What is the outrage in Australia about Halal certification? Why are there calls for it to be banned?

Halal and Kosher foods are based on biblical laws.Kosher came first, because Judaism came first.WARNING, there may be some grisly bits in the description below.The laws were actually very sensible in an era of no refrigeration, little or no understanding of microbes and other organisms, and a

Who is the most well-known Australian of all time?

If you are referring to the most well-known Australian internationally (as opposed to the most well-known Australian in Australia), it depends on what you are interested in or what field or category you are talking about.Entertainment / the ArtsKylie Minogue, Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman, Chris Hemsworth, Cate Blanchett, Mel Gibson, Paul Hogan, Steve Irwin,

Who are the aboriginal Australians?

Over 60 000 years ago, a few thousand island hoppers from Polynesia landed in Northern Australia. They came as a single wave of migration, and settled on the country as nomadic peoples. Hundreds of generations later, these people spread across Australia, created their own respective tribes, cultures, practices, politics and languages. They were an entire network

What are Australians offended by?

I want to echo what most others have touched on which is three key points.Telling us How we should act without any knowledge of Australian society, mateship and Big noting yourself.A recent one is Harry Connick Junior, he came to Australia and without knowing dick about Australia called us

What do you really think about Australians?

By far the first stereotype in America portrays Australians as fearless. The sort of,

How bad is racism in the Australian workplace?

How bad? Generally, from what I have seen at least, there is not that much of it and such as it is, it does not seem as bad as compared to some other places.These days, most Australian cities are quite cosmopolitan,

How did Australia get its name?

Hanuman, Devi and Ganesha statues were found at the Gympie PYRAMID Queensland gold coast Australia

What are examples of Australian icons?

Wildlife: The kangaroo and the koala. Probably also the platypus.Landmarks: The Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House. Uluru. Bondi Beach. The Great Barrier Reef. (possibly) the Outback, although it's more a region than a landmark.People: Paul Hogan (AKA Crocodile Dundee) and Steve Irwin.Other things: The slouch hat. Vegemite. The boomerang.Things that Australians might regard as icons

How is living in Australia different from living in the United States?

Having lived in Sydney for almost all of my life, and travelled to the United States, I can observe a lot of the following from my trips first hand (no particular order):As many people mentioned before, health care. Health care is arguably better in Australia because of its universal system. Which means that the

What do you honestly think about Australia and Australians?

Australia is enormous country that is actually continent itself. With 25–26 million people, Australia is one of the sparsely populated country. However, 98% of the population live in 50 km of the coastline. So rest of the huge country remains remote and untouched. I have been living in

Why do Australians sound like Australians?

Ah, well, you see, we all had a vote in 1900 and decided that ‘strine was the accent that suited us best. This was enshrined in the Australian Constitution on January 1 1901 - The Australian ConstitutionThe relevant section is

Is Melbourne the best city in Australia?

Yes, Melbourne is one of the best city in Australia and also of the world. I spend almost half of my life here which is unforgettable. I am a manager of Chauffeur Cars Melbourne Company and living my best life in the best city.

Why is Burger King called Hungry Jacks in Australia?

From the Hungry Jack's Wikipedia page:When Burger King moved to expand its operations into Australia, it found that its business name was already trademarked by a takeaway food shop in Adelaide. As a result, Burger King provided the Australian franchisee, Jack Cowin, with a list of possible

What do think of the current Australian Labor Party 2018 / 2019?

This is a question where you can get a thousand answers with shades of opinion right across the board. I'm a swing voter, prepared to vote for the best as I see them.The Labor Party in particular I think has not yet demonstrated a strong case to be considered the best for next year's election. I think they

How to call Australia

The international dialing code for Australia is 61.Australia has states and territories that have area codes as followsQueensland (07)New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory (02)Victoria and Tasmania (03)South Australia and Northern Territory (08)Western Australia (08)If you want to call Australia, you'll need the telephone number

When did skateboarding become popular in Australia?

I was riding a wooden skateboard with white rubber ball bearing wheels shaped like a surfboard with two pointy ends along the footpaths of Mt Waverley in 1965.It was branded as a "GT skateboard" and had two black stripes down it and the wooden deck had no give and there was

Is there a bad side to Australia? If there is, what is it?

Melbourne is an extraordinary place. Just get ready. if your American prepare yourself, It's pronounced Mel-bin not Mel-born. I lived in Melbourne for a year. And I'm dying to go back. Originally I am from Pennsylvania in the US but after leaving Melbourne to return to family members I

Why are boomerangs thought of as an Australian icon?

Why are boomerangs thought of as an Australian icon?I'm a very old Australian and have never thought of the boomerang as being an Australian icon.I'm guessing it became an Australian icon during WW2 when down at La Perouse in Sydney the local aborigines

What are Australians mostly obsessed with?

Living on the coast, buying their own home and overseas travel.Residents of some states, particularly Victorians, are also obsessed with Australian Rules football.

What do Australians think of Vietnamese people?

Apart from the guy on the other answer who has trouble distinguishing Sydney from Australia, the view of Vietnamese is generally good, after some rocky times in the 1980s when the ‘evil immigrant' du jour was the Vietnamese teenage male, dealing drugs and driving flashy cars - most are either dead now, grew out of it, or

What do Australians think of Brits?

Australians increasingly don't think of the British or increasingly think worse of the British as Danny Parsons has pointed out.My own p.o.v. is that I was robbed by the British. Australians love to make fun of Americans because they know little of the world are continually fed news as it

Are Australians religious?

Are Australians religious?Not to the extent to what we Aussies perceive as the hypocrisy, inconsistency & fanaticism of the USA based evangelical & affiliated churches (as a rule: tell us you need a private jet or enforce tithes for your own benefit and you'll see your revenues & congregations dwindling).The

What are key current differences between Liberal and National parties in Australia?

They are both conservative parties but the Liberals, historically, are the party of the urban bourgeoisie whereas the Nationals represent the socially conservative rural farming community. Their interests coincide sufficiently to have kept them in a permanent coalition for several decades but they are not identical.The Liberals

Why has the Liberal Party of Australia been in government so long?

Perhaps the writer refers to the totality of Australia's electoral history? If this is the case, there are several reasons.Historically, the ALP has been a fractious organisation, suffering from 3 debilitating splits (1917, 1931, 1954)  that have often

What do the Israeli people think of Australia?

I don't know if you're looking for my answer, since I am Australian, pretty much. My father was born in Australia and I lived there for a few years when I was little and I still visit my grandparents and great grandmother who

Can members of this group please begin to think about tackling a problem that I have as an Australian saving the beautiful iconic Australian kangaroo?

I would like to Kindly remind the writer of this question that I too am an Australian Citizen who has travelled extensively around this wide brown land. I have seen no shortage of Kangaroo's that you seem so concerned about however I do stand to be corrected by anyone with cold hard facts and not

Does Julie Bishop have a shot at becoming the Australian Liberal Party's leader in the future?

No. Not a snowflake's chance in Hell. The Liberal Party has fallen under the control of radical right chauvinists who think possession of a penis is a prerequisite for leadership.Why on earth would they appoint as leader someone without a penis but with true

How can Australia become a republic?

The legal mechanisms are well known. Get an amendment written passed by Parliament and then approved by a referendum.There are two problems. The first is getting an amendment proposed, the second is getting the people to support it. There has been a Referendum in the past - but this failed.These are both political

How to call the US from Australia

(Didn't we answer this question recently?)The response is (assuming the phone you are using has international service allowed):While in Australia, you start by dialing the International Access Code digits.If you are using a cellphone or VOIP phone and do not know the International Access Code digits, enter

Are Australians more racist towards Asians than Americans?

YES!I will write some point form to try to help you understand the Australian mind:1) Australians love their relative isolation as they a single country on a big ‘island' (continent, technically). 2) They want to protect their way of life and culture from

How many kangaroos are left in Australia?

There are more kangaroos than people in Australia."The four species of kangaroo that are commercially harvested have very large populations. None is threatened or endangered. The Red kangaroo, Eastern grey kangaroo and Western grey kangaroo are the most abundant species and make up

How does the size of Australia compare to the size of America?

First, let's get one thing straight. It is entirely arrogant of people in the United States to call themselves Americans or refer to their nation as ‘America'. North America and South America are continents. The United States is one of two countries in North America, the other is Canada. Although Canadians don't

Is Kit Kat chocolate halal or haram in Australia?

Who cares. We live in Australia. We are a secular democracy not an Islamic theocracy although some have sought to create areas of this in Australia, knowing full well what Australia is before seeking to move here.Therefore this question is irrelevant in Australia.If

Historically, what have been the main points of difference between the Australian Liberal Party and Australian Labor Party's approach to national security policy? What explains these differences?

The Liberal Party have traditionally been international realists. The Labor Party are more liberalists in terms of international relations.In saying that, they have never been too far apart. There is bipartisan support for central tenets of security, like defence force size, weaponry and installations

How to tell the difference between an Australian and an English accent? Obviously there are many regional differences, but are there any tricks to quickly differentiate

The quickest way to tell an Australian accent is listen for the tell tale slang used in their conversation like ... "G'day mate. How's it goin'?" or  "No worries'', even "Good on ya'', "I reckon'' and "She'll be right'' is typically Australian. An older

Are Australians racist towards muslims?

Going anonymous too.First of all, Islam is not a race but an ideology. Many Muslims are peace loving, kind generous people but a few groups of Muslims who moved to Australia in the 1970s and then later again in the 2000s have caused an enormous level of

What does Australia think of Britain?

Very fond of Britain. Almost all my ancestors hailed from Britain - from every extent, literally, Cornwall to Orkney, Ireland to the Channel Isles* and all places in between. Britain has had a huge influence upon Australia, language of course, plus our developed system of

What do Australian tourists think of Europe?

So many cities are like living Museums, so surreal and amazing, so different to our  young country, they date even BC. Transportation is magical, a high speed train right into the heart of the city, so convenient and smart. Some times 6 ways to

What are some examples of Australian superstitions?

The yowie, much the same as bigfoot or the yeti, supposedly inhabits hilly forested regions and smells like burning rubber. The scent of burning rubber often goes with an epileptic fit, or so I hear.The bunyip, a river monster. Very rarely seen, but probably based on seals that sometimes swim a long way up rivers.

Why is the Sydney Opera House so well-known compared to other Australian landmarks?

Because it is a building with a unique design, the likes of which are not found anywhere else in Australia or the world. Much like the Sydney Harbour Bridge, it's an iconic visual centrepiece of the city of Sydney. When you see those

Is it time for Australia to ban the burqa?

Well the law would be completely against freedom religion and would regulate what people wear in public.These two reasons alone I feel are reason enough to not ban the burqa because when the government starts regulating what religion is allowed and what

What does the National Party of Australia believe in?

Traditionally, the National Party was called the Country Party. They believed in, and stood for the farmers, the rural communities and the interests of farmers.Today, their beliefs mirror those of their senior coalition partners the Liberal Party, except they tend to be more conservative toward social issues, and are generally

Why are some Australians against Christians?

Athiest Aussies are against Christianity for pretty much the same reasons some athiests everywhere are. They belong to satan and all that belongs to satan is in opposition to what belongs to God and some more zealous types are more open and radical about it than others.

Is there a non-conservative faction (or wing or group) in the Liberal Party of Australia?

Yes, there are other groupings within the party that are non-conservative, and they make up a significant proportion of the membership.  At a very high level these are "Small 'l' Liberals" and "Libertarians", although there has been other nomenclature over the years "wets" and "dries" jumps to