Could electric cars be equipped with a pedaling attachment in the floorboard of each seat that could be used to trickle charge the battery to extend range and give the passengers exercise?

Theoretical answer: Yes.Practical answer: The pedal system, and the generator attached to it, and the circuitry that connects that generator to the battery, will add weight to the car. Adding weight to the car decreases range. Unless the occupant of the seat in question

How long could an electric powered vehicle go if you could theoretically connect it to a treadmill that would also power the battery of the said vehicle?

Less distance than it would go on its battery alone. This is conceptually the same as the idea of hooking a generator to the non-driven wheels.You see, to move the treadmill requires energy. Theoretically, the mechanical input is equal to the electrical output of the generator. But due to friction

Is it true that electric car owners don't account for the coal plants generating the electricity for the cars?

Noone can speak for all EV owners. But for myself, before buying an EV, I did a fair amount of research on my local power grid (MISO). I found they have extensive information on their website about where my power comes from. This is the grid that supplies about 50 million people in the central

Why don't people use electric cars more? What's wrong with electric cars?

The main reasons that consumers reject electric cars, in no particular order:They have concerns and reservations about electric car technologyThey see electric cars as changing so fast that buying now would be investing in obsolescenceThey have issues with range limitationsThey have issues with reliable chargingThey have ample, reasonable alternatives to electric

Do electric cars idle?

Not in the technical sense that internal combustion engine (ICE) cars do and arguably, many ICE cars aren't idling in the same way any more.Internal combustion engines require gearboxes with multiple gears, including a neutral where no gears are engaged to transfer power to the drive shaft and wheels. This is required because an internal

Do electric cars really help the environment and how?

why the electric cars cant save really save the planet from global warming(now dont think im dumb to say that yes im dumb but ..... )so now the world is on an edge for the electric cars like the Tesla and many others which say they areemission free yes they are emission free

What are the advantages of electric cars over the gasoline ones?

Here are the reasons why Electric Vehicles are the future.For lot of people like me, it is the present!Do check out - and join the EV and clean energy communityClean air in our cities. We need to clean up the air of our cities. Automobiles cause half of the