What percentage of marriages are between same sex couples in the United States?

Well, we know that 4% of Americans are homosexual and that's supposedly a fairly accurate figure.  I would guess that a large portion of them aren't married for various reasons... haven't found "the one", too young, the law is too new.  Across the

Why is abortion legal in the United states?

Because right over one's body is a basic human right, and the United States like many other countries considers it important to protect people's rights. You might as well ask why is breathing legal.One of the principles in the US constitution is that

Is the United States a Rogue State?

Considering the U.S. a "rogue state" would depend on your definition of such, and also your point of view. I guess by one definition we started as a rogue state due to forcefully breaking away from our imperial overlords. From a modern standpoint, I can certainly see why citizens of

Is the United States doomed?

No. The USA is not doomed. Regardless about how pessimistic I sound, it's because of the specifics of Trump's tactics. As far as the USA is concerned, we have survived two world wars, a civil war and a whole bunch of tiny

The United States is often criticized as getting a lot of things wrong. What are some things that the United States gets right?

There are many historical and recent things that Americans should be proud of. 1. Freedom and democracy. America has upheld the standard for democracy and civil liberty, so much so that many countries criticize us for the amount

What do non-Americans think of Americans and American culture?

First off, I think the name "America" doesn't rightly apply to just one country, but I'm going to assume you are talking about the only country who thinks it does, the U.S.A.Secondly, for those who live a great distance away, thanks to the generations