What company makes Apple computers?

The actual assembly location varies: Supplier Responsibility

Why has Apple been so successful?

There's a bigger pattern but first, I'll use my impressions of the Watch.They intro'd it 4 years ago as

Why hasn't Apple innovated in so many years?

For me, Apple has been-and continues to be-innovative, simply because I define their innovation a bit differently.Apple's innovation genius has been in their ability of not just technical innovation (of which they've done plenty), but their ability to integrate various new technical capabilities into a cohesive user experience that's simple to use. That innovation extends to the combination of

Why doesn't Apple manufacture home appliances?

It's a mature business with narrow margins.Apple has gotten to where it is by creating/developing whole new market segments (personal computers, portable music libraries, smartphones, tablets, and smart watches) and positioning themselves as the top quality name brand with big profit margins.They have dropped product lines when they became

How well will Apple AirPods sell?

I've came across a website that gives a lot of information about the apple airpods, well besides the official webiste of apple you can see Apple removes "Finder for AirPods" app from its App Store; refunds are available | EdutaimentApple's New Airpods is now Available for iPhone users | Edutaiment

Are Macbook Pro batteries interchangeable?

They are generally in the same generation. I'm not sure that far apart.Here on iFixit, they appear similar, but I wouldn't be sure if the connector is exactly the same. It might be worth a shot?MacBook Pro 13" Unibody Mid 2009 Battery ReplacementMacBook Pro 13" Unibody Mid 2010 Battery ReplacementBest of luck.

Why does Apple need to take down apple.com when launching new products?

Agreed.  They don't lose income from taking it down, and twitter and facebook and everyone else who hadn't already known about an Apple Event going on goes wild wondering what new stuff will show up.And then there's disappointment if it was only an update to the Apple Store itself and there wasn't new hardware. :)

Will Apple continue the MacBook Air?

Yes-they have to, given that the MacBook Air is still Apple's most popular MacBook.However, I think that Apple will drastically change the MacBook Air lineup this year. The current 12″ MacBook is more ‘Air' than the MacBook Air, and represents everything the MacBook Air was supposed to

Does the launch of the iPhone 6, the Apple Watch, and Apple Pay mean that Apple is still the most innovative consumer technology company?

One thing you can say for sure, Apple knows how to obsolete its existing equipment like no other company.  I look at a 2004 Windows PC, and generally, not that much changed, until very recently.  But, how things have changed on the Mac side of the world.As I

Will Apple stop making products?

Why would Apple stop making products? At present there Market Cap is approximately 850 billion dollars and might reach the Trillion dollars mark. This is insane just to even think that they will stop making products. If anything, they will diversify their products and hopefully we will get

What are some tips for taking better iPhone photographs?

Treat your iPhone like a serious capture device, because it's probably all you have with you.Don't think like an iPhoneographer. Instead, think like a photographer. Find the best light or most interesting perspective and shoot.Don't let your phone set a focus point for you, instead,

How to get my ipad air2 screen fixed or replaced at Apple Uk's store

Thanks for A2A.I agree with Chuck Rogers - the trick is getting a Genius Bar appointment.It occurs to me you might be asking how to get it replaced *for free* - for that model, I don't know of a way... Pay up and look big!

Is it worth upgrading from iPad Air to iPad Air 2?

My iPad2 just died. It is now a cold, dead slab.So, yes, I will be ordering a new iPad Air 2 first thing tomorrow.

Why does Apple charge so much for iCloud storage?

If you want to get more iCloud storsge, you can look at this post:Top Five Ways to Manage iCloud StorageHope it will be helpful for you!

When is Apple going to release the iPad Pro?

It's just a rumor right now, but it seems like a pretty solid one. It all goes back to 9to5Mac with all of the other sources referring back to that one. 9to5Mac says they have multiple sources. As rumors go, it's pretty solid, but I wouldn't call it "true" until Apple officially announces it. Currently, all Apple has said

Does the MacBook Pro have a better battery than the MacBook Air?

No, MacBook Air has more battery life than the MacBook pro. MacBook pro being more powerful than the MacBook Air consumes more battery than the MacBook Air. In MacBook Air Apple claims a battery life of 12 hrs but you can get up

Are Apple products easier to setup and use than Microsoft or Samsung products?

Assuming someone never used any of these products, Apple devices are easier to setup and connect to each other, a lot is done automatically (your Mac recognizes your iPhone because they share the same credentials/Apple ID) and asks if you want to

Why do Apple computers remain so poor for gaming?

You can say that the reasons why Apple computers have generally not been gaming beasts can be narrowed down to two primary factors.For the longest time, Apple simply did not have the backing of the gaming community, nor did the gaming community have the backing

Who changed the way we work, Microsoft or Apple?

My answer will be "Both". There are many silent players who changed the way we work since the beginning. Only top brands gets highlighted easily. And a big +1 for User answer.

Which one is better, the Ipad 2 or iPad Pro?

Which is better a LED Plasma TV or 4K tv?Thats the kind of difference. Pro is faster, display is better, U have apple pencil support and has ambient light sensors.None of that in Air 2. So ofcourse pro is better but with

Why is MacBook more expensive than MacBook air?

The MacBook is designed to be super light and deficient. It uses less power, has no moving parts and is virtually silent. It also makes its only moderate power processor work like a high end processor through some apple magic.

Are the iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro the same?

Nope, they are both very different. The iPad Pro has a 12mp iPhone 6s camera, whereas the iPad Air 2 has a much older 8mp camera from the 5s. The iPad Pro has the apple A9x chip, which is significantly faster than the older Apple A8x chip. Plus, the iPad Pro will also be supported a year or

What are some innovative ways to use Apple stickers?

Find someone who despises Apple products. When they're not around, put an Apple sticker on their laptop.

How to hack an iPhone 6's text history

I'm going Plain and helpful , because my mom is on Quora and so is my ex. Recovering the information you need is really not a big deal, but why do you really need such data? its illegal to search through peoples phones and devices; private life

Apple just ripped me off... Should I ever buy a new phone again?

How did they rip you off? Apple usually does everything in their power to make customers happy. Unless you went into the store and acted like a major asshole. Then they will usually do the bare minimum they are required to do. Even then, though, they will not rip you off.You don't go into any

What is the best iPhone 7 case?

Depends on what you are looking for!Going with Rhinoshield (RhinoShield Protective Cases by Evolutive Labs) isn't a bad choice at all :-)Currently using my CrashGuard, I bought a new PlayProof at Black Friday, both protection up to like 12 feet.

Can I upgrade storage in Macbook Air?

Yes, you can upgrade storage in MacBook Air. Please find OWC SSD Flash Storage Upgrades. at officesg. Office Supplies Buy Online - Your Office Webstore - Officesg

How to repair a broken Apple iPad screen

1. Contact the ManufacturerBefore you attempt any DIY screen repair options you should check with the company that made your phone.2. Screen Protector or TapeIf you cannot fix your broken smartphone screen right away, there are some steps you can take to use the iPhone or Android with a broken screen. Assuming

In what sense is Apple innovative?

It is tough to answer such questions,  but you may follow this website Apple Granted 32 Patents Today Covering Advanced Siri Capabilities, iPhone Free Fall Protection & iDevice Design Wins Side Note:Novelty: Something newCreation: Something new and valuableInvention: Something new, having potential value through utilityInnovation:

When will Apple Launch the new MacBook Air?

Thanks for the A2A.Apple has a marketing problem.The MacBook is actually more Air-like than the MacBook Air. It is smaller, thinner, and lighter. But

Is Apple launching iPad with calling facility?

No, no cell phone service with iPads.  Not sure Apple would ever do that, to be honest.  The iPhone covers it so well, what would be their motive?

Why are iPhones so expensive?

(Please read the full answer)Some of the reasons areApple takes Apple tax. It doesn't go into their treasury but to the development of next iPhoneApple makes one of the most secure phones on the planet. They gonna charge for it.Apple makes its very own OS. It isn't that easy. They have to pay to their software

Why are Apple products so expensive?

I am typing this answer from a Mid-2012 15″ Retina Display Macbook pro. This laptop since the time it was bought has seldom seen a day it was not switched on and used for 10 hours or more.Never has it felt slow or sluggish or needed an

Can I recover the deleted notes on my Apple iPad? The notes were deleted when I reset my iPad.

If you've synced those deleted notes with iTunes or iCloud, then you can easily restore from backup by restoring iPad.For iTunes backup: Connect iPad and click restore backup.For iCloud backup: reset iPad and then restore.If you don't have a backup of those deleted notes, you can try this video.

What are products Apple has copied?

What are products Apple has copied?Apple is more often a perfector of products rather than an originator of them. Personal computers had been around for years--including Apple's own lines like the Apple ][. But the Macintosh redefined what consumers expected

Was Apple Watch a success or failure?

Apple Watch sales crashed this summer, still the best-selling smartwatchThis is a decent article that explains the situation quite well.By Apple standards, it's a failure, by smart watch standards, it's a massive success, the Apple Watch became the market leader almost overnight.The smart watch market was small before Apple

Why is Apple discontinuing the iPad 4 but continuing to ship the iPad 2?

Imho the most important point is still missing: with the iPad 2 only being 100 dollar cheaper in comparism with iPad Air, you teach the consumer to take the newer, more expensive product. Would this be an iPad 4 the consumer would easily take the 100-dollar-less version. Now you'll compare iPad 2 and 5 and

Does Apple charge for updates on apps?

Apple has not charged for any updates on any of their apps since they all have been moved to the App Store. Prior to then they charged for updates.All apps in the App store, Apple or not, can be updated at no cost. There is no mechanism for paid updates. Companies with apps they

Which Mac do system admins recommend, MacBook or MacBook Pro?

While the MacBook/Air is great for doing any one of the number of things I do all day, it could not possibly handle the multitude of programs and windows I have running all at once in the many different spaces. Battery life is als a concern if I have to step

What Apple products are iOS 5 compatible?

This is a somewhat vague question since it's unclear what type of Apple products you're asking about -- devices, accessories, or apps?In terms of iPhone/iPod/iPad devices, iOS 5 is compatible with:iPad and iPad 2iPhone 3GS/4/4SThird- and fourth-generation iPod touch.Basically, all

Was the Apple Pencil a copy of the S Pen?

Its a Surface Pen copy. Surface Pen has the same technology and capabilities and came to market yeats before. S pen is a nice one but mostly limited to note taking as features like Pressure sensitivity level or tilt are not matured.

Why doesn't Apple launch a dual SIM iPhone?

I don't think Apple would think of space constraints, or UI changes or battery consumption to implement something as trivial as dual sim, we can say that not providing a dual sim option or extendable storage is a design decision,

Is Apple going to launch HomePod?

The apple homePod is launched on Feb 9th in the US.It didn't get launched in India and many countries. There is no official date for India yet.

Should I buy the latest iPad (not the iPad Pro, the Retina one)?

If you don't have an iPad already it's not a bad option. It has a fast processor comparable to the one on the iPhone 6s. I've purchased a few of them for my relatives.