Does Apple iterate slowly compare to Google?

Not exactly, but it's a pretty fair assumption.So Apple's sales growth, say in 2012, was a fair bit, actually, a way bit more than Google - Around $156 billion compared to Google's $40 billion. The growth curve for Apple, however, has been weirdly slow,

Was Apple a first mover?

First movers. In many senses they invented the personal computer.Computers existed. And personal computer also existed. But for the most part computers were huge expensive machines owned by big corporations and universities. Personal computers existed as a concept, but they were not something you would

Which company is worse in its practices? Apple, Google, or Microsoft?

All of them have some bad practices but for the most part all three are great companies. Can you imagine what the world would be like today without some of the great products these companies have produced?Google SearchiPhoneMicrosoft OfficeGoogle may use your personal info to sell to advertisers but do you remember driving without Google maps?Apple

Which company will slowly die, Apple or Samsung?

Samsung Will be die slowly because they are not showing there valueability to there desired product.So, in future it may die .there are lot of chances comparing to Apple Company .Samsung they need to fix there bugs , Suppose if they are faiing to fix there bugs means then Samsung company is gona die.

How is UX design and research at Apple, in comparison to at Google, Facebook, and Microsoft?

I don't work for the above mentioned companies, but one thing that I can say (and you will read) is that design always has to start at the top. Companies are gradually learning this, but establishing design as a culture is not something

When, in your opinion, did Apple become a better company than Microsoft?

It is like asking when did human become better species than dinosaurs. Obviously that question is nonsense, as you can't compare species and who's better.It is the same for Apple and Microsoft. Apple was always way better consumer company than Microsoft.

What company makes Apple computers?

The actual assembly location varies: Supplier Responsibility

Why don't Apple buy Google?

Why would they? They would lose money if they could buy Google.Here are some of the reasons:Apple would have to face massive antitrust legal battle if they kill the android project. Maintaining Android would be a weird move for them.The culture of

Why does Apple want to hold onto so much cash?

Apple holds onto its huge cash reserves to maximize shareholder wealth. As most of its cash is stashed overseas, the company could incur substantial repatriation charges if it brought it back to the US.If the company suddenly becomes generous and decides to help its partners like Foxconn, the company will not be able to

What is Apple, Google, Microsoft organization structure?

The pecking order :: bottom to top :Software Engineer → Software Engineer II → Sr. Software Engineer → Principal Software Engineer → Partner Software Engineer → Distinguished Software Engineer → Technical Fellow ( the buck stops here ).The VP, and SVP, and the directors are redundant, and no one really cares about them (

Will Google buy Apple in the future?

Not likely. Both companies are in a strong enough financial position to be self-sustained. Both have a strong position in the IT industry, and are working hard for future oriented AI(Artificial Intelligence) technologies, so they're quiet robust. And certainly, Apple has a much higher net worth than Google. But

Why has Apple been so successful?

There's a bigger pattern but first, I'll use my impressions of the Watch.They intro'd it 4 years ago as

Why hasn't Apple innovated in so many years?

For me, Apple has been-and continues to be-innovative, simply because I define their innovation a bit differently.Apple's innovation genius has been in their ability of not just technical innovation (of which they've done plenty), but their ability to integrate various new technical capabilities into a cohesive user experience that's simple to use. That innovation extends to the combination of

How does Apple make product decisions?

They watch samsung for a couple of years. Make jokes about them calling them

How can Apple improve in 2016?

Hi!(2018) My son has a iPhone 6 with a bad battery one where the home button playing it's own game (I.e locking the phone). We bought a new one (IPhone 8) but I thought Apple could have an interest to learn something from this phone (now in the

Which stock is the best to buy now, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, or Microsoft?

Facebook has remained a high-profile company that has consistently captured the public's imagination since its initial public offering in May 2012. Facebook stock is the key member of the popular FAANG group of tech industry superstars including Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Alphabet, Stock of Facebook has enjoyed an exceptionally strong and relatively smooth rise during the several years

Is Apple stock a bubble?

Historically it hasn't been, but that isn't to say that it couldn't pop at any time. The announcements on Monday didn't seem to excite investors or journalists, with a lot of people questioning their future ability to innovate.  I'd say the bubble depends a lot on the 'next big thing'.  If that is a flop

Which laptops are better, Hp or Apple?

If you just started using windows laptop then just go on using windows and Hp is the best laptop which is rough and tough and comes at very affordable price. If you buy this laptop from Price-hunt E-commerce site then HP laptop price on this E-commerce site is Fair and provide discount and good deal on these

Who was a better person, Steve Jobs or Bill Gates?

Both Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are important in the field of technology.They do a lot for the modern technology. But i will for Bill Gates because he deserve the most respect from the world. How Microsoft change our life we have seen that last 10 years.Made the technology easy and they tried to reach it

Why doesn't Apple manufacture home appliances?

It's a mature business with narrow margins.Apple has gotten to where it is by creating/developing whole new market segments (personal computers, portable music libraries, smartphones, tablets, and smart watches) and positioning themselves as the top quality name brand with big profit margins.They have dropped product lines when they became

How well will Apple AirPods sell?

I've came across a website that gives a lot of information about the apple airpods, well besides the official webiste of apple you can see Apple removes "Finder for AirPods" app from its App Store; refunds are available | EdutaimentApple's New Airpods is now Available for iPhone users | Edutaiment

Who has more patents, Apple, Google or Microsoft?

Apple: 91,194, Source: Google PatentsGoogle : 52,724, Source: Google PatentsMicrosoft: 613,238, Source: Google PatentsHere, I have retrieved number of patents each technology giant has. The above number of patents are retrieved from assignee based searches** on

Why is Apple leaving Intel?

They aren't really leaving Intel. While they may be switching the Mac to their own A-series processors, they are also rumored to be moving the cellular baseband processors for the entire iOS device lineup from Qualcomm to Intel.This would indicate that Apple is being sued by Qualcomm because they hurt Qualcomm's feelings by moving

Is Apple poised to become first trillion dollar company, ahead of Google or Microsoft? How so?

No. The first one to get to 1 trillion would be the one either unlocking next big new market, or the one occupying the existing market with biggest potential, or combination of the two. My guess is it's likely to be Google

Why does Apple need to take down when launching new products?

Agreed.  They don't lose income from taking it down, and twitter and facebook and everyone else who hadn't already known about an Apple Event going on goes wild wondering what new stuff will show up.And then there's disappointment if it was only an update to the Apple Store itself and there wasn't new hardware. :)

Will Apple continue the MacBook Air?

Yes-they have to, given that the MacBook Air is still Apple's most popular MacBook.However, I think that Apple will drastically change the MacBook Air lineup this year. The current 12″ MacBook is more ‘Air' than the MacBook Air, and represents everything the MacBook Air was supposed to

Is it worth buying an Apple iPad in India?

If you're comparing Android Tablet to Apple iPad, then my answer would be totally iPad. The Android for the tablet has not been tailored to suit the tablet. It's just a copy of the Apple iPad minus the OS. On the main question, Is it worth buying in India. If you read a lot

Does the launch of the iPhone 6, the Apple Watch, and Apple Pay mean that Apple is still the most innovative consumer technology company?

One thing you can say for sure, Apple knows how to obsolete its existing equipment like no other company.  I look at a 2004 Windows PC, and generally, not that much changed, until very recently.  But, how things have changed on the Mac side of the world.As I

Why do people hate Apple iOS?

I'm not pro Apple and I don't use iPhones, yet this gives me absolutely no reason to hate it.Credit must be given to Apple for creating such an efficient and nice looking operating system. It looks clean and organized.

Will Apple stop making products?

Why would Apple stop making products? At present there Market Cap is approximately 850 billion dollars and might reach the Trillion dollars mark. This is insane just to even think that they will stop making products. If anything, they will diversify their products and hopefully we will get

Can Google out-innovate Apple?

A2AThis question is substantially deeper than it appears at first glance:Could they? Yes, the resources and talent are there.Can they? No; I'd say there are some organizational barriers.Should they? I'm not sure if Google is the right slice of Alphabet to do it.Will

Which of these places is the toughest to get an internship in: Microsoft, Google, Apple, Dropbox, or Facebook?

I interviewed at all of the above this past fall with the exception of Apple. Remember that Microsoft, Google, Apple, and Facebook all have considerably larger internship programs than Dropbox that hire hundreds (if not thousands) of interns each summer so this is an unfair comparison.That being said, the Dropbox

Who will lead the world: Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Apple or any other company?

Please do note that I'm no pro on this topic, so some statements in this comment may be inaccurate or biased.To understand how these technology companies could

Why doesn't Apple license iOS?

When Steve Jobs came back to Apple, Apple was licensing macOS to others...that was the first thing he stopped...he told them

Is it worth upgrading from iPad Air to iPad Air 2?

My iPad2 just died. It is now a cold, dead slab.So, yes, I will be ordering a new iPad Air 2 first thing tomorrow.

Do you think Amazon will catch Apple in total revenue to become the next trillion dollar company?

I think we can count on Amazon not only meeting the trillion dollar mark, but soon leaving Apple in their dust. Apple doesn't have a product pipeline. Nothing new at all. They're counting on revenues from their old products breaking to make their numbers. Does that sound sustainable to you?

How did Apple come up with its name?

As per the book by Walter Isaacson on Steve Jobs this is how the name came up.Now that they had decided to start a business, they needed a name. Jobs had gone for another visit to the All One Farm, where he had been pruning the Gravenstein apple trees, and

Why don't Microsoft and Apple join together?

It's impossible and it's not good for growth. Good and innovative products only take birth due to competition between Giants.

Why does Apple charge so much for iCloud storage?

If you want to get more iCloud storsge, you can look at this post:Top Five Ways to Manage iCloud StorageHope it will be helpful for you!

When is Apple going to release the iPad Pro?

It's just a rumor right now, but it seems like a pretty solid one. It all goes back to 9to5Mac with all of the other sources referring back to that one. 9to5Mac says they have multiple sources. As rumors go, it's pretty solid, but I wouldn't call it "true" until Apple officially announces it. Currently, all Apple has said

Who is more powerful in influence: Disney, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple or Google?

Google is the most powerful. They not only are a critical piece of the worlds information system. (Not sure if the internet or most applications would work if google disappeared, since many applications use google apis, infrastructure, etc.) to exist. They also hold data about everyone and everything. Amazon is second, they are

If Apple, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft designed human languages, what would they be like?

Apple would be some Scandinavian language like Swedish: beautiful, but not many people speak it.Google would be English and Spanish almost everybody speaks one of these, they get the job done And why learn others languages ( like Yahoo's or Bing's languages) when at the end of the day they are the most widely used in the developed

How many patents does Apple Comp hold?

You could get an inaccurate number of patents filed in the name of Apple by searching in EPO (just google EPO, and it is very easy to make the patent search in EPO). As I said it is inaccurate for if an patent application is not published,

Are Apple products easier to setup and use than Microsoft or Samsung products?

Assuming someone never used any of these products, Apple devices are easier to setup and connect to each other, a lot is done automatically (your Mac recognizes your iPhone because they share the same credentials/Apple ID) and asks if you want to