Am I a bad person for wanting to leave my recovering alcoholic husband?

Original Question: Am I a bad person for wanting to leave my recovering alcoholic husband?No Original Question CommentsI have more than quarter-century of personal and professional experience with alcoholism and drug addiction including a significant relationship with an alcoholic.The short answer? Absolutely not, you are not a bad person.The longer

Are people fundamentally good or bad in general?

We are so often quick to label others as evil, but are they really?  Or are we confusing evil behavior with evil identity?I think we are.Yes, there is evil behavior.  But no one (sane) believes that he is committing an evil act.  Even Hitler was trying to

How to find the good in the really bad

This week has been pretty shitty.My dog died on my birthday. My debit card got disabled, and they can't figure out why. The campus bus wasn't running today so I had a half-hour walk home in the noon heat. I came home and all of my water was warm. My fridge got

How does one overcome bad habits?

So Bad Habits, huh?Let me tell you that most people fail in stopping themselves from bad habits by telling in their mind ‘I do not want to do this particular thing'. This is normal.But, psychologically, the mind in this situation does exactly opposite what you're not willing to do.For example : You are having a habit of

If a good person does a bad thing, does that make them a bad person?

No, because things are not black and white. There is no two dichotomous classes of

Is BTS a bad thing?

In my opinion, as a fellow ARMY fangirl, BTS is in fact, not a bad thing. Others may think otherwise, but it's a world full of opinions (rip ;u;). BTS is a good thing (to me) because their dancing skills are great, they're all nice people,

Is divorce really so bad?

Yes and no.Yes - in that your kids will probably never forgive you for it -- even if they end up marrying and divorcing themselves.  Or, they will choose a side, and chances are 50% that it won't be yours.   Also, you will in all likelihood lose a lot more than you think.   If

Is marriage good or bad?

The idea of marriage.  Ahhh...the age old question of a life time commitment with another person.  Follow the dream, be practical, or live life by your own terms.  Do I just commit under the eyes of God and two people?  Do I go to city hall and

Is one child good or bad? How and why?

Speaking only for myself...I don't like or want/need children in any way, shape, or form (either having them naturally, legally adopting one or more, or being a designated stepfather).My reasons are...I don't want to deal with shitty/pissy diapers, nor do I want to

Is running every day good or bad for health?

Yes, running is best exercise for good health.There are many reasons why running is better than the gym. Every one loves to build muscle, love strength training, shed fat and calories but do you know running is more important than

Is shampoo bad for your hair?

Well, to be perfectly honest with you, some researchers say that shampoo is not beneficial to hair and some researchers say that shampoo is a waste of money. Let me explain.....For some reason, we were taught to wash our hair daily if not several times a day for

What makes a person a bad son?

Once a dad came & sat near his son in their garden.He was about 60 years old.Son was busy with some work.Dad asked him what is that?Son replied-its a butterfly.Thn he again asked what was that?Son again replied its white rose.Dad kept asking about each & every element in the garden.Son couldnt focus on

What's the bad thing about being rich?

From my observations of wealthy friends... It makes for some awkward social situations.1) People hit you up for money all the time. Your immediate family, your extended family, your distant family, friends, acquaintances, even random strangers... Everywhere you

When does ambition become a bad thing?

Maybe the question is less about ambition and more about balance. This is what I wondered as I finished my answer. Your personal values are central to one's answer to this question. Another component is how well your behavior matches your personal values. In general, though, ambition is

Why is being a bad person wrong way of living?

Right and wrong, and good and bad, are social constructs.  Meaning, the definitions of those terms change over time, or geographically as well.  Even different people in the same time period, country, class, feel very differently about these concepts.  You mention the Pope being a "better" person than Hitler was,

Why is it not wrong to be a bad person?

The meaning of life is - To Learn. Understanding morality is no kind of social & psychological construct is crucial. It is an outgrowth of our biological capacity for empathy. Out of which Love also emerges that we exercise, because we are also intrinsically social creatures. Everything important in the most

Are doctors good or bad people?

This is a message that I recently got on WhatsApp somehow it is related to you question.Its worth a read.He was young, naive and rawBut confident and competent as a GynecologistWhile doing the scan, the lady asked'Sir, what is the sex of the baby...?'He ignored and said; Baby is fine

Are people fundamentally good or bad in general?

We are so often quick to label others as evil, but are they really?  Or are we confusing evil behavior with evil identity?I think we are.Yes, there is evil behavior.  But no one (sane) believes that he is committing an evil act.  Even Hitler was trying to make the world a better

Do you consider abortion bad?

Do you think abortion is good? Why? Why not?Hi! I'm super duper pro-choice. Let me break this down for you:No one thinks abortion is

How to differentiate between a good and a bad person

It's very very difficult to generalize but most of the times, it's :Perception. Your perception towards them, and there perception towards the world.For example,The tall dark guy in the society was hated by everyone, and everybody wondered whether he has kidnapped and married that beautiful lady who's his wife.

Is fasting good or bad?

We take vacations, we have weekends off from work, we rest our tired bodies through sleep, and we "take a break" to rejuvenate from stress. One thing, though, that we hardly ever do, is take a break from food for longer lengths of time.Our digestive

Is social media good or bad?

Social Media is great. We are using it in a wrong way.Social media is great because it helps us connect with friends and family. An introvert is an extrovert on social media -everyone is an author, a photographer, a storyteller. Social media provides an open platform to contribute your voice

What is something a lot of people do that is bad but they don't know it is bad?

Walking normally. People normally move up and down when walking. This repeatedly hits their knees, wearing them out. After I got damaged knee cartilage in an accident, I engineered a gentler way to walk smoothly and now I walk miles each day without pain, at an age where I was predicted to kneed a knee replacement.

What is the ratio of good people vs bad people?

Let us first define the categories.Good people don't allow themselves to be, do, or say what they know to be bad. I'd say they are less than 1% of the population.Malignant people will be, do, or say things for perceived benefit or

What're two bad habits that you've replaced with two good ones?

What were two bad habits I replaced with better habits? Cussing and poor self talk.The key is to be clear about what you want to extinct and what you want instead, it has to have a new alternative = the better habit.For twenty-four years now Marla and I have been coaching, mentoring and consulting on how to

Why should bad people turn good?

Q. Why should bad people turn good?-According to evolution, all the life in earth were arise from simple DNA. First it started as a single cell as a unicellular organism and later evolved into complex multicellular organism. All those organisms are related and evolved by the simple DNA instruction. Charles Darwin was the first to formulate a scientific

Does eating the same meal for one day a bad thing?

It will come to it will come to a point where your taste buds and your mind wouldn't really want the same thing over again and you'll probably get sick of it. In my opinion eating the same thing for a whole day will probably get tiring

How to differentiate between good and bad pain while running

Pain is a signal from the body of injury. Either that injury has already started our let us of potential injury risk.Running comes under the category of sports. There is a lot made of no pain no gain in physical achievement.As a physician, there is nothing called good pain.Running with pain, is likely

Is someone a bad person by having bad thoughts or only by actually doing bad things?

Is someone a bad person by having bad thoughts or only by actually doing bad things?Most people would agree that killing another is bad.However, most people would also agree that killing someone in self-defense or the defense of another person is justified and therefore not

What, according to you, is the fine line that finds its way between a person being good or bad?

Philosophers have been debating what is good and what is not for centuries, and many people find that it's more complicated than just being kind. While every person's journey is different, being good has a lot to do with discovering yourself and your role in the world.

Why are video games so bad nowadays?

One reason is how technology suddenly skyrocketted, allowing developers to focus on pointless features like

Why is it bad to eat under 1,300 calories per day?

For the calories question, there are basically 5 levels of calorie intake that your body can be at.Calories too high = weight gain, mostly in fat reserves. (Approx +1800 for you)Calories just right = no weight gained or lost, your body uses what it needs. If you're getting lots of

Are inter-religious marriages good or bad?

Hi,Somebody asked me below question and I answered it like:-Why is marriage in the same caste so important to Indian parents?Same Caste means:-Same BeliefsSame CustomsSame GODSame SocietySome Same RelativesAnd you know why we matched HOROSCOPE ? to match the same qualitiesSo success of marriage is very much dependable on

Do people often take their want as a measure of good and bad?

It is hard to say how many people take what you want as the measure of what is good and what you dislike as the measure of what is bad . It is more common among the very young, I think, but it

Do you consider homosexuality bad?

No. Homosexuality is not bad.I remember how I first learned about the concept of homosexuality. It was in 1990 when I was ten years old. I lived in Moscow then. I was watching an interview with a man who

How to justify doing things that are bad for you

Who is to say what is good for us and what is bad for us? Eating a candy bar might be a bad idea if it will cause us to gain weight, but on the other hand, it might cheer us up and make us less depressed. Being depressed doesn't do us any good either. In fact, it can

How to know if your relationship is going good or bad

Even in the best relationships, it's easy to fall into the trap of feeling insecure about a ton of things. Could something this great really last forever? Do I even want it to last forever? Does my partner love me as much

How does a bad person turn into a good person?

No person is bad, just as no person is completely good. As none of us are equally

Is cursing really bad or do we make it bad?

Fuck you.Was what I said bad? Yes. Why? Because it was a harsh thing to say to someone who doesn't deserve it. 'Fuck' is a powerful word and has to be treated so.

Is Islam good or bad ?

English is bad suggest me editsDisclaimer:please stay away Libterds, siculars, pressitutes. You can downvote mePeople who are Pragmatic, living in reality can upvote meSo Sorry Moderate Muslims______________________________________Piece people can marry other religion girl but other religions can not Marry peice

Is marriage good or bad? Why?

I am an Indian and I can only answer from the Indian perspective. In this 21st century, there are 3 types of citizens in India based on the marital status and gender.First Class Citizens: This class contains all the Females in the country. They cannot be demoted to the lower classes irrespective of their current

Is marriage good or bad?

The idea of marriage.  Ahhh...the age old question of a life time commitment with another person.  Follow the dream, be practical, or live life by your own terms.  Do I just commit under the eyes of God and two people?  Do I go to city hall and make it a legal contract? 

Was Rasputin really bad?

According to the biographies I have read, Rasputin really tried to get rid off his negative sides, like alcohol and women, and sometimes managed to do it temporarily.When he decided to leave his Siberian village and go to the

What is a bad thing?

This depends solely on the

What makes a good person go bad?

1. How do you know that person was good to begin with? 2. Sometimes maybe being good gets too damn hard and they just 'if you can't beat them, join them"? 3. They are constitutionally incapable from birth of just that ? Or they become a product of their environment, they harbor repressed

Why are people with a lot of money doing so many bad things?

Moronic question no.1423563734123421353636.Poor people are committing constantly every single types of crimes all the time. And mostly, these crimes are coming from the fact that they have NO MONEY.You just try to demonize the riches, justifying your bad financial position.Sorry, not going to work.Of course, rich people are committing crimes and the worst kind of

Why is it wrong that I feel bad that a bad thing happens?

Not a thing is wrong with feeling bad. It is perfectly normal to feel bad at certain times and to feel good at other times. It only becomes a problem when you're feeling bad virtually every day for two weeks or more, and you don't know what you're feeling bad about. Then, it's either depression or anxiety.Don't dwell on