Are gay men attracted to feminine men?

Most are not.The thing is that most of the guys that dislike feminine qualities in men are not really very masculine themselves and some portray a role of masculinity that is not natural for them only to meet masculine men because that is what they like.In my experience most gay guys are waiting for the

Are girls attracted to fat guys?

Yes! Many women love fat guys, and honestly don't even care or notice. Some do, but not all.Here's an answer from a guy who started out fat, and became filled with muscle. And had fat friends, buff friends, skinny friends, gay friends, straight friends,

Are men attracted to women with abs?

In general, what makes a woman beautiful is her fitness for reproduction plus a bit added for the eccentricities of style. So a woman in good condition is probably a good sign for reproduction; the same is true of a man from the perspective of a woman.And even though there

Are White men attracted to Indian women?

Some Indian women are attractive. In my opinion, the ones that directly from India are the ones that are attractive. They come over here with those colorful gowns and makeup and it makes them look nice. Even though they seem to be educated and attractive, I personally would never ask one out or date one. Their beliefs, morals,

Are you more attracted to introverts or extroverts?

As an introvert INFJ, I am attracted to both introverts like myself and extroverts.My husband is an extrovert ENFJ. I like the fact that he is able to talk to anybody, is confident in all situations, able to make difficult phone calls

Can a person fall in love again after breaking up with someone they loved deeply?

Personally I haven't, but it differs from person to person. I think most of us who love someone truly would relate to this that Love just doesn't fade away with time.May be the pain will be less with time and you will learn to live with that pain, but that

Can a woman actually be too attractive?

Yes sometimes they can be so attractive it's intimadating. It would make you feel like it wouldn't even be worth trying to have a conversation.Sometimes when I see a really beautiful woman I'll try not to look at her at all, as I know she's probably expecting every bloke to be ogling her.The other side of this is

Can women get attracted to men?

It's actually similar to many of the same reasons that men are attracted to women. I think it comes down to what

Do all guys check girls out?

I asked the questioner whether "check girls out" meant "just notice that you find  certain girls attractive" or rubberneck. This question is about the latter.No, I don't turn my head around, like I'm auditioning for a remake of "The Exorcist," when a pretty girl

Do all women like guys with six pack abs?

I don't think it is ever an accurate statement to say

Do animals find humans to be attractive?

Sure, but it is still not commonly accepted.My cat pretended he didn't even know me when he was in public. He never admitted the truth. The shame would have killed him.He was a respected figure in the neighbourhood - and feline society was very prejudiced back then.Still is, really. They pretend to be pro-human rights and say ‘we

Do attractive women have higher standards than ugly women?

Higher standards for what?Conventionally attractive women do tend to end up with conventionally attractive men if left to their own devices, because both parties are generally aware of how attractive they are. This doesn't inherently make them assholes, but most people are generally aware of where their strong points are, even if they're modest about it. A

Do beautiful and attractive women get attracted to handsome men?

Obviously, attractive women and men are going to notice each other, but believe  you me this is not always a good thing.We older women's mothers and grandmothers had a saying :"Handsome is as handsome does."  This means that a man can be

Do beautiful women get attracted to ugly men?

All the time. All. The. Time.If you look at most beautiful women they are with ugly or average men. Let's put it like this, how many times do you see handsome men or pretty boys (and I mean REAL pretty boys) with stunningly beautiful women?I'll answer, not many.In

Do beautiful women in India get attracted to ugly, short and very dark men?

you don't want a girl to reject you just because you are ugly but you could reject a girl just because she is ugly???that's so ironicrelationships based only on looks are superficial. let us say you like a mobile phone right now,so you buy it.what about when an upgraded version is out in the market??now you    would

Do boys like chubby girls?

Do you mean curvy?Like me, you may also have been brainwashed by the meida that supermodels with small breasts, straight waists (that don't turn in) and small hips (that line up with their waists) and a body fat percentage of about 16–17% are the only women men like. It was

Do girls like boys who have six packs?

Oh! Yeah and for plenty of reasons -First of all, the guys who have it, take care of themselves. So they are disciplined and mentally strong. These are very admirable and sexy quality of a human being. So, naturally, girls like to see that in guys.If you are being able to maintain it, that means you know

Do guys know when girls are checking them out?

I can only speak for myself.No, I do not know.If a girl is looking at me, my first reaction is to check if there's a piece of food stuck in my beard.All women who have come on to me in the past have had to make a blatantly obvious move. Like printing a book with letters the size

Do guys like modest girls?

There was this girl, she wasn't that attractive on face and she didn't wear much of the trendy clothes. She was with a group of girls who were very attractive and you would notice them easily.I was getting to know these girls, was flirting but then I saw something.This girl saw another girl who was sitting

Do guys like thin girls?

Most men like a healthy looking women with good skin tone and a body that looks fit. The biology around bearing healthy children comes jnro play here. The package that shows health can exhibit itself in all kinds of shapes and

Do guys like when girls plan out dates & take them out?

Yes, assuming they find you attractive, most guys are lazy daters and would prefer the woman makes choices.This is the exact opposite of what most women prefer - women generally are attracted to men who take charge and make decisions... so

Do men find fat women attractive?

I will answer as a fat woman. And the answer is... NO. No matter how a man looks like, from my experience they fall for what society deems attractive, which is a symmetrical face and thin body. In my country you can see men with huge hairy bellies

Do men sense it when they are being checked out by women?

Yes, they do.Boy, do I have a story for you.One day, I went to the mall, and I decided to go into Target (I forgot if I was with someone or if I was alone). I'm in the line ready to pay for something, and I see a

Do some men like bigger women?

Hell yeah! I married one. I've dated from size 4 to size 28. My range of preference is from 12 to 20. I have no preference on height. Key benefits include:Cuddliness. I like bigger women for the same reason I like my body pillow more

Do white women find Indian American men attractive?

21 year old Indian guy here in Canada.So partly agreeing with Shan's answer, I do feel Indian guys are not looked at with a lot of equality. I moved to Canada in 2015. I'm tall, a bit athletic, plus I speak English fluently since I was

Do white women find young Indian men attractive?

If you mean physically attractive, that would depend on the man, and on what the woman finds attractive.But Indian men who make it to Europe or the U.S. are often in

Do white women like Indian men?

On my flight to Chicago from New Delhi, there was an American girl sitting next to me. She was wearing an Indian attire, a very beautiful peacock blue color Punjabi suit. It was evident from her

Do women even find men attractive?

having been married to the same lady for 40 years, and spoken at length to my mother , sister, 2 daughters and a grand daughter,all 3.6 billion women on the planet are unique in their preferences,but in my experience its very different from the way men feel it,the scoring system 0/10 to 10/10

From an evolutionary perspective what makes a woman's face attractive?

Men are very visual species.The less mutations a women has the more attractive she will be. Less mutations of the face, you will get a more attractive face. Most attractiveness is in the pairing of good genes of a male and female into their offspring.Since men are so visual they will be keen to every detail of a

How can a teenage girl attract teenage boys? What do you teenage boys like?

Many of the best teenage boys have no clue on how to deal with a teenage girl. Your best bet is to pick out one of the quiet ones, sit down and start talking to him. You'll need to lead the

How to attract beautiful women

Look these pieces of advice I give might not adhere to every woman's desire list of attraction, but biologically and intuitively should strike with most.Truthfully i think today's world of modern men are wimps. I am not saying this about all, but it is so common that most have lost what it means to be

How to get my husband to be attracted to me again

Attraction, when it dies, is very difficult to light up and so if you are willing to do it, you do it for yourself and not for him. You do it because attraction in it's basic form without the bullshit..Status.That he sees you higher or equal in status.Therefore, status

How can we use Law of Attraction practically?

Law of attraction is the only law of universe that makes your thoughts come reality, that creates world of your choice and that leads you to ultimate goals.But how is it possible? For that you need to have a break from your life for a little time and

How common and successful are AMWF Euro couples? As an Asian male I only find myself attracted to European women.

I came across some stats a while ago which analyzed dating site trends by race. Turns out this combination was less common than others, but not unheard of.Now here's the thing ... you are not a statistic. Don't worry about how common or uncommon it is.

How to get a more-defined jawline and cheekbones? What exercises help to build a more visible jawline and/or cheekbones, or is it just eating healthier in general

Three things define a perfect jawlineA great v shaped jawDouble chinLess fat in cheeksGetting a v shaped jaw is entirely based on genetics, in order to get a chiseled jawline you ought to do some facial exercises, it's pretty easy though...Do these regularlyReduce your sodium intake first, I

How to heal OCD using the law of attraction

Law of attraction is a simple concept, it's believed to be a universal law that

How do we use the law of attraction to change our lives?

The Law of Attraction is a belief that everything you put focus on in life, you attract in life.So, from my own personal experience I would say that you can use the law of attraction to change your life. However, I would point out that it's not simply a

How to use the law of attraction for love

The law of attraction for love is a philosophy that supports the belief that if you express love, you shall be definitely loved in return. It tends to use the creative processes that are in our minds to make us get attracted to the specific people

How does law of attraction work? Is it real?

All disappointment in your life comes from your unfulfilled wishes. You want to get that job, but you don't. You want to win that woman or man over, but you fail to do so. The formula for causing disappointment is simple, "you want x, but you get y".The most popular answer to this problem is to lower your expectations.

How much muscle do women find attractive?

There's actually a fair amount of research as to the amount of muscle that MOST women find attractive.You need to realize, however, that this is not a set in stone psychological finding.I know girls who want to have a giant man with bulging biceps and a back broader than a

Is it normal to want to commit adultery?

I'd say it's very normal to want to commit adultery. Most of the married people I've talked to have thought about it from time to time, mostly as a harmless daydream they would never act on. It's fun to fantasize about the handsome guy on the bus or the hot woman passing on the sidewalk, and there's nothing wrong

Not sexually speaking, what do teenage girls find attractive about boys?

I love it when boys are confident but don't mess around and compete with other boys to show off.Take for example, a PE class. Football. Boys who will just try and show off and do (admittedly) cool tricks with the ball with never catch my attention for the

What are essential fashion tips for men in their 20's?

Hello !I would say, that as a girl, I might not be the best person on earth to answer you, but I think I can still be helpful, so here we go !For me, men, of any age should be

What are some traits that men find attractive in women?

Connection. As in, figuring me out and then connecting. As in, saying what you saw in me was a good idea and you really like it and go along with me. And my interests. As a way of connecting. And expecting the same from me.But so many don't even try to connect. It's almost like

What are the 3 things that make a woman attractive?

If you can't find a good role model, be one yourself. A good woman is hard to find, and worth far more than diamonds. Proverbs 31vs10I was sitting across the table listening to one of my female friends talk about what seemed to be a very long list of things she expected from a man. There's

What are the typical physical traits of an attractive woman?

I don't believe what makes a woman attractive , lies solely in the physical . Personally , I look into her eyes attempting to glimpse what drives her thoughts . That sense , or feeling is attractive . Yet ,

What areas of the male physique do women secretly check out?

Short answer: All of them!I mean, seriously, men are gorgeous.While I love all aspects of men, here are some of the places I notice my gaze dropping to.And, sorry for the objectification, guys. I love you for your brain and heart, I do, but your bodies are damn fine.I guess we should just start at the top.Men's eyes

What attracts men to women?

There really isn't a straight answer to this question. Men are just as varied in our tastes as women are. Women come in all shapes and sizes and men throughout the world will have a different idea of what they find attractive.Of course, there are near-universal

What attracts you to a woman?

There are multiple factors that I find attractive in a woman:Appearance plays a role - though I'm just looking for someone who looks good to me, not super-model levelIntelligence is important, because otherwise we'll be poorly matched for conversationWe need a certain amount of shared

What do teenage girls find attractive in boys?

oh i've been waiting for something like this.lips. the first thing i look at when i meet someone new are their lips. if they're thick and they don't look like you're dehydrated, i'm pretty much bound to fall. one example is hwang

What does attract women the most?

I've been looking at who attractive women on Instagram and Facebook date. It's one of the best ways to get undeniable proof on what a girl likes - which is so much better than asking a girl what she prefers because she

What is a woman's most attractive feature/trait to a man?

Everyone knows that whenever a man provides us the actual once-over, he's probably considering sex. However now, te, technology can clarify why males are continuously checking all of us out. Works out, there's a particular formula for his or her once-over. A number of it's foolish, but the majority of it it is simple to

What is considered to be the most desirable personality trait?

Greetings!The most desirable persanility trait would differ from person to person, community to community but the commonly accepted are as follows.SimplicityHumilityGentlenessStraightforwardnessHonestySincerityTruthfulnessCheerfulnessToleranceGenerositySerenitySelf-controlChastityNon-violenceDedicationDisciplineConfidenceCarefulnessDynamismPerseveranceSelf-containmentMagnanimityCourageFearlessness

What is it like to be a conventionally attractive woman, do you enjoy it, is it burdensome and would you exchange this for less conventional attractiveness and few headaches, et cetera?

Well, people treat you way better than if you looked ordinary. I have looked ordinary before and I still think I do, but for a few years growing up, I was undoubtedly physically beautiful. People at school would come up to tell me that my outfit looked really nice, they would play with my hair, compliment me,

What is it like to be pretty/very attractive?

I will answer this as someone who is currently considered very attractive (I'm a dancer and former model) but I haven't always been attractive. In fact, I was morbidly obese most my life (I went from 240 to 110lbs in two years with a strict diet and exercise plan) THIS is the old me, 20 years old

What is the easiest way to use the Law of Attraction?

If perhaps manifestation is not simple and easy for you, then you are doing it the hard way. But once we remove whatever is stopping us from imagining, realizing and effortlessly manifesting our needs or wishes, it immediately commences happening at the mere whim of your thought.Most of the people

What is the most attractive skill/trait a person can have?

That beautiful ability to comprehend someone's silence is one of the most attractive trait in someone :You never know what other person is going through. They have their own story of struggle, pain, failures, being left over and so much more. The silence of their

What is the most unattractive personality trait?

Any of the following...An unhappy face - Without a smile, alwaysA know-it-all attitude - Unwilling to learn. never listens to anyone else and keeps projecting self as the smartest among the groupThanklessness - Taking help from people and bashing them laterArrogance of any

What kind of personality can be seen as attractive?

So what exactly is Personality?The combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual's distinctive character.A personality consists of a plethora of qualities that a person can possess, and typically most individuals possess a set of qualities that are both attractive, and

What lifestyles make you attractive?

If by attractive you mean physically, then it is a lifestyle focused on fitness, health, wellness, and proper nutrition.If you mean by attractive that one has a compelling and engaging personality, read Dale Carnegie and practice social skills.If by attractive you mean someone who is kind and

What makes a big woman attractive?

Well... there's regular stuff: her smile, laugh, her sense of fashion, her make up game, he sense of humor, her personality, her knowledge and talent, her eyes.Then there's the special stuff: her confidence, her curves, her acceptance of others, her intelligence, her

What makes a girl or woman physically attractive?

Generally we find people attractive because they have good symmetry in their face and body. Next would come how well you match up personality wise with somebody.Beyond that, it's preferential like style, hair color, body type ( Athletic, Slim, Curvy, Tall, Short, etc. )I think general attractiveness for a woman would entail even eyebrows, clear skin, a

What makes a husband lovely?

Only for entertainment purpose. You can search YouTube for the exact song.Hey honey have you gained some weight in your rear-end?That dress you wear reminds me of my old girlfriendAnd where'd you get those shoes? I think they're pretty lameWould you stop talking 'cause I'm trying to watch the gameIf you're a man who

What makes a man attractive to women?

When you search the question

What makes a woman attractive?

Have you been looking for the secrets to what makes a woman attractive to men? It's not rocket science, because men are quite straight forward creatures really. They pick up on most of the things to judge a girl, by just be looking at her and, be warned, they are pretty quick to judge!

What makes a woman attractive to another woman?

Your premise is incorrect. There is more than one such study. Here's a small study of the preferences of non-heterosexual women for women's body types.... a preference on the part of nonheterosexual women for heavy figures may reflect more comfort with heavier body weight as well as a rejection of what may be seen as

What makes a woman marriage material?

All wrong. Men only find these women marriage material -Who is prettyWho

What personality traits do you find attractive and unattractive?

AttractiveSelf-confidenceRealisticGenerosityFocus on the momentStrategic for the futureNuancedNon-judgmentalKindnessReliabilityHumorSelf-deprecationUnattractiveInsecure, neurotic, sarcasticUnrealistic assessments of self and othersMean-spiritedness, stingy, egocentricUnfocused or absent from presentUnthinking about consequences or futureBinary, black and whitePrejudicedCruel or uncaringFlaky or unrealiableHumorlessUnable to laugh at self

What personality traits in others do you find yourself most attracted to?

There is nothing more desirable than a person who can take hardship and come out of it with wisdom and energy. This is what I consider resiliency.Resiliency is fundamental to survival and that speaks to my primitive brain. I value resiliency because life is not always easy-it hasn't been

What simple tips do you have that can greatly improve appearance?

In the order in which you should tackle each of these:1) Posture: Posture has a huge impact on the fit of clothing, and your appearance in general. Good posture exudes confidence! Learn to stand and walk with shoulders back, head tall, and butt tucked under. Practice by walking around (in private!) while balancing a book on your head.

What type of personalities in men attract women the most?

It is nearly impossible to know which type of personality women in general prefer the most in men. I will give it a good guess based on my personal experience.The combination of kindness, respectful and confident is perhap the most preferred. When you show kindness, people (both male and female) natually will draw

What would be your day to day fashion tip for average built men to look more presentable and attractive?

Shave, always shave. A clean shaven man always looks better than a bearded man. No matter what the hipsters say. Short haircut. Not a lot of people can wear a long haircut.For shirts. You'll want to start with your favorite colors. Now if your favorite colors are bright neon green or

What's the most attractive thing about men?

Confidence - this is the number one must have skillSense of humor - make her laugh and she'll see you as the most charming guy.Sensitivity - many women melt like an ice cream in August when a manly guy is not ashamed of expressing his feelings.Honesty -

Which girl gives more pleasure- tall, short, fat or skinny?

I go for SHORT AND FAT!!! I am a tall skinny guy. I am physically and sexually attracted to a short fat girl who is way stronger than I am (physically more powerful than I am!!!), especially when I tower way over her while

Which qualities in men attract women the most?

When it comes to understanding and attracting women, many men of today are having a hard time.They just can't seem to figure out what women want.But how come men are having trouble in this particular area? After all, they're doing everything society has told them to do all their lives. Then why

Who believes in the law of attraction?

Celebrities didn't become famous and successful because they were lucky. They became famous and successful because they used the Law of Attraction, even if they didn't know they were using it. You have the same ability to use the Law

Who's more attractive, smart men or beautiful women?

The beautiful girl of course.Do you ever watch an action movie where the hero is a Bill Gates type guy? No it's always a musclebound guy. Unless it's a comedy or some bizarre independent film. The hero man will be a big handsome guy and the girl

Why am I attracted to older men?

You're not the only one sister!So am I. I have dated a man older than my dad before! It was great since I was still learning how to control my emotions. Somehow, that man kept me grounded.They say we are looking for a daddy figure, but, to be honest I don't think it was

Why are good abs considered attractive to women?

There's an over emphasis on abs alone. I think the generally good thing that happens in a well-toned abdominal region, is that shoulders and thighs look bigger (a good thing).Men's waist to shoulder ratios are objectively appealing to women in the way that women's waist to hip ratios are appealing to men. It's not super-muscle abdominals that are appealing

Why are humans attracted to baby animals?

Let me describe what a baby is like to a man. It smells funny. It doesn't talk. It's helpless. It's FREAKING ANNOYING. It consumes your resources. It consumes your wife's time. It hijacks her breasts. It traumatizes her female parts, putting a hiatus on your happy-fun-times with her. It competes with you for her attention. It literally shits

Why are muscular men attractive?

People notice physical appearance first in most of the cases. To be honest, no one in this world approaches a fat or a thin stranger for a date. Everyone opt for a good looking guy/girl with a good or average

Why are women on average more attracted by men's chest muscles compared to other muscles?

I don't think it is just the chest that draws our attention. I think all women are different and even the same woman will be attracted to different qualities in a man based on her ovulation cycle... believe it or not! In general though women are wired to find a

Why do beautiful white women marry unattractive white men?

Attraction.Attraction is not a choice.But what IS attractive is not the same for men and women.Men value youth and beauty when we rate a woman as attractive.Women value many things when they rate a man as attractive.Looks is just one of 7 main traits that make a man attractive.Dont believe me?Lets make a quiz!I) What do

Why do guys like unattractive girls?

Here is my answer and my opinion on this. And I quote I am not saying this is the reason for everyone but in my experience it is. Attractive men like unattractive women because a lot of attractive women can be harsh. Cheat and use men for money.

Why do older women find me attractive?

Women who are in their late 20ies or in their thirties know a thing or two that younger women do not. Every woman who is 30, was once 20, but the opposite is not the case.Thus if women who are

Why do some younger men like older women?

It depends on the person, but some potential benefits include:They are more mature, so typically there is less drama. There is more focus on what's important in the long run, rather than small stuff that won't matter later.An older woman is

Are lesbians attracted to gay men?

Well that kind of defeats the purpose of being a lesbian.Being lesbian means you (as a women) are solely attracted to other women (I'm keeping it on the sexual spectrum, the romantic spectrum is a whole other story).Think of it this way, you did say

Are lesbians attracted to men?

Lesbians are not primarily attracted to men, but they certainly can be.There are many reasons, but the reason I want to focus on right now is this: We cannot determine another person's gender solely based on our interpretation of how they look. This is where the argument should end, really.A lesbian may see and be attracted

Are men attracted to women bodybuilders?

Like all the questions that begin with:

Are skinny faces more attractive for women?

Let's have fun! What's your opinion?In March of 2015 the University of Kent School of Physical Sciences posted a news article revealing the precise measurements of the most beautiful faces have been identified using EFIT-V Photofit technology. (A link to what are the measurements that makes a face beautiful is at

Are women more attractive than men?

Yes, definitely. I may be a straight male, but even straight females will agree that they are the fairer sex. Why else are women colloquially referred to as such?It's interesting to note that in my religion (Islam), women are among the things that are meant to

As women, are bodybuilders attractive? Why, or why not?

It depends on every person who do they find attractive.I am a big fan of crossfit. I respect each and every athele who do crossfit as it involves rigorous high intensity exercises one after another.Now, there are many women athletes in crossfit

Can women still be considered attractive after 40?

You bet your last Euro on it. Just look around you. Look without pre fabricated ideas and images injected into your subconscious by the industry.Every person, in this instance we are discussing young ladies of about forty, has some things

Do animals find humans to be attractive?

Depends on what animals, and what you mean by attractive.You could argue that higher functioning pets, like dogs, find humans attractive, though not in a sexual sense. They clearly desire companionship and contact with humans.Sexually speaking, there is a famous account of a female

Do fit guys like curvy girls?

Let me put a little bit of a perspective on this. I think women concern themselves too much with having ALL the curves in ALL the right places. Yes, men love curves. They like beauty and personality as well. However, how often does a woman have large breasts,

Do girls find skinny guys attractive?

To me, they can be. But I would never imply this to be a social norm.In fact, I feel that society looks upon the svelt among us as societal standards to attain to. Sort of a cult of skinny that has overtaken America based on health perceptions and some fashion influences.I think this article demonstrates exactly

Do guys like girls workout?

It greatly differs from person to person. Some guys think that girls you workout are digesting. These same guys look like they've never lifted a weight in their life. Some guys, myself included, view anyone, male or female that works

Do men like independent women?

I think many men like it in theory, but some have trouble if they grew up ‘traditionally' or quite conservatively. It's also a matter of personalities and if they mesh up.Let's use myself for an example. I'm 21, have my own house, a good paying

Do men think female bodybuilders are attractive?

Which female bodybuilder? Which men of half the planet? I doubt there has been a serious poll. There is a tiny one here at Quora:Do you find muscular women attractive?The answers are not definitive. Not all of the female bodybuilders are single, nor are they all lesbians. Surprise! There are men who love