Why do people with autism dislike Autism Speaks?

As I type this I am sitting, rocking in my chair. I can't stand up. I can't make my body move so I can stand up and drive my partner to their doctor's appointment. I am unable to speak in complete sentences and can barely speak at all.I am what many

As an autistic person, are you better at spotting other autistic people?

I believe that I am better at identifying other Auts than N'Auts generally are.I could always identify other Autistic people, usually because they were the only friendships I could maintain, or because I found them to be rude and ignorant N'Auts. Retrospective

Can a non-autistic person watch an autistic person socializing, and, afterwards, give feedback, like point out the non-verbals he or she missed?

Physically speaking, of course they can. Anyone can observe, and then speak to the person they have observed - autistic people can do this too.Whether you should do this, though, is the question. If the autistic person has asked you to observe them and make comments to them afterwards, then it may be

Does an autistic brain look different from someone who is non-autistic, and if so, what makes us different?

Most children learn to socialize and communicate without any effort. They integrate easily into peer groups and are happy forming friendships. However, others like myself have considerable difficulties in socializing, tending to remain on the margins of any peer group, often quite isolated. If,

Does CBD help with autism?

How CBD For Autism WorksIn the few studies on the effects of CBD and autism, participants saw noticeable improvements in inflammatory responses, mood, appetite, disruptive behaviors, and communication. The exact mechanism responsible for these changes, however, has yet to be defined.CB2 RegulationResearch indicates

How does the autistic brain differ from a typical one?

My son has autism and I have studied and read until my head felt like a turkey stuffed on thanksgiving. Most of it does not apply. I watched my son. Got to know him, as an individual. Not as autistic. I have found that as

How much can a non-autistic person say to help an autistic person understand why their behavior is unusual, in the eyes of so-called normal persons?

I can only really tell you, what I would need someone to tell me. With that caveat, let's get this party started!Knowing why it is unusual in the eyes of others is irrelevant. Knowing how to stim in a different way, is more important.(Sorry,

Is it possible for autistic people to have a non-autistic biological children?

I have a flipped scenario for you. I am born autistic (Asperger's disorder), but neither of my parents have autism, they're both neurotypical people. My mom is a super talkative extrovert that blasts music in the house whenever she feels the setting calls for it, my dad is an ambivert who's a huge geek about anything

What are the difference between an autistic person and a normal person?

I like this question because it raises a very important issue - We grow up accepting what/ who we are as

What is the difference between a psychopath and an autistic person?

I have written a couple of answers on this previously addressing Asperger's and psychopathy.Athena Walker's answer to How can you to distinguish between psychopaths and aspergers?Well, I will completely admit that I am lacking in my understanding of Asperger's to the

What's the difference between an autistic person and a neurotypical person who acts like an autistic person in social situations because he/she is introverted?

You're making the mistake of thinking an introverted person acts like an autistic person. They don't. They're just introverted. On the other hand, autistic people are not always acting like introverts, even though popular media displays them like that.InteractingBoth introverts and

Why do some autistic people not have a special interest at all?

I can't tell if you are trying to ask a hypothetical

Are autistic people less likely to feel good after exercise?

Children enjoy diving hands first into play experiences. Completing the tasks of building blocks, working a puzzle, and drawing pictures will yield skills that the child will use throughout his lifetime.Occupational therapists are fortunate enough to be a critical part of the treatment team for children with special needs. Therapists who work

Are most computer programmers autistic?

So I have been working in Silicon Valley in several different engineering/technical roles.A couple of details to consider:1.) She did not say that most computer programmers are autistic. She said "half of Silicon Valley has mild autism"2.) The few people who I

Autistics: What frustrates you?

Let me break it down to one incident that really illustrates what's going on. Once I was applying for a job in the finance department of a school and some of the people had known me growing up. I remember handing in my

Could high functioning autism be misdiagnosed as comorbid OCD and ADHD?

As a parent of both a child with high functioning autism (HFA) and children with ADHD, I know that they present in very similar ways and someone without training (parents, teachers, even family general doctor) could mistake one for the other.However, while people with HFA present aspects of ADHD and OCD, they also exhibit a lot of

Do all autistic people have some form of OCD?

Is it common for autistic people to have OCD tendencies?Autistic people often have anxiety disorders, and OCD is a very common form of anxiety disorder, so yes, OCD is a common co-morbid condition, as are social anxiety disorder, general anxiety disorder, and

Is there a difference between the attention problems a person with autism spectrum disorder and a person with ADD might have? And if so, should they be treated differently?

To my understanding, individuals with ASD are often likely to also have ADHD - they appear to often go hand in hand. The question at this point is do they actually have ADHD or is it a misdiagnosis that doesn't get altered. My 12 year old son was recently diagnosed with ASD and was diagnosed with ADHD

Is there any scientific proof that vaccines cause autism?

I am going to vary my answer from others already great answers to try to give a more broad answer. I will discuss risk vs reward and their perceptions and thus also include vaccines, lead poisoning, cancer, and autism.Assertion #1. First off, lets all acknowledge

Why are people still not very comfortable talking about mental illness or autism? However they're fine with talking about physical illness such as MS, cancer, etc?

Because of the stigma they got. Mental illness is misunderstood by the general public. For example, the society think that a person who has depression is weak and very emotional. Mostly, stigma sprout from ignorance, strict culture or morals and religion. In the Philippines, mental health is a taboo because of

Why do I sometimes have an urge to scream really loud?

Great to see someone who wants to express himself. It is actually very good to express yourself and if circumstances are such, do scream out loud and even cry if you want to. This provides an outlet to the inner frustration that might be accumulating after maybe a series of unexpected failures. Don't

Why do people with autism look much younger than their age?

Majority of autistic people have above average skull-size. As a result, many of us retain the body proportions of children. Adults are an average of 8–9 heads tall, while children average at 6–7 heads tall, and at age 20, I come in at 7 heads tall.Some related Links:Autistics

How can I, as a woman with ASD, avoid being in another abusive relationship?

Make a list on the types of guys or gals your interested in and list what went wrong in the past then get to know someone as a friend before dating them and compare to previous relationships before you ask them out. Trust me I have been in 10 relationships i can really count and more

Should autistic people get married?

I think it's perfectly okay for an autistic person to marry as it would be a neurotypical. There are those with Autism who have successfully married and had a family and there are those who suffered divorced. Just as the

What are the causes of Asperger Syndrome?

Asperger Syndrome:-Asperger's syndrome (AS) is one of a group of neurological disorders known as autism spectrum disorders (ASDs). AS is considered to be on the mild end of the spectrum. People with AS exhibit three primary symptoms:difficulty with social interactionengaging in repetitive behaviorrigidity in thinking and a focus on rules and routinesSome people with

What is the hardest part about being a step-parent to a child with Aspergers?

Take all the issues you would have being a step parent to any child and multiply them.I raised a son with autism, and from my discussions with friends who have kids with HFA (as Asperger's is now called under the DSM 5), the biggest difference is extreme rigidity