What are some things that someone can do to avoid getting debt?

The short answer is live within your means. Don't spend more than you have.That being said, there is good debt and bad debt. Buying a home is good debt since most real estate appreciates in value. Of course you need a place to live and will have to pay rent anyway. A

How to avoid eating at all

For longer than a couple days (without major risks other than being tired) to a week (with risk of non-lethal malnutrition) or a month (with risk of lethal malnutrition), you can't. All your energy and the physical materials your body is

Why do most people either run away from troubles and difficulties or always wish to avoid such things? What is their aim in life? How do they spend their lives without difficulties?

We all are alone with our brains. We all have our unique brains with our own comfort zones. What one can see as a minor problem or issue can be an impossible situation for others. We might feel that they have avoided an difficult situation but actually

What do you avoid?

Telling people my Problems !!!I've been a person who used to be very vocal about the problems or issues that I was facing with my life. Like if I meet any colleague of mine, or any moderate friend, or maybe some person whom I met just a few hours ago, the moment they used to ask,