Among the men whom beautiful women want to marry, do some of the men not deserve their beautiful women?

Women will marry good looking and not so good looking men. That is just how it is. Why? Because the man is a good provider, or works his best to provide and be a good friend and protector to the family he wants to make with that woman. Women

Are abs attractive to women?

Oh! Yeah and for plenty of reasons -First of all, the guys who have it, take care of themselves. So they are disciplined and mentally strong. These are very admirable and sexy quality of a human being. So, naturally, girls like to see that in guys.If you

Are abs hot on girls?

Exercises is safe method to get six pack abs. For people who want to get six pack abs in short time, you can try Imodstyle 6 Pack Abs (please search on google) . I was pretty lean before, but after a 20 days of follow that

Are Bangladeshi girls pretty?

I visited Bangladesh twice and I was there in Dhaka altogether for little more than a month. Based on my experience, I can say that I found Bangladeshi girls extremely beautiful and pretty. Yes, I am not being judgmental, and not

Are Canadian girls generally beautiful?

Compared to the superficial of the Americans, no we wouldnt be considered beautifull at all. We generally wear less *Fake up if at all & not obessed with celeb culture as much as them. It's not contantly talked about in the news & we hardly care

Are Colombian girls beautiful?

There are a lot of differences between the girls depending on the varios cities. The women vary a lot.Medellin women. Medellin is a beautiful city with some of the most beautiful women in Colombia. You can find girls in all demographics that will amaze you. Plastic surgery is also very popular.La costa. Most of the costal cities have

Are Estonian women beautiful?

Yes. Of course not every single Estonian women is beautiful. But we have a much higher percentage of beautiful women then normal. This is because,Estonia is on the Baltic states, a European region well known to have beautiful women.Estonia, being on Northern Europe, is

Are gay men attracted to feminine men?

Most are not.The thing is that most of the guys that dislike feminine qualities in men are not really very masculine themselves and some portray a role of masculinity that is not natural for them only to meet masculine men because that is what they like.In my experience most gay guys are waiting for the

Are girls attracted to fat guys?

Yes! Many women love fat guys, and honestly don't even care or notice. Some do, but not all.Here's an answer from a guy who started out fat, and became filled with muscle. And had fat friends, buff friends, skinny friends, gay friends, straight friends,

Are Greek women beautiful?

I mean this sincerely - no sarcasm intended. I'm hoping to use this opportunity to change the way the OP asks questions, or at least how they are phrased. Sincerely - that's all I'm trying to do here.Okay. Please think about this: beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That means it's subjective. What you may

Are men attracted to women with abs?

In general, what makes a woman beautiful is her fitness for reproduction plus a bit added for the eccentricities of style. So a woman in good condition is probably a good sign for reproduction; the same is true of a man from the perspective of a woman.And even though there

Are men more beautiful or women?

Personally, I think women are more beautiful, at least from a purely aesthetic perspective.On a more objective level, well, things get a bit more complicated. There doesn't seem to be a scientific consensus on this, and our conception of beauty, like most

Are most people unattractive?

i would agree that the vast majority of people are unattractive and normal looking but I think part of the problem is that the standard of beauty we are exposed to in the media gives us completely unrealistic expectations about it is and a distorted view. From an early age young children are brought

Are Russian girls usually very pretty?

Yes and no.And before someone gets angry, let me mention beforehand that this is all my opinion based on my perception of things, so hear me out...On average, Russia doesn't have more

Are Russian women really beautiful?

I, personslly encountered a Russian woman alive in some meeting which was arranged by one of our homegrown liftist political party.She was beautiful in a humanely way.The beauty I've seen in her was the perfect silence in her lips, with an intense sharpness. That lady when looked at me, it felt like I

Are there any beauty tips for men?

I'm a male and I've never struggled with finding beauty tips. That's because I don't narrow my search down to

Are Vietnamese women known for their beauty?

Vietnamese women are absolutely stunning! Typical Vietnamese features are small face, small nose, larger eyes. The eyes are a huge giveaway. Skin color tends to range from pale to tanned skin. Majority of Vietnamese people, in general, are actually pale/light-skinned though. Very, very few have had cosmetic surgery

Are White men attracted to Indian women?

Some Indian women are attractive. In my opinion, the ones that directly from India are the ones that are attractive. They come over here with those colorful gowns and makeup and it makes them look nice. Even though they seem to be educated and attractive, I personally would never ask one out or date one. Their beliefs, morals,

Are women sometimes attracted to shy guys?

Well, questions like this are always VERY complicated, because people are complicated. So while it's true that yes, some women will always love shy guys, a trend amongst women seems to be the following (at least in dating): women in their

Are you more attracted to introverts or extroverts?

As an introvert INFJ, I am attracted to both introverts like myself and extroverts.My husband is an extrovert ENFJ. I like the fact that he is able to talk to anybody, is confident in all situations, able to make difficult phone calls

Attractive Women: What characteristics can make a woman exceptionally irresistible?

Everyone is giving their own answers to this, and pretending that they have absolutely unique tastes. My good friend User-13415495195380945687 just listed some of his personal interests- and that's fine- but I think we're missing one of the few universally attractive traits.ConfidenceIt doesn't matter if you're a Barrel-Chested monster of a Man or the

Can a woman actually be too attractive?

Yes sometimes they can be so attractive it's intimadating. It would make you feel like it wouldn't even be worth trying to have a conversation.Sometimes when I see a really beautiful woman I'll try not to look at her at all, as I know she's probably expecting every bloke to be ogling her.The other side of this is

Can a woman be too beautiful to be approached by men?

The more beautiful a woman is, the greater likelihood that an average man will not approach her, because she's out of his league.It's nice on paper to say that she would welcome attention of any man, and that looks are not the issue, and that it's the inner human being that matters.Yeah, right.When push comes to shove, there's

Can girls only like handsome guys and ignore ugly guys?

It all depends on how you view yourself. If you carry that ugliness with confidence, then your chances of rejection will decrease. Women usually don't go for looks unless you're an ugly ass monster with withered clothes, but girls who are below 16 do

Can makeup really make girls pretty?

As a boy/man i always told the girls that they are way more prettier without makeup. i really mean that.But not to forget, i told them every time: Ok, use mascara or/and eyeliner, but don't put powder, in my artistic taste, powder is bad. eye makeup is subtle and really can

Can most people look attractive by losing weight?

So get this realisation: looking physically fit and being attractive are two different things. Looks don't equal attraction.Obviously obesity and lack of hygiene will make life difficult for everyone, but generally:For women, these two components, physical beauty and attractiveness, may overlap as physical beauty often equals attraction for men. Its an easier gig for women.But not

Can women get attracted to men?

It's actually similar to many of the same reasons that men are attracted to women. I think it comes down to what

Do all women like guys with six pack abs?

I don't think it is ever an accurate statement to say

Do American girls like handsome Asian boys?

No, they just like the unhandsome ones?  Beauty (or handsomeness") is in the eyes of the beholders, and any person who likes another person usually believes that the object of their affection has beauty.In addition, many "Americans girls" are also of Asian heritage, and the term "Asian boys" covers a whole slew of different

Do attractive women have higher standards than ugly women?

Higher standards for what?Conventionally attractive women do tend to end up with conventionally attractive men if left to their own devices, because both parties are generally aware of how attractive they are. This doesn't inherently make them assholes, but most people are generally aware of where their strong points are, even if they're modest about it. A

Do beautiful and attractive women get attracted to handsome men?

Obviously, attractive women and men are going to notice each other, but believe  you me this is not always a good thing.We older women's mothers and grandmothers had a saying :"Handsome is as handsome does."  This means that a man can be

Do beautiful men date average women?

Note: This reply is in regards to sex/intercourse. It is unclear to me how these facts pan out in dating.Statistically speaking men who are towards the top of the bell curve for attractiveness do not typically engage in intercourse with average women HOWEVER statistically they are more likely to date

Do beautiful women feel competitive toward other beautiful women?

I'll go anon in this one. I consider myself a beautiful woman, I receive lots of looks from men, and much more from the jealous creatures called women (I'm included in this category too, OK!). And yes, I feel competitive towards other beautiful

Do beautiful women get attracted to ugly men?

All the time. All. The. Time.If you look at most beautiful women they are with ugly or average men. Let's put it like this, how many times do you see handsome men or pretty boys (and I mean REAL pretty boys) with stunningly beautiful women?I'll answer, not many.In

Do beautiful women in India get attracted to ugly, short and very dark men?

you don't want a girl to reject you just because you are ugly but you could reject a girl just because she is ugly???that's so ironicrelationships based only on looks are superficial. let us say you like a mobile phone right now,so you buy it.what about when an upgraded version is out in the market??now you    would

Do beautiful women realise the power they have over men?

That looks a lot like a no-brainer, doesn't it?The responses you've gotten so far should tell you otherwise.Beauty isn't something people possess, it's something others perceive.The biggest problem women who want that power have is figuring out what

Do even married men get nervous around stunningly beautiful women?

I've been in a relationship longer than the Afghan War. I married the woman of my dreams and, despite the reality of two complex and flawed people running a life and raising four kids, it is amazing.That was my disclaimer.I was attending a convention a few years ago, discussing the practicalities of surviving the zombie apocalypse alongside

Do guys like thin girls?

Most men like a healthy looking women with good skin tone and a body that looks fit. The biology around bearing healthy children comes jnro play here. The package that shows health can exhibit itself in all kinds of shapes and

Do guys prefer tall girls over short girls?

Best you focus on what you can and forget about what you cannot control, like your height. Or you be asking do guys like red heads, do guys like blondes, do guys like girls with glasses and do girls like girls with small breasts or big breast?Do guys

Do hot guys date fat girls?

I would consider myself somewhat of a hot guy. But yes, I'd date fat girls, but it's very unlikely that I'd end up really dating one. I'm probably more tolerant towards overweight girls than other guys out there due to

Do men choose beautiful women over intelligent women?

Choose for what? When it comes to mate selection, men are much simpler as compared to women. The primary purpose of mating, whether you come from an Darwinian mindset or a religious mindset, is procreation. We are driven to reproduce and sex is the natural means

Do men hire beautiful women instead of average-looking women?

I oversaw majority of the hiring at the IT company I work at and I've seen it happen both ways. Mind you this is in North America.1. If given the choice and equal skill level, men will usually hire the prettier candidate. It's not a hard

Do men like skinny girls?

YES, and here's why...You will commonly hear men say

Do men only love the beautiful women?

The only way to remember the name of a physically unattractive woman is to sleep with her.It's a nasty joke best left to an all male company. Biological injustice.It's not a waterproof approach, but the prospects of remembering the woman's name

Do men sense it when they are being checked out by women?

Yes, they do.Boy, do I have a story for you.One day, I went to the mall, and I decided to go into Target (I forgot if I was with someone or if I was alone). I'm in the line ready to pay for something, and I see a

Do physically ugly girls only get ugly guys?

You asked a straightforward question and here is my straightforward answer:People almost always wind up dating and marrying those of similar physical attractiveness. Exceptionally attractive people have exceptionally attractive partners; average-looking people have average-looking partners; less attractive people have less attractive partners.We all know this is true, and it's because physical

Do ugly girls hate pretty girls?

I used to fit under the mainstream standard of pretty, and went through the same experiences as most other pretty girls. I received cat calls and free drinks. Strangers on the street complimented my smile. I took it for granted, but men had a

Do ugly guys hate pretty girls?

This is a common misconception. Immature guys with low self-esteem hate girls that don't like them back. Yet a girl should never concern herself with what immature guys think. It's not her fault other people want her and she owes those people nothing. A girl should follow her heart and never feel guilty when some one

Do white women find Indian American men attractive?

21 year old Indian guy here in Canada.So partly agreeing with Shan's answer, I do feel Indian guys are not looked at with a lot of equality. I moved to Canada in 2015. I'm tall, a bit athletic, plus I speak English fluently since I was

Do white women find young Indian men attractive?

If you mean physically attractive, that would depend on the man, and on what the woman finds attractive.But Indian men who make it to Europe or the U.S. are often in

Do women check out men who have nice bodies?

Women not only check out guys with great bodies- guys with great bodies definitely have much nicer sex lives.  But this can also translate into more babies, child support as well as STDs. This goes both ways- a hunk may end up with STDs and babies whom he would not

Do women even find men attractive?

having been married to the same lady for 40 years, and spoken at length to my mother , sister, 2 daughters and a grand daughter,all 3.6 billion women on the planet are unique in their preferences,but in my experience its very different from the way men feel it,the scoring system 0/10 to 10/10

Do women ever check out men's bodies?

Yes, but it works differently than you'd expect in my experience.The things that help seem to be...Confidence: You need to have confidence in yourself, and your appearance. You should stand up straight, and feel strong. You don't have to be he-man, just feel good and strong.Body: Yes, it matters. You should be toned, and solid, even if you aren't

Do women find quiet, shy, or introverted men attractive?

Please do not listen to the girls answers, please or you will continue this cycle like your girl ‘friends' have pointed out.Will a shy, quiet guy who has a more introverted personality attract women?The answer: No, not in practise. Why? because lets say you are around these girls whom you wish to

Do women like butts that stick out on guys?

According to my wife, I've a "cute" behind.  I don't really regard it as such, but, she likes it.  I'm just happy that she likes the rest of me, and doesn't complain that I'm too fat, or too skinny, or not muscled enough, or too muscled, or

Does a beautiful woman have an easier life than a handsome man?

Here is the difference between a beautiful woman and a handsome man:A beautiful woman has sexual power, a handsome man doesn't have much.Sexual power (or sexual capital) can be exchanged for monetary power which equates to financial power. Look at all your millionaire models? Many women in

For women, do you find men with makeup attractive?

I'm so far beyond dating that this never came up for me. But -- subjective opinion only! -- here are two possibilities.1)  If I don't know the man -- just passing him in the mall, or wherever --  what he wants to

From an evolutionary perspective what makes a woman's face attractive?

Men are very visual species.The less mutations a women has the more attractive she will be. Less mutations of the face, you will get a more attractive face. Most attractiveness is in the pairing of good genes of a male and female into their offspring.Since men are so visual they will be keen to every detail of a

Has anyone tried face yoga (or some exercise for the face)? Does it really help in lifting the face?

For everything you need to know about face yoga, I suggest you read my exhaustive guide on the topic. I'm a professional facialist and have been working with face yoga and face exercises for close to a decade.The EvidenceMany studies have documented real beauty results with face yoga and facial exercises.A study at

How can an average looking introvert boy get a good looking girl?

Hi, I am really interested in answering this question becauseI am that "the average looking boy, and I am introvert"Just call me Dan. I am not smart (average), not handsome (average), introvert, not popular,.and shy if talking around

How can an ugly guy get a cute girl?

'm 32 years old and will tell you from my 32 years experience on this planet. Women are liars and deceivers. How many times have you asked a girl or wanted girls attention? How many times have you received it? There's nothing mysterious about women and their interest/motives.THEY

How can beauty be a curse?

Beauty and with that I mean outer beauty isn't rosy always. It has its own drawbacks as much as it has its perks. Let us see when it becomes a curse rather than a blessing.It becomes so -When your achievements like cracking a job interview or a promotion is attributed to your good looks rather than your work.When you

How to attract beautiful women

Look these pieces of advice I give might not adhere to every woman's desire list of attraction, but biologically and intuitively should strike with most.Truthfully i think today's world of modern men are wimps. I am not saying this about all, but it is so common that most have lost what it means to be

How to be naturally beautiful

Removing makeup completely before going to bed is the first and foremost step to a naturally glowing skin.Cleansing, toning and moisturizing our skin is the key to get a younger looking skin.Exfoliation is another important step to slough away all the dead skin cells which develop over time.

How to improve my appearance

This might sound a bit corny to you, but trust me when I say it matters... the most beauty comes from the perfect combination of confidence and kindness.I'm 26 years old, but grew up having serious insecurities because I thought I had a big nose and was terribly shy. I

How can one make his life more beautiful?

Live A Beautiful Life In 10 Easy StepsLife is beautiful! And even more so if you are living a life filled with happiness, peace and contribution. However, many people, including myself, have lived a life full of possessions, with a soul full of hatred, a job

How can someone going bald look good?

By asking the question, you are assuming that baldness is unattractive. It's not. If you FEEL unattractive because you are bald, then you need to change hoe you approach life and how you interact with people. Happy, confident people are attractive. Hint.. If you are going very thin on top with hair still round the sides, then shorter

How come kerala men and women are so beautiful?

In the pursuit of Varnasahnkaram ideologyIt sickens me seeing so many of my south-Indian peoples trying to bypass & bury the facts by saying south-Indians & north-Indians look similar. How racist we south-Indians became? Every time there's a north-vs-south or ‘looks' question, our peoples desperately posting pictures of

How common and successful are AMWF Euro couples? As an Asian male I only find myself attracted to European women.

I came across some stats a while ago which analyzed dating site trends by race. Turns out this combination was less common than others, but not unheard of.Now here's the thing ... you are not a statistic. Don't worry about how common or uncommon it is.

How do beautiful women deal with aging?

In my man's eyes, since we met 16 years ago when I was 34, I am a physically beautiful woman. I get a lot of joy from his apparent approval. I love how proud he is of my looks. Other men find me good-looking, and I have had my fair share

How to get a beautiful girl if I'm ugly

Basically one ofBe powerful ie. Rich, Famous or a Leader/Authority in your company-society whatever.Be a nice person and befriend the girl before she becomes truly beautiful and even after this time when she has many

How to get a more-defined jawline and cheekbones? What exercises help to build a more visible jawline and/or cheekbones, or is it just eating healthier in general

Three things define a perfect jawlineA great v shaped jawDouble chinLess fat in cheeksGetting a v shaped jaw is entirely based on genetics, in order to get a chiseled jawline you ought to do some facial exercises, it's pretty easy though...Do these regularlyReduce your sodium intake first, I

How to get bigger and attractive forearms

The people with the biggest forearms have frames that support heavy weight.Part of this, yes, is genetic. It's bone structure. Wider joints can hold heavier weights. But given that you aren't going to change the surface area of your joints, there are still plenty of things you can do.First,

How to get fit (look good)

First of all welcome to the world of fitness. You need no one else to gauge your body fat. Accept what you have gained over a course of year. some people will call it FAT . i call it Failure to Acknowledge Tummy.BMI 23 is not fat or obase . but if

How to improve my physique

Hi..It really depends on the type of physique you want. You can choose to be lean, athletic or muscular and then work your way towards it.1. Lean physique - People who are bulky want to have a physique that is lean. And they won't be benefited much by doing heavy strength training. Instead, go for aerobic

How to look beautiful

The definition of

How to look naturally beautiful and fresh without artificial makeup or lotions

I cannot be assured without any makeup but probably the product which I am gonna tell about is more of natural. Matki Foundation Neutral from Clamy Cosmetics should be your selection.I got to know about this from my makeup artist friend and she told that she has been recommending this

How to make a guy feel beautiful

Put your hand on his (or look him directly in the eye) while telling him how wonderful a person he is, while acknowledging and complimenting his finest personal qualities.If this method doesn't achieve your desired result, try this one instead:Sephora: Lancôme :

How do personality traits affect perceived attractiveness?

Attractiveness matters in many situations. You should ask the question conversely. If you look good, you feel good. Every person wants to look his best. In reality, you are not making a first impression, you are creating a first impression.When you meet someone, that person conveys

How do unattractive men date beautiful women?

Men are attracted to women primarily because of their looks. Don't worry, we fall in love with their personalities, but you don't get to

How do we use the law of attraction to change our lives?

The Law of Attraction is a belief that everything you put focus on in life, you attract in life.So, from my own personal experience I would say that you can use the law of attraction to change your life. However, I would point out that it's not simply a

How to use the law of attraction to become beautiful

I'll tell you my example.6 months ago i weighed around 85 kgs, and from my childhood my teachers and friends used to give me names which was very humiliating for me. I also got suspended from my coaching centre when i throwed

How does one stay good looking and healthy throughout life?

it is not difficult to stay good looking and healthy throughout the life provided one has to follow some strict and discipline life first and the foremost thing is to take care of one's diet and does exercises regularly ,take plenty of water everyday, eat

How much muscle do women find attractive?

There's actually a fair amount of research as to the amount of muscle that MOST women find attractive.You need to realize, however, that this is not a set in stone psychological finding.I know girls who want to have a giant man with bulging biceps and a back broader than a

How would you rate my physical traits?

You are pretty, and here are some things that'll help you feel better and look even better (because of its health benefits)Eat more fruits. This is very important for your skin, to stay glowing and young. Let's take two fruits

I have seen ugly girls with handsome guys, but not ugly boys with rich and beautiful girls?

Try to see the world out of your own reality, and remove the blinkers, you will find that the opposite is true. Actually, a lot of rich and financially stable guys will marry a good looking woman even if she is uneducated and poor. Guys are interested in looks most of the time, they are

I was staring at a guy too much because he was really handsome. Then he looked at me and put his finger in his nose. Why did he do that?

Normally that's a pretty gross thing to do but in this case it was a clever ploy to stop you leching by turning you off. But you already knew that, really, since you KNOW you were overdoing in the first place after staring

Is being an attractive woman hard?

Imagine that everyone you meet not just wants, but expects something from you. Do you think that's easy? I think if you're super good looking, you need strong social skills in order to deal with all the attention and expectation. It's important to not make enemies or to cause

Is it better to marry a sexy woman who is broke or a competent woman who can make money and likes to do fun things?

However improbable, your question implies you found a sexy woman who would consider marrying you AND a competent woman who would consider same.Neither one is a reason upon which you decide to marry. Finding THE woman you love is hard enough without creating extra criteria. Then, EVEN

Is the life of a beautiful woman really beautiful?

This is the story of my ex, and I'm anonymous to protect her identity.We met online, and through mutual interests. I didn't actually know what she looked like, we fell for each other's personalities. When I got to see her, by gum she was gorgeous. She

Is the prettiest girl in your high school still pretty?

no.females are most attractive, generally, from 15–24, then after that they start to age poorly in most races and in most cases. not all, but most.when i think of the top say, 5 in our high school from way back, sure, there's still something there, it's not like they became another person, but...

Men: is intelligence attractive in women?

For this man it is.  Combine a pretty face, a great body and a highly functional, intelligent mind and you have me hooked.  The more intelligent the more of that hook-line and sinker I want to swallow.Face it, sooner or later the grunts,

My wife has a bunch of really attractive friends, and she expects me to never say anything to her about how beautiful they are. Does this seem fair? I love my wife, and just commenting shouldn't hurt anything, right?

My wife has a bunch of really attractive friends and she expects me to never say anything to her about how beautiful they are. Does this seem fair? I love my wife and just commenting shouldn't hurt anything right?Flip this and you'll see why you're wrong.One of your friends

Not sexually speaking, what do teenage girls find attractive about boys?

I love it when boys are confident but don't mess around and compete with other boys to show off.Take for example, a PE class. Football. Boys who will just try and show off and do (admittedly) cool tricks with the ball with never catch my attention for the

Should ugly guys think of beautiful girls?

If you're a particularly fat and ugly guy who wants to date Paris Hilton and Miranda Kerr, you better be filthy rich.I believe you've heard of Low Taek Jho, aka Jho Low.He is a third generation heir to a multi billion dollar

Though they differ, are male images of beauty as equally unattainable as female images of beauty?

Yes and no.Looking "ideal" as in on par with the best-looking people in the world, people who have as their full-time-job to look good is attainable by NOBODY, not even the top models themselves. The thing you see in the magazine is the

What are beauty tips for a boy?

Most of my beauty related answers begin by saying: "Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder"Because it actually does. For men, more than the facial beauty the hygiene factor plays an important role. If you are asking the question to feel good, read ahead. If you're asking the question to impress

What are some beauty hacks that you know and others don't?

I don't know if someone knows about these beauty hacks or not but these hacks must be known to everybody as they are useful.Do you feel irritated when your perfume doesn't last long? Just apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly to pulse points before spraying perfume and the scent

What are some beauty hacks to make a guy like you?

Be friendly and approachable. Honestly, the most important part to attracting a man, is to be easy to talk to.On a more shallow note, generally, stay thinner. You don't have to be a string bean (honestly, like the song says, "Boys like a little more booty to hold at night"), but overall, thinner is sexier.And, again generally speaking, a