Ambition: How do you deal with being around people who aren't ambitious?

Being ambitious can be exhausting. Make friends with the people who aren't ambitious, unless they aren't people who you would consider friend material.Befriend these people. Bond with them and remind yourself what being human means. Then, once you know they are your friends, try and challenge

Ambition: What are pros and cons of being ambitious?

Dear friend,Before jumping to the pros and cons ,let us first try to understand the real meaning of being ambitious. To understand this i would like to share an article by ACHARYA PRASHANT that i read recently............................................................................Acharya Prashant: What is this thing called

Ambition: What are the trademark characteristics of extremely high-achieving people?

The qualities exposed here only applies to >1% of successful people, it's the meritocracy discourse, the idea that high achieving people are also the best of the best is an illusion, an oversimplification of real life created by permalosers and winners of dubious merit. When you get down to it, what

Ambition: Why isn't everyone ambitious?

Lack of self-efficacy.Turn on the TV or read the news and you are presented with this reality:"Here's some people doing a lot better than me in life, in every imaginable sense."Most people respond with this thought:"I don't have the means to do the

Anxiety: How do you keep from feeling overwhelmed when there are an infinite number of things to do in life and business?

The lowest point of my career came three years ago. I was running my executive search company while scaling my investment firm into an enterprise with multiple arms. The pressure was on to assemble the right team while also being present for my young family at home. Then a junior employee whom

Are ambitions limited?

I would like to say no. I think in America you can reach any goal. We are truly blessed to have such freedom. Yes it comes at a very high price..war death loss of self. I have been so very fortunate to have the luxury of choosing what field of work I would enjoy. Often

Are jealousy and ambition the same thing?

Don't confuse by assuming. They are two very different things. Jealousy may in fact be a bit ambitious but they haven't got what someone else has - that's not ambition, that's regret and self-loathing. Ambition doesn't look back, doesn't look at others for confirmation, it forges forward, pushes

Are there a lot of people who have a lot of skills and are very ambitious but don't have the opportunity to demonstrate their talent?

Yes. Lots of highly trained classical musicians. There are very few jobs as performers at any rate of pay. Just to get into any professional orchestra, you have to play at an almost impossibly high level. My daughter had friends from conservatory who have given up - and one got

Are truly happy people unambitious?

From you experience and observation, can you find one person who is *really* happy and with ambitions?  If you can find one single example, then the answer is no.In you statement, it seems to me that your definition

As a highly ambitious person, what is it like dating someone who has no ambition?

Ambition has its role in life, I'd say. Being a highly ambitious person makes you more likely to take opportunities where you find them, and work towards opening new opportunities. At least, from a lifestyle/work mindset.There's nothing particularly wrong with having a lack of ambition. It changes your mindset to make you more

Can someone be too ambitious?

We say it all the time: "she's too ambitious", "he's got ideas above his station". And we generally think that's a bad thing. One should have ambition, sure, but not too much ambition. That's unhealthy. Or so our common language patterns suggest. And plenty of people think it's bad to crush people's dreams. It's

Can there be such a thing as too much ambition?

Looking through the other posts here, I think many people are confusing 'ambition' with 'being a jerk.'  While those things sometimes coincide, they don't always.  Being ambitious is really, really good.  Nothing gets accomplished unless you're ambitious, and the more ambitious you are, the more you can accomplish.  I doubt that you have a single hero of any

Can you develop ambition?

Picking up the way of the warrior. Many cultures have warriors and many teach the disciplines of mind over matter.Know that the best sword. is one kept sheathed. Until the time is right.Understanding that it is more important to be a warrior in the garden then to be a gardener in war.To know yourself is to know the

Can you live a life without ambition?

I might just have the perfect answer for you, having come across this question in real life without even pondering about it (not until I met him). Going anon just in case.I'm an Indian that chose to attend a college about 2200km away from my city. Just so I'd have a better college experience. My ambitions are pretty

Do people need ambition to be happy?

Life is all about maintaining balance. You do need a minimum amount of ambition to get you out of bed in the morning but on the other extreme you don't need to be super ambitious and aspire to become Supreme Ruler of the World!!!!With regards to the relationship between ambition and happiness, it will

Do you like people without ambition? Why or why not?

When I was younger, I looked down on people without ambition. What kind of uninspired unmotivated lazy beings must they be, if they didn't have an ounce of ambition in their life! "Without ambition" will never be me -- I want to make something of myself! Do good! Make my mark in life!I

Does ambition always bring success?

What is ambition?It is an eager or strong desire to achieve something. In other words, hunger.No doubt it is one of the factors. But it is never the only factor.Ambition is what gets us started and moving forward.Keeps us going in the face of difficulty.

Does your ambition have a limit?

Ambition, like weather, keeps changing. And going-or not going anywhere. Like a character's goal in a story, ambition only keeps changing, for better or worse.You could set your ambition at a particular limit (including time considerations). At this point, you have some knowledge about what you

How bad is it to have no ambition at all?

I hate to be a contrarian, but here goes. It's a very bad to have no ambition. Without ambition and drive you might as well be a rock sitting on a beach somewhere. You're sitting somewhere right now on a computer. Which means you have a better than 70%

How can ambition be bad?

I fell in love with a girl that was overly ambitious.At first it was great. I envied her skill in managing time. I respected her ability to plan for the future. I cherished the professional mindset she had, and how she would stop at nothing to achieve her goals.In hindsight,

How can having too much ambition be dangerous?

Ambition is the gneiss for progression.  If you don't desire or want something, you won't initiate the necessary actions to make it happen.   All Ambition must be tempered with pragmatism. Don't confuse ambitions with dreams. You might dream about becoming a Doctor, it doesn't become an Ambition until, you formulate a plan of action and

How to become more ambitious

1.Tell yourself positive affirmations.Positive affirmations are statements that are almost like self-compliments. These aren't just to boost your confidence; they can actually increase your problem solving skills under stress.Think of your most valued personality traits. Do you consider yourself creative? Intelligent? Talented? Make your positive affirmations revolve around the traits that best

How to find the ambition of my life

I think ambition is gained once you know what your big goal is. So if you don't have that big goal or big dream you don't know where you're aiming. There are a couple of ways to figure it out.A) Sit quietly and think about what you want most in the world. If you were

How to set an ambition in life or how do I recognise the talent inside myself

I think you should have two ambitions in life: a small, iterative one, with a goal achievable in a year or two, and update it as soon as yoo see fit. "I want to start studies in that field", "I want to loose

How to regain ambition

Startups X, Y & Z are all big outliers, even in the frothiest of bubbles. What is/are your passions, and does one present you with an opportunity to solve a problem? A solution you can sell? Ignore the VC noise, the

How does ambition work?

I would say an ambition works like a dream. Then there is an algorithm that will help you fulfil it. If you stick to it you will get there. Many times there is an error, something goes wrong or something unexpected happens and you need to make some changes to your plans. If you hold

How important is your partner's ambition in your relationship?

Its very important, if you are meaning his effort and this is why... for 9 yrs i've been the one who has put in 110% effort & energy while he has done 0%. he started emotionally abusing me which started the problems. what i didnt

How important is your partner's ambition in life?

A2AFor some it's very important, for me - not so much. As long as we can both live comfortably together, for me, my own ambition is enough.I don't stay with my partner because of her ambition, I stay because of mutual understanding, compatibility, companionship and intimacy.That said, I wouldn't suddenly

If my husband not ambition person should I divorce?

Your choices, as I see them based on available limited information, are:divorce:  hope you can figure out how to select for "as good as my ex, PLUS ambitious" next timeacceptance:  this man was good enough at the time I married him, and it didn't occur to me to

Is ambition a curse?

Sometimes ambition can feel like a curse due to the political restraints placed on individuals who have a strong desire to make a difference but lack the opportunities to do so. Such people typically end up ‘making' their own opportunity which can cost them heavily or lead them

Is ambition possible without an ego?

Ok, well ego is defined as

Is ambition the absence of happiness?

I want things.This desire is ambition.I want to be loved, to feel safe, to always be learning something new. I want to feel intellectually (and otherwise) engaged. I want to travel. I want money and a new black, rain repellent

Is ambition the enemy of success?

Before coming to any conclusion let us first try to understand  what is ambition and what is success.Ambition is the bigger form of desire , everything around you is trying to tell you that there is something missing in you, that you are not alright  as you are you are incomplete. So you must

Is happiness part of an ambition?

Ambition = success = happiness?    Not quite.Ambition May Bring Success, but Not Happiness.Here comes the PROBLEM:People who are ambitious tend to attend the best universities and go on to have prestigious careers with high salaries. It's not a bad quality, though.

Is having an ambition of being rich bad?

No, but do you know why you want to be rich and what you'll do if you ‘make it?'Here's why it needs good consideration...!A homeless man was lying outside our offices for 3 straight days, he hadn't moved at all. He was surrounded in his own waste, vomit and empty booze bottles. The

Is it a good thing to be ambitious?

It depends on your growing environment and your personality.There're some people,like me, are born to be ambitious.(It's largely resulted by my growing conditions, my parents' unsatisfying marriage, constant arguments and quarrels between them, huge desire for money due to long-term proverty,huge expectation on my grades

Is it better to have too much ambition rather than too little ambition?

Thanks for the A2A.I think what's important when it comes to ambition is balance.Ambition in itself is important, but not necessary for every person to feel they have succeeded in life. Ambition can motivate, it can help someone to stand out to a certain degree, be inspiring

Is it having too much ambition bad?

Not at all. It's good to be ambitious, and what I like best in the process that you understand much about self. You aspire to become something, reach somewhere, there are few things which are evident:Poeple will try to support you initially, but as soon as you will

Is it wrong to have high ambitions?

I try to make my thoughts turn to the abundance of opportunity around me, to the good luck I have been afforded. Every morning as I write in my journal, I think of Adam Smith who asked,

Is there an inverse correlation between happiness and ambition?

I think so, but why can't you be ambitious and happy at the same time?  I know you are never satisfied when you are ambitious, and satisfaction is happiness.  Thus, happiness and ambition shouldn't exist together, but why can't you just be super ambitious and super happy?  I guess

Is too much ambition making people miserable?

It's not the ambition that makes people miserable. It's your attachment to achieving this ambitions. Yes, it's like having too much expectation, thus increasing the chance of not meeting that expectation(failure you might say).  Even if  you get to achieve all your goals, what next? New goals? It's a vicious cycle. Having too

My boyfriend lacks ambition and drive. I don't. Should we break up?

You should be true to your heart. If ambition and drive are an integral part of your identity and are things of utmost importance to you then obviously, you are not well matched. There will come a day when the disparity

To those with high ambition but have not managed to succeed, do you think your ambitious tendency has hindered your ability to feel happy? If given a choice, would you trade your ambition with easiness to be pleased with modest things in life?

Being ambitious and enjoying modest things in life are not mutually exclusive.What stops me from striving to engage with my life intensely and fully, relishing every moment in all its ardour?Isn't that somehow the very definition of being ambitious? Of going as far and deep as one can go?I want to experience the length and

What are examples of a strong ambition?

I think you can find examples of strong ambition by not looking at just how much hardship a person had in life, but more so in how tough and resilient that person became by overcoming those hardships and still managing to reach their goals.For example the movie

What are examples of personal ambitions?

Oh, all sorts of things!Learning a new language.Increasing your personal income.Losing weight / getting more fit.Visiting certain cities, states or countries that you might want to.Getting a new skill, such as learning an instrument or flying.Playing a new sportBeing more social...just getting better at being with people.Learning to public speaketc etc.There are tons of

What are ten ambitions?

The ten answers for ambition are, a roof over your head, money to pay all your bills, money to buy healthy pure food and drinking water, an education, natural family members, true friends, money in your pocket, a garden, something to do daily,-work or a hobby, somewhere safe to walk and

What gives you ambition?

Whenever i look at my mom's face ,her beautiful smile gives me a reason to do something .she won't expect anything from me as she used to say

What if you lack ambition?

Honestly? It is not such a big deal at all. Unless the lack of ambition means the unwillingness to get out of situations that are harmful to you, it is perfectly fine.Sometimes ambition can be as small as a dream for fun vacation. Unfortunately, nowadays, ambition is almost solely views as something that is related to

What is a childhood ambition that you had?

In my childhood days,it changes day by day according to the movies and cartoons I watch on the TV.On a day, If I watch detective oriented stuff, suddenly I become acting (no actually living) like real life detective with keen observations on the Ant mobs movements and

What is ambition?

Dear friend,I want to share an article from the blog of Acharya Prashant- Words into silence .Sharing few excerpts from the article:Ambition is nothing but the great granddaddy of the desire.So, desire is small, ambition is large.There is nothing wrong with ambition except that it is not new, not fresh. Being ambitious is

What is/are your ambition(s) in life?

To be ready. Someday I may be confronted with a situation where I'd be called upon to do something important more than just to me, my family, my friends. If it ever happens, I want to be ready. For me, this means always being open to learning more and

What is the difference between ambition and career?

This question aroused me all of a sudden while I was studying a personal development blog.According to me Ambition vs Career has the following argumentsMeaningOf course, the first point ought to be this.While Ambition simply means something which we want to be in our future professional life, Career means the actual professional life which

What is the difference between being ambitious and over ambitious?

Simple.  Assuming that by 'ambitious' we mean 'want to succeed', then the only way someone could be considered 'over ambitious' would be when their actions come at the expense of other people.Striving for success in a job means working

What is your ambition? How do you want your life should be?

Life ambition: Happiness and satisfaction.Some people might argue how can someone's life ambition be to be happy rather than becoming this or that. I say why not??Ultimately everyone wants to be happy in life. Our paths and ways might be different but the destination we all want to reach is the same. For

What is your ambition in three words?

This is my first answer/ writing on Quora. Having a little fear for devote ::For me, Ambition in three words"WASTE TIME WISELY"In my perception, priorities converts into ambition if we think about born and brought up manner. Lets figure out

What is your craziest ambition?

I'm not sure if I'd use crazy or dream to describe my goal but I guess, If the shoe fits... I'm currently involved in the largest intervention in history. The typical intervention is often a failed attempt by a group of friends and loved ones to convince

What is your secret ambition in life?

To become a professional football player.Its really a topic to laugh, and make fun of but I have been a crazy football fan and a talented and hard-working player since 6–7 years but never went too far to start a career in football knowing that it won't last long as in my

What makes some people more ambitious than others?

What makes people ambitious and others not?I believe it's a combination of things - nature, nurture, values and spiritual beliefs.I've seen people who are temperamentally like their parents in characteristics like ambition to a degree that seems to go far beyond the example they observed from their parents.So we are born with certain tendencies - goal orientation, persistence, mental

What traits are more important than ambition for success?

Ambition for success is an important element in life. It provides goal and purpose to life. But winning to preserve personal identity creates a lot of stress and anxiety. It must always be kept in mind that we do not

What were Napoleon's ambitions?

His ambitions is quite simple. He wished to bring glory to France.France, well.... actually for me already a great country. A Great Power before the time of Napoleon. It was considered one of many Great Powers of Europa (Netherlands, Spanish Empire,

What will happen to people who have no ambition in life?

By no ambition, I suppose you mean people who want to do nothing in life.Well, I am one such person. Years back, I as an enthusiastic college graduate who had scored straight As in almost everything, though it was certainly not easy. I had to sacrifice quite a lot of things (friends, parties,

When does ambition become a bad thing?

Maybe the question is less about ambition and more about balance. This is what I wondered as I finished my answer. Your personal values are central to one's answer to this question. Another component is how well your behavior matches your personal values. In general, though, ambition is

When does ambition become narcissism?

Ambition doesn't ever "become" narcissism....unless you are narcissistic. I work in the non-profit space, and I live in Silicon Valley. I know plenty of people who are ambitious. They are passionate, genuine, driven people on a mission, and they LOVE what they do. Their work is

Why a girl can't be or isn't so ambitious as a guy?

Just broaden the horizons of your mind and you will find that there are ample of examples around us. Women are emerging as leaders in every field. It is not men's pejorative anymore to lead teams give motivational talks on Tedx. There are hundreds of motivational videos by women on You Tube especially Tedx and I am

Why are people so ambitious?

Ambition is actually interesting, because I think everyone is ambitious to some degree or other, but the big differences occur in what people actually want to achieve. When ambition is outward-focussed and materialistic in nature - ie, ambitious for more money, a nicer house, more

Why do people believe that when ambition ends, happiness begins?

The end of  ambition does not bring happiness. It will, however, bring serenity. Ambition, of course, is the result of an ego-driven need to bring the self to the fore. When one is ambitious,  one is attempting to gather certain commodities that

Why do people lose their ambitions?

Ever heard this : No pain, No gain.When we are kids, we are unaware of price that needs to be paid to achieve our dreams.Lets assume case of our beloved Prime Minister Mr. Narendra modi ji.He faces criticism for even slightest of his actions/words. He works 18–20 hours a day. He sleeps less than 5

Why do some people lack ambition?

It's a tough question and I don't think that there is one single answer but Ambition is a mindset.Wanting to do stuff is a mindset.Some of us get hit with a 2x4, Illness, a Divorce, a Job Loss, ...and if we are not careful, ..we can fall into a spiral that goes from Bad to worse..getting evicted from

Why is ambition considered good?

Ambition is one of those words which can be defined in different ways depending on your subjective understanding of it. Most people define the word in terms of a drive to achieve as much as possible in material terms. Indeed, ambition is 'sold' in the West particularly, as something which relates only to material gain.

Why is ambition the key to success?

I believe that depends on who you ask. If you arehappy and fulfilled as you are working and doing your job means good retirement, good insurance and a promotion up the ladder to certain points. If you're happy then many would say that is success.Then you have

Why is everyone except me so super ambitious?

They're not. Everyone wants you to believe they're working on the next greatest thing there ever was. Everyone wants to be seen as a mover and shaker. Because everyone loves to talk about their dreams.But I've found that most of that is just talk. Most people don't have

Why should I continue to live if I don't have any aim or ambition in life?

Don't quit your job until you find your so called odd (interesting) job.Once you find one, shift and enjoy a simple life.I live a busy life and always feel like leaving everything and doing agriculture or settling in some hilly areas where there is not

What are your goals in life, and why did you choose them?

Q: What is the goal/purpose of your life?I'd prefer to say, Goal and Purpose are two different things. Goal is something you want to do, Purpose is something you are supposed to do.Goal: There might be a hundred answers to this in terms of success, but my answer would

Are truly happy people unambitious?

From you experience and observation, can you find one person who is *really* happy and with ambitions?  If you can find one single example, then the answer is no.In you statement, it seems to me that your definition of *really* happy must come after low ambition.  If you keep this

What is your dream? What steps are you taking to achieve it?

I'm turning 54 years old this month. Over the years I have accomplished many of my previous goals. I obtained my PhD, helped to build our sons' childhood home, raised three amazing boys, and enjoy the opportunity to emphasize the philosophical and spiritual aspects of life circumstances to those I'm around.I lost my husband last year to cancer.

Why are lots of people so unambitious?

Because reality hits 'em hard.People usually have big dreams or lofty ambitions during their childhood and adolescence.But as they grow up, they realize that life is indeed,not a bed of roses; and considering the cut throat competition, the true colours of society, and

Am I not enough ambitious if I don't make enough money?

Not in this economy. A lot of people can't make ends meet. A lot of people work two and three jobs to make things work, and you may have to consider this as an option. I know all this is small comfort.If you are young enough, you can start switching jobs every couple of years to climb the

Are there any negative results of being too ambitious?

Yes.One should never be ambitious. Ambition brings suffering.Instead, one should focus on being ‘aspirational'.What is the difference? The difference is that, in when you are ambitious, you are too attached to the goal and not in love with the process. This brings misery and suffering, because you are never living in

Do ambitious girls make a bad marriage?

Things have changed alot.Now it's important for a women to be ambitious and earn good money for the family. Also a life without ambition is like a ship without a rudder.Atleast they are way better than those women who are housewife married to rich guys and then having extramarital with someone else. Aren't they worst wives compared to ambitious

Do you have a life ambition? How are you going to give back in exchange for being successful in your ambition?

People are different their ambitions are also different.I was searching for a way out from worldly attachments which is the reason for suffering and death.I have found the the right point to exit from life to freedom.I am trying to convince the people, who are Coming in my contact, about the natural and easy way out to Freedom

How does ambition work?

I would say an ambition works like a dream. Then there is an algorithm that will help you fulfil it. If you stick to it you will get there. Many times there is an error, something goes wrong or something unexpected happens and you need to make

I've lost urgency toward ambition but still desire a basic level of comfort and luxury. How will I sustain my level of comfort without having a tendency for ambition any longer?

Depends on how old you are and what you consider luxury and comfort . I know lots of people who feel they hit the jackpot when they're ssdi is approved. Not much money but Medicare and a govt check for life. Andrew Yang is proposing universal income. Get subsidized housing, move to a legal pot state,( pot

Is ambition a virtue or a defect?

To my modest understanding, ambition is a defect. The healthy thing is to mark a path to follow and to go through it enjoying the path and get along with what it offers us. Perhaps, if we have walked a lot, that path will lead us to a certain place to

Is it easier for ambitious people to be friends with other ambitious people, or with non-ambitious people?

A problem with some non-ambitious people as friends is that they'd hang out/communicate too much and too frequently for me - I don't have time or willingness for that, however much I like them (except if they are my love interests or really close friends - but they don't become,

Is it necessary to be ambitious in life?

Everyone has ambitions. Even if it's becoming so insignificant that nobody bothers you any more.The interesting thing is whether your ambitions are realistic or not. Trying to fly unaided or being determined to find unicorns probably wont be achieved. if they are realistic or attainable, you then have to

Is it okay to have no ambition?

Yes,  this is perfectly okay if you have no ambition.  Not everyone in this world desires to achieve a particular thing so passionately. This world is full of variety of people. If we have ambitious ones,  we have non-ambitious ones too. Congratulations,  you belong to the other group.

Is it wrong for girls to be ambitious in life?

In some cultures, I daresay that a girl's being ambitious is seen as a sin or violation of "traditions". These notions perpetuate gender roles which reduces women to non-economic jobs in society, like cooking, taking care of family, etc. So, in their terms, a girl having aspirations and ambitions is

Is too much ambition making people miserable?

It's not the ambition that makes people miserable. It's your attachment to achieving this ambitions. Yes, it's like having too much expectation, thus increasing the chance of not meeting that expectation(failure you might say).  Even if  you get to achieve all your goals, what next? New goals? It's a vicious cycle. Having too much

Should I move on or keep holding on to this super busy, ambitious guy?

I don't know the specifics of your situation, but let me remind you this: nobody is too ambitious or busy for someone who really matters in his life.If you find yourself cut off from most of his time and attention, it's time for you to cut your losses and move on

To fulfill your dreams and work ambitions what do you think is the best place between Europe and the USA ( the country of the famous "American dream")?

On so many fronts, and in spite of the millions of truly wonderful people who live there, the US is not in a happy space right now. It is like watching a nation self-destruct through one extremist, hypocritical idiocy after another. So, for me the answer is self-evident! The so-called American Dream - as has always been the

What are examples of personal ambitions?

Oh, all sorts of things!Learning a new language.Increasing your personal income.Losing weight / getting more fit.Visiting certain cities, states or countries that you might want to.Getting a new skill, such as learning an instrument or flying.Playing a new sportBeing more social...just getting better at being with people.Learning to public speaketc etc.There are tons of opportunities of things

What are some of the best ways to demonstrate ambition early on in your career?

In my perspective, a person's career ambition can be demonstrated early on through his creativeness, zealousness, effectiveness and in being proactive and goal oriented..These are personal qualities on how I measured a person's capabilities in his job applications. Which in my view are good predictors in gauging an individual potentials through his demonstrable abilities. Which are my determining

What gets you out of bed?

Emotion.I realize that I am a blessed son of a female dog.I remember seeing a picture. (You might have too) of a man with no arms, yet he still pulls a wheelbarrow with nothing but his waist and his scrawny legs because

What is Difference between ambition and vision?

Ambition is the stark (degree of) desire inside you to achieve something and Vision is that ‘something or higher'.Vision without ambition is nothing more than a dream. Ambition without a proper vision, the right aim, may lead one astray.Many people these days have ambition to

What is the difference between being too ambitious and greed? And how does one know when he is moving from being ambitious to being greedy?

Ambitious people take failures in right perspective and do not become depressed.  They identity the causes and take corrective steps.  Methods to achieve are always ethical for them and they will not choose wrong methods to fulfil their ambitions.A greedy person will not hesitate to adopt any method as long it

What is the relationship between greed and ambition?

There is no correlation since they are really two different things, though, like most stereotypes, we like to associate things. My point. Some of the greediest people I know have zero money yet the media portrayal is that the rich guy is the one who has to be greedy. Ambition hits people on every economic level,

What is your secret ambition in life?

There is no secret ambition in my life, only a serious ambition --जियें तो सदा इसी के लिए, यही अभिमान रहे, यह हर्ष,निछावर कर दें हम सर्वस्व, हमारा प्यारा भारतवर्षTo live for my country and to sacrifice and die for her !

What were Napoleon's ambitions?

His ambition was to become Emperor in place of the EmperorAt that time the emperor was the austrian Hapsburg, so Napoleon got an incredible opportunity when the french Bourbon get destabilized by the counter ( bloody jacobine revolution ) counter ( austrian and emigrés military invasion revealed by the fuite to Varennes

When does ambition become dangerous?

When your tredding on someone else's territory, in business this can be fatal.governments react also.privet sectors like the cocaine industry get REAL irritated and react violently, dictators do not like or welcome competition of any type.American democracy can be dangerous when challengedwhat do you aspire to be or do?talk

Where do you draw the line between ambition and over-ambition?

Everything comes at a price. As long as you can bear that cost, things are fine.The same is true for ambition. Anything is ambitious till you know you can live with the consequences. It starts becoming over-ambitious when you, for yourself, can't justify the impact this ambition is having on you (or