How to become a NBA player

I myself, have not played in NBA before, but I can give you my opinion on how to increase your oddsI assume you are in high school now and is good at playing basketball, has good fundamental, great body, height

How to dunk like NBA Players

You need ups, you need strength, and ideally you should be able to palm the ball. That last part is something that doesn't get talked about much, but it's critically important. I know that first hand because at around 21 years old I could dunk, but

How good are bad NBA players?

I haven't played in a while, but I can give you a little perspective on this. I used to be a gym rat in college. Played every single day. I was pretty average. I'm around 6′3″ and heavy enough to get position and bang a little under the basket. Decent shot blocker.The answer to the question is this: They

In terms of pure skills, are NBA players better than ever today?

In any profession, there are going to be people from the past that will say that they were better in many ways. And some of that is true. Taken in the context of the NBA let's focus on a few basic things.The first is, the fundamentals. When people start out, they think

What are some small NBA players that are really strong?

not a comprehensive list, just off top of my head:AI and IT: both guys are small but extremely explosive, coordinated and fast. Their size and weight would mean they get pushed off balance by larger taller players if they didn't

What's the difference between Most Valuable Player and best player in the NBA?

NBA fans can sit and debate the differences in the merits and factors between deciding the MVP and the best player in the NBA. Or they can debate the differences of the processes in determining each.Ultimately, I think the difference between the two titles boils down to one aspect: the time measured within each.The MVP is

What's the most underappreciated skill for an NBA player to have?

Obviously, talent is the most appreciated and desired skill for any NBA player. An accumulation of talented players in one team is what leads to a winning team. But not necessarily an NBA championship winning team, as proven by the many line

When ranking the greatest NBA players what is your criteria?

Many people will claim that what really sets the greats apart from the rest are the rings and stats that a player accumulated over their NBA careers. These are decent points to look at that hold their place in determining what makes a player great. However, they are not, in my opinion, what really

Who are some NBA players that you wouldn't recognize on the street as a basketball player?

Jaron Blossomgame, Nik Stauskas and Deng Adel of the Cleveland Cavaliers, Richaun Holmes, George King and De'Anthony Melton of the Phoenix Suns, Timothy Kuwawu-Cabarrot, JaKarr Sampson and Antonio Blakeney of the Chicago Bulls, Jaylen Adams, Alex Polthress and Omari Spellman of the

Who is the most underrated NBA player?

Manu GinobiliGreat question, and tough. There are a number of really good ways to answer that with advanced statistics and some significant qualitative scouting of all 450~ players but quite frankly I'm not getting paid enough to do that.

Who is the most valuable player in the NBA?

I think it's Dwight Howard because:1. He's a force on defense and he's a menace on the boards...and those are (arguably) the two most important skills in basketball. I submit to you that offense, while critical, is secondary to defense and rebounding because, at any given point in the game, 90%

Who is the third best basketball player in the NBA?

Third best all depends who is seen at number one and two.I rank KD as the best overall player in the league only because Lebron is 34 and soon to be 35.Lebron is now the second best player in the league, doing things we

Will doing 1000 calf raises everyday help me with my vertical in basketball?

Definitely. People don't realize jumping ability is largely in the calves. That being said gaining strength in the calves is not that easy, they don't respond to strength training the way other muscles do. Leap frogs, squats, and just stretches are also needed. The biggest factor in vertical leaping ability is the

Does playing basketball since 15 years old make you taller?

I'm not too far away from 40 years old, and my Father is still practicing Pediatric Endocrinology: the medical assessment of how hormones effect all kinds of things: but, after type 1 diabetes, and a few other life threatening illnesses that come with birth, a

Does playing sports (basketball) count as cardio or muscle training?

Depends on how long and what type of basketball you are playing. The first 30 minutes or so basketball can be a primarily muscular endurance exercise. After that, you are primarily doing cardio only. Also, that is the reason why so many players that transition

How to get taller for basketball

Then the only thing that is really required is the physical. The main requirement would be size. Is the kid big enough to be selected by a team at the next level? For the majority of them, they are not.Video guide: How to Grow Taller at Any AgeHowever, what we

How to play sports and do weight lifting, too

Assuming you are not playing sports for the whole of day, ample time would be left to lift weights as well.Weight training is the easiest & most accessible way to build basic strength structure to pursue various athletic endeavors.Basic compound movements like squats, bench press , deadlift & standing shoulder press should be your

How good are bad professional athletes?

I'll give you an example. Pastor Maldonado was a notoriously bad F1 driver. He crashed himself. He crashed others, and he still went slow. The only time I've been impressed by his driving was when the team sent him out on slicks at Monaco in the rain. He negotiated the hairpin at approximately

How long after a shoulder dislocation will I be able to play basketball?

First a DISCLAIMER: I am not any kind of doctor/professional. Whatever I tell you is purely experience based.I will be very straight-forward.DO NOT TAKE THIS LIGHTLY. YOU WILL REGRET IT.When I suffered from my first dislocation (while playing Basketball), I had my shoulder immobilized

I think basketball should have height categories, like wrestling has weight categories. Do you agree?

Wrestling is an individual sport. Basketball isn't. You can match two 115-pounders easily on the wrestling mat. Basketball, not so much. And I frankly don't want to watch basketball at any level where, for example, no player can be taller than 6 feet. Basketball is a tall

If you could be a star in any sport, would you choose a team sport or an individual sport?

I would most likely be a MLB player. The top contracts in the MLB can average out to $30–40 MILLION per year. That's double what most top NFL players other than QBs make. Being a non-contact sport, baseball is a hell of a lot safer than football.The best international soccer

Is it too much to do 2x leg workout per week if I play basketball every day?

No, if you're asking about training with weights. In general, it's not too much as long as your leg workout is every other day or 2 days for recovery. Players at all levels lift weights not only for their legs but for their entire body. Granted,

Is there a country where basketball is the most popular sport?

Without doubt it is the most popular sport, and moreover the sport by which the country identifies itself internationally, in Lithuania.For a country of only 3.6 million people to be consistently competitive over generations with powerhouses such as Spain, Argentina, Greece and even of course the USA is remarkable.As a brand this image

Is there correlation between squat 1RM weight and vertical jump height?

Correlation? Of course! I would wager that two men of equal mass with varying squat strength would have varying vertical leap.A squat involves you compressing yourself by, as the name implies, squatting down with weight on your shoulders and then returning to the upright position. This requires work (and strength) from multiple

Of the major sports, which has the most exciting endings and why?

Major sports...presume you mean soccer,cricket,field hockey,rugby,basketball,ice hockey,baseball,tennis,and we should include American football even if it's not as ‘global' as the rest.All the above have incredibly exciting endings,whether it's in regular time,overtime,extra time,9th inning,last over,super over,etc,etc. Of this there is no

Should you train for fast or slow twitch muscles fibers in basketball?

Always fast twitch.Never slow twitch. Your body adapts to the demands that you impose on it. Period. All of the movements that mean anything in basketball - your first step, going up for a rebound or block shot, attacking the rim, sliding defensively to stay in front of your man, or simply getting up the

Tennis and golf used to be an elitist game whereas basketball and baseball and soccer a game of the people, assuming I'm right. That may be true in the USA but what about other countries?

Soccer requires a ball and some open space. When I was in Haiti on a deployment from FEMA doing rescue work, the kids would play on dirt with a ball of rags. While sad, it really shows just how little funds it takes to play futbol.Basketball is a little more, you need pavement and at

What are the best ways to prevent basketball injuries?

1) Hip and Thigh InjuriesThese injuries are perhaps the most common and come about as a result of the various maneuvers involved in a game of basketball. Things like pivoting, running, jumping, and rebounding place excessive strain on the hips and thighs.How

What are your tips for hitting a half-court shot in basketball?

#Question name: What are your tips for hitting a half court shot in basketball?TOP 10 TIPS TO BECOME A PRO BASKETBALL PLAYER!I tried to read all Quora answers and Basketball resources for this question and below are best tips to become a pro basketball player. I hope

What height should I be when I grow up? I'm 14, 6′1″, 190 pounds, and I'm a basketball player, so maybe that could help with your answer and also my mom is 5′11″ and my dad is 6′3″.

You sound like a full grown adult. Though you could squeeze a couple more inches maybe 6'4 will be your highest and the height that you're now will be your lowest but everyone grows different I wouldn't stress on it. Though your only two inches shorter then your dad, I'm around 2–3 inches shorter

What is the best college sport to watch?

For me, college football is by far the best college stop to watch. The passion and energy on an every week basis cannot be matched. It is the only sport that EVERY game matters. If your team loses one game, you are in a dog fight for the rest of the season to get

What is the most popular sport in the USA?

Lots of different ways to answer this question.Largest Single Day Attendance: In terms of actually attending live events, motor sports like the Indianapolis 500 and NASCAR races are very popular in the US. Between 300,000 and 400,000 people typically attend the Indy 500, for example, which usually makes it the largest single-day

What workouts can boost vertical/overall leaping ability and core strength that don't require equipment/a gym to perform?

A movement that requires no equipment whatsoever would be squat jumps. Squat below parallel and explode out of the bottom. If you can add a weighted vest, dumbbells or a kettle bell, that will help too.Jumping rope requires equipment, but it's cheap and easy to store.Mixing deep explosive

What's the most underappreciated skill for an NBA player to have?

You will be frustrated by this answer.There is a lot of great statistical analysis to back this up. Dean Oliver wrote a book in which he did a statistical analysis identifying the four factors that contribute most to winning basketball games. Shooting percentage (effective field goal percentage, eFG%) was out as the #1 factor, explaining

Which sport is harder to play, basketball or soccer?

The topics associated with your question expand your question to Three sports: basketball, soccer, and tackle football. At the professional level, all require a great deal of skill and athleticism under very demanding conditions.However, in training young athletes, I believe that the

Which sport requires more stamina, basketball or soccer?

I've played both all my life, but played soccer at a much higher level. Nevertheless, I think that 90 minutes of a full-on soccer match takes more out of a body than a two half basketball game (or 4 quarters, depending on where you're playing). It's also why the

Why do rich people buy sports clubs?

Because 90% of the time, it's a hobby.I can't attest to American sports clubs so I will talk about European ones, specifically football/soccer.The added power and fame club ownership grants you is quite cool. Imagine being a fan of a team while simultaneously being a billionaire...and you decide to buy it.

Why is basketball not a world wide sport like soccer?

I think the answer written by Dhruva Sewar covers the points very clearly. I would like to elaborate on the same, and to add a few more points-Lack of Infrastructure- To make a sport popular world-wide, you need the basic infrastructure everywhere. As Fook Fook points out, the infrastructure required is vast- cost

Why is basketball the best sport to make the body fit and fine? Should we get basketball training?

Basketball is a the second fastest game in the work(after ice hockey). When I say second fastest I mean the transition from offence to defence is an extremely quick affair. Each team consists of five players and even though they are assigned a role(eg: Kobe Bryant is a shooting guard) there are no officials positions for the players

Why isn't there more space between the spectators and the NBA court? Wouldn't a larger space provide a safer space for players to play or dive for the ball?

Because those floor seats allow the folks wealthy enough to afford those very expensive seats to be close to the players and seen on TV often. NBA teams likely make a lot more off those floor seats than they do the luxury suites. Think about it, for

Can I wear basketball shoes while working out in the gym?

When you wear shoes for gym you should consider do the shoes offer support for the heel and the ankle for the exercise you are about to do.The heel height of the shoe is one factor.For squatting the shoe should be flat or have some height on the heel and it

Do basketball players lift weights?

This is from my own experience playing basketball all throughout my adolescence and high school years and intramural in college.During off-season, I would focus on getting stronger. So I would hit the weight room 3–4 times per week and do a variety of workouts (typically squats, bench press variations, curls, cleans, and deadlift). We would max

Does Kobe Bryant shoot too much?

I think the easy answer is that he does, but the more complex answer: Because L.A. is sorely lacking in perimeter scorers Kobe probably shoots only a little bit more than he should.If you watched last night's Portland-Lakers game, it was eminently clear that L.A. needs someone who

How do basketball shoes differ from running shoes?

Choosing the right shoe for your chosen sport is one of the most important decisions you can make before you start training or playing. According to Dr. Stephen Pribut, clinical assistant professor of surgery at the George Washington University Medical Center, choosing a sport specific shoe can help prevent serious nagging

How does Kobe Bryant work so hard?

There is not an athlete in the history of sports who worked harder to perfect their craft than Kobe Bryant.The thing that people don't realize is Kobe Bryant isn't a great athletic specimen compared to other NBA greats. LeBron James is just born with the body he has, theres nothing more to say about that he was blessed

How is Kobe Bryant still so good?

In my view, Bryant's greatest "skill" isn't his drive to compete - it's his work ethic. By doggedly working to improve year after year, Bryant has been perhaps the most complete player the league has ever seen. I can think of no

How much do you squat?

Hello Buddy,During the normal days, when I used to do running exercises :3 sets 10 repetitionsNumber of repetitions is less. Since it is a running exercise, you would not like to strain your legs.For more benefits I also do stretchings to release the pain from

Is Kobe Bryant a bad teammate?

I remember Bill Russell once said he had a conversation with Kobe and the blunt observation he had was,

Is Kobe Bryant Overrated?

Yes, Kobe Bryant is arguably the most overrated basketball player in history. He is often ranked among the Top-Ten players of all time, which I think this is absurd. The following are the reasons I consider Kobe overrated:Kobe is NOT an All-Time

What kind of muscles do we specially need for basketball? How do we train them?

Basketball players need to run fast, jump high and shoot well. Both strength and muscular endurance are necessary for a game of basketball.One would do well to strengthen:quadriceps, glutes and thighs with squats, lunges and glute bridges.lower legs with barbell and

What motivates Jasraj Singh to work hard?

A2ATo start off with, wow!The thing is that I love what I do. I love basketball. I love Sciences.There's a constant force which pushes me to be the best at whatever I am doing. And since I love what I'm doing, I don't get tired or bored very easily.I had started

Who is the next Kobe Bryant?

I hate questions like these. There won't be another Kobe. For many reasons actually Kobe was drafted out of high school and the NBA changed the rules, forcing players to wait a year before being eligible for the draft. He won 5 championships in two completely different eras. He played for the same team for 18 seasons. I believe

Can I get ripped by only doing bench press, deadlifts and squats after an hour of basketball?

Potentially.I depends a lot on how you approach it.What a routine is, isn't nearly as important as how you execute on it.Execute poorly on this routine by:Doing it too infrequentlyNot progressively overloading itPrioritizing one exercise over anotherNot getting enough volume each

I am 14 years old and pretty good at every sport I play but most of my family want to continue football after high school and go on to college but I wanna do basketball which one should I do?

Go for Basketball. Football will take its toll on your body, Basketball is too but not nearly as much. Let me ask you something, are you a good enough prospect to receive a scholarship in either sport? At 14 in Florida kids are already signing letters of intent to play for colleges and getting scholarships to play

Is Steph Curry the greatest 3 point shooter of all time?

Hmm, Well, Thr can be two approaches to answer this, First, We can talk about stats and how he has the record of scoring most threes in a regular season to how he is on a streak of scoring 3's in

Is there any working NBA live mobile coin hack?

Just use a tool, which is working for lots of people.Check it out here: Tools in NBA LIVE MobileNBA Live Mobile has gained the big popularity wide acceptance among the users. Check our review of NBA Live Mobile game