What is the easiest software to animate in 3d?

Do you realize that the importance of people's faces in movies, TV and our real life? People spend a great deal of time looking at others' faces. It is the same in 3D animation.The animation of 3D-face-models takes a disproportionately large amount of time and money to create. However, there are still many

What 3D animation software is the easiest to use?

Easy and 3D animation software rarely go hand in hand. It takes time to understand the concept of 3D in animation. You learn one by one each and every concept, get familiar with the interface. According to me, Cinema 4D and Maya interface is

What is your favorite anime couple?

The best couple I've come across while watching anime is -Kimi Nishino and Nishio Nishiki :

Do animals feel favoritism?

Yes, and it can lead to a number of different issues, especially behaviorally but perhaps even as far as their health. I got my cat a kitten this year after her playmate moved and I enrolled in college. He was still pretty feral at that time and

What are some good realistic anime?

What are some good realistic anime?For now, I can think one. And that is Slam dunk. Anime from the 90's.I don't know what kind of

What is the best and easiest modeling software?

Sculpt GL,photoshop cc, blender, mud box,auto cad ,sketch upThese are some of the best and easiest softwares for modeling

What's your favorite animation studio?

Oh this is a tough one. There are several contenders but for me it comes down to Trigger and Shaft in a tie.-Studio Shaft

What is your favorite fantasy animal?

Instant solution for those of you who don't want to have trouble searching on GoogleAnimals Real and Imagined: Fantasy of What Is and What Might Be

Has any anime ever made you cry? What was it?

Well, no but the closest thing is when Light killed the Fiance of a FBI agent because she had information if discovered by the police could get Light discovered. And it set the mood too, right before he wrote her name in the Death Note

What is the most depressing animated movie?

Grave of the Fireflies (1988)

How to get the best and coolest pictures of anime that are tempting to watch

Mostly, try googling for HD Wallpapers you will find many resources which contains some cool wallpapers other than that,Try,WeheartitPixivDevaintartTumblr ( Try searching for One piece Tumblr and go to google images )Misan ( Android app; which contains all series from a to z with some amazing images )

Has any anime ever made you cry? What was it?

Well, no but the closest thing is when Light killed the Fiance of a FBI agent because she had information if discovered by the police could get Light discovered. And it set the mood too, right before he wrote her name in the Death Note

What is the most realistic animated movie?

Paddington (played by Ben Wishaw) is a very lovable and realistic character, but not an animated film in its whole.Many of the Disney remakes have amazing VFX.

Which anime genre is your favorite and why?

I hate to be that person, but I pretty much love all anime genres except for two.I literally don't have any favourites because all the genres (and the content) is so diverse, I literally can't choose which I like best. If I have to choose only one genre that's my

What are some good manga/anime that have elements of action and romance?

One that I'm reading right now is The Knight of The Falling Star. It's more heavy on romance than action, but there's still enough action and drama to keep things interesting. It's about a man from the fae realm who's training

Do people still watch older anime?

Yes. Dragon Ball z,Dragon Ball,Dragon Ball GT,AKIRA,Ghost in The Shell,Yu yu Hakushu,Inuyasha,YU-GI-OH,Pokemon Indigo League,Genocyper,Violence Jack,Barefoot Gen,Midori,City Hunter,Cyborg 009,Devilman,One Piece,Neon Genesis Evagalion,Dragon Quest,most Studio Ghibli movies,Vampire Hunter D,Slayers,Angel Cop,Berserk,Speed Racer,Kimba the White Lion,Mazinger Z,and Fist of the North Star.

What is the best anime show right now?

That really depends on the genre and the length.Looking for an action anime? Go for Fairy Tail if you want 300-ish episodes or go for One Piece (Still Ongoing) for more than 800 episodes.Looking for a harem story? Go for High School DxD. You wont be disappointed in this one. Or you can also go

What is your favorite anime about sports?

I have seen enough sports anime till now and i have like most of them.Inazuma Eleven was an Amazing series with all those super techniques but, eventually the added to many sequels and it wasnt enjoyable.I took time off from

Can I make an animated movie on Blender?

As an animation student who has used Blender in the past for film work, Blender has been a throughly robust and versatile tool for animated film production, with as much nuance and depth as the industry standard software (Maya, 3DS), since the addition of the Cycles Renderer as of Blender 2.7.Cycles allows for an incredible variety of rendering

How animated explanatory videos are made?

i have made a few kinetic typography as well as some tutorial videos in the past few months. I'm going to answer this question from the perspective of a beginner. there is no specific software for making "animated explanatory videos". all video editors

What tool is used to make anime like Japanese anime?

Mostly handmade drawings(for 2D) in wacom tablets.Which are then coloured using Photoshop or MangaStudio or Paint Tool Sai(depending upon studio mostly mangastudio or Photoshop)The animations are just frames/multiple drawings sewn together by Premiere Pro or Final Cut or other popular video editors.For 3d its usually Maya or 3ds

What makes Disney so special?

Well, to me anyways, Disney has always been in my life. A lot of people have always had Disney in their life, whether it be from movies, to the theme parks, to the big man himself. Personally, it's all three.As far as the parks go, millions of people have gone. Young and old, many people love it. For

How are animated webpages made?

The "animating" that you are referring to is called parallax scrolling. It is a new trend that has been around for a year or two already. You measure school data and animate objects as the person scrolls. I can provide code samples if you would like. I have already

How to make 3d animation of gym workout exercises

I disagree with most answers you got. If you know what you are doing and the moves you want (because you are the pro in that field, not me), then you want to do motion capture. I own a system and I have done many shoots like this, for instance

What is a whiteboard animation?

Whiteboard animation is a great art it is very effective and more helpful to grow your business ,advertisement and to share you IDEAS .By whiteboard animation you can engage audiance like magnet to take interest in you business.If you want an awesome and attarctive whiteboard animation video,then follow these following steps1- First

Has the film 'Trolls' saved Dreamworks Animation?

Where can I start with this movie ? This is just a plain out GOD AWFUL MOVIE. And to think that DreamWorks actually had a good film on their hands OH HECK NO. Maybe this movie was so gosh DARN lucky to save itself at the box office

Why is there no male gay romance in any action movie, superhero movie, fantasy movie, animated movie, or Shounen anime?

Because most movies are made to earn as much money as possible and, unfortunately, a gay romance would put many people off. Having said that, Brokeback Mountain was a success. It had a well known director and 2 popular stars in

Are all DC animated movies connected to each other?


Why is green colour used in the background screen in CGI?

Because it's the color that is in contrast to typically everything else being shot. In post production the color of the green is keyed out, meaning it's selected to be turned into a transparency instead of an opaque color. This becomes a transparent channel and allows for different footage to be

Is frame by frame animation harder than puppet/flash animation?

It depends on your skill set. Frame by frame to me is easier, faster and preferred, but I've been drawing and animating for years but that's when i animate for games rather than cartooning...If you consider how long it takes to properly set up a full rig per character within an animation and

How are 3D animation films made?

Step 1: Pre-productionHere you want to prepare almost everything. Got an idea? Write it down. Bam. First step into this project done.Next? Script it. You'll want to know exactly what happens, so what better way than to write it out? There is a specific format to script writing and I do recommend studying

What makes a good anime protagonist?

I don't think there should or will be a good answer to your question. Should in a sense that it will always hinder the creativity and originality to any story. Will in a sense that some genius will come up with

How to become a great 3D animator

The art of animation is not easy to learn and very hard to master. You can start small and simple and slowly develop your skills and unique style. You don't even need to know how to draw well. Know the difference between 2D and 3D animation so you can

What is the best demon related anime?

Not sure which is the best but I can definitely list a few demon related anime! Find the best demon related anime that is best suited for you! Which I was probably just going to do looking at the question getting confused if the word anime was supposed

What are some R-rated animated movies?

I haven't watched any movie in this genre except for Sausage Party! R-rated animation at its best! You will not be disappointed after watching this one because it's a hilarious take on the animation of those non living things that maybe other leading animated movie makers like Pixar missed! We have seen animation of almost every non

Are there any people who liked The Emoji Movie?

I am so confused about all the hate this movie got. It's a kid's movie. What were people expecting? On top of that, I'm not a kid and somewhat enjoyed it. I'm not going to say it's my favorite movie ever, but I

How to make 3D video animation

In this, there are numerous stages included in making an animated motion picture from scratch.Following are the steps included to make 3D video animation in Raipur. Pre-Production 1. The primary procedure in the liveliness pipeline, furthermore a standout amongst the most vital, is pre-creation. It starts with the primary ideas which are at

Is 3d animation a good job?

Yes, there is an industry for it, there are animation jobs out there. As far as my life advice to you (coming from a pro 3D modeler): I would DEFINITELY keep your dream job in mind, we only have one life, might as well do what we want to do, right? . So what I

What is 3D and animation engineering?

The field of 3D animation is extensive. Also known as 3D CGI or visual storytelling, it is both exciting and new for both the creator as well as the audience. In recent years as the popularity of 3D animated movies and television shows has grown, so has the industry. Movies like

How would a Disney animation movie look, if you turn it into a horror movie?

Tangled is an easy one:Girl is abducted from her home at a young age, imprisoned, psychologically and physically abused (can't cut your hair?!). She escapes only to be waylaid by an outlaw who abuses her ignorance and manipulates her for his own personal gain. She

How does Pixar manage to constantly produce commendable movies?

That's a huge question with no simple answer. I can only give you my opinion of the largest issues. I don't think there's anybody at Pixar who could actually answer it. That in itself is probably part of the answer, what Andrew Stanton calls "staying stupid". The idea being

What skills do you need to have to become a 3D animator?

The secret to becoming a good animator is bringing believable performances to your characters.There is a distinction between an actor and an animator. An actor lives watches for subtle cues to improvise his/her performance. For a normal human being, any action follows a three-step rule: a thought

What is the chronological order of DC animated TV series?

DC animated universe - WikipediaRead the list, and start with Batman the Animated Series, and just go on down from there.And yes, they do all tie-in together.

What makes a good anime/manga?

Here's and excerpt of an answer I wrote for a similar question (What sells an anime series to you? What factors lead you to follow an anime?):"I had planned on listing several criteria, things like character development, strong female characters, good male/female balance, action that logically follows from

How good was 3D animation in the year 2000?

Was really good! There have been better years but a lot of companies knew better what they were doing and started using more a mix of 3D with 2D without it looking out of place.For example,

Why do most people prefer live action movies over animated movies?

Because I think that people relate to people better. Also, some people have a hard time suspending their disbelief, which is what you have to do nowadays in our comic book/SF/Fantasy/Horror driven movie world. It's why Disney's decided to make live action remakes of some of its most popular animated features, and why computer