What would happen if America took over the world?

Look out your window. Turn on your television. That's what it would look like. You're living it right now. The U.S. Inherited the title of global hegemon after we defeated the soviets in the Cold War.The new type of "soft imperialism" is a U.S. Regime. The WTO, IMF, world bank, etc are all operating under

Why do U.S. Presidents kiss Saudi King's hand?

There is no evidence that Obama kissed anything. He did bend at the waist while shaking King Abdullah's hands. The king was only 5' 11" tall in his prime, and Obama is 6' 1", so Obama had to lean over to place his head at the king's level. Protocol forbids US presidents from bowing,

Why is Israel a right-wing cause?

Israel was a big cause for the left during its early history (post '47!). The Kibbutz movement in particular, was a socialist experiment. I think this changed when Israel's existence became secured (post '73 and post Camp David). Leaving aside its treatment of the Palestinians after

Why do Americans love complex bureaucratic schemas so much?

They don'tWe also don't use the word schemas.