Can Batman kill Superman?

Yes, but Batman won't do it. Even in the Injustice comics where Superman turns evil and kills a lot of people, Batman doesn't kill him. He even asks Black Canary not to shoot the Kryptonite bullet in Clark's vital organs to avoid killing him in their fight though Superman killed Green Arrow (her husband).If Batman wanted

Can Batman really beat Superman?

I have been reading comics since the 70's as a kid. I have been a Superman fan longer than a Batman fan but Frank Miller's Dark Knight changed Batman. Also DCs decision to weaken Superman in 1984 (or 86?) so he wasn't a god character made me start following Batman more.

How to convince someone that Batman is better than Superman

You can't or you shouldn't try. Not if the person is purposely and without any reason already aggressive towards the character.Trust me. Some people simply don't like because they love to hate.You can use all the arguments in the world as

What happened to Wayne Manor in Batman v Superman?

The reason for Wayne Manor lying in ruins is never explicitly stated in the movie itself, we're only treated to the sight of Bruce in it before he goes to kill Superman and at the end of the movie as a

Who's better; Batman, Spider-Man or Superman?

I will try to put forward facts about all of these super characters before I conclude who is the best. Who is Batman | BatmanEveryone knows how influential and popular he is, he is not a

Who designed Batman's costume?

When Bob Kane came up with the idea for the Batman, the Dark Knight was dressed in red and black, with no cowl, wearing a domino mask. Pretty generic.He asked Bill Finger what he thought. Bill came up with the color scheme, the cowl, the city, and the villains.Bill Finger drew upon the

How to become similar to the fictional DC Comics male character Bruce Wayne (Batman)

1. Decide what kind of Batman you want to be. Just as Batman has evolved since his debut, so has his costume. There are two prevalent images of Batman:The Dark Knight: This is a darker version of Batman that began