Can a skinny guy go to the gym and workout to get a lean muscular body like David Beckham?

SAID principle asserts that the human body adapts specifically to imposed demands. [1]In other words, given stressors on the human system, whether biomechanical or neurological, there will be a Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands (SAID).[2]For example, by only

Do football players work out a lot?

No they don't. Typically they have training only the morning. Sometimes they have also training the afternoon, but it is non physical. It consists of video observation or tactics most of the time.For their defense, over training is maybe worse than not enough. Injury rates increase exponentially if you overwork.Most of pro training is

How to lose all my belly fat, get abs, and lower my body fat percentage to around 5% in 7 months

First off, wanting 'abs' is cool, but if you're doing it to score with the babes -  man, don't worry about it. The chicks are gonna go for the whole package; smile and be a stand-up guy and you'll be good to go. Saying that...5%?! Damn dude! You

Which is the best sport in the world and why?

Soccer/Football, because its so basic, all you need is a ball of no specific size, you could use tennis balls or basketballs if you had nothing else (tennis ball is fun:), and no other equipment. Its quick to set up, like if you play cricket, you need bats, balls

Which is the most popular sport in world?

Football (Soccer for us American's) is by far. The 2014 World Cup had a billion and a half people watch the final if i remember right. The Super Bowl however, had but 100 million viewers. Also, just consider soccer is played in every country even North Korea. American football as the name

Which sport produces the fittest athletes?

To answer this question, one first needs to decide what it is to be "athletic".Athletic - being good at sportsSport - competitive activity that involves physical exertionSo, through a little rewording of the question...What sport develops athletes to be the best at sports, in general?The sport that does this would, by default, would have to be the sport

Who is the most underrated footballer of recent times?

Emile Heskey. Period. We have seen strikers and we have have seen defenders, but never ever had the footballing world witnessed a  defensive striker, a position Heskey donned with magnificence. His goal missing ability had always been underrated by fans and pundits alike. 5

Why do people in the USA prefer American football over soccer? Why do they find soccer relatively boring?

I'm an American, but since I'm a baseball fan, I honestly don't understand what people see in football or soccer. I suppose answering the second question would be easier for me.The first thing to note about soccer is that Americans don't really

Why do professional footballers (soccer) get cramps when playing extra time? Why don't they train to be able to play for two hours instead of one and a half?

Muscle cramps aren't the result of the player's training and conditioning. The cramps are the result of the player's performance and exercise in response to the game situations, the opponents' actions, and the environmental conditions. Factors leading to cramp include:expenditure of fuel needed by muscle cells

Why is football considered the best sport in the world?

It's the greatest sport for many reasons.First, It can be played by everyone. Doesn't matter if you're rich or not. You can go to Africa and see kids play with cans. Money is no issue.Second, It's so diverse. I know... diverse? What does he mean by that? Ever watched basketball and notice that there are

Why is football or soccer the most popular sport in the world?

I'll give you many less important options and then give you the big's cheap to play - you don't need anything extra to play other than a shared ballit can be played anywhere - if you have a ball and relatively flat

Can a skinny guy go to the gym and workout to get a lean muscular body like David Beckham?

SAID principle asserts that the human body adapts specifically to imposed demands. [1]In other words, given stressors on the human system, whether biomechanical or neurological, there will be a Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands (SAID).[2]For example, by only doing pull-ups

Can bodybuilders be considered athletes?

Absolutely not. There's nothing athletic about bodybuilding. Athletic ability involves speed, coordination, endurance, and moving the body through space. Most bodybuilders would not put their body through much cardiocascular exercise for fear of breaking down muscle. Plus they COULD not, carrying around so much useless mass. Most high level sprinters are very muscular, but could

Can I make it as a professional footballer?

TBH for shorter smaller players it's harder to break into a top side and get recruited, you have to be much better in comparison to a player of bigger stature.If you have some physical attribute, like speed, endurance, aggressiveness, to

Do you think that athletes owe to compete for their country whenever invited? I ask because there was a period where all the biggest stars declined to compete in the world championship for Sweden in ice hockey, and people felt betrayed

The Olympics, FIFA, hockey World Championships, the Davis Cup - they are all nothing but people who own a trademark getting free labour, free premises, and everything else free. All these athletes compete for nothing but

Does soccer increase height growth?

Playing soccer can stimulate your growth as well making you taller than you might get naturally. Playing soccer requires a lot of running. Running is very important if you want to have a taller lower body. When you run, you stretch muscles of your knees and

How can football(soccer) injuries be prevented?

Suffering from  frequent injuries, especially when they include non-trivial ones, tells a story: you are badly unfit for that sport; or, you are overweight for that sport; or you are unsuited to that sport by virtue of body type or

How to be a professional footballer

Note that as a soccer player whether you're pro, semi-pro, play for a Sunday team, play as an amateur or play as a hobby.It is important to be able to do a bit of everything. Be able to understand how to play in goal, how to play in defence, how to play midfield, how

How to become a professional athlete

Being a professional athlete is the easy part but being the best at your sport is the hard one.First of all i would tell you to know your passion, like which sport you've been practicing/ playing/ watching film of from a couple of years.Secondly, arrange

How to improve my stamina, especially at football

The most important aspect of improving your stamina while playing football will include:- Proper diet- Physical exercise - Warming up before the gameProper Diet:Lets see how a proper diet will improve

How to start a soccer career

Mr/Mrs AnonymousNobody here can give you a useful answer without knowing your actual background and level of footballing skill.Refer to this answer if you already 18Greg Gordon's answer to I want to be a professional soccer player. I am 18 and a half now and I will

How to become a football/soccer manager/coach? What are some steps I can take to start? Should I take classes or volunteer

Good for you! Coaching youth sports is something many people find incredibly rewarding.I have worked with a variety of coaches, and I would first advise you to take a look at the most common mistakes coaches make so that

How fast are the professional footballers?

There is a great documentary on YouTube specifically about Cristiano Ronaldo. In this documentary, several well known sports scientists analyze certain parts of Cristiano Ronaldo's body to help understand why is he such an amazing athlete.I would advised watching the video as it is very informative and interesting.For one of the

How good are bad professional athletes?

I'll give you an example. Pastor Maldonado was a notoriously bad F1 driver. He crashed himself. He crashed others, and he still went slow. The only time I've been impressed by his driving was when the team sent him out on slicks at Monaco in the rain. He negotiated the hairpin at approximately

How is football the number 1 sport in the world?

Football is no 1 sport all over world, more than half of population of entire world watch football. It is the main sports of entire Europe and South America. It is also popular in Asia, Africa and North America. But what makes it so popular. Ofcourse this sport is quite exciting, unpredictable and time consuming to

How well would a professional football player do at soccer?

Probably about 75–80% of them wouldn't do very well at all, because the body size and composition for the positions is quite different from soccer.Soccer players most closely resemble corner backs and small wide receivers. A few larger wide receivers and safeties have the right build (minus some muscle) to be effective center backs and forwards,

If you could be a star in any sport, would you choose a team sport or an individual sport?

I would most likely be a MLB player. The top contracts in the MLB can average out to $30–40 MILLION per year. That's double what most top NFL players other than QBs make. Being a non-contact sport, baseball is a hell of a lot safer than football.The best international soccer

In what ways can football be considered a dangerous sport?

I can only speak for American football but its extremely dangerous due to the head injuries. Although some of these articles are a few years old, they are still relevant. Here's why: Chronic traumatic encephalopathyChronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) is a form of encephalopathy that is a progressive degenerative disease, which can

Is it worth trying to be a Professional Footballer?

If you're old enough to post a question like this, you're probably past the usual age at which the best talent is discovered and then enrolled in an elite academy from which nearly all professional footballers come from. (Well....not all of them everywhere, but in the English speaking

Is soccer/football the number one sport in the world?

Football has been the number one world sport for some time in my opinion. It has the largest fanbase and playerbase and is played in the most countries (Wikipedia gives the data of 250 million players in 200 countries and 3.3-3.5 billion

Is soccer more popular than football?

I thought soccer and association football were the same thing......In the United States and in Canada tackle football is very popular and association football (soccer) is of limited importance or interest. Indeed, the MLS semi-finals started on November 21st (2017) and most US and Canadian citizens probably have No idea what happened or that it even occurred. .In

Sports Business: How are statistics currently used in the soccer clubs in Europe?

One important point to realize is that the teams don't use statistics as much to evaluate players' performance, as they do to evaluate their physical status, development and potential.A great example of monitoring the physical status is Arsenal's warning about the health of Jack Wilshere (see, for

Sports: What is the difference between football and soccer?

‘Football' was a game played in Medieval England, albeit it had a very fluid set of rules. Disagreements over formal attempts to codified the rules in the 1850s, 60s and 70's led to a split into different codes, which became the different family of games we know as Football

Tennis and golf used to be an elitist game whereas basketball and baseball and soccer a game of the people, assuming I'm right. That may be true in the USA but what about other countries?

Soccer requires a ball and some open space. When I was in Haiti on a deployment from FEMA doing rescue work, the kids would play on dirt with a ball of rags. While sad, it really shows just how little funds it takes to play futbol.Basketball is a little more, you need pavement and at

What are good exercises for a teenage soccer player?

I was semi pro defender myself. I used to jog for 1km for warm up.  Followed by stretching exercises.  I dont knw name but there were separate for hip ankle knee and lower back.  With 3 repeatation. It was followed by squatting for

What are some interesting facts about the FIFA World Cup in 2018?

1. 2018 will be the 21st FIFA World Cup, 88 years after the initial tournament in Uruguay (1930) and for the first time in Russia.2. 32 countries will compete in the 2018 World Cup, with Iceland and Panama making their debuts in the competition. Slovakia were the last

What are some of the mind-blowing facts about Cristiano Ronaldo?

HE WAS NAMED AFTER RONALD REAGAN  AT the time of Ronaldo's birth his father, Jose Dinis Aveiro, was a huge fan of actor and then US president Ronald Reagan, which influenced the young star's name. His full name is Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro. HE WAS EXPELLED FROM SCHOOLAT just 14 years of age Cristiano

What are some of the mind-blowing facts about the FIFA World Cup?

Hi1.Since, FIFA is the French acronym for Federation Internationale de Football Association, in general English, it stands for the International Federation of Football Association. So, for this reason, it is not abbreviated as IFFA.2.Amazingly a nation with foreign coach never won FIFA world cup Every

What do professional football players do after a match?

If you mean whether there are any enforceable rules created by any governing body, NO. There are absolutely no 'rules' to restrict what they can or can not do after a match.That said, every professional team has a team of skilled medics tasked with ensuring each player's fitness. So if

What is the best mobile soccer game?

Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo.Of all I played Stickman soccer was the best I ever played in terms of gameplay on a phone.The best I ever played on a console in no order is:FIFA 2015FIFA 2016ISS Pro The very first game on PS1.ISS Pro On Nintendo 64.ISS Pro 1998

What is the best sport soocer or football?

Are you asking about soccer (real football) and the American football (played with hands) ?Anyways, best is always subjective when you are asking for people's opinion. As an avid soccer fan, I will say soccer without second guessing it. I grew up playing soccer with my friends back in my country. I have been closely

What is the better option, going to the gym or playing a sport?

There is a BIG Difference between Sports (Basketball / Martial Arts) and Gym (Lifting Weights / Cardio). Let me explain.- When you play a sport, you have to outwit the other person (Especially if you are sparring someone in a martial art like Muay Thai) You have to be

What is the importance of cardiovascular endurance in football?

It's clear that cardiovascular endurance is a key enabling ability of a soccer player... But there is a certain nuance to the cardio that makes soccer far harder to get in shape for: you must be able to perform sprint repeats.Think about it- you basically are walking/jogging as your team passes the ball around. Suddenly, your center mid loses

What is the maximum age for becoming a professional footballer? I am 12, can I become a professional footballer?

At 12,your best bet, would be to try and get into a junior team from a professional football club in your area.This is the easiest, and also the best way you can be guaranteed to get to play as a professional

What makes a nation produce athletes?

At the end of the day, it comes down to culture.The love of a certain sport makes people send their kids to play/compete at a young age, the government supports the sport with budget allocation, programs in school offer training for kids etc.That's why sometimes you see a small country that's really

What sport's top player can lay claim to being 'The World's Best All-Around Athlete'?

Answer - BOXING Source : ESPNTo find out which sport require greater athleticism we should consider the following skills to determine which sport score more than others in these skills to determine how difficult and demanding

Which are the most famous sports leagues?

Football (Soccer in America):English Premier League (EPL): As the name suggest it the 1st Division league of England, some of the famous clubs are Liverpool, Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester City etc.La Liga: It is the Spanish 1st division league and

Which athlete are known to have been under the influence during the game (sport) that they where competing?

Lawrence Taylor has gone on record about playing under the influence of Cocaine and Crack Cocaine during his early years in New York with the Giants.And, contrary to popular belief, he made All-Pro while playing a grueling professional sport under the influence of drugs.If you

Which is the most played sport in the world apart from football?

This is a very difficult question to answer because it's tough to properly define "play". Do we count only official participation in recognized competitions or do we include the hundreds of kids that play football in the street everyday? If the latter, how can we get such data? A survey might

Which is the most popular sport in world?

Football (Soccer for us American's) is by far. The 2014 World Cup had a billion and a half people watch the final if i remember right. The Super Bowl however, had but 100 million viewers. Also, just consider soccer is played in every country even North Korea.

Which is the sport that is not popular around the world but played by many?

I'm going to say Bridge...might not be a sport exactly...but it's played around the world...and apart from the people who actually play it...nobody else really knows what's going on with it. If you compare bridge with poker for example lots of people

Which sport is harder, gymnastics or soccer?

I was a gymnast for several years and I also played soccer for around eight years or so, and I know play football so I suppose I know a thing or two about sports. So I guess will give this a

Which sport is harder to play, basketball or soccer?

The topics associated with your question expand your question to Three sports: basketball, soccer, and tackle football. At the professional level, all require a great deal of skill and athleticism under very demanding conditions.However, in training young athletes, I believe that the

Which sport produces the fittest athletes?

To answer this question, one first needs to decide what it is to be "athletic".Athletic - being good at sportsSport - competitive activity that involves physical exertionSo, through a little rewording of the question...What sport develops athletes to be the best at sports, in general?The sport that does this would,

Which sport requires more stamina, basketball or soccer?

I've played both all my life, but played soccer at a much higher level. Nevertheless, I think that 90 minutes of a full-on soccer match takes more out of a body than a two half basketball game (or 4 quarters, depending on where you're playing). It's also why the

Who are the most overrated sportsmen of all time?

Well, she just retired, so she's not active anymore. But this person is so far and away the best choice for this dubious award, that I simply must nominate...Danica Patrick!Huge name, right? Many people who don't really follow NASCAR and can name only one or two drivers name her.Yet, she never. Won. A. Single. NASCAR

Who could be a legitimate professional American football player and international football (soccer) player at the same time?

Manuel Neuer can play Tight End or QB because of his big hands, strong and tall body and arm strength. Have ever seen Neuer's long throws? He can throw soccer ball accurately to half line. If he can do with soccer ball, he can do it with Aerodynamic american football too. He can be a longsnapper too.Bale,

Who is the all time best footballer?

The most popular sport in the world, football has had some true heroes who have transcended the game itself and cemented their legacy in the minds of football fans forever. Is picking only the top 10 footballers from such a great pool of talented players even possible?I have attempted to do just that and

Who is the best player in the world?

Ever time best are Pele and Maradona, with a lot of runners up as Beckenbauer, Platini, Di Stefano, Puskas, Eusebio... Actually the best world player - according with FIFA WC and Golden Ball award ranking, having Zidane retired - is captain Cannavaro. He

Who is the best soccer player?

This is obviously just one man's opinion. It will include perceived legacy of past legends and current perception of active players. But there are two very important influences on my answer:A best player ever must have won the best tournament ever: the

Who is the most un-athletic professional athlete?

Tom Brady and Wayne Gretzky are up there with anyone. Since Carl Jacobson has talked about Brady in his answer, I'll talk a bit about Gretzky.Wayne Gretzky's size and strength were far below average for the NHL. When he entered the league in 1979, critics opined that Gretzky was "too small, too wiry,

Who is the third best soccer player in the world?

This player is undeniable.Ranking the podium is not easier in Football among players, interms of quality, success, longevity they possesses.Arguably, for most of fans' top 2 players has to be Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. So, well now we are ahead for choosing the 3rd best in the planet

Who's the greatest Indian sportsperson?

It is not suprising to find the names of the likes of Sachin Tendulkar, Major Dhyan Chand, Vishwanathan Anand, PT Usha in this answer. Hence, I would like to take the attention of the readers to one of the gems India produced.The year was 1902. A young man in his 20's had come to Baroda

Why and how did football become the most popular sport on Earth?

Sports fans are an interesting people. They appreciate sports and the spirit of competition in general, but will always have a favorite, and they'll always valiantly explain why their sport is the best sport to ever grace this earth. People like different sports for different reasons. But today, I am a sports

Why are slim people not fat?

This question sounds ridiculous. At least some effort must have been made to add some details to the question.Anyway to answer the question as simply as possible:Body fat determines whether someone is fat or slim. More fat implies the person appears fat. Less body fat implies the person is slim.

Why can't Vincent Kompany stay healthy?

The mystery called Vincent Kompany.There isn't an open-and-shut explanation. Injuries from the past have done the damage to Vincent Kompany. This can't be undone. The scars are there, they can't be erased. Since 2015 and even before 2015 (when he had minor injuries), Kompany has been caught in a web

Why do professional footballers wear tiny little shin pads?

Because guards are mostly useless and more of a ref thing than a player or coach thing. By the way, all professional footballers wear guards in compliance with the laws of the game. It's just that most recreational footballers (or more likely their

Why do rich people buy sports clubs?

Because 90% of the time, it's a hobby.I can't attest to American sports clubs so I will talk about European ones, specifically football/soccer.The added power and fame club ownership grants you is quite cool. Imagine being a fan of a team while simultaneously being a billionaire...and you decide to buy it.

Why do some sports have umpires and others referees? Is there a difference in their functions?

Some sports have just adopted one or the other as part of their vernacular.Baseball has umpires. Hockey, boxing, basketball and football have referees.In American football, even though they can be referred to generically as

Why is basketball not a world wide sport like soccer?

I think the answer written by Dhruva Sewar covers the points very clearly. I would like to elaborate on the same, and to add a few more points-Lack of Infrastructure- To make a sport popular world-wide, you need the basic infrastructure everywhere. As Fook Fook points out, the infrastructure required is vast- cost

Why is football considered the best sport in the world?

It's the greatest sport for many reasons.First, It can be played by everyone. Doesn't matter if you're rich or not. You can go to Africa and see kids play with cans. Money is no issue.Second, It's so diverse. I know... diverse? What does he mean by that? Ever watched basketball and notice that there are almost no other

Why is football or soccer the most popular sport in the world?

I'll give you many less important options and then give you the big's cheap to play - you don't need anything extra to play other than a shared ballit can be played anywhere - if you have a ball and relatively flat ground you can playit's

Why is football the greatest sport?

This is less an emotive answer, but more a kind of objective look at why we consider football to be the greatest sport and how it got to its current levels:AccessibilityWhilst many sports tended to be ‘middle class' or even ‘upper class',

Why is soccer (despite being the most popular sport in the world) looked down on by many American Football players?

American football players have grown up in an environment where size and strength are valued over all other physical attributes. They play a game where knocking the crap out of the opponent is their main assignment on every play.During high school they are fawned over by the girls, pumped up by coaches and parents, feared

Why is soccer popular?

BECAUSE ITS VERY EASY TO PLAY!In comparison to other sports, Football (as I like to call it) is very easy to play with others. You only need a ball, if anything; because when i was young i used other things like soda cans, paper balls, plastic balls, really

Will walking too much burn muscle?

Whether an exercise burns fat or muscle (or sugar for that matter) is not a product of the specific exercise, because any exercise can burn muscle. The cause of muscle being used as an energy source (burned) is a result of the nutritional intake prior to the exercise as well as the duration of time that the

Britney's soccer practice is 1 hour and a half. She spends 1/3 of that for warm-up, 1/2 of the remaining time for speed drills. She practices her goal shot for the rest of the time. She shots 2 times every minute. How many shots does She do?

Britney has 90 minutes total to practice. She spends 30 minutes (1/3) on warm-up, leaving 60 minutes. Half of 60 minutes is 30 minutes spent on speed drills, leaving her 30 minutes to practice goal shots. If she does 2 shots every minute, she can get in 60 shots.

Can football players quit?

A player can certainly retire at any time. However, they are then legally not able to sign a professional contract with another team until the existing contract expires. I presume that most professional contracts, having been written by highly paid lawyers, protect the club from a player retiring

Can I lose weight by playing football for 2 hours a day?

Of course!! YOU can.But initially you won't even be able to run constantly for 30min.Don't be demotivated.Your would have to gradually increase your stamina and then ultimately achieve your GOAL of 2 Hours.I too play FOOTBALL(THE BEAUTIFUL GAME) and I play football twice

How to get your 12 year old child to play more aggressively in sports like soccer

I started playing basketball when I was 11. I was terrible. I had no idea how the game was played and I was hesitant, unskilled and from my dad's vantage point lacked aggression or assertiveness or whatever you want to call it. I remember him telling me to "kick their butts" and making me repeat back to him that

How to improve upper body strength as a footballer

For pure strength , you need to build muscle . A few helpful workout sessions are :-Push ups . ( 40 reps ; 3 sets )Chin-ups. ( 15 reps ; 3 sets )Bicep curls .Tricep curls . Bench press . ( 40 kg ; to

How to keep a team motivated to win? I am the coach of a successful football team, but over the time the players get satisfied and do not give their best in every game. How can I improve their long-term motivation to keep winning

Rotations!If there is one universal truth in football is that everyone wants glory, however, to achieve this one has to win and win and win... However, as humans we grow tired of it. Fortunately, in association football teams are made up of many players and as there is a starting lineup there is always

How do soccer referees determine the time added at the end of a game?

There is difference between Extra Time and Injury time. Extra time is not dependent on fouls/cards. It is of 30 minutes and is divided in two 15 minute halves.Injury time on the other hand is added at the end of the normal play, i.e. after the 90 minutes. Injury time is calculated

How to become a professional soccer player

Maybe I can shed some light on this question. ( I've played professionally on 4 continents and I currently play in the Finnish Superliga in Europe for ROPS Rovaniemi)  Most of the answers I've seen don't really provide any action steps and I get the sense that most

How to play soccer

Soccer is not only a great sport to play, it is also one of the most common sports played in the world. The sport is played in almost every country and according to a survey conducted by FIFA, has about 265 million active players involved in it at any given

How does a football player play football when wearing glasses?

They definitely dont play with Glasses. Its absolutely horrible, there is a lot of movement, heavy crashes and sprints in the field, and every aspect of football may be hindered if you use them. Like said above, Davids is an exception to

How many players are on a football team?

Let's go through them -Introducing - The OffenseQuarterback - Either the head coach or the offensive coordinator calls the play and it either goes through this man's headset or it's passed on through the second-string quarterback to give to the first-string quarterback. Thereby the second-stringer, should he be sent in, is familiar with the plays. The

I'm trying for an athletic body, like the kind which football players have, its been 6 months since I started working out, though I have a better looking body, I just can't achieve that. Could I be getting something wrong?

Do u run a lot like them.In that 90minutes game each football player except goalkeeper runs at least 10 km.Everyday they do at least 700 squats, and many moreAnd what about diet

Is it easier to play soccer or to play football?

My perspective: I've played soccer my entire life and never played competitive football. I now have one season of rugby under my belt and didn't completely suck.If your question is asking

Should I bulk up for soccer?

No and no. Please keep in mind that the best path for a soccer player body conditioning is

What are the best football/soccer blogs?

I will quote the top 2-3 with article links from respective websites.FourFourTwo does great analysis.Latest Features  Guardian always posts sensible articles based on facts.The devil and José Mourinho | Jonathan Wilson Telegraph also has pretty good writings but they might tell you to subscribe for further

What do football players do?

They train and play their games, but I think is much beyond that. Football is now one of the greatest industries in the World which revenue billions of dollars annually and each player invests in his training, performance and skills to have a return in his commercial publicity which in returns provides him a good

What do professional soccer players drink during half time?

I will add a specification here, they most likely don't drink energy drinks as the sugar peak could be detrimental if it declines before the match is over.I am very sure every professional club drink sport drinks, however. The difference is not big looking at the names, but the contents are not

What is it like to play against a professional football (soccer) player? Can professional defenders attack better than amateur attackers?

A sobering experience.I've played against one or two in my time (only in friendlies) and the step up in level between a professional compared to a - very average - player like myself, is frightening.We had a charity game one day

What is the difference between 'footballer' and 'football player'?

To the best of my knowledge, they both mean the same thing.When using the online Oxford Dictionary, it gives these definitions:footballer | Definition of footballer in English by Oxford Dictionariesfootball player | Definition of football player

What is the importance of muscular endurance in football?

It is and isn't. It's important if you want a long career at top level. It's not quite as important for younger, talented players, some of which may not end up playing for a long time.As someone said, few athletes run for as much as football (soccer players). They regularly train each

What is the risk of sustaining a brain injury playing football?

The term risk is a misnomer here. There is a nearly 90% risk of some type of brain injury while playing full contact American football with helmets and pads. Banging your head into others heads with a helmet on is what football is about. I played regularly as a starter in high

What is Tiger Woods' golf handicap?

"Handicap" in golf does not refer to a player's typical problems or chronic difficulties - it's a measure of his or her performance relative to other players.Most professional golfers don't maintain a handicap, which consists of registering every round played

What soccer position is hardest to play?

In football, you can draw a distinction between two types of players. Those that are intellectually superior, and those that are physically superior. Obviously, the players that excel in both those attributes are the best players in the world. The Cristiano's,

What's the biggest misconception people (fans) have about football?

Interesting question, thanks for asking. Let's start.When the match is still in progress(even after the completion of stoppage time), people get mad at referee for this thing but it is not compulsory for a referee to end the match exactly on the completion of stoppage time, as stoppage time is not the exact