Why are swimmers so attractive?

Swimming is one of the best exercises you can do for your body. It builds up most of the important muscles in your body, and if you take it seriously and competitively, can leave you fit and healthy for life.Now attractiveness? If you love the smell of chlorine and(in my case, anyway) eyes red like

Why do students fall in love with their teachers?

I Guess,students do fall in love with their teachers.Yeahh,this awesome feeling has been experienced by me too.There can't be any specific reason to fall in love with him/her.Its their style ,way of talking ,way of expressing them and last but not the least their face value.Usually students

I am developing feelings for someone I shouldn't, that person shows signs of liking me too but a relationship could hurt us both, what should I do?

You know what you should do.... Stop this in it's tracks. I assume you are both married. If you have had happiness with your partner, then don't give that up for a fling... most of which end very badly.

Can luxury cars attract the wrong attention?

Yes I'd say so.. when I was 20 I had the good fortune of having a Mercedes 190e cosworth.. it was in pretty good condition too. Anyway.. I had to pick up a friend one night from the local pub.. and

Can luxury cars attract the wrong attention?

Yes I'd say so.. when I was 20 I had the good fortune of having a Mercedes 190e cosworth.. it was in pretty good condition too. Anyway.. I had to pick up a friend one night from the local pub.. and

Can luxury cars attract the wrong attention?

Yes I'd say so.. when I was 20 I had the good fortune of having a Mercedes 190e cosworth.. it was in pretty good condition too. Anyway.. I had to pick up a friend one night from the local pub.. and

Can luxury cars attract the wrong attention?

Yes I'd say so.. when I was 20 I had the good fortune of having a Mercedes 190e cosworth.. it was in pretty good condition too. Anyway.. I had to pick up a friend one night from the local pub.. and

Can luxury cars attract the wrong attention?

Yes I'd say so.. when I was 20 I had the good fortune of having a Mercedes 190e cosworth.. it was in pretty good condition too. Anyway.. I had to pick up a friend one night from the local pub.. and

If we encountered an intelligent alien race, would there be any chance of mutual sexual attraction?

Even today you don't have to search too hard on the Internet to find humans who are sexually attracted to nonhuman organisms of all different shapes and sizes. It's almost certain that at least a handful of the billions of members of the human

Do you find your own body attractive?

Hell no. With untreated depression that I've had for a long time now, I find my body disgusting. My self-confidence in my appearance is very low, and no one can change that.Not even my best friends.I'm not exactly skinny, but I'm not on the very fat side either. It means my thighs touch,

What kind of body do women prefer in men?

Unlike women who are usually seen as more attractive with a higher hip to waist ratio, men are seen as most attractive with a low waist to hip ratio. Meaning curves are most desirable on women but not men. The ideal body shape for men is one of a

What makes Ariana Grande so desirable?

It's easy to look beautiful when your rich. Or she gets it from her mama

Are Australian women really into American men?

No.  They are into sex...Not a bad thing...Just a natural thing...--Oh, I've just become aware that my answer needs more depth...So, I have lived in Australia for 3 years, and in my experience, the girls there are just like the girls in the other

Does the law of attraction apply to children as well?

If youre interested in the power of the LOA, you will probably know all the best Law of Attraction manifestation techniques...Theyre straightforward for beginners, and powerful for the more experienced. However, there are other manifestation techniques that you should be using if you want to learn how to really use the Law of Attraction effectively.More info:

What makes a man interested in a woman he just met?

What I see and/or what I hear...I do feel a lot of sexual attraction just by seeing a woman that I like - but, interestingly...that attraction will vanish just as quickly depending on the things they say or do...I would never pursue or engage with a woman on looks

What makes a woman marriage material?

Simplest answer : There are many signs which aren't always universal but a few key ones that I think they all shareShe remains present in bad/rough times - anybody can love you, value you, treasure you on sunny days. Anybody can help you

How to become an attractive woman

How do I become an attractive woman?Depending on how you read the word--attractive, the closest definition I think would be pleasantly appealing to the senses. Looks/beautiful appearances aren't everything. Some people are quite outwardly beautiful, but they are such terrible people, one would be embarrassed to admit knowing

Who struggles with the Law of Attraction?

Question: I keep trying to get to that feeling place in the Secret, but it's just not happening. My life sucks and I just can't be happy. It's so hard to feel things getting better. Help me!Law of attraction videos: Get Everything | Life Flip TVAnswer: When

How to apply the law of attraction to attract my future partner

Make a list of 100 things you want in a partner. Now put it away.Get into the best PMA (positive mental attitude) that you possibly can. (I binge watched comedy shows and any show/movie that raised my PMA. Music works too.)Visualize, feel and see yourself laughing, doing things and feeling good with a partner.Take the

Are men physically attractive?

It varies from person to person because attractiveness is in the eye of the beholder and everyone has different tastes and what they consider as attractive. For instance what one person believes is attractive, another one might see the complete opposite. Some examples are David Beckham, Tom Cruise

What does 'dressing style' mean?

That's a very good question.Let me start by saying this, A guy with attractive dressing style is someone who sticks to the basics. Very rigidly.In the picture below, this is a casual, day cum work outfit. Its laid back and effortless. Casually, this steals hearts.

How to attract a classy woman

If you want to attract classy women you need to be the kind of guy classy women are attracted to. Here are some qualities that come to mind.Be educated. I don't necessarily mean on paper, but be well read, speak with proper grammar, and discuss interesting things.Be

Which body type do people generally find more attractive in men right now, the ‘big' look or ‘lean' look?

To me personally, the kinds of qualities a man possesses is more important to me than the way he looks.Though I'd be lying if I said I didn't care about looks, because I do. I really, really like when a guy knows how to dress well (i.e. knowing what colours look

What can men do to look attractive?

what can men do to look attractive?Simple short answerEverythingLong answerLiterally everything, form taking good care of your skin, staying fit to building up confidence and cooperate world skills. From changing your dressing sense to your habits.What most people find attractive most of the times? Ans - perfection.I know, I know, it's not possible to achieve perfection. And

How can a man attract a woman?

Be yourself and don't lie to us. Take it slow and get to know us before you rush into anything too hastily that you may end up regretting. We ladies still like to be wooed, its not out of style just don't act like douche when doing it. In terms of the

Are muscular men more attractive to women?

I can only speak from experience. First of all, I do not look like a bodybuilder but I have an athletic frame similar to an Olympic sprinter.Online ExperienceI have been in chat rooms with a head shot (I am not ugly) with no women approaching me and when I

How to know what type of people I attract

They laught at your jokesThey compliment your dressThey ask about your workThey remember your birthdayThey send you postcardsThey enquire about your familyThey make a fuss of your petsThey invite you outThey borrow your booksThey send you emails of irrelevant thingsThey suggest movies you might like to seeThey visit

How to make myself attractive without any good looks

Self-Confidence and Smile can do wonders, my dear!! Attractiveness is not just about looking good but also about confidence. Looks without confidence tends to give an impression of being dumb. So keep ur spirits high and have confidence in

What are the techniques for applying the law of attraction?

Hеrе аrе ѕоmе powerful law оf attraction techniques thаt уоu саn incorporate intо уоur daily life.1) Burning DesireThiѕ iѕ thе mоѕt fundamental advice thаt if уоu don't master, thе law оf attraction simply саnnоt work in уоur life. Yоu muѕt

Do Caucasian men/white men like Latina or Filipina women?

Latina women are white. Unless you call

Do I look beautiful or ugly?

No picture? I can tell your shy. Some people in any gender find that cute.No description? I can tell you are mysterious (I know nothing about you). Some people in any gender find that attractive.Asking if you look beautiful or ugly? I can tell you care about what other people think

How does it feel to be an unattractive teenage girl?

This is how it feels:A 12 year old girl who was told by her biggest crush that she would never be able to date him because she's just not pretty enough. I went home and decided I'd stop eating as I was obviously too fat

What characteristics make a woman charming or charismatic?

To me, charm and charisma are two different things.Most people like the word charisma. To me, Hitler was charismatic.Hitler was not charming.Charisma, to me, means compelling attractiveness that inspires devotion.This, honestly, is easy.You want to be charismatic? Just act really passionate about a topic. Get loud and wave your arms around. Open your eyes wide.There-you're charismatic

Is the 'Law Of Attraction' a myth? Why or why not?

Well....Its not a Myth!Trust me when I say this, I have experienced it myself but before sharing my experience let me share well known actor ‘Jim Carrey' experience.The Ten Million Dollar CheckWhen the now infamous American actor and comedian Jim Carrey was still broke and basically nobody,

Do Asian women find Asian guys attractive?

Sure, we do.When I was younger, girls went gaga over the Four Heavenly Kings of Cantopop and that youthful looking Taiwanese crooner who named himself after an emu.Nowadays, young girls and old girls both go crazy over those pallid skinny stick figures with bleached hair, who

What attracts Chinese guys the most?

That depends whether you mean...What would attract a higher proportion of Chinese guys than any other kind?Saying ‘Come here I've got something absolutely amazing to show you ' in Mandarin.What single thing attracts more Chinese guys than any other?Not even close. Gravity.What single quality is considered the most attractive by

What makes men crazy about a woman?

What makes one man crazy about one woman, or what makes men crazy over one woman? Or many women?Are we talking a hunky siren here, draped against the wall like a limp curtain with static electricity, men tripping over each

Which gender/genders are third gender/genderless people attracted to?

Thanks for the A2A.The answer to this is really as varied as the thirdgender or agender people who may be responding to it. Gender identity has little to do with who we are attracted to.Personally, I am only attracted to men and it doesnt matter if they are cis men or trans

Do earrings make men more attractive?

I would ask myself if the girls that I wanted to attract are so shallow as to be swayed by something as frivolous as an earring? Or... let me put it another way. If there is a girl in whom you are interested but she is not attracted to you, do you really think that an

Are Christians allowed to apply the Law of Attraction in their lives?

I'm going to answer first whether Christians may believe in the Law of Attraction and that, by extension, should answer whether one should apply it.To begin, a Christian should not believe in the Law of Attraction (here on, loa). The loa is a consequent belief founded upon

Can the law of attraction be used to attract what we desire?

We all use the Law of Attraction (LOA) in our everyday lives, but the Big Secret is most people do not realize it. So they miss out on how to use it deliberately to create whatever they want and desire.More info: Get Everything

Do Christians believe in the law of attraction?

OK, so you cant talk about personal growth, being successful, or coaching without eventually talking about the Law of Attraction. In this post I want to look at it from a Christian point of view. Like it or not, it is

Do guys like thin girls?

In my opinion, guys shouldn't just like the appearance but the personality. They should avail if they are kind, smart, and this kind of stuff.Yes they like thin girls, but some also like not thin girls, so plz don't lose weight unhealthily bc of them, you will find someone who will like you just the way you are.