Why do people kill animals?

It's the contingencies of survival. When people are genuinely hungry, ethics more or less go out the window. Flesh eating appeared in cultures way back in time where there were no safety nets, as it were. In such a world you had to see to your survival, by

Animal Rights: How do non vegetarian animal rights activists justify being non vegetarian?

There is no way to justify being a meat-eater when you claim to be fighting for the right of some other animals to live in comfort. It is supremely hypocritical.There might be reasonable justifications in humanity's long history: Ram Abloh's answer to What makes a dog a pet

Animal Rights: Should homeless people be allowed to have pets?

Several years ago I hit a situation out of my control that meant being temporarily living in my truck - we all have choices. On one hand people condemn those who give up their pets during hard times. On the other hand keeping the pets is also criticized. I chose to keep my dogs. It meant

Do all animals have equal rights? Why is it that humans have no qualms eating cows and pigs, and yet criticized ethically for eating dogs?

God created animals for us to love, enjoy, and take care of - so they have the right to be treated kindly and humanely!Do they have

Do animals deserve rights?

Yes of course. Humans are animals, so really the question should be

Do animals deserve similar or equal rights to human beings? Many believe animals should have freedom from abuse and captivity, no animals should be used for human consumption, labor, or research. What are your thoughts?

Yeah... I wish I answered this before the others since there's some serious misconceptions in here. Without animals, we would not exist. It's a cycle. This is incredibly important to consider when looking at ancient society. You'll find incredible reverence and respect for animals there. Primarily because they

Do non-human animals have rights?

Absolutely. Animals have rights which we as a specie have chosen to violate. If we think about a child, it cannot fully comprehend or even articulate why it should be treated with respect and why it shouldn't be violated. The majority of humans know and find this a valid point. However, most people see a distinction between human

Do you think keeping animals as pets is cruel?

Not if the animal is domesticated. Cats and Dogs and Parrots and horses are domesticated. THEY need a human that cares about them in this life so they can care about their human and their HOME. That is what domestication is

How can killing animals help animals?

Well country in Africa have used this method in helping endangered species. In some African country, hunters can pay to kill animals. Now these aren't just any animals, there's animals that don't help the species such as old ones that cant breed or animals that are attacking and killing its own species. Now the money

How do animal rights activists feel about farm animals?

There are as many opinions on animal rights as there are animal rights advocates.  Some who want an end to all animal farming want to do it violently; others want nothing of the sort but haven't come up with solutions

How do we measure self awareness in other species?

There are several problems with a question like this, because the terms are not well-defined.  To illustrate, let's consider the question of what it would mean for any organism to NOT be self-aware.How does it interact with the environment?  How does it identify food?  How does it avoid predation?I think the concept of self-awareness makes

How does being trapped in a small fish bowl affect a fish's mental health?

Small bowls are bad news for all fish.  The limited amount of water makes it exponentially harder to maintain the balance between ammonia, bacteria, and the other important parts of the aquarium environment.  Larger tanks are actually easier to maintain for the same reasons.  With a small tank you have to change water almost constantly, and

How many animals are killed by humans per year?

Millions!!!!!People need to control the pet population by Spay & Nuetering their pets immediately. Too many end up in shelters that are high kill they are only given a certain amount of time to be rescued or adopted. If not they are then killed for space. For every Animal purchased at a store or breeder, a shelter animal dies.The

Is animal rights activism more efficient than animal advocacy in changing our views about animals?

In my experiance, no to both. I am really quite alarmed by animal rights and animal advocacy campaigns these days because very often they are fraught with half-truths, lies, misinterpretations, and misinformation for the sake of the agenda, not for the sake of the animals.As both a farmer and a rescuer of 25 years, the major problems

Is extracting wool harmful for sheep?

The act of shearing wool from sheep itself isn't 'harmful' - it doesn't hurt them, except for nicks and cuts. It is done as the weather gets hotter in spring or summer, and usually once a year (x)(x). However, you can't liken shearing to getting a

Is sport hunting cruel?

That picture? That is illegal! You can't lawfully kill a 5 month old deer!!! So it's not a valid picture for the argument! Lawful sport hunting isn't cruel. Here's why:Have you ever been hunting? I  assume not. Almost every non-hunter seems to think that it's killing  "innocent animals" that's the fun part. That is

Is there any way to 'humanely' kill an animal?

There are certainly ways to more humanely kill animals. When animals need to be sacrified for food or scientific study, I think we have a high degree of moral responsibility for making sure that it's done in the way that causes the least pain and distress to the animal

Should a vegan pet owner not feed their cat animal products or should they make an exception?

Cats must eat meat. They will get heart disease (Dilated Cardiomyopathy - DCM) from insufficient taurine (an essential amino acid) if they do not. DCM is deadly. Cats should be fed a balanced diet made especially for cats.Here is my detailed analysis explanation of appropriate pet food diets:Pet food recommendations:There are

Should animals be used for testing medicines and drugs?

If there is a need to do so, they should be used. Every race has a duty to safeguard it's interest, humans included. treating sickness leads to a better and many a times longer life. The drugs either can be given to humans

Vegans, should we intervene to prevent Wild animal suffering even if it means killing animals?

Yes.The first step is to recognise there is a climate emergencyThere have been a number of scientific journals written on what to do in a climate emergencyEither the Earth needs shielding from the sun or the albedo increased. This was the emergency measure that is needed if emissions weren't reduced in time. Emissions

What do animal rights activists think of circuses?

Well, I think the real question is what do animal rights activists think about the use of animals in circuses! Most activists feel that circuses exploit and abuse animals that are used in performances. They generally support efforts to force circuses to phase out these shows. Of

What is the importance of animal rights?

I will quote a very smart person. This personifies the bottom line. It goes to the human spirit.If a man aspires towards a righteous life, his first act of abstinence is from injury to animals.

What is wrong with animal rights activists?

Excellent question. For obvious reasons, I am going anonymous here (as you know the stories in California)Animal Rights Extremists Increasingly Targeting IndividualsThey are blindly opposing animal research. They just want to push the science behind during the bad time for well educated (Ph.D with 5 years of

Which country has the best animal rights?

Switzerland. In 2008, Switzerland enacted one of the most stringent animal welfare laws in the world. Some examples of the rules include, among many many others:Pet owners may not crop the tails of dogs or use sandpaper to line the bottom of a birdcage.Puppies may not be

Why are human so cruel to animals?

Cruel? Cruel in what way? That we collect them all only to slaughter them? That we destroy their homes? That we hunt them for sport?We are not cruel. We are the winners. Sure, there are individuals who takes it to far, but as a whole, we are doing nothing more than what can be expected.Look at life, and

Why are humans considered to be superior to animals in terms of basic rights?

The answer would be simple. Its in the genes of every species to protect their species first. then it comes to protect their local territory in same species, then comes to protect their local group, and at last their close ones whom they protect the most and are of prime priority. this is how

Why are people so mean to animals?

Evil is everywhere. Life is about sufferings.Animals don't usually torture their preys but some birds do torture their siblings so the younger one is to die as if the younger sibling was there to be tortured by the older sibling.Humans are different. Some love and some hate. Some help and some torture the animals. I have no position

Why are the lives of humans considered more precious than the lives of other animals?

Human lives should be considered more precious, but only when there is a conflict between preserving human health/well-being and animal health/well-being. I guess it's because none of us would want to have our lives taken so that an animal can live (although we COULD choose

Why do animal rights exist?

If I told you I caught a dog, sliced open his ball sack, ripped out his testicles then broke it's legs and then grabbed it by its tail and slammed it into the floor several times. At this point the dog

Why do cats and dogs have more protective rights than farm animals?

They don't. Animals don't have rights (yet.). Their owners have rights. PEOPLE have rights that they use to protect their pets or other animals they own.Thus, people have worked to gain more rights for THEMSELVES to protect animals that they love and keep as

Why do humans care so much about killing livestock humanely, when animals in the wild just kill other animals brutally by nature without caring?

Humans are empathic. This means we mirror others' emotions and sensations when we witness them. We're not the only animals with this capability, but what it means is that we understand when we're causing pain, and doing so deliberately constitutes cruelty.Cruelty is a trait which, when practiced by humans,

Why do people detest animal rights activists?

This is a bit of an interesting and complex issue (Question: What do people detest animal rights activists?) Here is what I can say about it.#1: Detest is a strong word. I don't like AR activists personally because they see what

Why do people do not understand 'not to kill animals'?

Its all about Money my friend.Recently, I read a wildlife article where it was written that the forest department caught two peoples (poachers) with leopard skin. The most horrfying part was that they were about to export that skin to Nepal for a whooping 2 crore Indian rupees.We, being educated people, know how unfair and unjust it

Why do people kill animals?

It's the contingencies of survival. When people are genuinely hungry, ethics more or less go out the window. Flesh eating appeared in cultures way back in time where there were no safety nets, as it were. In such a world you had to see to your survival, by hook or by crook. At such a time, anything edible becomes

Why do people not understand animal rights?

A2APeople are not stupid. They do understand and most of them saw footages from slaughterhouses.I have been involved animal rights activism in many countries. Generally speaking, people have a different attitude towards the issue based on their social, political, cultural and economic situation.In the

Why do people poach wild animals?

These people do no think about the foreseen consequences.  What drives poachers is purely for financial gain.  A single rhino horn can go for $300k so you can see how profitable the industry can be. This is last year in Kenya: 638

Why do some animal rights 'activists' respond to perceived animal rights abuses with death threats?

It is in the nature of zealots and fanatics to become so obsessed with their goal that they lose sight of everything else. An "end justify the means" mentality sets in which inevitably leads to heinous action in the name of a "greater" good.It takes discipline and a strong sense of

Why do we kill animals in a humane way?

Killing animals in a humane way isn't possible. People want to believe that the animal products they consume are coming from animals that are killed in a humane way. At this day and age we don't need animal products to survive and since there is no way to morally justify

Why does it always seem like animal rights activists value animal more than humans?

It continues to amaze me that intelligent adults would foster the false belief that because an organization focuses its activism and rescue efforts on one segment of society, the people involved don't CARE about any other problem.This is the same twisted (see comments below

Why don't people care about the pain of other animals enough to go vegan?

BecauseMost people just don't think about itOf those who do think about it the people that go vegan ( not vegetarian ) are in general city people who only know other animals from documentaries. To give an example: I live in

Why don't plants have the same rights as animals?

Plants don't have the same rights as animals for a multitude of reasons, being that while they are technically alive, the quality of life they live individually can be written off. While things like deforestation or killing a plant for the sake of killing it is cruel, eating

Why should animals have any rights?

In 1792, a woman named Mary Wollstonecraft - the mother of Mary Shelly - the author of Frankenstein - published a book entitled On The Vindication of The Rights of Women.She made this simple argument: Let's assume women are less intelligent than men. Is it

Why should humans be kind to animals?

All animals are sentient beings that experience joy, happiness, fear and pain in the same way that human beings do. They have value and deserve to live a life of reasonable quality no less than we want for ourselves. It is time for us human beings to

Why did Prophet Muhammad order to kill all dogs?

Easy: He wasn't cruel to dogs.Muhammad was kind to all animals. Animal cruelty is a sin. He even related the story of the prostitute in the desert who came upon a well. She pulled up some water, and she noticed that there was a dog by the well. She gave the dog