Are atheists narcissistic?

No! There is no correlation between narcissism and their inclination to religion.I was a victim to a theist. A person who used to spend hours watching religious videos/talks by great saints. Their mornings starting with chiming of bells and prayers with the essence of joss sticks making it more intense and seemingly giving an impression that god just arrived.But

Are divorce rates higher amongst religious people or atheists?

It depends on the specific religion but it appears that divorce rates are slightly lower among atheists than religious people. Of course, there are factors that impact this. Divorce is not a problem; divorce is a solution to a problem. So pretending it is a bad thing is like pretending that cancer treatment is bad.

I'm an atheist, he's a Muslim. He said if I want to get married in the future I have to convert to Islam, because otherwise, his family won't accept me. I love him. What should I do?

Ask your boyfriend if he would be okay with renouncing Islam and becoming an atheist, to keep from offending YOUR family and friends.What do you suppose your boyfriend should do in that case?What do you think he will do instead?Will your boyfriend will do what he should do?Will your boyfriend really allow you to do what

Why won't parents accept me for who I am?

Well, if I talk about your question as to why they won't accept you, it's because they don't believe in what you do like you don't, in what they do.Now, talking about your problem of mental pain and your parents inability to understand you. I think

Are atheists smarter (intelligence-IQ) than other people or vice versa?

Yes. I have posted links to quite a few studies that show that atheists are, on average, smarter than theists. Let's just ignore the science (a tried-and-true theist strategy) for a moment and use our common sense. There is absolutely ZERO hard evidence that god exists. The bible is full

Are non-human intelligences atheist?

Yes, and no.Animals that cooperate, like wolves (and people) do instinctively tend to orient towards the most capable seeming entity in the pack, placing that entity at the apex of whatever hierarchy they may have evolved. This enhances cooperative cohesion and offers a survival

Do atheists support abortion?

Atheists are not a homogenous group of people with leaders advising them which side to take on social issues.Atheists share one thing: lack of believe in any of the gods. Other than that, atheists might take widely varying stands on social issues.Therefore, I cannot

Does religious belief make people more moral?

Some of the worst atrocities imaginable that have been done in this world, have been done in the name of religion. From pre-history to modern history religion has been used as an excuse to kill other people.Remember Human sacrifice? The act of killing one

Hasn't science created and promoted one of the world 's fastest growing religions, Atheism?

Errrr..... no... perhaps you need a dictionary.Atheism is a LACK of religion.The one thing that

How to stop hating religious people

Have you heard a Hindi Phrase:Suno sabki aur Karo Mann kiIt means you listen to everyone, but do what you think is good.Another thing is that, you cannot change people who have religious beliefs. Similarly, they should not be able to change you.I'm a religious person myself, but I never in my

I have lots of food left over from our fasting and was going to give to my non religious neighbour for good gesture and a homeless shelter, but now hesitating. Would non religious people eat food prepared for a religious reason?

Oh, my, I would! And I've had food from just about every faith's celebrations and loved it all! Not just the different tastes, but the meaning and tradition that goes along with it.I can afford my own food. Our family traditions are lined up on the

Is it possible for a religion to exist without faith in God or other supernatural beings? If yes, then do atheists welcome the idea?

Man is God-made. Religion is man-made.God created humans. Humans created religions. Religions divided people. People still say God is One. Yes, only in theory not in practice.Religion: Set of Rules, principles, standards, guidelines written to be implemented and adhered by a person in order to improve his way of living, his life, his soul

Is it rude for someone not to say 'thank you' after I say 'bless you' when they sneeze? I use 'bless you' and 'thank you' as common phrases out of habit, and sometimes think that not saying them is poor etiquette. What are the 'rules'?

I was raised to treat others as you want to be treated. To be kind and courteous to everyone regardless of their race, religion, skin color or beliefs. To simply be a kind, a genuinely real person to others whenever possible and to be just a kind hearted, genuinely good soul as

Was Albert Einstein an atheist?

From Carl Sagan to Stephen Hawking to Neil deGrasse Tyson, people turn to great minds of science to help them understand the universe. It's understandable, then, that people would be curious about their views on religion.Hawking came out definitively on

What's the difference between determinism and fatalism?

Your understanding is actually pretty accurate.  Here is a bit of historical context to flesh it out.Both fatalism and determinism are opposed to the concept of free will, the idea that we have control, but diverge completely in terms

Why do some people support abortions?

Most mammalian species have mechanisms for terminating or postponing gestation

According to atheists, what happens after death?

People just cease to exist. Period. Your body will most likely be disposed off in manner the people closest to you consider suitable, unless you have left specific instructions (about cremation/burial/organ donation). Your soul or consciousness is not weighed or judged or condemned. I mean throughout our history people of different religions have believed

Are atheists scared of death?

Time – 25.04.2015Place – Noida, Uttar Pradesh, IndiaWe were working on the first floor of a 7-storied building. Everything was normal. Colleagues were working on their computers. Office ambiance was peaceful.It was actually a serene Saturday...until an incident turned it into chaotic and

Are Christians mean towards atheists?

Most of them-no. And to be fair, there's a lot of meanness in our society these days-plenty to go around, and I doubt if there's any category or group of humanity that is innocent.Some atheists are mean too. But most often when we are-it's not accompanied by threats of violence-and it's usually directed around the religion, not the

Do atheists believe in the 'law of attraction'?

I understand the definition that an atheist does not believe in deities. But can an atheist be spiritual? I am not just referring to morals and values. For instance, have you read the book The Secret or are you familiar with the Law of Attraction? Like that stuff, and meditation, etc.? Do

Does India need atheist politicians?

Not necessary. We only need politicians who are CONVINCED and strictly follow the the CONSTITUTION OF INDIA.The constitution of INDIA has defined the Indian republic and the safeguards it offers to its citizens irrespective of one's RELIGION or gender and the freedom to practice their opinions without interference.In fact India`s 1st

Has the lack of religiosity led to the growth in nihilism?

Has the lack of religiosity led to the growth in nihilism?The two things have fundamentally different causes. Religion is declining in parallel with standards of education rising throughout much of the world. Much of the need for religious belief is so that perplexing questions about life and the cosmos can be answered where factual

How do atheists live their lives?

Mostly their lives are no different than the believers except when they choose to differentiate themselves.  I chose to get married without a priest being present.Me and my wife chose to name our children ourselves without any "divine" help.I fast to lose weight and NOT to please some god!

I'm an atheist. I didn't want to participate in prayer (for the first time publicly) and my mom started crying. She is very religious in Christianity. I am scared to tell her I'm an atheist. What should I do?

Public praying is a very scary thing for ANYONE to do. Even the most committed Chritians have severe difficulties doing this for the first time. In fact a lot of Christians have a big problem with public praying every time. Personally so do I, and I am a trained Baptist Lay-Preacher. Now having said all of that. I

If religion had no secrets, would it still be religion?

The essence of religion isn't secrets, it's information. One of the differences between a cult and a religion is the use of secrets to maintain allegiance to a code. A cult relies on having a few people hold power by controlling information and convincing followers that it is that information

Is it strange if an atheist family who are lapsed Christians like to do things like go to church regularly even though they no longer believe in any religion?

Nope. In fact thats probably the majority of. Churchgoers.Think about it. How many people that regularly or semi-regularly attend church, do you think would deny what they profess to believe, if a gun was put to their head and they had to make a decision on the spot?There is a true story about

My Christian friend is telling me that I will go to hell because I'm an atheist. How can I get him to understand that hell is a Christian concept, and will not affect me if I don't believe in hell or heaven?

I used to be you. All full of big dreams, knowing I'm right. Just looking to help the poor sods who didn't know what hit them.To start off I thought I'd target the easy ones, just to get my toes wet. Young earth creationists. On Sodahead and youtube, I schooled them left and right.Oddly enough, that didn't work.Three

Should the Republican Party change its name to the Christian Republican Party?

Better than changing its name it needs to cleanse itself of the Religious Right who have hijacked a moderate party and turned it into a monster that bears no resemblance to the Party of Lincoln.Without the balance of moderate conservatism the Democratic party is allowed to become something it

What are atheists' biggest fears?

It depends on the person.What are A-santa-ists biggest fears? What are a-tooth-fairy-ists biggest fears? Those groups are so vast and their lack of belief in the existence of Santa or The Tooth Fairy don't have a huge amount of impact on the rest of their values.There are homophobic atheists, there are gay atheists, there

What are some common misconceptions about atheists and atheism?

What are some of the most common misconceptions about atheism?~~~~~ Literally-the definition of

What are the biggest challenges facing atheists?

A major problem for atheists is that people of faith ask each other about atheists, but usually don't ask atheists. (Maybe they don't think they know any. They do, but may not realize it.) As a result they hear a lot of dumb stuff from

What is the biggest misconception Christians have about atheists?

Christians think that the fundamental aspect of being an atheist is disbelief in gods. Yes, it is the definition but no, it is not the fundamental basis behind atheism.Our fundamental operating basis is our rejection of unevidenced belief. We atheists don't care if you are talking

What is the most frustrating thing about being an atheist?

Original Question - What is the most frustrating thing about being an atheist/agnostic/non-theist/non-religious person? I think the most frustrating thing about being an atheist is the realization that there is no proper explanation for our existence. We don't know "yet" why

What is the one thing you hate about religion?

The one thing I personally hate about religion and religious is that they try to engage in a debate with me about how I could not see the wonders that God has bestowed upon us. Then they go ahead saying scientists are baffled at something something that some of

Why do people believe in something, just because everyone else believes in it?

People are subject to errancy in their thinking. Most fall into the fallacy of argumentum ad populum. That because many people believe it that its correct or right. A claim is either factually correct and empirically demonstrated as such or it isn't. No amount of belief changes that.As far as the rest of

Would most Christians mind if a Christian Atheist joined their community?

I don't know what's going on with these other answers, but at least in my church you coming as a Christian-Atheist would be accepted.My church isn't liberal as one answer said. We most definitely have our views and political beliefs based on the Bible.We

A religious institution is allowed to discriminate based on religion. Does the same hold true for an atheist institution?

SalamI am not talking about other religions but a Muslim, under any circumstances, is not allowed to discriminate atheists or non-believers. The Qur'an introduces God's Apostle Muhammad (S) as a

Are the majority of homosexuals atheists?

Statistics are hard to capture for disfavored minority groups. Self-admitted atheists are only around 2-3% of the population; homosexuals are closer to 8-10%. Looked at that way, it's literally impossible for a majority of homosexuals to be atheists.It depends, of course, on just how you define the terms. While "atheists" are quite rare, more and more people

As an atheist, what do you want to happen to your body after you die, considering most customs surrounding death is rooted in religion?

People taking care of a body once someone has died is really for the the emotional well being of the family and friends. The dead don't care.As funny as the idea of having my body turfed on the front lawn would be (like Diogenes in

Can an atheist and a devout Christian be friends?

Can an atheist and a devout Christian be friends?Is it possible? Sure. There are lots of atheists who have Christian friends. But perhaps a little context as to why this is even a question is in order. Here it is from an ex-christian whoThere are some

Can you prove god exist using the scientific method?

No. By definition, God is beyond the purview of science. Science seeks to explain the natural world.God is OUTSIDE THE REALM OF THE NATURAL WORLD. If God created everything (definition), then He cannot be a PART of that which He created. Meaning He would

Do people believe in God or do they believe in the 'belief in God'?

I was raise by my parents in a Christian way (even though they are Buddhist), I went to Sunday school without knowing the purpose of it. I had a good time though, the singing, dancing, playing with new friends, etc. Then I went to Christian school, even they teach me about Christianity, I still didn't really

Former atheists: what convinced you to believe in God(s)?

I rejected the faith of my parents at a young age because parts of it didn't make sense to me. I had read the scriptures, prayed, and got nothing. When I told them, my parents showed some outward signs of grief, but allowed me my space. A little

How often is homosexuality condemned in the church?

I attended a very conservative Presbyterian church in the States. Not a lot was said about homosexuality, because the pastor preached through books of the Bible systematically rather than giving topical sermons. So the matter would only come up if homosexuality was discussed in the book in question. Which was very rarely.That said, it was well

How would you convince me of the existence of God knowing that I'm an atheist?

DISCLAIMERThe following "advise" is NOT my personal opinion. It does not rely on a handful of personal experiences within a particular faith or cult but rather lists what has historically been the most common method to convert a non-believer to a theist. I personally do NOT recommend the use of these methods as I find them unethical.

I am losing faith in God. I can't seem to find that personal relationship with him others have. Why is this happening and how can I change this?

This is actually happening to me right now but first let's look at some history.The primary notion of God was brought to man (whether he exists or not) to control man by imposing fear on him; that is, to instill the fear that his deeds have consequences and he does have to pay for his sins. If this fear

If atheists are so science-minded, why can't they prove God doesn't exist?

Because atheism is not ‘the claim of non-existence of god', it is ‘disapproval of the claim of god'.There are thousands of mental patients in our mental institutions talking to imaginary friends. We don't feel liable to prove non-existence of their friends, we ask

If you believe most agnostics are atheists, would you help them along the path to realizing they are atheists?

Yes.I think it is everyone's job to help one another understand the truth through language and other forms of communication.Obviously this isn't my only goal. But it's one which can be pursued on occasion through moment to moment civil interactions.I think it's people's duty to help others understand when they

Is it wrong to be a part of a religion you don't believe in to please your spouse?

No matter the actions you undertake that may be representative of a religion, if you truly don't believe in it then it doesn't mean that you are actually a fake member of a religion. Don't worry about thoughts that involve you

Is the existence of a deistic God more likely than that of a theistic God?

Is the existence of a deistic God more likely than that of a theistic God?Yes, simply because the deistic concept of God is not exclusive to Earth, in an age of telescopes, satellites, space probes, and planetary rovers. The theistic concepts of God usually include the Earth being the center of creation, and everything revolving

Theists, how do you explain the actions of God?

My guess is, that you thought about the Christian God.But with today approx 50,000 more or less different Christian denominations, is it a difficult answer to give.But generally:Regardless of which religion the theist follows, the answer will be aproximately the same of, what the theist was told

Two scenarios, what's the best and worst that could happen after life to a believer, and to an atheist, if either of the two end up being correct in their beliefs?

Believer in what?Even among Christians there is a divergence of beliefs in who will go to heaven. What about the other Abrahamic faiths? What about Hindus or Buddhists? Or Jains, who don't believe in a god at all.The penalty for believing the wrong thing is the same as believing nothing at all, isn't

What country has the highest atheist population?

Nepal or Chile perhaps, they must have atheists and you don't get much higher than either without an aeroplane.Seriously though, one needs also to consider that it's not just atheists who don't believe in {insert your religion here} so too all those of other religions. If you take Christianity, the world's most popular religion, 68% of the world rejects

What does Hinduism say about atheists?

Being atheist is okay. They are called Charvakas. The motto of a Charvaka lifestyle is

What does it mean if God can heal a blind man but God doesn't do anything for you that he doesn't do for the atheist?

We are here for testing; test environment necessitates struggle between good and evil.Testing missions are not supposed to be easy and comfortable.The test questions are not supposed to be known in advance.The wealthy father has the right to test his sons before distributing the wealthThe

What is some evidence of God?

Evidence? It is everywhere.When you look at building, you don't wonder how it got there. You know that it's complexity demands a designer, a person who drew it out and planned it. It never crosses your mind that it might have resulted from nothing. The lumber

What is the proof that god really exists?

I think this story will definitely let you believe in god and his existence.The first Guru of the Sikhs, Guru Nanak Dev Ji travelled across the world spreading the word of truth. One of the places Guru Nanak Dev Ji visited during

What would you say to someone who argues that there is no proof God exists?

It's a good question.But unfortunately for unbelievers, science has already shown that DNA comes from someone intelligent outside of the observation of our current utilities.All plant, animal & human DNA requires 3 critical components;1) information2) communication3) language.Since 2013, genuine science has acknowledged that DNA is a marker of intelligence NOT evidence of biochemical naturalistic

When will Indonesia finally accept atheism?

Unlikely in our generation.Most Indonesians still hold onto the belief that their God (and/or religion, some people can't distinguish the two) is their last safety net. That is, if they fall down so hard and all hope seems lost, their God is the last thread of light they can grab onto and from which they

Which is more rational: agnosticism or atheism?

Nobody can possibly be 100% certain that there is no god(s) because the existence of magical and infinitely powerful beings is scientifically

Which is more significant: Whether God exists or whether people believe God exists?

Ever thought, is god a man or woman, is he/she taller than the Empire State Building, to what end does the universe stretches, is it infinite, what is infinite. Let me tell you what is infinite, it is something with which we filled the void of our understanding. Isnt't what we do, we

Why are some people atheists?

I've addressed this on here heaps of times, but don't have time to look for my best answer, so just a couple of minor points:Most people who don't believe in God don't believe in God because of their religion.  Check

Why do theists and atheists consider God's existence likely, or unlikely?

In recent decades there has been a revival of interest amongst the best philosophers in the philosophy of religion in general and in traditional theistic arguments for God in particular. The traditional arguments are being reformulated in ways that make them immune to the usual objections, especially since

Why does it matter to an atheist or a theist whether any other people agree or disagree with their beliefs concerning the existence or non-existence of god(s)? If it does not matter, why are some people getting into nasty arguments over it?

Why does it matter to an atheist or a theist whether any other people agree or disagree with their beliefs concerning the existence or non-existence of god(s)? If it does not matter, why are some people getting into nasty arguments over it?I'm an atheist and I don't care one way or another about other people's

Why don't atheists believe in any gods?

Original question:Why don't atheists believe in a God?From what I know, atheists believe that there was particles floating in nothing, that suddenly came together to create something. How could the set amount of particles in that area create space that is infinite? How isn't there a God? It all

Will more people become atheists in the US in the next 50 years?

This is based on nothing other than personal observation, but I'm going to presume hell yes.Many, many churches in my city, independent of denomination, are being transformed into high end condos.Seeing this, one could conclude that church attendance, and it's importance and use in the community has dwindled to the degree that these incredible feats of architecture can