How to calculate the internal resistance with different resistance

A2A.I do not have much of an expertise in battery testing as such, but your question is quite interesting. You have done two tests and have found the values ranging in the fractions of an Ohm.Here's what I suggest might help. There are high wattage low value resistors available. Use four 2 Ohm resistors in parallel, as shown

My Lumia 640 XL running Windows 10 suddenly started to show 'charging slowly' with the original charger, and it really is. What happened?

Quick charge functions heavily reside on the 2 data lines of usb connections. The charger and the device exchange data in order to negotiate a higher charging voltage than the 5 V usb chargers usually output. That is a safety

How much do professional hackers charge for spying on one phone?

The charge rate depends on several factors:Who does the phone belong to, and what are their connections? No hacker with any bit of sense plants a bug on a device if the victim knows anybody of note in the legal world.Can you get possession of the phone long enough for a bug to be installed?What

I bought my first smart phone that doesn't allow battery replacement. I feel doomed, but my historic experience has been that when I need to replace the battery, I'll need to change phone soon. Should I be pessimistic?

Pessimistic. No way..These news smartphones has non removable battery after much research and has positive outcome.As per non technical person and more with common sense.I believe these non removable batteries are in the phone to protect the phone from duplication of batteries, making it slim and light on weight, more user friendly. Thus over all capturing

Which are the best smartphones under 7500 with good specifications and battery life?

Well I live for giving short answersI have seen some of the answers and I must say don't listen to them as micromax and Yu is stupidity whose every phone will start giving problems in 6 months of usage. Also these brands doesn't gives nice specs nor good battery life.There is only 1

Which is the best app to save battery of a smartphone (like battery doctor)?

If you have an Android Phone, trust me on this one! DO NOT USE ANY BATTERY SAVER APPS!You can't get free energy from the universe or something, and adding an app which consumes more ram and battery to "save battery" sounds ridiculous.

Which smartphone has the best performance and battery?

Take any smartphone with the best processor like snapdragon 845 chipset and you will get the best performance. Take your pick from Google or Samsung to any other brand but chances are these phones are the costliest of the lot.In the recent years the term