Can server based Android games be hacked?

By hacking I mean - creating autofarming/autoaiming bots, speedhacks, wallhacks, accessing to someone else's account, etc.A client-server game is a quite complex system. It means that it definitely has vulnerabilities. But if the protections on all levels are made professionally and well tested, it will take pretty much amount of time and efforts to find those vulnerabilities

How to hack the CSR Racing Android game

First of all, you need to root your device. Secondly, you need to have app named "Game Guardian". Now open the GG and open the game app. All CSR games have "profile" tab in them. It's a place where all your stats are written. In there you'll see the amount of cash you have earned

How to hack Android games

Android games can be pretty easy to hack/cheat in, as long as they're not online games (or always-online with cloud syncing). Here's a quick example of the steps I went through to add more coins to a game I enjoy, Alto's

How to hack online Android game Dragon City

I have so great news for all Dragon City players.I've been searching for the Dragon City Hack more then a year, I have solved 100's of surveys and downloaded bunch of fake hacks until I have found this.Never before, in my journey, I didn't find

How to hack walking war robots online Android game

There is working tool, and you can use it!Go here → Tools by Mark Griffin on Walking War Robotsar Robots is a free-to-play multiplayer game where two teams of six players face off using powerful robots. The focus is violence, but without humans involved, combat

How to help my server based iOS, Android game from not getting hacked

Hacking of games have many different basis. You should be careful for what you are sharing with the server, what you are being authorised to and checking regular updates. If you use to play MU Games, choosing the wrong servers is the most common issue for the risk of hacks.MU games have less chance

I want to make a simple game in Android. How do I start?

I have made two games for the Google Play Store, and even though they were not much of a success, I still feel proud that I did them. I am going to walk you through the whole process on how to create your

What are the best Android games ever made?

Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo.These are the best games I have played on an smart phone.Hope it helps you find a great game, and I am always updating this list of games every time I play new games.This list is in no order, because there are no

What are the best multiplayer games on Android?

Android gaming has been steadily getting better. Before, we had simple puzzle games and we could invite our Facebook contacts to be our friends in games. Multiplayer games used to mean just leaderboards. There are now a ton

What are your favorite Android games?

I am giving you my two favorite game names and it's more addicted.Hill rushHill Rush - Android Apps on Google PlayFeatures:- 4 various monster cars with different characteristics.- 4 infinite hill rush racing environments to play repeatedly.- Realistic hill graphics and smooth car

What is the best way to implement a server based turn based game on Android?

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. Google App Engine: to be http biased, low bandwidth, but eclipse/android integration out of the boxdynamic web serving, with full support for common web technologiespersistent storage with queries, sorting and transactionsautomatic scaling and load balancingAPIs for authenticating users and sending email using Google Accountsa fully

What's the best way to hack online games for Android?

See the case with online games are that they will ban you if you apply any mods or any hacks and it's tough to fool them and still be in the game. For this one thing which you can do is download the apk

Which is the best farm game for Android?

--------------------Well I would recommend you

How to make an Android game, as a programmer

Firstly I will say making a game is multi function job, but I am assuming you are indie developer. IT'S EASY IF YOU CHOOSE ANY GAME ENGINE.If you Know JAVA then believe me You can Learn C# Within 7 days.And if you