When will artificial intelligence replace lawyers?

There was a time when Conveyancing was only done by lawyers, but now it can be done by anyone using available search methodsThe same for Will making, where now you can purchase basic Will forms, and even record your wishes on cameraMany contracts come in a standard form such as those issued by Publishers to Authors. These

Why Is The Legal Profession So Conformist?

Honestly, it depends on what part of law you're looking at, and where you're located.  Certainly, the biglaw firms on the east coast are far more conservative and traditional than smaller law firms on the west coast, but there's certainly a spectrum of acceptance of "embracing difference".  Keep in mind that law firms

What movie or TV show has the most realistic courtroom scene?

Most are so terrible that I haven't been able to watch one in years. The standout exception is Presumed Innocent based on the (first?) novel by Scott Turow. A lawyer himself, he should be pleased with the screen adaptation with Harrison Ford and the late, great Raul Julia.

What are the pros and cons of being a lawyer?

Pro:In most, if not all, areas of practice of the law, the work can be intellectually stimulating.The work is usually not physically demanding.It feels good to be appreciated by clients (though I suppose that is true of every job - even a person on an assembly line will probably feel good if they know they did good

What are some myths about being a judge?

MYTH: Judges are honest, ethical saints, the very epitome of morality. Judges are more intelligent, mature, sensible than the rest of us. Judges are neutral, without social prejudices. Judges know what's best and their observations/decisions are always above reproach. Judges care about the safety and well being of people

Can I become a lawyer after taking arts after class 10th?

Yes my dear. Infact it's great sign that atleast you are well aware about your career path. It shows your interest in Law field.Now I come to your question. Yes, of course you can become lawyer. But for that you have to pursue LLB or BALL.B. Now, I come to LL.B, it is 3yr degree course after graduation.

Are TV shows like Billions or Suits realistic?

Thanks for the A2A!Having worked in finance, I can say that Billions is a very accurate portrayal of the industry. One caveat though, everything that happens in the show is based off of real things that have happened in the market to real companies, but it doesn't all happen as fast

What do TV shows and movies get wrong about lawyers?

I could be here all day answering this. But I will just keep it to my pet peeves.The evidence code. In trials, there are rules as to how evidence can and will be presented. Many law shows screw this up all the time. Some dramatic license is fine, but they

What experience have you had in your profession that is truly unforgettable?

Back in 2012 I convinced my husband to purchase partially burned out house that had sat on the market for nearly a year. There was fire damage and the whole second story was down to the studs. The kitchen was so small and dysfunctional you could barely get around it. My husband was sure I had lost my

What is the best lawyer show on Netflix?

According to me ;here is the list of top 5 best lawyer show on Netflix :1.SUITS"I am against having emotions, not against using them.""Bullshit. Revenge is the best revenge."Suits is a show for a specific audience that loves legal action! It is powerful, inspiring, and stylish! the characters are all eloquent

What steps should I take to become a space lawyer?

I would expect maritime law to govern those sorts of claims and disputes.But at the end of the day, I bet they will follow the Golden Rule.

Why are lawyers liars?

Being a lawyer is not that easy job.Morally we all know most of the lawyers lie a lot, but deciding whether it is lie or not is responsibility of Judge and not others.Nobody wants to taste professional failure, when a lawyer gets a case, without lying it becomes completely impossible to present a strong case, failure of which may

As a lawyer, what is the most disgusting thing that a client did that you had to defend?

Usually I am on the Plaintiff's side in civil suits. Have represented many victims injured by disgusting Defendants seeking civil redress. This is one that still bothers me. True story.One morning about 10 years ago at about 3 am I was called by a hysterical Mother whose son was

Why is it customary not to tip doctors and lawyers?

There is no rule against tipping when it comes to licensed or highly specialized professionals.The thing about tipping is that it is based on a mood (client's perception of the value received - when the perceived value is greater than the expectation, then out of abundance of happiness, the client may choose to leave extra money

What is the dress code for lawyers?

Depends on the office and the city. In New York, most top firms tend to be clothes-conscious.  It takes younger, newer female associates time to get with the program.  I just talked with one who passed the N.Y. bar last month, a Columbia Law grad.  You'd think she'd be swimming in

Who is the world's most expensive lawyer?

Expensive is not where we think it is.The most expensive employees are not the ones that you pay most, but the ones you do not pay enough and that either cause you to lose big or fail to prevent you from doing so. And so it is for lawyers as well.

What should you never say to a lawyer?

Don't treat them like a lawyer, unless they are your lawyer (or a lawyer representing your opponent in court). People often forget that lawyers are human beings. My cousin is a US practicing lawyer and family reunions are always awkward

What if someone with schizophrenia killed another person?

One's state of mind is crucial in such a case. Ordinarily, there would perhaps be proceedings to determine whether that person can even stand trial. If a case goes forward, then an insanity defense would likely be presented and if

As a divorce lawyer, what is the most ridiculous reason your client filed divorce for?

Canada has no-fault divorce, so no reason is required. Or, in other words, any reason will do.

As a lawyer, who is the most disturbing client you have ever met?

Two graduates of the masters program at Wharton were getting married and wanted a pre- nup. It sounded like a room mate contract on Big Bang Theory. I kept telling them it would not work if they had kids, especially the $$ each had

What makes a good divorce lawyer?

Apart from the demise of your loved one, a divorce is one of the most painful experiences a person go through. Choosing an appropriate divorce lawyer will be really stressful task if you are already burden with your divorce.Following point differentiate a good divorce attorney from an ordinary

What should you never do as a lawyer?

To rule out that law does not offer a solution to a client.

As a lawyer, what's the most ridiculous lawsuit you've seen someone file?

Allow me to interject something drawn from my experience as a prisoner. When prisoners file lawsuits, they are usually lodged as a result of some form of persecution, cruelty or desperation. What the government spends in costs defending these actions pale in comparison to the blood, lost of limb

Do introverts make good lawyers?

Thanks for the A2A!Aha another introvert related question!Lawyer is the sixth best profession for introverts out of 200 professions. (Source- Google)Is it really?Introverts think think think a lot - he/she is ready with answers to all possible angles of the caseIntroverts

What was the most ridiculous argument you heard as an attorney in the court of law?

It's impossible to narrow this down to a single one. I have actually heard litigants make each of the following arguments in U.S. federal court:

Are lawyers overcompensated in the U.S.?

While I don't really have experience with lawyers, this article seems to suggest that the demand (ie compensation) for them is dropping and they are overcompensated. http://finance.yahoo.com/career-...

Has a lawyer ever lied to you?

Whenever someone uses the word ever, the likely answer is going to be yes. And yes, lawyers have lied to me. And I have caught lawyers in lies to me. Fortunately, it isn't common.

What's the most serious violation you've seen a lawyer commit when advising you?

We were being sued for $1.5 million, and the other party accidentally put the lawsuit in the name of the wrong company (another unrelated company in their group). I had already pointed out to the lawyer that the statute of limitations

As a lawyer, what is the dirtiest thing you've seen a fellow lawyer do?

I found this out through a combination of several factors. I had dealt with the lawyer before (real piece of work), I read a case in the reports, and I stumbled upon something in a court file that shouldn't be there.To set the scene, there was this industrial property out in Hamilton.

As a lawyer, what was the most difficult, nearly-impossible case you've seen?

One of the most contentious litigations I was involved in was representing a founder in a founder dispute over interests in a business that had become successful, but where there was no written agreement. After much litigation and several attempts at settlement, the case settled on the eve of trial.I have also worked on many complex multi-party and multi-jurisdictional

As a lawyer, what was the most trivial crime you've ever seen someone go down for?

Adultery. I've witnessed men and women receive criminal convictions for cheating on their spouses, or sleeping with another person's spouse.How could this happen in this day and age? Because under Article 134 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, adultery is a criminal offense for members of the United States Armed Forces.

Can I get on disability for schizophrenia?

Yes.You can get SSI (Supplemental Security Income) but not SSDI (Social Security Disability).Go to your local social security office and see what documents you will need to apply.Yes -> You do qualify for SSI.(If you are still a dependent of someone who is eligible for SSDI, you may

Can lawyers be good entrepreneurs?

It's possible, but it does not happen frequently - in my opinion, because of the following significant success-related differences between most lawyers and most entrepreneurs:Entrepreneurs inherently are risk-takers. Most lawyers are risk-averse and engage in risk minimization.Entrepreneurs have to be ready to change direction on short notice

Do you think most lawyers are bad people?

Absolutely not. What a ridiculous question. How can you possibly consider

What does it take to be a great lawyer?

If you want to do trial law, the ability to think and speak fluently at the same time is a great asset.Extroverts really excel in that skill and would do well if they like the idea of aggressively representing other people.Trial lawyers work in semi crowded situations of a

What is the most despicable thing you have seen a lawyer do?

My ex-wife was sleeping with her lawyer. He got the Judge to assess some of HER bill with him against ME, a very large sum to be in a few payments. I sent my first payment. He swore to the Judge that I had not sent anything. The check had

What makes a good litigation lawyer?

In this discussion, Andrew McCoomb, Litigation Lawyer with Norton Rose Fulbright, one of the top international law firms, talks about his role in detail, including what makes a good litigation lawyer.Hope this helps!

What's the saddest thing a parent said after losing custody?

I worked as a judicial assistant (clerk) for a period of time in the English Court of Appeal when I was a much younger man. We had a heartbreaking case where the mother wanted to move to New Zealand with her new boyfriend, and take the daughter with her.Quite properly, she applied to court for permission

What's the most shocking thing you've seen a lawyer do in court?

This may not precisely answer your question, but when it happened it was both shocking and sort of funny at the same time.The defendant was a nasty, nasty guy who was later convicted of murder in state court, but this occurred during his federal bank robbery trial (during which he had already

Why should you never advise anyone to become a lawyer?

I had lots of people tell me that I should not become a lawyer. One, a close relative, actually told me to my face that I was not smart enough to be a lawyer. Obviously all of those people were wrong.I would never tell someone to

What's the most shocking thing you've seen a lawyer do in court?

This may not precisely answer your question, but when it happened it was both shocking and sort of funny at the same time.The defendant was a nasty, nasty guy who was later convicted of murder in state court, but this occurred during his federal bank robbery trial (during which he had already thrown

Do most personal injury lawyers make a lot of money?

Personal injury lawyers can make money on hourly basis or weekly, it will depend on the number of cases he has to deal with him. Personal injury lawyers commonly take cases on a contingency fee basis. This means the

How terrifying is a lawyer's first day in court?

I wasn't terrified. I was a deputy public defender, and training began with preliminary hearings, where we could not do too much damage. I had a few weeks of training, had observed many preliminary hearings, and had a reasonable amount of time to prepare