What is a good anime for kids?

There are a range to choose from! If you want more sporty,friendship stuff go get Inazuma eleven,more creative and even more friendship you could get your kids some Pokemon dvds! They might get addicted and buy merchandise thou.

What is your favorite anime couple?

The best couple I've come across while watching anime is -Kimi Nishino and Nishio Nishiki :

What are some good realistic anime?

What are some good realistic anime?For now, I can think one. And that is Slam dunk. Anime from the 90's.I don't know what kind of

What are some good fallen angel animes?

Another one is Ao no Exorcist, story of a high school young boy takes place to be an half blood(Half Satan, Half Human), also have a fascinating story. One is D Greyman it likewise have the above kind of falvour which include exorcism and devils.A guardian angel is an angel that is assigned to protect and guide a

What is your favorite fantasy animal?

Instant solution for those of you who don't want to have trouble searching on GoogleAnimals Real and Imagined: Fantasy of What Is and What Might Be

What is the anime you never get tired of watching all over again?

Golden Boy is a good one.Cowboy Bepop.Memories.Neo TokyoNot many others. I used to watch Trigun often. Desert Punk would be fun to watch again.But as I have already discussed, I am brushing a 10,000+ hours of anime watched. I really don't want to rehash

Has any anime ever made you cry? What was it?

Well, no but the closest thing is when Light killed the Fiance of a FBI agent because she had information if discovered by the police could get Light discovered. And it set the mood too, right before he wrote her name in the Death Note

Who would win, Goku vs Alien x1?

Goku will win beacuse the stupid alien x is so much like stone statue until they have decided to do anything or somethingBut incase of Goku in ultra instinct super Saiyan form his body doesn't required any brain commands to react or to act so he can

What is the anime you never get tired of watching all over again?

Golden Boy is a good one.Cowboy Bepop.Memories.Neo TokyoNot many others. I used to watch Trigun often. Desert Punk would be fun to watch again.But as I have already discussed, I am brushing a 10,000+ hours of anime watched. I really don't want to rehash

How to get the best and coolest pictures of anime that are tempting to watch

Mostly, try googling for HD Wallpapers you will find many resources which contains some cool wallpapers other than that,Try,WeheartitPixivDevaintartTumblr ( Try searching for One piece Tumblr and go to google images )Misan ( Android app; which contains all series from a to z with some amazing images )

Has any anime ever made you cry? What was it?

Well, no but the closest thing is when Light killed the Fiance of a FBI agent because she had information if discovered by the police could get Light discovered. And it set the mood too, right before he wrote her name in the Death Note

Which anime genre is your favorite and why?

I hate to be that person, but I pretty much love all anime genres except for two.I literally don't have any favourites because all the genres (and the content) is so diverse, I literally can't choose which I like best. If I have to choose only one genre that's my

What are some good manga/anime that have elements of action and romance?

One that I'm reading right now is The Knight of The Falling Star. It's more heavy on romance than action, but there's still enough action and drama to keep things interesting. It's about a man from the fae realm who's training

What is your favorite anime fight scene?

Boku no Hero Academia: Sports Festival ArkThe fight between Todoroki and Deku has got to be the best anime fight I have ever seen!

Does Genos ever win a fight?

Of course. He won against that cyborg gorilla and later beats Speed of sound Sonic. He has the potential to win against a lot of people, but for comic reasons, he is reckless or goes for the final boss, way stronger for him.

Do people still watch older anime?

Yes. Dragon Ball z,Dragon Ball,Dragon Ball GT,AKIRA,Ghost in The Shell,Yu yu Hakushu,Inuyasha,YU-GI-OH,Pokemon Indigo League,Genocyper,Violence Jack,Barefoot Gen,Midori,City Hunter,Cyborg 009,Devilman,One Piece,Neon Genesis Evagalion,Dragon Quest,most Studio Ghibli movies,Vampire Hunter D,Slayers,Angel Cop,Berserk,Speed Racer,Kimba the White Lion,Mazinger Z,and Fist of the North Star.

What is the best anime show right now?

That really depends on the genre and the length.Looking for an action anime? Go for Fairy Tail if you want 300-ish episodes or go for One Piece (Still Ongoing) for more than 800 episodes.Looking for a harem story? Go for High School DxD. You wont be disappointed in this one. Or you can also go

What is your favorite anime about sports?

I have seen enough sports anime till now and i have like most of them.Inazuma Eleven was an Amazing series with all those super techniques but, eventually the added to many sequels and it wasnt enjoyable.I took time off from

Who would win, Beerus (Dragon Ball) vs Saitama (One Punch Man)?

It will be a LONG time before it's reasonable to think Saitama has a chance against Beerus. Goku and Vegeta can break down walls of a universe by exerting their ki and Beerus is still stronger than them.I've seen people argue he's a plot device with infinite power and automatically wins every fight. That describes how he's

When does the movie My Hero Academia: Two Heroes take place?

Animation, Action Movies 90 Min with the title My Hero Academia the Movie: The Two Heroes (2018), story about The story follows right before the first semester ends and the whole class is going on a field trip. However, All Might and Midoriya are invited to an event on a island

What is the order of all Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT movies? Between which episodes/sagas should I watch them?

From the standpoint if the creators, almost none of the movies are in the main time line. But some can fit better than others.The Dragon Ball movies never 'fit' anywhere, and have characters meeting each other for the first time in

What tool is used to make anime like Japanese anime?

Mostly handmade drawings(for 2D) in wacom tablets.Which are then coloured using Photoshop or MangaStudio or Paint Tool Sai(depending upon studio mostly mangastudio or Photoshop)The animations are just frames/multiple drawings sewn together by Premiere Pro or Final Cut or other popular video editors.For 3d its usually Maya or 3ds

In what order should I watch Digimon TV show and movies?

There is no right order, because each series is its own separate continuity and has no connection with the others.The exception is Digimon Adventure, 02, and tri., which are a single continuity, tell the same story, and so should be watched in that order.The other series are completely independent from each other and

What makes a good anime protagonist?

I don't think there should or will be a good answer to your question. Should in a sense that it will always hinder the creativity and originality to any story. Will in a sense that some genius will come up with

Who is stronger, Super Saiyan Blue Vegito (Fusion Zamasu battle) vs Super Saiyan 2 Berserker Kefla who fought Ultra Instinct Omen Goku? Who should win and why?

SSB VEGITO? You want to kill Kefla?Okay... it is one of DBS' flaws that Kefla was shown kinda overpowered.Even though she is Super Saiyan 2 Berserker, she can NOT equal to a Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan!!We saw that a tired... already beaten down SSB Kx20 Goku land

Who would win, Ingenium Iida's brother (My Hero Academia) or Stain (My Hero Academia)?

Well, given that this is a fight that has already taken place in both the anime and the manga, and Ingenium lost (and lost bad, at that) I think we can file this one away.Stain wins. Odds are pretty good that Stain wins every time too.Maybe if Ingenium caught Stain unawares,

What is the best demon related anime?

Not sure which is the best but I can definitely list a few demon related anime! Find the best demon related anime that is best suited for you! Which I was probably just going to do looking at the question getting confused if the word anime was supposed

What makes a good romantic anime?

The romantic anime I've watched over the years is breathtaking and stunning in terms of falling in love while they usually lack heartbreak, pain, and problems that occurs in relationships.I believe that combining the beauty of love and the pain of heartbreaks or obstacles makes the it a good romantic anime.If I'm watching an anime, I want

Which anime do you prefer, One Punch Man or Boku No Hero Academia?

It actually depends. One Punch Man is my favorite anime, but some people say that it is overrated, which is kinda true. It's definitely not the best anime, some people would argue that Death Note or Full Metal Alchemist are superior anime, which I could see.Boku No Hero Academia is underrated. Not many people hear

Who will win between Vegito Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan versus Whis?

Fusion and Super Saiyan God both are temporary forms and cannot last forever, so that will remain 30mins only. Coming to fight term we have already seen Beerus is way powerful against super saiyan god, Goku made him use his 100% power but still was not able to beat him and on another hand Whis he is worlds

What do you think about Japanese anime?

Japanese animation is the world's best animation, whether for Asians or Americans, to mention animation, people will naturally think of Japan to be honest, Chinese animation is not as good as Japanese anime, Chinese animation can hide some real problems, and the task of absolute, but Japanese anime is not hidden, more realistic,

Why do people hate Dragon Ball Z?

I'll try to be to the point with this one.Dragon Ball Z was a gateway for many people, especially westerners, to anime.The story was fun and exciting, the characters became idols and it didn't take long for the show to become Both extremely successful and extremely

How to download My Hero Academia movies 2018 in HD quality

A2ADisclaimer here, I'm in the US and use legal sources. If you're not in the US these sources may not work as well for you as they do for me.I use Hulu for some of my anime watching needs. My family has Hulu Live TV right now since the only two

After which episode of Naruto Shippuden should I watch The Last: Naruto the Movie (2014)?

The last movie takes place after the Naruto Shippuden series ends, at least the manga version. The anime version of shippuden kind of skips after the real ending and picks up a little after

What are some of the saddest anime?

Kanon (2006 version, not the 2002 one) has some sad moments in it. It is made by the same people who made Clannad, which is often considered the saddest anime ever. Kanon also has some good humor in it, and a lot

Could Lady Shiva defeat someone like Luke Cage, Motoko Kusanagi, or Iron Fist?

Nope. Not in a million years.Luke Cage. Started off as a guy with bullet proof skin and Spider-Man level strength, which is pretty impressive. He got a power up in the Cage series (the one where they drew him to look like Mike Tyson.) In the same series he

What makes a good anime/manga?

Here's and excerpt of an answer I wrote for a similar question (What sells an anime series to you? What factors lead you to follow an anime?):"I had planned on listing several criteria, things like character development, strong female characters, good male/female balance, action that logically follows from

Who would win between Goku and The whole MCU characters (Marvel Cinematic Universe)?

I hate crossover questions and especially ones about Goku. No Goku can't kill the entire Marvel Universe not even close. His instant transmission goes 180,000 thousand miles per second, which is lightspeed, and admittedly the fastest technique in DBZ. It's also a technique only used once in a while, it's nothing he sustains for an entire fight. So all

What is your single favourite Studio Ghibli film, and why is it so?

OMG! It is just so impossible to name just one movie of Studio Ghibli as a favourite. For me Spirited Away= Howl's moving castle = Kiki's delivery service. Though I am tempted to add more but these 3 movies I watch like every month on repeat since last many years. They are simply magical.

What makes Death Note a good anime?

Death Note is the story of a person who looked at the world, saw its many flaws, and decided to 'fix' them using this convenient 'thing that he found' --the actual Death Note. What I found to be admirable about the plot was Light's character. They say: The road to Hell

What are some examples British made anime?

First and foremost, British animation is NOT anime. Anime, from my POV, is any handrawn animated piece of work that comes out of Japan.However, I CAN give you some examples of animated films or TV shows that Britain has been responsible for:Animal Farm (1954)Wallace and Gromit (1990-present)Chicken Run

What is a good anime ?

I love action/shounen/supernatural/fantasy/magic/adventure/romance. So here are my top 10 list of animes.Hajime:10.Inazuma Eleven

Is Kantai a good anime?

Do you enjoy anime's like:Girls Und Panzer.K-On.The Ambition Of Oda Nobuna.Shakugan No Shana.Love Live.Tamako Market.Full Metal Panic.Kokoro Connect.Touken Ranbu.Kemono Friends.Hibiki Euphonium.Arpeggio of Blue Steel.If you do, then you'll love Kantai Collection.

What makes anime so interesting?

To be fair, starting the question with a premise that must be accepted as ‘true' by default is not a good way to get honest answers. Its the equivalent of asking

Why are Z fighters getting weaker in Dragon Ball Super?

Well 1 they are getting older. Remember for the humans they are getting into their 40s now.2. Some justice retired. Krillin got out of shape compared to everyone else because he stopped training and Yamaha is also retired.3. I wouldn't say they are