What is mobile phone?

A mobile phone can be easily defined as the life line of someone who ages from birth to death. Nowadays if you can live in a city without a mobile phone, then I am pretty sure if you try more you can live without food, oxygen and water too.

How is the Android One phone different from other Android phones?

Android One phones were designed to give the Stock Nexus-like Android experience at a lower price range. This was meant to increase the Android User base across developed countries.All the hardware specifications were provided by Google and manufacturers had to follow these specifications. But unfortunately at the same time due

Are Nexus good phones for video calls?

Natively no. They don't come with native video call software like Samsung and Apple do.It used to be Hangouts but that app is a mess of options, even if powerful and great. Hangouts is now marketed for enterprise use.Download DUO on an Android phone

How to track my lost Android phone with an app

Tracking your lost phone is solely based on your luck and your find my phone prefernces that you set when your device was with you.There are several ways of tracking your lost phone. But these will only work when your phone is on and you have an active internet connection on your lost device. The ways

What apps do you use to protect your privacy and keep the data on your Android phone secure?

There are a couple of things you should be considering. Public WiFi - when using public WiFi hot spots you have to remember your data is not secure and anyone with basic knowledge of hacking could intercept your data. Use a VPN (Virtual

Is it worth buying an Apple iPad in India?

If you're comparing Android Tablet to Apple iPad, then my answer would be totally iPad. The Android for the tablet has not been tailored to suit the tablet. It's just a copy of the Apple iPad minus the OS. On the main question, Is it worth buying in India. If you read a lot

Why doesn't Apple license iOS?

When Steve Jobs came back to Apple, Apple was licensing macOS to others...that was the first thing he stopped...he told them

Why does the iPhone need so much less RAM than Android devices?

When the user is not actively using an app, the system moves it to the background state. For many apps, the background state is just a brief stop on the way to the app being suspended. Suspending apps is a way of improving battery life it also allows

How to track mobile phone

As far back as cell phones have existed, people have needed to know how to follow a cell phone area. The reasons for the change. A few people need to keep a nearby watch on their kids or a companion. Others need to

How to hide my photos in my android phone

Do you want to hide your personal videos and photos? Do you know about

Why are flip phones better than smartphones?

For me at least, a flip phone is better because I tend to drop everything I own and I don't want to spend several hundred dollars on a future paperweight. I've had 3 Samsung Convoys and worn two of them out. One of them has also been stepped on,

How to hide my personal videos in my android phone

My personal best way is making the photos I want to hide into a zip file and removing the .zip extension from that file.store that file carefully. Next time you wish to see them, find it and add .zip extension to it. You may also password protect the zip file for additional security.

Can I hack an Android phone?

YesFootnotesMegi Tristisan

What app is the best to track the location of an Android phone?

Note: This method can be only used if your email is in the phoneFind my deviceIt's the official app by Google to help you find your device. You can download it from play store or open it from your browser. The phone you want to track should have a google

How to hack a WiFi using an android smartphont (unrooted)

IT IS VERY POSSIBLE TO HACK A WiFi USING ANDROID SMARTPHONE.All you need is:A terminal (download from Google Play)A netscanner (download from Google Play)Experience in Wireless & Network hacking.All you need to do is scan the ports and open ports,then you

How can i track my android phone if i lost it somewhere?

please read,pardon me for this may not be the direct answer but i am sure it would help.

Is it possible to enable OTG on a mobile phone without the feature?

On-the-go (OTG) is a feature you won't find in every phone but if a phone doesn't have the feature of OTG then you can't really do anything about it. This feature comes inside your phone's hardware and if your phone's hardware doesn't support OTG

What age did you get your kids a smartphone?

Though I'm not a parent, I received my smartphone once I turned 16.At the charter school I go to, there are both middle school students and high school students. Most of the 6th graders, assuming that the majority of them

What is an unlocked phone? How do I unlock a phone for use in every country?

An unlocked phone mainly helps you switch to various network carrier.-search for a website that provides phone unlocking codes. For instance Cellunlocker.net- Provide your mobile brand, model and name of the network.- Enter IMEI code.After the code is enabled. You can even use local sim cards on traveling to various countries.

Which is the most suitable phone for me?

I am a huge Android enthusiast... And despise iOS extremely... So it is with great pain and for the first time in my life that I am suggesting someone an iOS device(Sorry for so much drama)... Because your main reason is checking emails and other

What are some good cell phone review websites to go to?

Here is a special section for reviewsreviews Archives - staller shop

Do compass apps on phones generally use GPS sensors or an actual compass? Phones in question are, say, a cheap Android phone or a Blackberry Q10

They use actual compasses, driven by electronic magnetic field sensors called magnetometers.  Magnetometers measure magnetic fields based on electronic means, rather than the floating needle idea of a normal compass.  Nevertheless, they point to true magnetic north (if no other strong magnetic fields are around) just like a regular compass, and are so miniaturized

How to find out which SIM is receiving the message in an Android dual SIM phone

I have a Motorola Moto G3 Turbo phone and I'll tell you what I did step by step.First install Facebook Messenger. Ignore if already installed.Then open stock messaging app and go to settings from the three dots on top right corner. Here there will be an option to

What is the simplest app to hide stuff on your Android phone?

No application required for that.Simply create a folder in storage with dot (.) in its name beginning.Like .folderThe files in that folder won't be visible in gallery.

Which phone is the best android phone for rooting?

If Just want to Root Then Every Popular Phone could be Rooted.Choose  Phone that you want to Buy.Check its development in xdaNexus Phones Have Maximum Development. Every Phones Of Motorola, MI, Oneplus have Good Development. And Only Flagship Phones Of Smamsung, LG, HTC, Have Good Development.Visit my blog

Why do phones have to be unlocked?

International use: Unlocking your mobile phone allows you to use local SIM cards on GSM carriers. cellphoneunlock.net allows you to unlock your device just minutes after receiving your unlock code. You can use your mobile phone abroad just like at home.Better plan choices: Carriers raising their prices for less service and

How can we charge our Android phone fast?

1.Get the right plug and chargerWhile Android chargers have a universal fitting, that doesn't mean they're all the same. Connecting your charging cable to a laptop is a bad idea if you want to charge your phone quickly: a USB 2.0 port chucks out just 2.5 watts of power, while USB 3 delivers 4.5 watts.

Can mobile phone be tracked through battery?

A mobile battery is made up of some amount of lithium ion and some resistors and capacitors and sometimes IC's are installed for power management purposes, indicating that there's no possible way to track through battery. Inorder to track electronic devices, there must a radio transmitter inside that device, although mobile phones have a radio transmitter on

How to use my android phone to find direction on compass if it doesnt have magnetometer sensor

Hello Friend, Tries with many third party apps but i strongly recommend to have a device with magnetometer to use compass. Samsung dont provide this sensor in budget phone. I recently checked for J7 series and even 18000 phone is missing Magnetometer.If you want to use compass for any third party use than phone without magnetometer is useless.

Why should one encrypt his Android phone?

There's a number of reasons for this, but it comes down to one fact: if someone has physical access to my phone, he can read all on it. Lockscreens and such are easily bypassed by entering the bootloader.So potentially my app passwords, private photos, videos, texts and everything else

How to fix a cracked phone screen

Here are some different ways you can fix your screen, from the lowest to the highest price:1. DIYRepair manual websites like iFixIt have several tutorials on how to fix various devices' phone screens, complete with guides on what components you should

How to hide my confidential data in my android phone

To protect confidential information, I know an app which can encrypt your stuff like locking apps, hiding images/videos. You can have a try with LEO Privacy.

Which phone has the best security, OS Apple or Blackberry?

iOS and BB both are considered to be highly secure OS. I have used both and would go for the latter, if you would want peace of mind.

Why do phones have to be unlocked?

International use: Unlocking your mobile phone allows you to use local SIM cards on GSM carriers. cellphoneunlock.net allows you to unlock your device just minutes after receiving your unlock code. You can use your mobile phone abroad just like at home.Better plan choices: Carriers raising their prices for less service and

What is the best security application to secure my android phone?

I'm using an all-in-one security app in my phone-LEO Privacy.  You can lock apps to protect privacy, hide Videos and Photos, Anti theft and to clean background processes and improve memory to boost phone, and fast charging! No one can peep my phone now. What's also awesome is the fact that if anyone attempts to

What are the 5 best hacks to speed up an Android?

1) Root your device.2) Install a custom recovery. TWRP is my favorite. CWM works but is outdated.3) Do a full nandroid backup of your device (be sure to wipe dalvik, system, and data caches first.3) Find and install a custom

Which app lock allows my friend to lock her images in her android phone?

AppLock: Lock your apps, settings, incoming calls and so on, prevent the spying eyes around you. you can also hide your photo and video in its vault. very useful to protect privacy. (Free. Android only) Download link if you wanna have a try: AppLock - Android Apps on Google Play

Which is the best Android phone in 2017?

Best according to me can be anything in any range some of them are:Google Pixel XL. ...

How to track my mobile phone for free

The best way is to have a mobile app installed on both devices. HoWorkforce is a similar business application, available on Google Play-store & App-store where we can have the following features :Remote Attendance, Simple Task, Location based task, conveyance Calculator, Daily Sale and Collection Report, Time Sheet and E-Petty cash management modules.For

Did you ever make money from a smartphone? If yes, then how?

Yes, you can make money from your cellphone there are alot of options available. Like if you're a photographer then you can sell your pics online and earn money in dollars.If you are a good editor then you can edit pics for people and can also earn from it simultaneously you can participate in competitions which helds on

Is BlackBerry's OS more secure than iOS/Android?

To answer your question we need to define first what secure means.Android is the most diffused OS, plus it is open source. Therefore it is reasonable to state that, in terms of potential known hacks, Android is the least secure.If we keep measuring the security by the number of known vulnerabilities, most secure devices are

Can OTG be enabled in any rooted Android? Does OTG overheat and damage the phone?

No, OTG cannot be enabled in a rooted phone as it is a hardware property that cannot be flashed through custom recover or so.Exceptional case-Micromax Unite had no OTG support which was enabled by some developer after it's launch. Developer said that the phone had hardware

How to block a number on an Android cell phone

There are many ways to block numbers on an Android mobile phone. I'm using CallApp, which is a super advanced Caller ID & Block app that is working like a magic. The app can identify spam and unwanted calls and automatically block these calls.

Why is my phone locked?

How to check if your android phone is locked or unlocked? If you purchased your phone recently, its probably already unlocked. But if you've had your phone a while or you're looking to buy a used model, it's best to check and see if it's