Why a balanced diet limits your weight?

Money has purchase power. We have to spend to live. Balance can be banked which will get accumulated. Food is the product which gives power to live. If it is excess, to some extent, it will get accumulated and our body weight increases. If it is less, it will take from the body, thus reducing the weight. So if

What is the smallest list of ingredients I can use to have a healthy balanced diet?

I heard that in Israel, most processed foods have 5 ingredients or less.Try these 5Apples (w/ cinnamon spice = good stuff)Steamed Bismati rice w/ cumin seeds and brown cardamom, Bay leavesOatmeal (add berries and bananas)Potatoes (baked, Wendy's!)Chia seeds (add to any drink, adds fiber, protein and fat, reduces sweetness a bit, dillutes, causes

What one meal could you live off every day and still have a balanced diet?

From my experience there are various foods that can help you maybe stay for longer times because they contain various nutrients that the body need more often than others. But I think it is hard to come up with a complete meal with

What's a balanced vegan diet?

If you thought going vegetarian was good enough, there are people who have taken it a step further by going – VEGAN. While vegetarians avoid consuming fish, meat and poultry; vegans eliminate all forms of animal products; including milk, eggs and other