Can Tesla ever make a car below $20k?

No. Which is not surprising since no one else, including all the major manufacturers with R & D budgets orders of magnitude greater than Tesla, are equally unable to do so. Tesla itself is only profitable thanks to the money they take in

Where can I buy a smart car?

Marty failed to respond to YOUR question. The arizona dealer is smart | Mercedes-Benz of Chandler 7450 W. Orchid Lane • Chandler, AZ 85226New 2016 coupes will run you 15–18k new, 2017 convertibles 18–25k. Several versions of Fortwo- Pure (I want a car) Passion (normal power windows, ac, radio etc) Prime (leather seats -ONLY

Why aren't all cars sold like Tesla's, where the price is always the same?

Generally, the manufacturer isn't the problem. It's dealers. Dealers make all their money from parts and services and a little from car sales. EVs offer very little to dealers in terms of parts or services. There's no oil to change. Brakes last a WAY longer because of regenerative braking. The only fluid that need to be

Who will be the next non-automotive company after Tesla and Dyson to make electric cars?

Excuse me. Tesla is foremost an automotive company. It was first named Tesla Motors.Apple's been the subject of speculation for a long time. It would be a hoot if GE made an electric car.

Does it take more energy to accelerate quickly on an electric car? Does a standard car burn more gas?

Very definitely! But for a Tesla, 4 seconds won't eat up much. High energy consumption comes more from wind resistance. Traveling 70+ will gobble juice much more quickly than going at 55 or slower. Traveling up mountains will also eat up more electricity. You won't proportionally gain it back coming back down though your

Can gas car companies put updatable firmware into their cars as Tesla does?

Yes they can put updatable firmware in cars and they have for many years.The ECU's have flash memory and the programming can easily be updated with the manufacturer's scan tool.  The updates are downloaded from the internet and installed in the vehicles.  They are for specific problems with the functioning of the component involved.

What's Tesla Motors next vehicle? (2011)

The Model X - more info and a video of Elon Musk unveiling the car can be seen here on their website: should also be noted that Tesla is taking reservations for the Model X with deliveries planned for early 2014. For a mere $40k you

What is the difference between an electric car (Tesla) and a hybrid car?

There is little left to add from all of the other answers, except that certain terms tend to broaden in meaning as technologies evolve.

How many cars will be sold in 2017 worldwide?

Probably around 80 million or so. Its been steadily increasing for years, and China now consumes more cars annually than the US and Europe. And thats just new cars. Numbers on used car sales are pretty unreliable, but it could be double that number or maybe triple. New car data can come from manufacturers, but used

How important is a car's muffler?

A muffler's main purpose is to reduce the noise an engine makes. You might have heard some cars on the road that are inordinately loud? Likely from a broken muffler.There's a hitch. A muffler will reduce your car's horsepower somewhat in exchange for being quieter. This is why race-tuned

What is the most expensive car?

Bugatti Veyron Grand Sports:Bugatti Veyron tops the chart of India is most expensive cars with a price tag of INR 38 crore. This sports car is equipped with an 8.7-litre engine offering 987 bhp at 6000 rpm and generates 1250 Nm in the range of 2200-5500 rpm coupled with a 7-speed DSG automatic transmission.

Are Audis good cars?

In my experience no. I bought a CPO 2010 Audi S4 that was only a few months old and couple thousand miles on it. I later found out that the entire side of the car was wrecked, fixed, and then sold as a CPO. 3 months after owning the car the clutch went out. I babied that clutch and

Will future cars become more and more boring as electric cars take over?

In some ways, yes. In others, no.My brother got his Trans Am back on the road after a couple of decades in the garage, so naturally he wants to take it to the drag strip to go up against my Tesla.

How do Tesla dealerships work?

Tesla has no dealerships. That is, honestly, the biggest reason that buying a car from them is so pleasant.They do have showrooms where you can look at a car and arrange a test drive. There are people there to answer your questions. But all sales are made via the web site.

What's cheaper, insuring old cars or new cars? Why?

Car safety is very poorly correlated with the number of accidents and associated injuries. The driver of a modern car with lots of safety features is MUCH more likely to be killed in a car accident than the driver of a 60's classic

What does AMG means in Mercedes Benz cars?

AMG stands for"Aufrecht Melcher Grossaspach" which comes from Hans Werner Aufrecht (A) and Erhard Melcher (M) who were the two main partners, while Aufrecht's birthplace of Grossaspach (G) is the third letter in the name of an independent division of Mercedes-Benz. It basically  designs and manufactures

Did Tesla Model 3 outsell all other car models?

At the moment, pre-orders are closing in on 300K.If Tesla manages to build 300K in its first model year (which is unlikely), it will have a chance at breaking into the top ten for US auto sales. In 2015, #10, the Toyota RAV4, moved 315K units. The #1 seller, the Ford F-Series, sold 780K examples.

How safe are Maruti cars?

Most models of Maruti are top selling.However, top selling does not necessarily means it is the best..Maruti cars are positioned around Affordability, Low cost of maintenance, Mileage and good resale.Other than this, I see no reason to own Maruti..a) Most of Maruti cars feel

Which upcoming electric cars are most like to challenge Tesla in 2019/2020?

As unconventional as this may be, I'd like to propose that you ask a different question?When you buy a Tesla, you get the Tesla AND a network of charging stations that, in the US alone, looks like this.

Why are cars so important?

#1 is freedom: to go wherever you want whenever you want#2 is scalabilability in cost: unless your lifestyle dictates that you only go to the occasional x location during Y time under Z curcumstance all the time then a car is for you.This of course depends on the country we are talking about so my

What part of a car is most important?

Please dont listen to the people below, the true answer is everything. Well not necessarily EVERYthing, but anything that you can think of that all cars ranging from 1960-present have in common. ie; engine, brakes, lights, tires, gas, tank, etc. i cant necessarily say the same for

Which car manufacturer in India is safest?

The short answer is none.None of the Cars that are manufactured in India have received a 5 Star safety rating.All hatch backs are equally unsafe. If you go for European makes VW, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, skoda, Volo. They are far better / safer than Indian counterparts.If

Why don't car companies sell their cars like Tesla sells cars?

The dealership model is well established in the United States. It was not practical early in the life of auto industry for companies to build showrooms and repair facilities throughout the US and then start selling cars. It would have been cost prohibitive. Since

How to get to sell cars in a dealer

The first answer is heading in the right direction. Although probably not experienced with being a car salesman.Getting a job as a car salesman in a dealership is normally pretty easy. They hire alot of people. The trick is staying a car salesman. It is a tough job with

Are Tesla cars future-proof?

No. But they are better equipped for the future than most other cars. My 2014 Model S started out doing a lot less than it does now. But it got many upgrades over time, and due to software upgrades alone,

What affordable luxury car is reliable?

Mercedes W210 chassis were a favorite I heard amongst Mercedes techs. Fairly reliable, OBDII, and easy to DIY (which is why they can be affordable - they are easy to work on yourself). I have one at 272k miles, bought at 184k and was well cared for, so I got a code foundation

Are Fiat cars reliable?

Fiat car looking good and well feature equipped, but i like hyundai and its new 4s fluidic Verna is my best car.4S Fluidic Verna

How can india have a car manufacturer like tesla?

I believe there are electric cars made in India. Tesla fits US/EU more than in India, mainly price difference. But also road conditions and specifications and functions.Join the forces with those who already do or plan bringing EV-s to Indian market.

Is Lotus competition to Tesla? Why or why not?

No. Their cars are completely unrelated. One Tesla model has been built on a Lotus chassis (which, by the way, had to be bought from Lotus) and it cost around 7 times as much. They're aimed at completely different people. Plus, the Lotus is a far better car. The only appeal of the

What is the most affordable luxury car?

When looking to buy a cheap or affordable luxury car most people don't look at the cost of ownership. Usually the cheapest luxury car esp a used one is some of the biggest money pits that money can buy. German luxury

Why are other carmakers having a hard time building an electric car better than the Tesla?

I don't think so. Bmw i3 gives more mileage than Tesla(with 85-kilowatt-hour battery) per KW. The BMW i3 REx fitted with the optional range-extending engine(hybrid) is rated  at 117 MPGe, giving it a 31-percent advantage(according to EPA) over the Model S(89

What are some luxury car companies?

Talking About Luxury cars in the world the one name that comes in everyone minds is the ROLLS-ROYCE

How safe is Maruti Suzuki baleno in terms of built quality?

Maruthi Suzuki Baleno is relatively a new car in the premium hatch segment. Build quality is a wide term and there are several traits that define the build quality of a car. Baleno has a lesser weight (960 kg) when compared to

Where are Tesla cars manufactured?

In addition to Kent Shooks answer:Partial disassembly at Tesla factory Fremont, CA (drivetrain and battery removed from vehicles for European market)Reassembly at Tilburg, Netherlands

Why is a car report not free?

I am not sure what specific report you're referring to. Did you mean vehicle history reports? There are many sites providing vehicle history reports for free, might not be 100% complete but contains vital information. Check out it is a pretty new website but they provide free vehicle

What are the advantages of Audi cars?

You get a lot of free coffee and companionship, at the dealership, as your car and everybody else's Audi gets towed there a lot.  Trade stories about how your $400 Nissan never failed, and you sold it for $100 more than what you paid for it.   The person with the best story

Why do sports cars need premium gas?

Using gas prices fluctuating and the economy within an unpredictable talk about, drivers usually are constantly researching to save money for the pump. Eat way to secure a little savings is to opt with regard to regular unleaded energy and immediately save all around 20 cents per gallon above the premium material.

Why are Honda cars so expensive?

Hi.I completely agree with vikas. I own a Honda City and i can assure you that no other sedan can give you that comfort and sporty feeling which Honda city does(Not speaking about luxurious sedans).Advice:- If you are looking forward to buy a

Are the new Volkswagen I.D. electric cars worth getting over a Tesla?

VW has issued purchase supply contracts to multiple existing battery manufacturers... They have no plans on producing batteries themselves and are trusting that the suppliers will be able to produce the volume they anticipate needing and presumably they some how hope to be competitive by buying the batteries other than making them - themselves.VW doubles

Why Maruti Suzuki swift built quality is poor?

No, this is not true the car built quality is good. Apart from this, it is the most selling car.But as this is a big investment, so I will suggest you to have a look at Feedbayk App. It has real & verified car owners with whom

Why do most German luxury cars have much poorer reliability than other cars?

I have a dear friend who is also a politician and fond of buying cars. One day he asked my opinion to buy a BMW X5. I rejected the idea of buying the brand. I suggested him a HYUNDAI Santafe instead. He

Do consumers agree that extended range on a electric vehicle is a key feature they look for in an EV? Most companies are putting silicon as a key resource in order to accomplish this.

Consumers or customers? If you ask a average consumer as in someone who drives but is considering buying a car. Range will be a big key feature, more is better. If you as a customer who is an owner of an EV the

Is Jaguar I-PACE better than Tesla's electric cars?

Based on six years of production starting with Model S we have a lot of information on the performance of Tesla.The Jaguar I-Pace is not on the road in a way that can give us a fair comparison other than the posted information.The posted information indicates the

Sold my car and buyer claims to have problems?

It is not your problem! If you truly did disclose everything you knew about the car then you have no ethical dilemma. It was their job to make sure the car was to their standards before purchasing it. You have no obligations to fix the car or repay the buyer.

What is the world's fastest street legal car in 2016? What is its top speed?

"Hennessey Venom GT" ,it's the fastest road legal car(435kmph) Though currently it's not in the record books.(who cares?!?!)