If you could be a star in any sport, would you choose a team sport or an individual sport?

I would most likely be a MLB player. The top contracts in the MLB can average out to $30–40 MILLION per year. That's double what most top NFL players other than QBs make. Being a non-contact sport, baseball is a hell of a lot safer than football.The best international soccer

If you think professional athletes are overpaid, who else do you think should get the money they generate?

No. Being a professional athlete is one of the lowest paying professions I know.People look in the wrong direction when they see the reported salaries of the one in a million player.Just to use one example, for every multi-million dollar contract in the MLB, there are tens of thousands of people playing for a few

Of the major sports, which has the most exciting endings and why?

Major sports...presume you mean globally...so soccer,cricket,field hockey,rugby,basketball,ice hockey,baseball,tennis,and we should include American football even if it's not as ‘global' as the rest.All the above have incredibly exciting endings,whether it's in regular time,overtime,extra time,9th inning,last over,super over,etc,etc. Of this there is no

Tennis and golf used to be an elitist game whereas basketball and baseball and soccer a game of the people, assuming I'm right. That may be true in the USA but what about other countries?

Soccer requires a ball and some open space. When I was in Haiti on a deployment from FEMA doing rescue work, the kids would play on dirt with a ball of rags. While sad, it really shows just how little funds it takes to play futbol.Basketball is a little more, you need pavement and at

What is the most popular sport in the USA?

Lots of different ways to answer this question.Largest Single Day Attendance: In terms of actually attending live events, motor sports like the Indianapolis 500 and NASCAR races are very popular in the US. Between 300,000 and 400,000 people typically attend the Indy 500, for example, which usually makes it the largest single-day

What's the most important muscle for throwing a baseball hard?

I don't throw baseballs so I'm probably not qualified but naturally I have a good fast accurate throw, I know this because everytime I'm at the fair I knock at least one if the coconuts down and with a fair amount of force too may I add....i think technique is the trick mike Tyson can throw hard punches

Why does baseball need 24 teams in the playoffs? That's too much baseball. Does anyone miss the old 4 divisions in Major League Baseball? I miss a true pennant race.

Major League Baseball has 30 teams and 10 playoff berths. While more teams qualify for the playoffs than in the past, baseball actually has the fewest playoff berths among the 4 major professional sports leagues in North America.In baseball, 10 of 30 teams reach the postseason (33%). In football, 12 of 32 NFL teams qualify for

Will all the Yankee injuries this year ruin their season?

That will depend upon how quickly the injured players return. As far as I know, none of the Yankee players on the injured list has suffered a season-ending injury, meaning that none have been put on the 60-day disabled list. Therefore....The sooner the injured

Did Mike Trout deserve such a big contract? Is he that much better than Bryce Harper?

Bryce Harper isn't in the same zip code as Mike Trout. Trout is the finest player you are likely to see in your lifetime so when you have a chance watch.His contract is a significant UNDER pay for the talent he offers. He could have asked for and received $450M in

How much should Mike Trout's contract have been based on the money he makes the Angels?

Mike Trout's recent 12-year $426.5 million extension is the biggest contract in US professional sports history. The number seems astounding, but it can be argued that Trout's contract, with an average annual value of $35.5 million, is actually significantly less than his value to the team. During his first 7 full seasons, Trout has won

Is Mike Trout as good or better than Ken Griffey Jr was?

A2A. Very possibly. According to baseball-reference.com., the five most similar players to Trout through age 25 areFrank RobinsonKen Griffey, Jr.Mickey MantleHank AaronMiguel CabreraThe five most similar to Griffey through age 25 wereMiguel CabreraFrank RobinsonMike TroutHank AaronOrlando CepedaTrout and Griffey both came up at age 19. Through their age-25 seasons:Very close in games played, 925 for Trout

Is Mike Trout deserving of the largest contract in MLB History (430 M)?

I'd like to answer this question in an objective manner. Not simply stating that Trout is

Is Mike Trout's $430 million contract with the Angels problematic for the game of baseball?

Possibly.The contract in and of itself is not a problem. The Angels - or pretty much any other team if they felt like it - could have afforded that kind of contract.The owners will be using Trout, Machado, and Harper's contracts as evidence a hard salary cap will be necessary to reel in

What do you think of the reported extension contract for Mike Trout, $430 million for 12 years?

Very disappointed actually.For years, one particular fan base has been hooked on this guy who plays on the other side of the country. Hometown local fans knew about him before he even got drafted, and knowing his personality it was believed that he

Where will Mike Trout end up on the list of baseball greats?

Well, considering his current statistical achievements (2 seasons of 10+ Wins Above Replacement in his first two years in the majors, 4th youngest player to hit for the cycle, and has twice been snubbed for the AL MVP (in favor of Miguel Cabrera's Triple Crown and...There's no reason he shouldn't have won last year), leading the MLB

With two MVP trophies already under his belt, is there anyone better in baseball than Mike Trout?

No. There's not even anyone particularly close.The level of play Mike Trout is demonstrating to begin his career is almost unprecedented in history.Rather than try and explain it all myself, I will defer to this quote from an article in January on Fangraphs.com, a site full of statistically minded writers much more knowledgeable

How do MLB players lift weights during the season?

Many position players lift on game-days when they first arrive to the ballpark and the game is technically an equivalent of their cardio to the regular gym-rat. Starting pitchers usually workout out during days 2, 3 and 4 of their 5-day pitching cycle. Relief pitchers are more sporadic based on the amount they have pitched and

In baseball, can a batter squat all the way down in order to make the strike zone smaller?

The short answer is yes.  A batter can take any stance he wishes, as long as he remains in the batter's box.However, the strike zone (top and bottom) will always be subjective.  More importantly, no umpire will allow the strike zone to change mid pitch.  So batters may try

Many of the MLB players lift weights to gain strength hoping to hit the ball farther, no one has hit a ball farther than Mickey Mantle, did Mickey ever lift weights?

They lift weight for more power. Power is speed. More bat speed means more home runs. Mantle and other athletes from that era were urged to not lift weights.Mantle was extremely strong. Look at those shoulders and neck from his prime years. Mantle also worked summers in the mines breaking rocks.

What exercises should I do to become a power hitter in baseball?

There are a number of strength training exercises that a would-be power hitter should perform. A powerful swing is generated by a lot of moving parts and synchronization. It starts with a strong base, so work the legs. Just like

Which is better for strength training, calisthenics or weights? My goals are for martial arts and baseball.

It depends upon what kind of strength you are after - baseball has slightly different demands than martial arts - generically, but there obviously is overlap.Ideally, you develop a regimen that uses all three along with targeted/deliberate cardio for endurance. (hopefully, your martial arts training already