How to stay fit when backpacking

If you're backpacking through the backcountry then I'm pretty sure you'll stay fit! When I'm out in the wilderness I feel like I'm getting the best workout. If you're traveling around cities, I would look into gyms that might have free trial memberships or find a small exercise routine you can do when you

How to stay healthy while backpacking or traveling long-term

The principles are the same as they would be back home:DietExerciseAlthough I get that on the road, that isn't so simple.Food is one of the best parts about travelling and yeah, not all of the food you're going to try will be the healthiest food in the world.But, what you can do, is stick to

How do people travel around the world if they're not rich? Can people get a part time job with a travel visa so they can work while traveling?

Hi, My name is Rhys and I'm a travel-holic...Ok, the short answer is you don't have to be a millionaire to travel the world. This is something I wish I figured out much earlier in life than I did. Firstly, lets address the term 'rich' a cliché definition, but a good one, is;

How does backpacking work?

If you are going on an extended journey, you need to save money. (I have backpacked over a month in Thailand, 2 weeks in Indonesia, 2 weeks in the Phillippines, 1 week in Cambodia, 1 month in Malaysia, 2 weeks in Vietnam, and 3 weeks in China. I have visited places and

Is backpacking worth it?

Oh ya.We have traveled a lot in Asia with a small backpack (20 pounds each=90 days). We (husband/wife) can live/travel in Cambodia for under $400 a month, in Laos, India and a couple other countries for under $500/month.Singles sleeping in a hostel can stay for as little as $1–2/night in some

What have been some of your best experiences while traveling?

Everyone thinks I exaggerate when I tell them this story, but hey, this happened, you believe it or not.I was standing at Trivandrum Central railway station waiting for my train to Mumbai. I had just arrived there from Nagercoil via another passenger train.As I stood there looking

What is backpacking trip?

In short, backpacking can be described as an independent, often international, low- budget way of travelling. Someone who backpacks is called a ‘Backpacker'. Backpackers generally travel for a longer period of time than most other tourists, and they tend to travel in several different countries

What is the best advice (planning strategies, transit methods, essentials to bring, etc.) for backpacking through Europe for several months?

Essentials:I didn't think of this one as much as I should have, but bring a power plug converter and a slim six- or five-slot power strip. Most hotels have fewer than three available plugs, and between cameras and phones and tablets, you'll want more than that. All your

What is the ideal backpack weight for backpacking?

Thank you Antoine for the A2A!Please forgive me if this sounds at all preachy but you've asked a question that, for several reasons, is something of a non sequitur. The simple metric of weight is not a particularly useful method to assess your packing needs. Physiology differs dramatically among people

While travelling or backpacking, how do you keep yourself healthy especially when you are travelling solo?

I don't know much about others, but I have a few thumb rules I follow for myself and they were developed over a time, after studying my body's reaction to things.So, in no particular order, I follow these things:# For long flights, or hikes, or day long city tours etc. that require a

Why is traveling in your own country not enjoyable as traveling abroad?

To me travelling in my own country is more enjoyable than travelling abroad. I don't need passport or visa and don't need to pass the immigration scrutiny check in foreign country I visit. I don't need to bother about items that can't be allowed to carry when visiting foreign country

Do you make any of your own hiking or camping gear?

Yes! I changed from tent camping to hammock camping in the last year and at first I bought a complete kit from Eagle Outfitters called the one-link system.I realized that its pretty simple to make your own kit just buying the

Is solo traveling not safe? How can I guarantee my safety during my solo traveling, especially in Indonesia?

Travelling solo, domestically or internationally, is the most liberating and enlightening experience ever.But yes, being careful should not be overlooked at all. Some of the points you can keep in mind are:Don't trust anyone easily, unless they are a fellow traveler. Anyone may come up to offering deals on stay/food/ tourist attractions or

What are the best Youtube channels on hiking/backpacking?

now i will show you top 5 hiking backpacking youtube chaneelsAdventureArchivesReviewOutdoorGearREIMartyupnorthLotsafreshair visit my website: Best hiking backpack in 2018

What is hiking?

Hiking is the preferred term, in Canada and the United States, for a long, vigorous walk, usually on trails (footpaths), in the countryside, while the word walking is used for shorter, particularly urban walks. On the other hand, in the United Kingdom, and the Republic of

What should I take to the gym?

"You can workout without any gear, all you need is dedication toward your fitness goals."However there are a few key things that might make your workout experience much better. Gym gears can improve your workout and reduce the chances of you getting injured during your workout session. For anyone who goes to the

Where is the best place to go hiking in Pennsylvania?

Picking the best place to go hiking in PA is nigh impossible - mainly because there are so many wonderful places to hike in PA.If you want one of the most iconic places to hike in PA, I'd recommend picking a section somewhere on the Appalachian Trail, as it's the longest, most famous

Which brands are good when purchasing quick drying travel gear?

If you can get them, I love the bluffworks pants. Awesome for travel as you can hike, climb or bike in them without messing them up and they look like regular khakis so you can wear them down casually, or professionally for work. They're also extremely lightweight so you won't get overheated but can wear them without standing out

Why do people hike the Pacific Crest Trail?

"Why do you climb mountains?" "Because they're there."That's half of it. Many people, myself included, hike PCT because it's there. It's unique, it's a chance at doing something slightly different.Some do it for the camaraderie. Yes, along

Why weren't large backpacks ubiquitous of modern soldiers not used by soldiers of the WWII era?

Several reasons. You can find a number of good answers here, but in addition the soldiers of that era were physically smaller AND high mobility was not as much of a priority in most units then as it is today. Today, you take