How is modern civilization different from old civilization?

How is modern civilization different from old civilization?There are large-scale structural similarities between ancient and modern civilization that reveal continuities from the origins of civilization to the present day, but there are also some discontinuities that have changed the character of life over time.Perhaps the most obvious example that will be the first thing on everyone's mind is

Is it possible to 'blot out the sun' with arrows as it was said in the movie 300?

Wars are not fought on the battlefield. They are fought in the minds. Thus, an important component of war is psychological warfare, where each of the war's protagonists try to wear down the other by striking fear through means such as exaggeration of

What are ancient body building methods?

The same way as we do it todayThe body is exactly the same..Nutrition . Either by way of caloric deficit or surplus..Work. As in over and above the normal work experience..( Pick up heavy stuff that is of unusual weight compared to your

What are some of India's best contributions to the world?

India has contributed to the field of architecture, astronomy, cartography, metallurgy, logic, mathematics, medicine,metrology and mineralogy .During recent times it has contributed vastly to automobile engineering, information technology, communications as well as research into space and polar technology.There are a few simple yet interesting things invented by Indians and adopted universally.1. Buttons

What are the features of modern civilization?

The modern period of development of society is determined by the progress of technogenic civilization. This type was formed in the European region, but is implemented in different versions both in the West and in the East, facing traditional societies. The most important feature is

What are the most common misconceptions about the Roman Empire?

The greatest misconception about the fall of the Western Roman Empire is simply that it was a

What were the best kept secrets that are now uncovered?

1.  That doctors know everything; 2.  That parents know everything; 3.  "You will do this when you grow up";4.  That Americans stand for democracy and Representative government; 5.  That Americans are concerned about the welfare of

Did the ancients consider apes a kind of humans?

Perhaps the earliest description of gorillas comes from a Carthaginian naval explorer called Hanno. He sailed to the Congo in the 5th or 6th century BC. There, he came about an island inhabited by a strange, savage people. He wrote:‘'In

Ethnic and Cultural Differences: How did the concept of '7 day week' originate and spread across the world ?

This is an interesting question. As far as I know the the 7 day week has been here for a long time. According to some sources the earliest civilizations (Mesopotamia) of the Middle East started using a seven day week after being influenced by the seven major celestial bodies

How did ancient people cope with disease?

The same ways we do still.Medications and other treatments, physical therapies and procedures, spirituality and ceremonies, changes to habit and nutrition and environment and rest, and just waiting things out.Stuff like antibiotics, invasive surgery, prostheses, prayer and meditation, and changes of routine based on illness predate all human historical

What are some interesting facts about Roman culture?

Roman culture changed a lot, from early republic, through the fall of the republic and the rise of the empire, through later generations and the decline of the empire.You can see this change in naming conventions. Normally the first male son would take the father's name. So they added first

What is the estimated age of mankind on earth?

Answer to the original question:

What is the most sinful city in the world today that can be compared to ancient Sodom and Gomorrah?

I think we should think of Sodom and Gomorrah allegorically.I think they have probably existed historically and once flourished, and then later were destroyed.According to Jewish sources, they were not primarily destroyed for homosexuality, but for extreme inhospitality. (as I read on Wikipedia)It is also said that, despite great wealth, they were highly

What mind-blowing fact we could learn from ancient vedas?

Vedas are rich in knowledge, covering topics like physics, mathematics, astronomy, chemistry and various other fields of sciences. It is fascinating to learn the knowledge base of the writers of Vedas, who, in the times that saw no technology, have thought,

Which is better, modern life or ancient life?

Which is better, modern life or ancient life?Assuming 2000 years ago qualifies as ancient, and that we are living in the context of Western Civilization, I would say that most people would make a case for modern life being better, but what if we

Which is the oldest existing sport club in the world?

If all professional sporting clubs to be considered, below two are the world's oldest clubs in the history of any sport.Marylebone Cricket Club, London, UK (Founded in 1787)Marylebone Cricket Club - WikipediaCalcutta Cricket and Football Club, Kolkata, India (Founded in 1792)Calcutta Cricket and Football Club - Wikipedia

Why are Spartan warriors depicted as muscular when they were barely fed (which stunts height and muscle growth)?

Every Spartan male citizen was allocated land as a birth right, even though they probably never did anything on that land. Managing the land fell to the Spartan women, who might well also own land in their own right. The actual work was done by the enslaved Messenians who they called Helots. The Helots would

Ancient people created civilizations, without having electricity or fuel engines. Doesn't this mean that, with today's standards, we should all be happy and complete without having to work that much? Why isn't it happening?

I remember in my own childhood ( b.1971) there were no computers, no mobiles etc. No one seemed to miss them. Additionally, the belief was, technology would see us all working less and being more productive in 1/2 the time.Instead, all of our modern technology just allowed us to do 2 or

Are there any scientific achievements by ancient civilizations that baffle scientists today?

There are not any scientific achievements of any ancient civilisations that baffle scientists today. However, there are some things which impress scientists and engineers today that were produced by ancient societies, examples include: 1) Lycurgus Cup - Wikipedia: Roman dichroic glass (gold and silver nanoparticles in glass), that change colour depending

Can modern humans build the ancient Egyptian pyramids?

We can. We choose not to.Consider, for a moment, dams. Dams are large and enormously complicated structures. They have to be precisely engineered not just to stand up under their own weight but also to resist enormous water pressures, which vary depending on not just the

Did the ancient Egyptians use scarab beetles to build the pyramids?

I must say that I was quiet disappointed by the way Jeff Kay and David Schwartz approached this fascinating question. We all know that this is not practical but one has to look beyond that. This question to me is like asking: Did the ancient Indians use birds to build their first ever known

From a historical point of view, how accurate is the story from 300 and its sequel?

All of the other answers to this question are incorrect. The film is very accurate although not totally accurate. Most of our information comes from Herodotus.The movie opens with a Persian emissary traveling to Sparta to get Sparta to submit to Persia by sending back earth and water.

How clean were ancient roman swimming pools?

That depends on how often the bath water were renewed by the slaves in charge of cleaning the pools : if you were rich enough you might have had a somewhat clean private bath (there were about 900 of those at the peak of the Roman Empire) but as Zeenah Iskander explained

How did people train their bodies to be physically fit in ancient times?

I'm only speaking for Ancient Greece and Rome, as this is all I'm familiar with...Although iron bars may not have been incorporated (smelting was rather primitive), the ancients did have weights. They trained with kettlebells and heavy items like rocks, livestock, filled containers (sacks, pots, boxes), and bigger, heavier

How did the Egyptians achieve the remarkable precision and accuracy they did in building the pyramids?

Simple geometry and a lot of hard work.What gets lost in breathless accounts of the tolerances to which the pyramids are built and the fineness of the stonework is that those aren't actually very hard to achieve if you've got decent

How do historians know that anything happened?

Almost all historical knowledge comes from written/printed sources. It's not history if it doesn't. How does one know if what is written or printed in a source is true? The best single test is to ask what motive did/does the writer have in recording the information?

How many arrows would it take to blot out the Sun?

1 to infinitely many, depending on your perspective and place in the universe.If you're referencing the 300 line (a quote from Dieneces) there were between 80,000–300,000 Persian troops at Thermopylae. I could not identify the number of archers, but I would assume at least 8,000–30,000 were armed with bow

How was ancient India?

JUST ONE WORD__Epic.India has a rich history of culture and tradition and ancient India was amazing.Hinduisms talks about compassion and the same feelings has been routed in every Indian during ancient civilisation. Role of each and every person in society is

If you could be any superhero, outside of DC and Marvel, who would you want to be and why?

The 19th Century Batman: Edmond Dantès, the Count of Monte Cristo.Rich beyond the dreams of avarice. Multi-lingual. Knowledgeable in the arts and sciences. Master of disguise. Strong and intelligent. Connections everywhere. He used his riches and know-how both to exact revenge on those

Is it possible to 'blot out the sun' with arrows as it was said in the movie 300?

Wars are not fought on the battlefield. They are fought in the minds. Thus, an important component of war is psychological warfare, where each of the war's protagonists try to wear down the other by striking fear through means such as exaggeration of numbers, threats of destruction etc.

Was ancient India vegetarian?

Yes, Ancient Indians were most liberal and kind hearted people. Ancient Indians were fully vegetarians. The main theme of Hindu Dharma is NON -VIOLENCE, which people now forgot it. Violence is must only at some circumstances, when it compels you for your own safety and for saving innocent lives.Earlier, we used to study Sanskrit which is

Was the old Roman Empire evil?

There's an interesting side question as to how well you can apply the concept to something so big and old as an empire that lasted more than a thousand years and stretched from Scotland to Armenia.  That includes a lot of different sets of people

Were ancient people smarter than us?

If you look at the tiny civilian population of the Greek states, and what they were able to accomplish in the cultural domain, and what would be required to reach this level of accomplishment, it is pretty clear that at that time and in that place the average level of ability must have been

What are ancient body building methods?

The same way as we do it todayThe body is exactly the same..Nutrition . Either by way of caloric deficit or surplus..Work. As in over and above the normal work experience..( Pick up heavy stuff that is of unusual weight compared to your usual days process)Rest. Sleep,Sleep,Sleep, And Sleep. At least 7–9 hours (

What are some common historical misconceptions?

Invading Russia during winter is an impossible featIt's a generally accepted historical rule that you should never invade Russia during winter unless you wish to accept sheer and utter defeat like Napoleon in 1812 and Hitler in Operation Barbarossa. However, this is not true. Throughout history, though not often, different armies

What are some common misconceptions about the Roman Empire that most people don't know?

As the world turns and the ages are passing by, we know more and more about the ancient Romans. There are always new things to learn, but there is also information which happens to be incorrect due the increasing amount of research and knowledge we have about the enemies of Asterix and Obelix!

What are some hidden secrets of historical kings?

Did you know how Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan mourned his beloved wife Mumtaz's death? He immediately married one of his cousins! So much for true love! It is said that Shah Jahan's favourite wife Mumtaz died at the age of 39, after giving birth to her 14th child

What are the most common misconceptions about Eastern philosophy?

Mis-understandings on God is clarifiedVarious main misunderstood interpretations in Hinduism1) Unimaginable God:a) This is a misunderstanding in all the religions including Hinduism. This space, which is subtle energy, is infinite. This infinity is not the absolute inherent characteristic of the space. It means that the space is not infinite by itself. The

What are the most common misconceptions about the Roman Empire?

The greatest misconception about the fall of the Western Roman Empire is simply that it was a

What did the Egyptians use to build pyramids?

The materials were not sandstone; the blocks that make up the pyramids were granite, most of which weigh as much as a sedan. These heavy blocks of granite were moved 500 miles down the Nile. How they were built the pyramids accomplishing something that modern construction

What is the biggest misconception we have about common life in Rome during the Roman Empire?

That most Romans went to school and that Romans spoke Latin.Whe we think of ancient Rome, we have in mind a society where children went to school and learnt to read and write Latin, read the classics, learnt to count and studied law,

When did men begin to wear pants?

Leggings had been used by ancient Romans and Greeks as well as many others. It was not a great leap to attach a top to some leggings that could be held up with a leather or rope thong around the waist. The invention of

Why did the ancient Egyptians build pyramids and not tetrahedrons, since those are simpler shapes than pyramids? Was there a spiritual significance to choosing pyramids?

The pyramids evolved from an earlier form, the mastaba. This was a low, rectangular platform with a tomb underneath it. Eventually someone had the bright idea of putting another, smaller mastaba on the first one, and then more on that. The step pyramid was born. The next stage was to give it a smooth limestone cladding, resulting in the

Why was freeing slaves so common in the Roman Empire?

Even when a slave was freed, it did not free them from obligations to their former master. Freeing slaves would help you build a network of freedmen clientes, who would often continue to help out with their master's work or help run a campaign for them if they ran

How does the study of ancient civilizations benefit modern societies?

The study of ancient civilizations does have great benefits to our modern societies by providing us with knowledge of experiments (political, for exemple), strategies, ethics, morals that could be of a great relevance to us now and in the future. It is also a wise and educated idea to know how everything came to be. Everything that we

What can ancient civilizations teach the modern world?

In my opinion we have to learn more specifically about people of ancient civilizations.Technologically there is nothing in the ancient past that we couldn't really match, but the unparalleled determination, witness, courage, and sacrifice of great men in the past who pushed humankind forward despitting all the adversities and obstacles, is something

What were ancient India's most greatest achievements?

To me it appears that the greatest achievement has been the fragmentation of Hiddus by the Brahmins , who created stratification in castes. Denial of all rights to the Shudras (85 % of Hindus) and their ruthless exploitation , which has no parallel in the history of humankind , is the shining achievement .Can any