Can you prove that you are self aware?

FriendsSelf-awareness is State - global opinion network is state of your being -being to say,what you are.(It is not about what you possess,fame,knowledge,job,degree,friends etc)In order to know yourself by yourself and to prove same,you are gifted tools of different scales.Senses are can know/prove your physical body by senses.But senses

Is AI going to be a threat to humanity much sooner than anticipated?

IMHO... No... and No.If AI were as smart as us it would immediately realize that it was 100% dependent on us... and then strive to eliminate that dependency. In the course of doing that it would quickly figure out that it would be better off not sitting at the bottom of a

How did Google's DeepMind train AlphaStar to play Starcraft 2 with reinforcement learning and did that mean running the Starcraft game in an accelerated way billions of times to train the neural network?

From AlphaStar: Mastering the Real-Time Strategy Game StarCraft IIAlphaStar's behaviour is generated by a deep neural network that receives input data from the raw game interface (a list of units and their properties), and outputs a sequence of instructions that constitute an action within the game. More specifically, the

How hard is it to get started with deep learning?

Like anything worth while in your life, your journey begins with the first step, seriously, that is all it takes, you MUST take that first step!If you have the desire and let yourself form a commitment to learning, whatever it is you want to learn, the journey will not be hard at all. It will

Interpretation of deep neural network models (DNN) has always been a limiting factor for use cases. What are some methods and techniques that help to interpret the output of neural networks?

Core concepts will be highlighted - reasoning remains non-highlighted.There's numerous different methodologies that tend to illustrate what you are getting - based off of what kind of Metric you are inferring.An example would be Curve Fitting.If you were to literally, plot the Curves - and showcase how good of a

What are the biggest misconceptions people have about neural networks?

The biggest misconception is they mimic how a brain processes information. Although they are inspired by networks of neurons, the gross simplifications of their organization, activation function, etc. makes neural nets more akin to elaborate curve fitting instead of actual neurons.Efforts to produce realistic neuron models do exist, but their purpose is more aligned with biology, not AI.

What programming language(s) does Google use for deep learning?

Google is a big company, so different teams use different languages. Deepmind, a Google acquisition, uses a flavor of Torch, which is written in Lua on top, and optimized in C/C++. Geoff Hinton mentioned, after he joined Google, that

Where should I start learning about Deep Learning?

How to Kick Start in Deep LearningMathFor understanding basic deep learning papers, it is important to be comfortable with basic concepts in linear algebra and calculus. Here is the good summary lists that cover basics topic that you should know.I would estimate, it perhaps take around

What's the smartest thing you've ever seen AI do?

I can't really judge what was the