Can I hit someone if they touch my baby without my permission?

If you are physically capable of hitting them, then of course you can. However, then you will either be hit back or, most likely, arrested. You might even be sued for a great deal of money.Legally, someone gently touching your child is not grounds for hitting them.I suggest you say to them

How to tell my husband that I'm pregnant with his brother's baby

You need to tell your husband as soon as possible because the longer you wait, the more trouble you will make. You need to just straight up tell him face to face that you cheated on him with his brother. He deserves and you will give him all of the details of your

How to tell my mother in law to stay away from my baby

I'm guessing your baby is very young. Being protective and possessive of your newborn is normal as you get to know him or her and develop confidence in yourself as a mother.While you may feel that your baby belongs to you, your child

How do two gay people have a baby?

We did. My partner and I are a gay couple (28 years) and wanted a child where there was an active mom. We met a lesbian couple who also wanted a child. We got together. One of us ejaculated into a champagne glass and one of the lesbians inseminated her partner . She

How to make baby hair grow

you can try following the below tips to ensure that your baby's hair grows faster.#1. Detangle the curls carefullyBabies tend to spend most of their time lying on their back, fidgeting. This causes their hair to get tangled easily. Always remove the tangled hair using a soft baby

How long is it good to wait to have another kid? Just had a baby, and husband already wants another one.

If you had a c-section, or a complicated pregnancy, you need to ask your doctor and follow their advice on this issue.If not, then it depends on what you want, and how soon your body resumes fertility. Usually, if you are exclusively breastfeeding a newborn, fertility and periods may

I have 3 daughters. Now my husband is forcing for another child in the hope of a baby boy. What should I do?

Take assertiveness classes, and learn to say no, with respect and dignity, for both yourself and your husband.Then ask your husband to create a wonderful educational budget for all three girls, so that they can be successful in their lives as girls!If you can't do it by yourself, get the assistance of your gynecologist

I want to have another baby, but my son doesn't want a new sibling. What should I do?

As someone who was an only child until I was 7.5 years old, it was a situation that was psychologically damaging to me (I'm now in treatment for what we thought was Borderline Personality Disorder as a result of severe emotional neglect, but are now realizing it's C-PTSD), and I'm JUST coming to

I want to have another baby, my husband does not want another. What step do I need to take to convince him?

Well you need to Respect his decision because he's entitled to his feelings or choices he also have to think about the financial aid do you have the money to provide for another baby? Do you have time for another kid? If you're always working or

if husband wants one more baby but you dont want anymore,what is the solution?

if husband wants one more baby but you dont want anymore,what is the solution?(from comment) have a baby boy together biologically,husband wants one more biological child,but I hate to gothrough labor and pregnancy again.I dont want to be so vulnerable in life,because it was so hard!!!just cant trust anyone enough to

My husband and I want to have another baby, but my maid doesn't want any more members in the family. What should I do?

I don't mean to offend but I seriously laughed when I read this. First of all, Who is she(your maid) to decide weather you are supposed to expand your family? She felt this way because she did not want extra burden on her shoulders. I

My husband left me for his baby's mom. Will he come back to our marriage?

Dear OP,Marriage is a partnership and just like another partnership certain things are necessary in order to have a strong, long-lasting partnership. Some of those things are open and honest communication, trust, respect, hard work and valuing the other person. If your husband had an affair that means he wasn't honest with you, the trust has broken

My husband wants us to have another baby, we have 3 small children. I do not want anymore. But he will not listen. What do I do?

Having another child has to be a joint decision: having children at all is probably the most important decision any couple will make.One child is a life-changing event: your daily lives will never be the same. Three small kids can be overwhelming, especially if the burden of care

My mother in law takes my baby out of my arms without asking my permission. She also passes my baby around to other people without my permission. How do I put a stop to this behavior without hurting her feelings?

This calls for a textbook Positive-Needs To Focus On-Positive, three part behavior acknowledgement approach.1- Speaking with her privately, let her know how grateful you are with what a bang-up job she's doing as a Grandma and a Mother-In-Law.2- This is the part where you get to your true motive. Let her know you've

My mother-in-law took my infant daughter out of state without my permission. She did have my husband's permission. She is now refusing to give the baby back. What should I do?

Is this a case of your Mil took the baby to the family reunion without your knowledge and permission but with your husbands and you called and demanded she bring her back when you found out kind of take the baby or is it something more sinister.When you say

We as human, if more babies are delivered, take utmost care with more medical attention for the weakest where as in animal kingdom, what makes the mother animal to swallow it's own weakest baby?

There are a lot of animals who do that. It is not even restricted to mothers eating their kids, it is also seen where o e baby is eaten by his/her brothers and sisters. And all this is to increase the odds of the survival of their own and their offsprings. Some

Why are human babies so difficult to handle compared to infants of animals?

Human babies are so difficult to handle compared to animal babies because the human infants cannot perceive the world at an early age like the animal babies do. This is due to the fact that the brain of human infants is quite underdeveloped as compared to

Why are humans attracted to baby animals?

Let me describe what a baby is like to a man. It smells funny. It doesn't talk. It's helpless. It's FREAKING ANNOYING. It consumes your resources. It consumes your wife's time. It hijacks her breasts. It traumatizes her female parts, putting a hiatus on your happy-fun-times with her. It competes with you for her attention. It literally shits

Why do human babies cry more than animal babies?

There are two aspects to this question. First the mental development of the human mind is complicated and takes some three years to go through the process. A newborn snake can catch his first meal within minutes. Petrolheads; Compare a Formula One racing car engine with that of

Are human babies rational animals?

Well it certainly depends on what age it is. If it is an infant then definitely not. They can't even hold their own head up. By the time they are 1 they have clearly been soaking in the world and are usually just learning language. By the time they turn 2 is when they

Are human babies 'spoilt' and weak compared to other animals?

"Spoilt" is hard to define, but weak? Certainly. To function as bipedal organisms, human female hips have to be much narrower than those of most mammals relative to their overall size. This means that human babies have to be born at an earlier stage of development than other mammalian young, otherwise they

Can cats tell that human babies are infants?

Well, I'm sure there is research on cognitive animal behavior of animals held in close family bonds with infant humans present. This is not an area of science I am familiar with. However, for what it's worth, I can contribute a personal experience that is relevant.My wife and me were adopted by our

Can human babies learn animal languages?

No. About as much as bringing up puppy as a human baby will have it quoting Shakespeare after a few years. Ain't gonna happen. I love animals more than people sometimes (often, actually), but even I don't believe a dog has the mental capacity (or the patience) to learn to read. Human babies don't

Can humans and animals make babies?

Human are animals, but I'll assume you mean

Can newborns drink water?

It's best not to give your baby water before 6 months. At this newborn stage, breast milk or formula is all a baby needs to stay healthy. You don't want to fill up your baby on water, which may decrease her appetite and leave her malnourished.In general, your

Do animal parents still take care of their adult babies?

It depends on the species. For instance, if I remember correctly, elephants female offspring can stay with their mothers for their whole lives. Where the males are expected to leave the hurd after a couple of years. (It limits inbreeding of course.)But other than protection from lions and such, they don't really

Do babies also feel the pain of childbirth?

Do babies feel the pain of birth? Probably not for brain development is incomplete. This is fortunate for birth is torture of an intensity that if humans are subjected to it are unlikely survive. This is what happens.Within the womb the baby is floating comfortably in

Do babies have a baby smell?

In 2013, A study about the smell of newborn babies was published by Johannes Frasnelli, a physician and an anatomy professor at the University of Quebec.He recruited 30 women, including 15 who had just given birth and 15 who had

Do dogs protect human babies?

Well from my personal experience, every dog doesnt instinctly protect human babies. It depends on the dog's nature usually and more often what age the dog is of. Talking about my dog Bushu, when my elder sister got married and she delivered a baby girl, she came home with her, Seeing my

Do you often find animal babies cuter than human babies? Why?

I know this will probably upset a lot of people but I have never found human infants cute. Toddlers a bit.I never liked baby looking baby dolls. Barbie was cool but I preferred my menagerie of plush animals, and real animals much better ( exception

During pregnancy, is there any symptoms of having baby boy or baby girl?

I gained a lot with my daughter (50lbs) and craved sweets and spices. I carried very, very low and wide. People said I looked like I was due to have the baby (every, freakin day for 3 months). I broke out a lot... and didn't look all that great. I had a lot of

How to get my 4.5 month old back on her sleeping schedule post cold/flu. My baby was sleep trained and now she won't nap or sleep at night without nursing to sleep. She also wakes up every 2 hours at night. Help

4.5 months is far too young to be sleep trained, self settling is a developmental stage that they just don't have at such a young age. I refuse to use sleep training methods such as CC or CIO as in my opinion they are barbaric and unnecessary, babies learn to self settle at their own

How to stop a year old baby from sucking pacifier without crying in the night

If it provides them comfort, why take it away?I mean some kids will be willing to let it go to babies that need it. I have also heard of some that cut the tip off and just keep cutting it off until their is little left.At a year old, I understand the dental reasons to

How do animals know that they are going to have a baby and not be surprised when they give birth to a baby?

I think the first time it happens to a particular animal she's a little confused and surprised. I've had number of cats over the years and my parents weren't the biggest fans of spaying and neutering, so I've observed several first time mothers and how they handle it.The first time they're usually not sure what's going on. They're

How does a baby perceive another baby?

I will never forget one of the very first times I went to the shopping centre with my precious first baby and his daddy.We were walking along and all of a sudden this tiny child came running up to stare at our little man. The child was beaming.

How fragile are newborn babies?

How easily broken or damaged are they? Extremely!They can be damaged if you press too hard on the top of their heads, newborn skull plates have not yet fused so it's just their scalp/skin protecting their brains.Their bottoms can become infected if they aren't changed and cleaned regularly, nappy rash.They eventually die if they aren't fed every hour

How helpless are human babies compared to some other animals?

Human babies enter the world utterly dependent on caregivers to tend to their every need. Although newborns of other primate species rely on caregivers, too, human infants are especially helpless because their brains are comparatively underdeveloped. Indeed, by one estimation a human fetus would have to undergo a gestation period of 18 to 21 months

I dislike human babies, but I adore baby animals. Is it bad?

Yes you are a horrible person and should be sent to an island for people who hate babies. Just Kidding. I had a friend who couldn't stand babies or children. Said they were annoying. Some people don't like children it doesn't make them bad people. Hell I have

If humans have evolved, then why are human babies so helpless when born in comparison to many animals?

Depending on the species, a newborn is born either precocial or altricial,To be born precocial means that a lot of development has occurred while in the womb, leading to being almost fully functional shortly after birth. Newborn deer are an example- they have open eyes and ears and can walk after a few

Is a baby sling good or bad for a baby?

It depends on a few of things:type of sling (some are better for the baby, some are not designed as well for baby's comfort or physiology)whether you'd be holding the baby anyway or not (generally, attachment parenting holds that the more a baby is held or worn, the

Is it normal to not find babies cute? I only really find baby animals cute.

Mother nature built into us to take care of cute things, Things that are smaller than us, usually with big eyes, who are clingy - think of a baby that grasps things like fingers, or baby animals who will lick and try to cuddle, usually no teeth or a few or the teeth are immature, soft feeling and smell

Is it okay kiss newborn babies?

This Quora answer isn't going to change any family's customs. So I'll mix a little opinion in with a little science.In Western societies, most germs that will kill a baby are rare among adults. An exception is Herpes Simplex (cold sores). The

Is it true that a baby can feel in its mother's womb?

Week 6 the brain grows into 5 different areas. Around 8 weeks a baby starts to develop a sense of touch. A hormonal stress response can be seen at 18 weeks, the entire pathway for pain fully developed at around 26 weeks.Source:1)US Library of Medicine / Medline Plus2) BMJ. 2006 Apr

Should all new parents be CPR certified?

It's not mandatory, but it is a good idea.The class (including CPR for infants) takes all of a few hours, and most workplaces will cover it for free as part of professional development once a year.It's useful to know, even if you never have to use it, and

Should pregnant women be reprimanded for endangering their unborn children?

The answer is no. A balanced, free society is one which recognises that the individual has ethical capacity to act in their own best interests. In this case, a pregnant woman may decide that smoking and drinking while pregnant are in her own best interests. She should be free to make that choice, provided she is

Should two soon to be parents require the consent of the unborn child to birth him/her?

I take it this is prompted by the case in India where the man is suing his parents for giving birth to him without his consent.Honestly, it's ridiculous. Why not just go all the way back and sue for conceiving him? And if they could acquire

Through my personal experiences, any person that I have encountered who unfortunately lost a newborn/stillborn/miscarried now has strong feelings against abortion, so I wonder, has anyone lost a baby and still does advocate for abortion rights?

My mother and father.Their first child, a boy, was stillborn at 27 weeks. It was a horrendous experience in the confusion of a French hospital where many things were lost in translation. My parents had been married 12 years and only recently decided to have children. My mother still blames herself for continuing to

What all do we need to shop for a new born baby?

Quality breastpump. It will save you a lot of time and money in the long run.Purchase the plastic sealable e bags to put breastmilk in for storage in freezer. (DETHAW in fridge. Do not microwave.)Tons of diapers, ask for them in several sizes.Babies grow fast. Save money by getting their clothes second hand and just get new

What are the effects of throwing cheese at a baby?

Ok so if this is something that you have done, there are at least two problems here, one is that you are bottom feeder in our society for throwing something at a child and second you are a bottom dweller for wasting good cheese.I am guessing that you are a bottom

What does an abortion feel like in different stages?

Oh I love this question! I've had 3 abortions, 23, 14, 7 weeks. Yep I was on birth control. But even if I wasn't, abortion is a safe and non-murderous procedure. Abortion doesn't hurt like birth that's for sure but depending on the stage, like my 14 and 7 were a little worse because

What happens if you don't 'baby talk' but instead speak like an adult to your baby?

I did that to my kid. The whole family used to do that to him. We talked to a baby, who wasn't any close to be ready to understand our words, in a completely normal tone and vocabulary and with as little baby talk as we could. Result: he

What is the best gift for a newborn baby?

I just had a baby about six weeks ago and have experienced a deluge of gifts. Avoid Blankets. One thing I would say you should NOT get is a blanket. I've gotten like a dozen blankets as gifts, maybe more, all big ones that are meant for "tummy time" which is like a half hour out

What is the difference between a woman having an abortion, and a woman killing her baby right after it is born?

Someone anonymously requested I answer this, so I am. You'll have to bear with the anecdotal/parable format, as I believe context is important.I was 7 or 8 when I first heard the term "stillborn." I was visiting my grandparents for the summer, and I'd overheard my grandmother talking on the phone. I asked

Which animals are more intelligent than human babies?

Understand that intelligence can't be accurately measured from one species to another. Intelligence is specific evolutionary adaptation for a species.Many adult animals are smarter than a 3 year old human.Corvids have an incredible memory (still being researched) for food storage and predators. Their brains are very different from mammals and have very concentrated

Why are human babies helpless when they are born?

Part of the reason is a trade-off for our big brains and the intelligence it brings us.Human babies are actually born premature compared to most other mammals. At the moment of birth a human baby is still a fetus by

Why are babies born with discoloration on their bottoms and back?

If you notice discoloration spot on your baby, be sure to show it to your child's pediatrician at his or her next visit.Your pediatrician can identify any spots that would require further testing or ones that are nothing to worry about.Types of Pigmented Spots in NewbornsCafé-au-lait spotsCafé-au-lait spots are flat, light tan or light

Why are babies so interested in other babies? Do babies recognize other babies and if yes, does this imply that a baby knows it is a baby?

That's a really good question. I recently saw my granddaughter (now 3) pass through all the stages of baby awareness, and wondered some of the same things. Here's what I observed with Little L.Newborn. Babies are hard-wired to look at anything resembling a human face. This

Why are baby animals cute in the way human babies are? Is there a universal definition of cuteness across nature?

It helps animals of their own or other kinds of species recognise them as a baby. They look fragile and are helpless, so their own species will have the instinct to protect them since they can't defend themselves (if they wouldn't, the animal wouldn't exist anymore so nice not enough

Why are breasts sexualized if they are meant for feeding babies? It's a source of food and all natural. Think about it, they are mammary glands that create milk.

It is kind of perverted when you think about it I know....In many ways it is a cultural thing though. The very fact that people have been ‘hiding' them - like some dirty little secret - has made them ‘desirable'.... There really is no reason that people should be so very offended if a woman wears a

Why are dogs attracted to babies?

Some dogs are naturally very maternal.   I had a dog that loved babies of any kind: humans, kittens, puppies, even chicks!   She was extremely gentle, loving, and protective of all of them.   I've had other dogs that were neutral at best

Why are human babies helpless when they are born?

Part of the reason is a trade-off for our big brains and the intelligence it brings us.Human babies are actually born premature compared to most other mammals. At the moment of birth a human baby is still a fetus by the standards of

Why are human babies so difficult to handle compared to infants of animals?

Human babies are so difficult to handle compared to animal babies because the human infants cannot perceive the world at an early age like the animal babies do. This is due to the fact that the brain of human infants is quite underdeveloped as compared to other mammalians.This underdevelopment of the Brain in humans is

Why are human babies so vulnerable as compared to other species?

Puppies are born blind and deaf. Granted, they can crawl on their own. Animals who make nests (mice) or have a den (wolf) usually bring their young in the world in a state of helplessness that would be deadly for other species. They also usually have more than one. But as they are

Why are humans attracted to baby animals?

Let me describe what a baby is like to a man. It smells funny. It doesn't talk. It's helpless. It's FREAKING ANNOYING. It consumes your resources. It consumes your wife's time. It hijacks her breasts. It traumatizes her female parts, putting a hiatus on your happy-fun-times with her. It competes with you for her attention. It literally shits itself.

Why are there less cases of babies born with disabilities in other animals than in humans?

I have personal seen lots of cats and dogs having litter (babies) with defects, some are born very week, some with issues with appendages, in the cats and dogs I have seen the are dead or killed by the mother in a few hours . some times eaten.

Why can't we remember being a baby or infant? Why can't we remember being in the womb or being born?

Its very much possible to access all your memories under the state of hypnosis. I have had recall of word to word conversations between the gynecologist and my mother, while she was on one of her visits while pregnant with me. The memory is in full colour detail with the

Why do a lot of people find baby animals cuter than human babies?

Human babies are tiny humans , early in development. Human babies look like humans, but under developed. That means no fur to hide or disguise any skin conditions or a misshapen head from the birth process and an odd head to body ratio.

Why do babies cry?

1. Parents are genetically programmed to find their children's cries indecipherable from finger nails down a chalkboard. The fastest way to get what you want is to create an experience so untenable for someone that they will cater to your every white...(crying is the fastest way for a baby to get his/her survival

Why do baby animals look cute?

It's about being imperfect, innocent and completely non-threatening, I think. For example, there is the Bambi complex, right? Bambi can't walk properly on ice, which is imperfect and something we can relate to, and may ourselves as better at. So Bambis inability to walk ice is often perceived as very 'cute'. Imperfection in itself is very non threatening.

Why do human babies need more attention and caring than animal babies?

Three things contribute to the helplessness of human infants: Brain size, upright walking and a genetic defect.When the human genome was being sequenced, a researcher at the University of Pennsylvania who was looking at his own DNA noticed he had a missing letter in one sequence in a gene called MYH16.

Why do I like baby animals but find baby humans annoying?

Because baby animals need less responsibilities? You do not need to wipe their bottoms if they poo. You don't need to handle their dirty diapers. You do not need to hear them wail for milk or for you. They not as needy. And they did not come from you. No pain, no burden, no need to talk to their

Why do most animals, specifically dogs, treat human babies with a friendly humility?

Why do most animals, specifically dogs, treat human babies with a friendly humility?First of all, scratch ‘most animals'. For example, ferrets have been known to attack and even kill small children: not a super common event, common enough that pet organizations warn owners not to leave baby's and small children unattended with ferrets. The same for dogs.

Why do people talk to animals the same way they talk to babies?

Some animals can understand a few words, and some can understand more (dogs, chimps etc) given proper training and positive reinforcement, but the majority of animals don't understand a word we say. They generally go on previous experience, tone and pitch, and most importantly body language.You'll know the

Why do some babies cry more than others?

I have notice that some babies cry more. My baby on the other hand was rather a happy baby. I really think that using the philosophy of Montessori from the start gave me a lot of insight in how to keep my baby happy.However, some basic considerations were in order. 1. Make sure she is not too hot. Dress

Why do states with the most restrictive abortion laws also have the highest infant mortality rates (deaths of infants unrelated to abortions)? The effect is not particularly 'pro-life.'?

Because the ‘pro-life' movement is a scam designed to INCREASE the fetal & maternal death rates.The estimates of pregnant women experiencing violence range from 16-25%! In all of the ‘Pro-Life' stories about the babies ‘rescued', I have never heard of

Why do we baptise newborn babies?

Well, not every Christian denomination does; a lot of Protestant/fundamentalist churches require people to be old enough to make the decision to be baptized on their own, which can be anywhere from late childhood through adulthood. For denominations that do baptize infants, the idea is to cleanse their souls of the original sin they

Why don't baby stay babies forever?

Because if a baby doesn't grow and mature and then reproduce, that would be the end of the entire human race. There would have only been one baby born, perhaps miraculously appear, thanks be to God, or perhaps the first was a mutation from parents

Why is a venemous baby snake more dangerous compared to an adult one?

This is a very common question, which is partly myth and partly true. The myth part is that young snakes have more venom and/or it is more concentrated than in adult snakes. Actually, adult snakes carry a much greater volume of venom and it is more potent than in

Why is it typical for humans to only have one or two babies per birth but other mammals typically have more?

Simply put, we don't NEED to have more than one or two per birth.When people think of an animal that has lots of babies, a few examples come to mind. Namely:Rabbits.Rats.Cats.Dogs.Mice.Now, what's one thing all these animals have in common?Relatively short lifespans.Look at some bigger animals; Elephants, whales, rhinos. What do they have in common?Relatively long lifespans. And fewer

Why won't my newborn baby sleep?

Hello sleep deprived parent! I'm sure you're very bleary eyed, but I hope I can help.First - I need to clarify some things. If your newborn baby is not sleeping literally at all, check with your pediatrician.However if they ARE sleeping, just in small increments, only when being held, etc, I want to tell

At what age does a baby learn how to walk?

Most babies take their first steps sometime between 9 and 12 months and are walking well by the time they're 14 or 15 months old. Don't worry if your child takes a little longer, though. Some perfectly normal children don't walk until they're 16 or 17 months

Biologically, what is the best age to have a baby for women?

Biologically, the age range in which women have the highest chance of conceiving and the healthiest age range for the children tends to overlap.Mothers in the age range of 18-19, generally see healthy babies. Infants tend to weigh slightly less than the normal

Can we give oats to 10 months old baby?

Yes You Can. Not only can oatmeal be delicious, it also makes an ideal grain for infants with its beneficial nutritional content. The whole grain of oatmeal, combined with its high fiber and low fat make it a delicious breakfast menu item for your baby and the rest of the family,

Can we give oats to a 4 month old baby?

May be not oats. But I have given my daughter cooked semi solid ragi powder (finger millet) once she completed four months. And I think it is the same as giving cooked powdered oats in semi solid form. I gave this under the suggestion of her pediatrician because I was not able to

Can you go swimming in a lake shortly after having a baby?

I wouldn't.It can take months for your cervix to close completely, and for the surface of your uterus to heal... Swimming in ANY naturally occurring water (Pond/Lake?river/Ocean) leaves you VERY susceptible to a MASSIVE infection, or worse...Every year there are Crypto, Giardia, Shigella, norovirus and E. coli outbreaks all across the Country

Does anybody know about the science of teaching babies how to swim under water?

There was a concept in Soviet Union that kids can learn to swim before they learn to crawl. It's not exactly newborns but around six months of age. This craze, about three decades back led to many successful baby swimmers but unfortunately many fatalities as well.

How can a human baby swim instinctively?

Thanks for the A2A.One part of the answer would be the existence of Central pattern generators (CPGs). These are small networks in the brain with loops of excitatory and inhibitory connections between neurones that function like tick-tocking clocks.A

How to tell if an infant is sleeping too much

The majority of babies like to sleep a lot! This is very healthy for them .. ( this was mostly what they did in your womb while growing inside you! ) You can expect your newborn (0-2 months) to sleep an average of about 15 hours

How come babies can swim but adults need training?

There is a bit of confusion in the question.Babies can happily float and play and hold their breath in the water, but cannot actually swim.Let's think about babies. On the one hand, they have virtually no coordination. On the other hand, if they are carefully brought into warm

How early can babies learn how to swim?

You can start to teach babies before 6 months but they won't actually be able to swim till they are a little older.The best age to learn to swim is as early as possible. You can start an infant as early as 5 months old and with good instruction you could see an effective propulsive kick as early

How effective are baby swimming lessons?

They can be very effective, if it is the right program.My children went through a program called ISR (Infant Swimming Resource but many call it

Is it safe for babies to swim? How old should the baby be?

Babies instinctively hold their breath while underwater and flap their arms and legs. This does not mean that they are natural swimmers, even though there are controversial theories which claim otherwise. The claim goes on to say that, just because the baby, in the

Is it true that a baby can swim?

Baby are in a situation of swimming when they are in womb. But still they It's not true that babies are born with the ability to swim, though they have reflexes that make it look like they are.@A reflex called the bradycardic response makes babies hold their breath

Is it true that if you put a baby in a swimming pool, it will automatically swim, and is this a good way to teach that skill to infants?

No, it's not true.I took both of my children to the pool regularly from about 6 weeks old. We went at least twice a week. When they were tiny, I would hold them and they would splash about and enjoy the water. At

Is swimming good for babies?

Yeah, absolutely! One of the benefits of baby swimming is that it starts building water confidence to your little ones early.Swimming helps to improve coordination and balance. Since most of the baby's body is supported by water, the main focus for them is on maintaining balance.

Is there an appropriate age for a baby to participate in 'baby swimming'?

Swimming is the best physical activity that incorporates the entire body. You can take your babies to swim when they are 6 months old. Babies should participate in an activity that will expand muscle, heart, and lung advancement and for this baby swim classes are ideal.The sooner

My 7 month old baby just walked 10 steps holding on to the small vacuum pushing it as he walked does this count as his first steps?

Many parents only count the first independent steps, without holding onto anything that could support the baby's weight.Other parents give the baby something to hold in each hand, such as a ball. The baby then is reassured that they're holding onto something substantial and they take those precious first steps.Only you

We as human, if more babies are delivered, take utmost care with more medical attention for the weakest where as in animal kingdom, what makes the mother animal to swallow it's own weakest baby?

There are a lot of animals who do that. It is not even restricted to mothers eating their kids, it is also seen where o e baby is eaten by his/her brothers and sisters. And all this is to increase the

What are the best iPhone apps for toddlers?

My daughter is about two and a half. She really enjoys Endless ABCs and Endless Reader, both of which are language arts games where you drag letters over their outlines to spell words that are then used in context and coupled with a

Why do people feel they have a right to get angry when my husband and I ask them not to "baby talk" our 5 month old?

Well....because it is offensive to be honest. Perhaps it isn't worthy of true angry but it's an unnecessary way to embarrass and hurt people. If you and your husband have made it your policy to not speak baby talk to your infant, that's fine and certainly your choice. If other people do