How healthy is eating almond milk and cereal?

Almond milk provides a lot of nutrients, it is naturally rich in several vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin E and contains added vitamin D, calcium and protein. Almond milk 50% lower in calories than cow's milk and has no cholesterol (because it is a plant based product).You can replace

Why are you supposed to soak almonds in water and peel the skins off before eating them? What is the benefit of doing this? Can we eat them without peeling the skin? Is eating the skin harmful?

Hello.Almonds are healthy regardless of how you have them, raw or soaked. Our parents insisted that we have them soaked because soaked almonds can easily be peeled and added to milk (badam milk is a favorite drink of school-going children and weight

What is the difference between Kashmiri almond, Gurbandi almond, Mamra almond and American almond? Do they differ in nutritional value?

Almonds: American v/s MamraAlmonds : .Mamra vs American..Do you know the nutritional value difference..?.Both varieties tested at well known (CFTRI) Central Food Technological Research Institute. for nutritional values.. results were as follows. Lab report...1) American badam has higher Protein & Vitamin A, B, E, (40.82) compared to mamra