What are some reasons you vote for Australian Greens?

I like the policy platform. The Greens aren't just putting together a bunch of nebulous ideas about being nice to trees. They have a full raft of policies on every aspect of Australian life, and unlike other parties, they put people, not companies first. They also make good

What are the differences between American and Australian values?

There are many big picture values that Americans and Australians share in common. As an Aussie, I see that both nations highly value: individual freedom and fully understand that it's not free but rather comes at a significant price. This is why you will find that

Is the Australian Labor party similar to the Democrats in the US?

The Australian Labor Party would fit the left of the Democrats, most of the Liberal party would be at home with the conservative democrats and the lunar right of the Liberals would be regarded as too left wing and not evangelical enough by the Republicans.The Liberals share with the US Republicans

Who certifies Halal products in Australia?

The best known example of this scam is run by Mohamed El-Mouelhy, who is sole director of the private company ‘Halal Certification Authority Pty Ltd'. However, there's no regulation; if you'd like to set up your own certification company go for

Is Australia more liberal than the US?

I think Aditya detailed the main ways that Australia is more liberal than the US - mainly economic.The ways that Australia is more liberal socially are:1) Religion isn't that big here. It doesn't seem as pervasive as it is in the US. We have mega-churches (Hillsong) and allow people to practice their religion, but

What do Australians think of China?

A2A. This is just my own guess. I cannot really speak for all Australians.China has a profound economic relationship with Australia. We have long depended on China for manufactured goods and more recently for sale of our natural resources. We also share some cultural links with Hong

What do Scottish people think of Australians?

We think that their gun/knife laws are even more ludicrous than ours.And that they're a bit loud and brash, but usually pretty well straight as a die and actually fairly unlikely to be called

What are white Australians called?

I am an Australian with white skin... I call myself

What are Australians tired of explaining?

Tired of :_Explaining NO we don't have Kangaroos hopping down the main street of our city. Yes we do have dangerous creatures here but we don't see them often some people have never seen any at all. Just be aware.Explaining that we drive on the correct side of the road.We have a lot of laws but

Why do people say Australia is the most racist country? If it really is, how did it become so racist?

Australia is definitely not the most racist country, since I have travelled quite a bit, so I can share my opinion.In the Gulf countries, when I went to a beach the guards asked me to put my shirt back on and that

What do Australians think about Prince Philip being given an Australian knighthood?

Thanks Peter Baskerville for the A2A.I think it's fair to say we're not impressed. When the idea of Australian Knightoods was reintroduced by Tony Abbott last year, there were lots of people who thought it was a pretty silly notion and a throwback to a bygone

What happens if you call 911 in Australia?

What happens if you call 911 in Australia?A similar question was asked on Quora several years ago.Does dialing '911' work in Australia?The apparent answer is

How much do we have to pay to get a 3-month visitor visa to Australia from India?

Cost me about INR 9200 overallMore details here Australia tourist visa 2018 VFS process for Indians

What do Australians think of American accents?

As others have mentioned, most of our media intake comes from America. As such, listening to American accents almost becomes a default when we are watching movies or TV shows. Because of this, the average Australian subconsciously knows a bunch of American accents (if only in their most broad definitions). As children, we begin to pick

Why do people think Australia cheats?

I'm assuming that this relates to the recent cricketing incident when an Australian player was caught tampering with the cricket ball during the recent test match against South Africa. This is major news in Australia and is being reported widely on TV, Radio, Web, Newspapers etc. An Australian player was

What is right and what is wrong in Australian politics and government?

What's Right.Preferential Voting in lower houses. Minor parties and single issues parties can actually have a say in Australian politics. The Greens managed to elect a member of the House of Representatives because preferential voting let supporters cast a vote for Adam Bandt without dividing left-leaning support and handing the seat to the Liberal party. Part of the

Do Australians not like foreigners?

I wouldn't say Australians dislike foreigners.They used to. For many years following Australian independence in 1901, the White Australia policy was the unofficial government policy toward immigration. Australia welcomed British and Irish immigration, didn't like (other) Europeans much, and actively excluded Asians. There was strong anti-Asian sentiment after the fall

Do you think the Australian Labor Party is better than the Liberal Party of Australia and if so, why?

There are well meaning and intelligent people in both major parties, and many hard working ones at that. I particularly appreciate the depth of policy development research and analysis that underpins much of what they do, although it often comes to naught when faced with the political reality of differentiation

What do Australians think of Holden?

They used to be the best cars for cheap power.The stock Aussie V8s weren't super powerful, but with some simple and cheap modifications you could get some big gains. Those old iron-block engines were near indestructible, and with a decent exhaust system they sounded amazing.They were really easy

What do Americans think of Australian people?

As an American, I shall offer my two cents to the discussion. Most of the Australians I've met during my time here have been fairly

Is Australia more racist than Canada?

Echoing Doug, Hossain and Jim's responses above, I think the Canucks are a bit more quieter and subtle with their racism than us Aussies. I think Mr Trudeau is a far more liberal and tolerant politician than what our current new PM ‘ScoMo' - The Hon Scott Morrison MP of Australia is. I wonder though how popular Mr

What do Australians think of the Netherlands?

A beautiful, liberal place with tall people.I spent two nights in Amsterdam, so I don't have very much experience with The Netherlands as a whole. My time travelling there was some of the best of my 5 and a half week European jaunt. We stayed in a house boat B&B and cycled everywhere. I don't remember any bad

What is Burger King called in Australia?

It is called Hungry JacksQ: What is Burger King called in Australia?and the reason...1962 the First Burger King opened in Adelaide, Australia.Adelaide's Burger King chain had nothing to do with the similarly-named chain in the United States, however, its founder, Don Dervan was American.When the American Burger King chain wanted to set

Politics of Australia: Considering his progressive views, shouldn't Malcolm Turnbull have joined the Labor Party instead of the Liberals?

The proposition this question makes is not as startling as it first appears.There's a sometimes faux political skirmish that Australia's media loves to exaggerate - the idea that Oz's two major federal parties are extreme opposites, locked in a perpetual battle to the death.

How did Australia become so liberal?

Australia was formed in 1901 and Australians were relatively rich people with a high income per head. This was due Australia's mineral, agricultural and manufacturing industries. Wealth gives freedom. Poverty enslaves. Australia was liberal in that it instigated many workplace reforms and quickly

What drives the Australian economy?

How is Australian Economy?I must be living in another country to Jeremy! Australia is headed to the brink, with an over heated housing market. Now the most expensive in the world.The cost of electricity and gas is now so expensive, a family can spend 5000. on electricity a year.Gas heating can cost 3500. more.The cost of a

Do Americans like Australians?

Americans love Australians, I'd say more than any other country. Canada comes in a close second but that's primarily because Canadians don't have an accent and when you live near our northern border there's so little difference in the people that it's hard

Do Australians eat the pouch of Kangaroos?

Only the female kangaroo have pouches.Male kangaroo dont.When culling is done by shooters ( theres around 50 million kangaroo in Australia) they try to kill only males but this isnt alway possible, and sometimes joeys in the pouch are orphaned.The ordinary Australian buying kangaroo meat in supemarkets

Why do some Australians migrate?

For almost all young Australians, an essential feature of growing up is "The Trip," going to England on a work permit, living in utter squalor for several months with a group of similarly-minded young people in London, doing a van trip around Europe, maybe spending some time in Canada and the USA but eventually heading back to

What is Australian culture?

I don't know much about their culture but once my professor told they are very patriotic.Suppose there are two brands which sells canned fish. Brand A from Australia and Brands B from Indonesia. Eventough if Brand A is expensive , people tend to buy them in order to support their countries product.

What inspired Australian egalitarianism?

The penal origins of the country and the ANZAC's are the two biggest cultural aspects to form the basis of the Australian society (and national imagery) which is based on a disrespect for authority and egalitarianism.Australia was settled as a penal

What is Australia's intelligence agency called?

Australia has two main intelligence agencies, one foreign, one domestic.The foreign intelligence service is the Australian Secret Intelligence Service, or ASIS.The domestic intelligence service is called the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation, or ASIO.They are part of the Australian intelligence community,

Which party do you think will be in power following the next general election in Australia?

This is just from my own observation. The coalition (Liberal/National) have no hope of winning the next general election. They have made too many mistakes. The party is imploding from within. It is as divided as ever. Voters do not like how Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was pushed out. The Wentworth by-election shows voters' anger. The seat was

What are example of words only Australian people say?

It's your shout.If you're with a group of people, in a pub or something, and it's your turn to buy a round of drinks, then it's your shout.It probably originated from the fact that a pub or bar is noisy so

What do Americans think about Australia?

It's kind of like a little sibling.Takes the name of, and represents in large part, the continent? Check.Lot of open space? Check.Something of a tradition of individualism? Check.(Until fairly recently, and even to some extent today) pretty decent gun laws and culture? Check.Plus kangaroos and the accent. Reckon that's about all I've got mate.

Why is Australia a racist country?

One thing to remember about Australia... it is big. Really, really big. If you consider the difference between Welshmen, Englishmen, the French and Italians... well those four countries could easily fit within one of the smaller Australian states!The majority of Australians live

What are the impact of flooding in Australian economy?

Australia has an extremely variable climate and one large event can cost more that the total of many small ones. Insurance figures are probably the best source of data. White Paper by Zurich Risk Engineering is quite  a good

Do Indians like australians?

Yup!Here's the reason why -1. A true sports focussed country, plays their game fair and hard. Being a sportsman, I love and admire Australians for their sporting culture which has produced great sporting legends like Rod Laver, Ian Thorpe, Shane Warne to name a

What do Australians think of Brexit?

Given that this is a British issue and not an Australian issue the typical a-political or even fairly political Australian normally wouldn't give a damn about Brexit. Tony Brown's Answer says it all really. I'll give a direct link to his Answer, I'll keep my Answer short and brief though.Tony Brown's

Why are Australians so good looking?

Australians are generally very good looking, but the higher you go up the social order, the more ugly they become.Here are some photos of Federal and State politicians, state and federal, past and present.

What are the founding ideals and core values of the Liberal Party of Australia?

Human Dignity, Freedom and Equality are the main founding ideals of the Australian Government, (Page on liberal.org.au). The core values are freedom of speech,  freedom of religion, and freedom to follow one's own values without hurting others, a law that sees people innocent until proven guilty, respect for others, (Why we are Liberals).  I'm

Why are Australians refusing Adani?

The most valuable resource in Australia is water. Mining is a risk to water tables and catchment areas. It also destroys massive amounts of land that may (or may not) be valuable agricultural land. That's the general answer.To be more specific, Adani is