Are there any apps to hack other Android apps?

I have gone through each and every answer here they all refer to some apps which can do something particular.But mostly they are talking about stuffs like lucky patcher which can merely mod apps and some other apps which can some basic stuffBut I have compiled a list where you

Can we hack into something using Android phones?

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I want to make a simple game in Android. How do I start?

I have made two games for the Google Play Store, and even though they were not much of a success, I still feel proud that I did them. I am going to walk you through the whole process on how to create your

What are some interesting Android apps? - click the link to see the the 5 interesting apps which you must try with download linksI have some interesting apps which some might know already, but nevertheless its worth sharing1)Micopi:Set random built images for your contacts in your android by just a single tap.You can exclude the ones which already have

What are the best books for Android application development?

The mobile application market is exploding and Android is ruling over it. We don't think that we need to explain its importance in your daily life and day to day mobile uses. So lets talk about Programming. The fact that you are reading this article signifies that you are

What are the best health & fitness apps for Android devices with automatic detection?

The studies reveal that the apps help people overcome hurdles in fitness workout, like a lack of motivation and understanding, which develops better exercise habits. With time, these improved habits can lead to big changes. If fitness is your goal then you must add some health and fitness apps

What are the good online tutorials and books to learn Android development?

If you have no experience with any programming language, the first thing you'll need to do is learn Java. Here are some websites to help you do that:Vogella Java Tutorials - An awesome series of step-by-step tutorials for Java. I like Vogella because it lets you go at your own pace

What are the hacking applications for Android in 2018?

There are so many apps available in market to alter existing apps and hack. For example if you want to hack any game in android 1st thing you need to do is ROOT. Root your device so it gets a superuser permission to access core level data and can modify it.You may heard these

What are tips to learn Android?

Well, you'll at least need to learn Java. Once you've gotten the basics down, I'd suggest watching Android tutorials on YouTube and following along with them.The best way to learn is to practice. You can start with small apps that are simple but get you familiar with Android concepts, and slowly work on new projects that build on

What happens if someone hacks an Android app?

Nothing. Since the person who hacks it does it on their own device there is no damage at all. Apps made for Android, iOS, etc. are all

What is the best app for Android devices? Why?

Hey,You'd better use a security app to protect your android devices, i'm using AppLock. Maybe you can give it a try.The app itself is a simple, but powerful app that allows you to lock your apps with number password/pattern password/fingerprint, so that snooping eyes can't see

What is the best in-app purchases hack for Android?

GreetingsDevelopers spends long time to develop a simple app. In-app Purchases is the only way for them to earn some profit from their work. So, according to me, you should not do this.However, if you still want to do it, then there are many apps those let

What is the best way to implement a server based turn based game on Android?

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. Google App Engine: to be http biased, low bandwidth, but eclipse/android integration out of the boxdynamic web serving, with full support for common web technologiespersistent storage with queries, sorting and transactionsautomatic scaling and load balancingAPIs for authenticating users and sending email using Google Accountsa fully

What part of kotlin do I need to cover to start Android programming?

If you are familiar with Java than no worry about kotlin. You can start anywhere. I would like to suggest you should start from the formal introduction of kotlin and why should use for Android development. Why use Kotlin for Android Development? - AndroidWave

Which is the best platform to develop Android apps?

Android developers now have a choice between Eclipse and Android Studio.Eclipse program components provide the environment for writing, modifying, compiling, debugging and deploying software. Support is available for C++, CBOL, Python, Ruby on Rails etc. The advantage of Eclipse is that a wide range of cohesive tools

How to handle all the user data and create user feeds in order to create a social networking app that is an Android, Instagram clone

Before you even begin to decide to make a social networking app, you first need to figure out what makes your social network unique or what is the use case? Why is someone going to use your social networking app and spend time away from the social networks

Can we build an app using someone else's website?

Well, you can, before this, you have to take the permission to the site owner and mention it into your application that where and what it is. It is just similar to the API integration not the same but the process is similar to it. Whenever we want an to add an application like payment integration

Do you have a good idea for an app?

There are many more listed on the website with their proto-types visit us on the given links at the bottom of the answer. One of the app ideas is listed below with fact and information.How to make the ultimate medical app for finding doctors?

How to make an app

If you want to develop it by yourself - you need to start learning programming languages. Depending on your needs, you need to decide what kind of language will fit them. I would highly recommend you start learning Javascript, as it is one of the most popular multi-purpose languages at

How to make android app

I'll tell you how I created my first android app which eventually reached over 150,000 downloads. I didn't even code it.First, may I ask what your strength is? Would you consider yourself to be good at? Is it marketing? design? development? or are you good at the business aspect?If

How to develop my app idea

When working on a new app idea, it is important to hire experienced and skilled developers who will be able to help you throughout the process. In addition, clearly conveying your app idea to your team of developers is highly important as it

How to make an Android game, as a programmer

Firstly I will say making a game is multi function job, but I am assuming you are indie developer. IT'S EASY IF YOU CHOOSE ANY GAME ENGINE.If you Know JAVA then believe me You can Learn C# Within 7 days.And if you

How much does it cost to build an Android app?

Mobile App Development Process & CostsThe app development process can be broken out into four major parts – idea, layout and planning, design, and going live.The IdeaThis is the genesis of where the app will be going and one step after

How much does it cost to make an iOS or Android app? What is the payment model like between me (customer) and the app-making company who'll be designing, making, maintaining, marketing the app for me?

For Mobile App Development Company, the cost of a final product depends on various app elements and the type of app that matches your business requirements.On an average, cost of Android/iOS app ranges between $15,000 to $40,000 with an hourly rate of $15-$40. for both platform.-As

How should somebody that wants to start a career as an iOS/Android app developer kick start their knowledge?

As Scott Faisal alluded, the primary driver is Passion. It will help you a lot in your choice. I can not guess at your background or current occupation, but I get the feeling that you have not decided on what direction you are going to take. Once that decision is

I am working in a startup for 8 months as an Android developer as there are no projects in the company till now. Should I leave after 1 year or stay for more than 1 year?

No man don't do it and i don't know why you are thinking like that , in this case you should take an executive decision and get some clients for the company because it doesn't matter if they get any clients or not but you should get clients so what i am saying might sound illogical but

I am working on an Android project. After hosting in the Play Store, how do the updates work?

I did not host any application on the play store yet. But, this is my understanding of the updates in play store.But you can choose what part of the application you may want to update i.e., you may develop different applications for different screen sizes or different android versions. You don't need

Is Google implictly going to drop Java and use Kotlin for Android due to licensing issues with Oracle?

Google is not going to drop Java for Android. Google is probably going to drop Android. Before you comment saying that this is nonsense, do some research and know that I'm not saying this will happen anytime soon (not even in the next 5 years). Google announced a new operating system that they have been working on: Fuchsia.

What are must-read Android developer blogs?

Android developers work in a field that is in a constant state of change, and there are always new updates about what is to come and where the Android market is going. Fortunately, there are dozens of blogs and other resources that offer the

What are the things you need to know to make an app?

Take out some time to learn a programming language and code. Android uses Java, Windows uses C#, iOS uses objective C. In short an object oriented language to start with. I know it is a little difficult for a non-CS student

What companies develop apps?

Hey...... are you searching for an agency to provide Mobile App Development services ?I would recommend you to hire TecOrb Technologies , which is leading web and mobile app development firm based in India- USA . It's a top suggested company by many IT professionals.# TecOrb

What is the best way to learn mobile app development (iOS / Android / Windows Phone)?

I decided to learn iOS development about 10 months ago, from absolute zero. I had never written a line of code in my life, and never taken any sort of CS class. So while I agree with Reinder de Vries answer here, I'm going to

What is your Android best must have app?

I have downloaded this amazing appBest HD Wallpapers App - Apps on Google PlayThis app has amazing wallpapersThey update daily and are always upto the trend, this has become my favorite appHere are some screenshots from the app -

What's the most innovative app?

I am going to add a few apps that are extremely useful for me and i believe for everyone-:Evernote : I started using this app after i joined quora and i bet it will be much helpful for you to save your answers and allow you to read them offline on any of your device(mobile/ipad/tab/laptop/pc

Which companies are developing the best Android apps right now?

Android has been used across more than a billion devices across the globe. Presence on Android provides you with access to not only smart phones, but a lot of tablets and watches.AppClues Studio is a Award-winning company specializing in Android App development. Based in India, USA, UK and

Which is better to learn first, iOS or Android app development?

As a developer with the prerequisite skills but not the actual experience building dozens of apps for both operating systems, it is unlikely that you would finish an app of any substance for both iOS and Android in 3 months.Which to start with? Android

Which startup companies in chennai hiring ANDROID developers?

you can see plenty of new it jobs on Remote Jobs: Java, PHP, C++, Android,iOS,Design, Marketing,Customer Support and moreIt is only dedicated to tech guy. Getting a job anywhere is not a piece of the ever changing rule in the have to be skilled and passionate enough to impress others to get