Are there any apps to hack other Android apps?

I have gone through each and every answer here they all refer to some apps which can do something particular.But mostly they are talking about stuffs like lucky patcher which can merely mod apps and some other apps which can some basic stuffBut I have compiled a list where you

Can an Android phone be hacked without an application?

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Can Android apps be hacked?

Short Answer: Yes.Long Answer:Let's begin from the basics. When an Android app is created it is compiled and compressed in the format that we popularly call an APK.APKs having no protection (just compression and compilation) can be easily decompiled using automated tools. One decompiled, anyone can see the code and modify it.To avoid such issues, organisations do

Can Android be hacked using IMEI?

If am i correctly understood your question, hacking Android using IMEI.Well first lets dig up what is hacking?Hacking is nothing but peeping into the strangers personal data(Be it anything!) without his permission and unaware to him.Now what is IMEI?IMEI is International Mobile Equipment Identity. Meaning that every device has its own identity and cannot be duplicated.Now to your question.You

Can I hack an Android phone?

Using the Linux operating system.I am assuming you have read kali Linux tutorials for beginners. In Kali Linux, there is tool known as MetasploitWhat is MetasploitMetasploit is the framework where all type of pen testing tool is present. You can hack anything like window pc, server, android, etc. If you are beginner check out the Metasploit tutorial for beginners.Practical

Can server based Android games be hacked?

By hacking I mean - creating autofarming/autoaiming bots, speedhacks, wallhacks, accessing to someone else's account, etc.A client-server game is a quite complex system. It means that it definitely has vulnerabilities. But if the protections on all levels are made professionally and well tested, it will take pretty much amount of time and efforts to find those vulnerabilities

Can we hack into something using Android phones?

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Can WhatsApp be hacked in an Android phone?

Technically No , it can't be hacked , it can just be misused .Any person could mail his/her or anyone else's chat history to their phone and read all of your chat with the media attached too .Or , in more advanced ways , it can be mirrored ,

Does anyone think Android phones are easy to hack?

No.Otherwise you would not get such ire from law enforcement agencies who are fining it impossible to get into locked phones without user co-operation. Or spending huge amounts of money to get into a few high profile ones. Or spending political capital demanding back doors into

How to create a keylogger in Android

Well creating a keylogger, if you are developing it yourself require good programming skills and a good knowledge of how the device works either you can choose to install already available apps or can create one. It will record your targets data and activities and will send it over to you when target activates internet connection. Overall things

How to hack a WiFi using an android smartphont (unrooted)

There no such application developed that does your job on one click hacking but you can't crack down WiFi password due its security such as WAPI psk, WPA psk ,WPA 2 psk etc these things are hard too hard to crack and android device is not capable of doing such things

How to hack my android phone through kali

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How to hack the CSR Racing Android game

First of all, you need to root your device. Secondly, you need to have app named "Game Guardian". Now open the GG and open the game app. All CSR games have "profile" tab in them. It's a place where all your stats are written. In there you'll see the amount of cash you have earned

How to root my Android device

You can root your android online, without any rooting apps or usb cablesWHAT IS ROOTING?Rooting an Android phone or tablet is akin to jailbreaking an iPhone - basically, it allows you to dive deeper into a phone's sub-system. It

How can one hack a Facebook conversation on Android?

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How to find out if someone is tapping into my phone

What type of phone are you asking about? Because if it is an android, ive encountered this before. There are apps in Google play store that will detect most spyware that could be installed. Just check the reviews very carefully to choose one that works. Also

How to hack Android games

Android games can be pretty easy to hack/cheat in, as long as they're not online games (or always-online with cloud syncing). Here's a quick example of the steps I went through to add more coins to a game I enjoy, Alto's

How to hack any wifi with a rooted Android device

Hi,Hacking wifi through your android phone requires linux OS or tools with linux binaries . You have heard of back track linux , and it is now available on phones an as   OS. Here is a reference on how to install kali linux on

How to hack online Android game Dragon City

I have so great news for all Dragon City players.I've been searching for the Dragon City Hack more then a year, I have solved 100's of surveys and downloaded bunch of fake hacks until I have found this.Never before, in my journey, I didn't find

How to hack online Android games (rooted device)

You can't hack online games like Clash of Clans.because they are server based games and all your games are saved on server.When you start your game then it connects to server and then only you can play it.So to hack game you have to hack server which is nearly imposible until you area professional hacker.So stop wasting your time

How to hack walking war robots online Android game

There is working tool, and you can use it!Go here → Tools by Mark Griffin on Walking War Robotsar Robots is a free-to-play multiplayer game where two teams of six players face off using powerful robots. The focus is violence, but without humans involved, combat

How to help my server based iOS, Android game from not getting hacked

Hacking of games have many different basis. You should be careful for what you are sharing with the server, what you are being authorised to and checking regular updates. If you use to play MU Games, choosing the wrong servers is the most common issue for the risk of hacks.MU games have less chance

How to know if someone has hacked my Android

I was going to pass on this question tell I saw the other answer Misinformation represented as fact can be damaging or worrying I know someone who calls it Fake News.Here are 14 signs your smartphone has been hacked.Your smartphone or tablet seems slower than before.Your device is sending or receiving strange text messages.New apps are installed on your

How to protect my Android app from IAP hacks

IAP Hacks are much more difficult now due to a lot of improvements in In-app Billing. You can code your Android app to have in-app purchases through Google. To further protect your Android app, I highly recommend running ProGuard when compiling your release build. Enable ProGuard by changing minifyEnabled

How does a person know if his Android phone is hacked, being tracked or spied on?

Android phones are majorly tracked using some service that runs in your device in background and it continues to run all the time, I would highly suggest you to check all running applications periodically if you notice something running without your consent which is not a part of system applications that may be

How easy is it to hack an Android?

How easy is it to hack an Android phone that hasn't been updated to the latest code release?  Often not particularly hard. There are usually disclosed vulnerabilities that you can exploit.How hard is it to hack an Android phone that has been updated to the latest code release? Well, that's

How easy is it to hack an encrypted Android Phone?

A four digit pin is going to get cracked in minutes, even with a low-end PC. However, that's not where the problems usually lie. To get to the filesystem, you must first access the system. If you can do that, it's usually game over

I want to make a simple game in Android. How do I start?

I have made two games for the Google Play Store, and even though they were not much of a success, I still feel proud that I did them. I am going to walk you through the whole process on how to create your

Is it possible to learn hacking using an Android phone?

The short answer is Yes, but the odds of it happening to you are less than negligible. You'd have a better chance of being killed by stray gunfire in a retirement community.The longer answer is actually not very long, because there are really only three ways to hack on Android phone.Bluejacking: The bluetooth

Secrets of android?

Never root your device unless its out of warranty and you have no attachment towards it.Once rooted, don't rush to install custom ROM immediately. Get to know your phone by exploring the root features first.Always  check what permissions an app asks prior to installing it.

What are best Android hacks at professional level?

You might wonder, There are a lot of things you can do with your android device.First of all, You need a rooted android device.Now, with a rooted android phone, you can change a lot of things on your phone which you are not actually allowed to.1)You can overclock or underclock your CPU

What are some cool smartphone hacks?

1.Fake location :-Go to settings and about phone section and tap on build number 7 times to unlock developer options from there you can enable mock locations and then download fake location GPS app stuff and set your location anywhere and you can fool others on Facebook app that you are somewhere else and fool

What are some interesting Android apps? - click the link to see the the 5 interesting apps which you must try with download linksI have some interesting apps which some might know already, but nevertheless its worth sharing1)Micopi:Set random built images for your contacts in your android by just a single tap.You can exclude the ones which already have

What are some new trending hacks and tricks of Android that most people don't know about?

Here are few tips and tricks which can comes handy in day to day use :Drag down the notification bar and you will see the settings icon on it. Press it for a couple of seconds, to be more precise 5–10 seconds and leave. A box will appear on bottom which says

What are some of the best unknown tricks for Android?

Apart from all these, Android also offers several secret codes, which can actually open a new world of smartphone computing for you. These codes are usually a sequence of numbers and symbols and meant to be entered through the usual phone dial pad which you usually use for

What are some secret hacks of Android?

There are many secret hacks of Android,but some hacks which I know I am gonna share with you.These are the list of apps which are not available on play store but yet they exist1.The first app which I am going to tell you is Videoder Video& Music Downloader. This app allows us to download any video from any website

What are the Android hacking apps that can be run on our Android without rooting?

As these type of things are my passion and i continuously keep on looking for more cool apps. Here are some of them which may excite you!Cree Hack - This app has the potential to bypass any in-app purchase in a app and redirect it to himself. So that you can buy paid stuff for free! Cool isn't it?

What are the best Android games ever made?

Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo.These are the best games I have played on an smart phone.Hope it helps you find a great game, and I am always updating this list of games every time I play new games.This list is in no order, because there are no

What are the best Android hacks?

There are so many hacks for Android phone that practically, your phone is under the control of the person who has decided to hack your phoneConsider some of the hacks-Use someone's Android Phone remotely from distance upto 15 feet of radius-Yes, you can

What are the best books for Android application development?

The mobile application market is exploding and Android is ruling over it. We don't think that we need to explain its importance in your daily life and day to day mobile uses. So lets talk about Programming. The fact that you are reading this article signifies that you are

What are the best fitness apps for android (2015)?

Here is a list of some of the most innovative fitness apps on the Google Play Store.Find out more at <thrive_headline click tho-post-18508 tho-test-1>Top 7 Fitness Apps of 2016 To Keep You Fit</thrive_headline>Google Fit (Free)Support tracking for over 100 activities. Carries out real-time

What are the best health & fitness apps for Android devices with automatic detection?

The studies reveal that the apps help people overcome hurdles in fitness workout, like a lack of motivation and understanding, which develops better exercise habits. With time, these improved habits can lead to big changes. If fitness is your goal then you must add some health and fitness apps

What are the best keyloggers for any Android phone to hack any mobile phone?

there is a xpsoed module available which will do the job just download and install it on targets device then download automatic dropbox uploader app and set to the keylogging folder after that in settings of app make preferred method as if any modifications then upload and then hide the notification of

What are the best multiplayer games on Android?

Android gaming has been steadily getting better. Before, we had simple puzzle games and we could invite our Facebook contacts to be our friends in games. Multiplayer games used to mean just leaderboards. There are now a ton

What are the best productivity Apps for Android?

Everyone wants to be more productive. With modern technology, there are plenty of ways to make your life a little easier. There are tons of productivity apps out there, and I've used a lot of them. With so many apps to choose from, it is sometimes

What are the best workout routine apps on Android?

Mevolife has an exercise tracker. The calories burned are incredibly inconsistent, but they have almost every exercise with easily editable sets and reps.Mevo - Weight Loss & Fitness - Android Apps on Google PlayMevo - Weight Loss & Fitness on the App StoreJust using notes and writing it yourself works well.

What are the hacking applications for Android in 2018?

There are so many apps available in market to alter existing apps and hack. For example if you want to hack any game in android 1st thing you need to do is ROOT. Root your device so it gets a superuser permission to access core level data and can modify it.You may heard these

What are the lesser known Android tricks and hacks?

You may or may not know these tricks that I am listing here.Locate lost phoneIf you misplace/lose your phone then you can use this feature to locate your phone. Go to Google and enter "find my phone" in search bar. It will show the location of phone and also offers option to

What are tips to learn Android?

Well, you'll at least need to learn Java. Once you've gotten the basics down, I'd suggest watching Android tutorials on YouTube and following along with them.The best way to learn is to practice. You can start with small apps that are simple but get you familiar with Android concepts, and slowly work on new projects that build on

What are your favorite Android games?

I am giving you my two favorite game names and it's more addicted.Hill rushHill Rush - Android Apps on Google PlayFeatures:- 4 various monster cars with different characteristics.- 4 infinite hill rush racing environments to play repeatedly.- Realistic hill graphics and smooth car

What happens if someone hacks an Android app?

Nothing. Since the person who hacks it does it on their own device there is no damage at all. Apps made for Android, iOS, etc. are all

What is the best app for Android devices? Why?

Hey,You'd better use a security app to protect your android devices, i'm using AppLock. Maybe you can give it a try.The app itself is a simple, but powerful app that allows you to lock your apps with number password/pattern password/fingerprint, so that snooping eyes can't see

What is the best app lock for android?

Every one of us has secrets that we would not wish to be disclosed to others.A phone is no more a little thing that is used to make and receive calls. We get our emails on our phones, store our important documents,

What is the best hidden Keylogger for Android?

Thanks for the A2A.I have experience with keyloggers on windows but haven't known about any keyloggers on android. There are a lot of spying/tracker apps and such though if I remember correctly. Reminder - DO NOT DOWNLOAD OR INSTALL APPS FROM UNVERIFIED SOURCES. DO NOT GIVE INTO THE ALLURING ADS FROM UNKNOWN AND NOT VERIFIED USERS AND SITES. Anyways

What is the best in-app purchases hack for Android?

GreetingsDevelopers spends long time to develop a simple app. In-app Purchases is the only way for them to earn some profit from their work. So, according to me, you should not do this.However, if you still want to do it, then there are many apps those let

What is the best security app for Android?

If you're talking about OS security, like antiviruses, that concept is irrelevant with Android because it's based on Linux (the kernel), and such a kernel doesn't require any such "protection" because of its robustness - it won't allow any applications to install themselves silently. When you install

What is the best smartphone to buy below 10k rupees in March 2019?

Following is the list of phones which you should consider when purchasing a mobile phone under Rs. 10000Asus ZenFone Max Pro M1The Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 has Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 processor with 3GB or 4GB of RAM, and 32GB or 64GB of storage depending on which variant you choose. The battery has

What is the best way to implement a server based turn based game on Android?

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. Google App Engine: to be http biased, low bandwidth, but eclipse/android integration out of the boxdynamic web serving, with full support for common web technologiespersistent storage with queries, sorting and transactionsautomatic scaling and load balancingAPIs for authenticating users and sending email using Google Accountsa fully

What is the best way to learn Android hacking?

Since you are asking about Android before you begin to learn let me tell you somethings about security level I experienced in android,Android built on top of Linux kernel so if you know how to operate in Linux consoles then you are good to go otherwise first

What part of kotlin do I need to cover to start Android programming?

If you are familiar with Java than no worry about kotlin. You can start anywhere. I would like to suggest you should start from the formal introduction of kotlin and why should use for Android development. Why use Kotlin for Android Development? - AndroidWave

What WiFi hacker apps are available for Android?

#1. Aplikasi Hack WPSCAN (Wordpress Scan)#2. Aplikasi hack di android AnDOSid#3. Aplikasi hacker di android SpoofApp#4. Penetrate Pro#5. FaceSniff#6. AppUse (Android Pentest Platform Unified Standalone Environment)#7. NMAP Aplikasi hacker di android#8. inSSIDer#9. Network Spoofer#10. Nessus#11. DroidSqli#12. APKInspector#13. Shark For ROOT#14. AndroratUntuk fitur dari Androrat adalah :#15. Droidsheep#16. Hackode#17. Eviloperator#18.

What's the best KeePass App for Android?

It depends on which KeePass file format you use. If you also use the original KeePassX on Linux which uses the 1.x file format, then KeePassDroid is best on Android. If you also use KeePass on Windows with the 2.x file format, or only want

What's the best way to hack online games for Android?

See the case with online games are that they will ban you if you apply any mods or any hacks and it's tough to fool them and still be in the game. For this one thing which you can do is download the apk

Which android app is best for hacking wifi on unrooted android phone?

YESThere's an app Known as WPA-WPS testerYou can connect to those WiFi networks that are based on the security WPA-WPS with non rooted phonesWith rooted phone, you can know the password tooWith Non rooted phone, you'll be able to connect but you'll not get the passwordSteps:First download the app :WIFI WPS WPA TESTER

Which Android apps make more revenue: free or paid apps?

Totally depends on your app. The golden rule is to always have a free version to give users a glimpse of your app. You can fill it with ads or block some features.You can earn a lot of recurring revenue from ads if your app is something user would use for considerable time everyday. If

Which app is the best life hack app?

1. EasilyDo Smart Assistant: An App for Just About EverythingRating: 4/5 (3848 reviews)While we may all need a personal assistant from time to time, this is a financial burden too much for most of us to bear. Thanks to the wonderful world of mobile apps, however, Android users can now access the next best thing with

Which apps can be used to hack Android phones?

Note that most of this applies to ALL phone OS', not just Android. Space and compute limitations, plus some dreadful customizations to get things to work, make these incredibly insecure devices. Scrutiny tends to be poor, because of all sorts of licensing restrictions and the dreaded DMCA.

Which are the best hacking apps for rooted Android?

Can u be a more precise on what u call hacking here :)But surely I can name u some apps that are definitely of great use to rooted users..Es file explorerTitanium backup (great app for managing backups.. The backup would also work if

Which are the best hacking apps for unrooted Android phones?

I guess you are looking for an app that could be used to hack unrooted devices; and if it is so, I think I can help you with that.First, I want you to know that there is no such app that can just remotely hack into others'

Which is the best Android app locker?

A smartphone is a very personal gadget. We have personal messages and information in the likes of messaging & social media apps. Then there are banking apps, where a lot of our sensitive data is stored.Here are the best app lockers for Android:ApplockApplock by DoMobile Lab is definitely one of the best applocks out there. The app

Which is the best farm game for Android?

--------------------Well I would recommend you

Which is the best platform to develop Android apps?

Android developers now have a choice between Eclipse and Android Studio.Eclipse program components provide the environment for writing, modifying, compiling, debugging and deploying software. Support is available for C++, CBOL, Python, Ruby on Rails etc. The advantage of Eclipse is that a wide range of cohesive tools

Which keyboard apps are good for typing in an Android phone?

I have used loads (literally) of keyboards over the years for android as am heavy into customization.However no matter what keyboard i use, i always come back to 2 keyboards.G board - As its the Keyboard you get by Google. It has quiet a few customization's like keeping any Pic as

Why did Nokia choose Windows for its phone and not Android? And why go exclusive? Was time-to-market and Nokia's already huge patent profile considered at that time?

Look at the current state of Android OEMs (except Samsung), none of them are particularly making huge profits. Since, phones from all OEMs are running Android with minor modifications, and are using hardware components from same vendors, they hardly have any USP resulting in very low customer

Why does Nokia not make any Android handsets?

At the beginning of the 21st century, MOBILE PHONES came to the stage. Nokia , Sony, Ericsson, etc was the leading manufactures. Most of the companies manufactured high quality products. They used good plastics etc. On the course of time Nokia became the leading

Can GTA IV be released in 2018 for Android?

I don't think so. As of march 2018, there is no android device which is capable to handle GTA 4. Maybe NVIDIA shield can with its specs, which is far better than snapdragon 835. But i don't think Rockstar games will port it for one device only. Maybe in 2–3 years when mid range

Can I hack an Android phone?

Smartphones are almost always connected to the internet, so it stands to reason that they can be hacked remotely. Or perhaps a jealous boyfriend or girlfriend got hold of your device physically, in which case they could've potentially installed a

Has any app changed your life for the better?

If there is one app that has changed my life for the better, it is Pocket.Before I get into the story of how my life changed after I started using Pocket, it is necessary that I share some information about myself.By the

How to download GTA V for my Android device

For the last time, you cannot download GTA V on Android, iPhone or any other mobile device!Do you know what ammount of computing power one needs to run a game like Grand Theft Auto V? It's a lot. Only high-end PCs and powerful consoles can

How does Google Fit compare to iOS Health?

What a lovely Thursday morning - I hope you're enjoying it as much as I am!Bazillion thanks for rising this comparison - I think I could be of use here!I have recently dug deeper into this topic - and here is my research, combined Google Fit vs Health & Research Kits for Health and Fitness App Development

How does Google Fit track steps and identify the type of exercise?

We periodically poll accelerometer and use Machine Learning and heuristics to correctly identify the activity and duration. For devices with hardware step counters, we use these step counters to monitor step counts. For older devices, we use the activity detected to predict the right number of steps. Our algorithms merge these activities,

How easy is it to hack an Android?

How easy is it to hack an Android phone that hasn't been updated to the latest code release?  Often not particularly hard. There are usually disclosed vulnerabilities that you can exploit.How hard is it to hack an Android phone that has been updated to the latest code release? Well, that's quite a bit harder.

Is it possible to track a switched off mobile device?

It depends.for you? nope.but for government/mobile carrier? not impossible.Some phones did/do have special tracking chips that allow sending commands to a

What are best Android hacks at professional level?

You might wonder, There are a lot of things you can do with your android device.First of all, You need a rooted android device.Now, with a rooted android phone, you can change a lot of things on your phone which you are not actually allowed to.1)You can overclock or underclock

What are some interesting facts about Android?

I have very recently noted this major FACT about Android. Not really sure, if many people already know about it.If you have closely followed the names of the Android Versions released so far, have you ever noticed a Pattern around their nomenclature? Google calls them their ‘Code names'So, I will list each of

What is the best Android app for workout at home?

I developed Hercules, it lets you create or generate workouts accordingly to your needs and muscular groups you want to develop.It supports supersets, pyramid sets, and is fully customizable. It's one of the only app that lets you enter your rest times/loads/reps for each sets. Thanks to the

What will be the size of GTA 4 for Android?

Your phone is crap compared to a console or a pc, no matter what that phone may be.People see 8 cores running at 2.6 Ghz with 16 Gb of Ram on their 1000$ phone. And they think it must be many times more powerful than their laptop with a dual core. Well it isn't. There

Which android app is best for hacking wifi on unrooted android phone?

YESThere's an app Known as WPA-WPS testerYou can connect to those WiFi networks that are based on the security WPA-WPS with non rooted phonesWith rooted phone, you can know the password tooWith Non rooted phone, you'll be able to connect but you'll not

Are we running out of app ideas?

Do you like apples ?It might be surprising to know that there are over 7,500 known varieties of apple. Can we say that the nature is running out of ideas ? You might see a number of apps catering to same domain like the calculator app. They might be same in functionality

Could you trick a smartphone into thinking it is a PC, install regular Windows and use it as a normal computer? How would you go about it?

The ASUS Zenfone 2 can run Windows 10.The first problem you will have for most smart phones is the processor is from the wrong family. The ASUS Zenfone 2 gets round this by being a bit of an odd phone as it is

Do you have a good idea for an app?

There are many more listed on the website with their proto-types visit us on the given links at the bottom of the answer. One of the app ideas is listed below with fact and information.How to make the ultimate medical app for finding doctors?

Had Nokia chosen Android instead of Windows Phone for their platform, where would the mobile phone market be today?

Keep in mind Nokia picked Windows Phone because there were already well established Android makers, and they would be competing from behind.  Also, they had to pick a new OS because they finally gave up on their in-house OS project that had been started a little too early, and was based

How a free andriod app earns money?

There are  basically 3 different ways in which a "Free" app earn money. I have tried to explained them below briefly.Monetize Freemium Apps (Free+Premium)Users are more likely to download free apps and games compared to priced ones. However,using In-app Billing one can earn

How to make android app

I'll tell you how I created my first android app which eventually reached over 150,000 downloads. I didn't even code it.First, may I ask what your strength is? Would you consider yourself to be good at? Is it marketing? design? development? or are you good at the business aspect?If

How to make an Android game, as a programmer

Firstly I will say making a game is multi function job, but I am assuming you are indie developer. IT'S EASY IF YOU CHOOSE ANY GAME ENGINE.If you Know JAVA then believe me You can Learn C# Within 7 days.And if you

How to transfer contacts from Android to Nokia basic phone like Nokia 222

Import contacts using Bluetooth from another Phone:This method has proved as working when importing contacts from Android Phones. You may try it for other Bluetooth-supported phones too.Go to Contacts –> Options –> Copy contacts –> Another Device, click Choose.Above process will ask for

How to transfer or restore WhatsApp messages from a Windows phone to Android phone

I did this succesfully and while it was a process with several steps it was relatively painless.While his question has been correctly answered further down below it is only one out of several wrong ones and it is somewhat incomplete so I am adding

How much does it cost to make an iOS or Android app? What is the payment model like between me (customer) and the app-making company who'll be designing, making, maintaining, marketing the app for me?

For Mobile App Development Company, the cost of a final product depends on various app elements and the type of app that matches your business requirements.On an average, cost of Android/iOS app ranges between $15,000 to $40,000 with an hourly rate of $15-$40. for both platform.-As

How well will Nokia Android phones sell in 2017?

Well, Nokia is now headed by HMD Global and their first phone, Nokia 6 is set to exclusive China. There are several aspects how the reception to this new phone would go.Pricing vs Specification: it would be very interesting how the pricing is offered for the new

I am working in a startup for 8 months as an Android developer as there are no projects in the company till now. Should I leave after 1 year or stay for more than 1 year?

No man don't do it and i don't know why you are thinking like that , in this case you should take an executive decision and get some clients for the company because it doesn't matter if they get any clients or not but you should get clients so what i am saying might sound illogical but

Is Google implictly going to drop Java and use Kotlin for Android due to licensing issues with Oracle?

Google is not going to drop Java for Android. Google is probably going to drop Android. Before you comment saying that this is nonsense, do some research and know that I'm not saying this will happen anytime soon (not even in the next 5 years). Google announced a new operating system that they have been working on: Fuchsia.