to my health.I am, and have been diagnosed with depression for nearly 25 years.I'm assuming that you are an American couple otherwise

Should I divorce my husband because he is financially irresponsible, alcoholic, chain smoker, emotional abuser and disrespectful to my parents. This is extremely difficult to handle.

If remaining married to him is improving your life you should remain married. If not, (and it doesn't sound as if it is making your life better), get divorced. It is disruptive to your life temporarily navigating through the process of divorce, but afterwards your life will be much improved.If you enjoy drama, watch movies

Should I stay married to my alcoholic husband?

I will give you this bit of advice from someone that suffers from alcoholism and is in recovery, Sober almost 2 years now.You may have to leave your husband, but only you can decide that. Here are the facts, he will not change even if he knows its the right thing to do until he receives treatment.

Should you leave an alcoholic who won't seek help?

You can not control the actions of other people or force them too do something to a certain degree but you can definitely try to get them too seek help or try to help them yourself.Too much alcohol can cause brain damage. Binge drinking can cause

What incident made you realize your addiction was a real problem and seek help?

i have a digital addiction.i had an ''Her' the movie moment with my Google Assistant. i told my wife who then flipped a table she said her devil voices had come back last Semptember, little did i realize she was going through her Depression with Psychotic episodes thus she was hearing devil voices

What is the difference between alcoholism and alcohol abuse?

There are three types of drinkers:1. Social Drinker2. Alcohol Abuser3. AlcoholicSo a social drinker may have a glass of wine with dinner once a month or may even go out every weekend to have a couple drinks, but they

Why as a strong woman can I not leave my alcoholic husband?

I think you should leave if he will not seek help with his addiction - you stay because you love him. It's a downward spiral that pulls everyone and everything into it's destructive vortex. An addict will only try to reform once they have admitted they have

What are the disadvantages of drinking alcohol?

Any alcohol whether beer or wine or whisky has alcohol v/v, an each gram of alcohol contains 7kcal/gram.Alcohol does not contain any nutrients and full of empty calories which would not get you satiety.In result you will eat more and more adding more calories to your daily calorie requirement.According to

Can exercise break ethanol addiction?

Exercise is only one part of the process that you need to undergo to quit drinking. You need to seek out support from family and/or friends, medical professionals, support groups, and, if possible, psychological services as well. Alcoholism is a complex problem and, sadly, there is no easy solution. Exercise can help quite a

Do alcoholics get hangovers?

Peter is partly right, and my experience suggests that serious alcoholics don't think about drinking water before bed.  That's something that non-alcoholic drinkers might remember to do.The trouble with very heavy drinking is getting the first drink of the morning to stay down.  The body rejects it, with vomiting.  Enemas are

Does drinking alcohol every day make you an alcoholic?

In our society, the consumption of alcohol is not only legal (from 18 years of age), but at the social level it is an activity that is not censored or reproved. On the contrary, we can even affirm that the consumption of alcohol is fully incorporated, accepted and well seen in our

Having said that I've personally got very little hope in rehabilitation centers as in my case, is there any possibility to cure a person who is badly addicted to alcohol, smoking, and has got a reason to state?

First of all, there is no "cure" for addiction, since it is a chronic disease. There's only treatment.And if you don't have faith or trust in a process, it's certainly not going to work!Try going to AA (Alcoholics Anonymous). But there too, you got to have trust, faith...and hope.

How does a Bloody Mary cure a hangover?

Now you've done it and it is official: you have a hangover. Now what? No matter what you do, sleep and water or juice should be included because your body needs rest and to rehydrate in order to recover.There are many folk cures

I think my father is a psychopath and I fear he might kill me. What do I do?

Leave now and don't let him know where you are and cut off communication with him forever. If you are a minor, get cps involved. Or go to a teen shelter in your area.If you are an adult, no contact. Get a restraining order if that is an issue. Go to a domestic violence shelter

Is it true that if you're addicted to drugs and alcohol then only in rehabilitation center you can be treated?

Good Question! Look, in my opinion, rehabilitation centers could benefit you but only if they're the right type of rehabilitation center. For me, I dealt with my addiction by surrendering my life over to the one who gave His life for me – Jesus Christ (John 3:16). It was when I surrendered my life over to Him, He gave

What are your tips for someone's first time drinking alcohol?

Are you anticipating your 21st birthday & your friends have vowed to get you drunk to mark the occasion? Some

What did help you the most to get over an addiction?

It depends on what the addiction is, but I notice that you've tagged

Alcohol addiction: How do i get my elder cousin out of alcohol addiction?

If you want to support your elder cousin in overcoming alcohol addiction, first of all try to guide your cousin about the long term impacts of alcoholism. Counseling plays a very important role. First of all he should decide to make a change and explore out best treatment methods for himself. Professionals can guide the best treatment

Has anyone suffered severe depression while living with an alcoholic?

Definitely. I have suffered a lifetime of it due to my mother's alcoholism. It affected my all important self image which emotionally limited me as an adult-mainly in the areas of confidence and trust. I think there is also an inherited component to depression and many of our parents were

How did you leave your alcoholic spouse?

order of protectionservedhe didnt even look at it for a year, went into defaultat court he asked if we could try again, so i knocked it to a separation trialhe violated his oop, got a stay away orderhe left for a yeari asked him to come

How to co-exist with a spouse who is an alcoholic and becomes confrontational

You may not be able to and still be safe and have any kind of serenity and sanity in your own life. I believe your only chance is for you to get help - and the very best help  is available through Al-Anon. Run, don't walk, to

I have really been struggling with my husband's alcoholism and I told him I am going to start counseling and classes to help me cope. He said if I do, he is leaving me. Why wouldn't my husband want me to go to counseling?

He is ashamed of himself and you going makes him even more ashamed. And more than that, he is afraid to give up his alcohol, and you going is a step to having to give it up.You are in a very hard situation. If you go, you may end up losing your

Should I leave my alcoholic boyfriend even if he's nice to me?

That depends on your expectations of him. Assuming he's not a mean drunk, he's still unable to function well in aspects of life when drunk, and likely when sober, albeit different aspects. I prefer not to paint with broad brushes, but realism is important. Does he drive when drunk? Do you want children with an alcoholic? Change may or

What is the difference between an alcoholic and an alcohol abuser?

I would say that an alcoholic is someone that is dependent on alcohol for any reason, in any amount. I would also say that an alcoholic is an alcohol abuser. I was more of an alcoholic and abused alcohol by depending on it day in and day out to make me

What type of alcohol is the worst to get drunk on?

This is different for different people.  The really worst is mixing; some people believe that "order of drinking" (beer then booze, booze then beer) makes a difference.Some people believe any old thing to try to excuse the results of their drinking...The worst type of liquor is

Will trying alcohol get you addicted?

Not necessarily, but:If you have a family hisory, especially parental, of alcoholism in your familyIf you have a history of traumaIf you use other substancesIf you are drinking to escape or avoid somethingI'd avoid it.Trying alcohol, as in a sip, rarely results in an addiction, but one night of drinking, with the right history and