Are grizzly bears stronger than tigers?

It depends on what you mean by stronger and what tigers you're referring to.Siberian Tigers are the biggest cats by far.However, the Grizzly Bear has more weight than the tiger.Size:Siberian Tiger - average height, 11ft average male weight about 660 lbs.Grizzly bear -

Are panda bears considered friendly?

Giant panda has survived for more than about 8 million years, they certainly have ability to defend themselves well. They are very peaceful animal and prefer to live alone. so they avoid having fights with others unless being thereatened. wild pandas are very

Are polar bears aggressive? Do they attack humans?

Are polar bears aggressive?They can be.Polar bears are often considered to be quite shy when faced with confrontation, and unlike brown bears, they often choose to escape rather than to fight. Polar bears who are satisfied (not hungry) will usually not act aggressively towards humans unless seriously provoked.However,

Are polar bears, grizzly or black bears more dangerous?

Here is the general order and it may surprise you!1.Polar bear: Polar bears are easily the most dangerous of the three North American bears since they are straight carnivores and have been known to track humans over miles just to make a kill. The only reason they aren't dangerous to most is

Are the wolves and bears of Yellowstone National Park a problem beyond the park's boundaries?

Yes. Wolves and bears do not respect the park boundaries and do encroach on adjacent communities and ranches.Grisly outlook: Bears kill more and more livestockThe wolves are more controversial because they were intentionally introduced into Yellowstone.Report: Wolves killed record number of livestock in WyomingOf course,

Are there any cases where a bear repellent actually led to an ironic bear attack?

You should not have problems with black bears in OR. It's the larger bears (grizzly and polar) further North and East which are known for problems.Bear spray isn't for wearing. Get that. A number of cases have happened where humans have sprayed items as a preventative. This is NOT how these sprays work. It's

Can polar bears, brown bears, or grizzlies interbreed?

Yes, and the hybrid is called a grolar bear or pizzly bear. Since 2006 or so there have been at least 9 sightings in the wild and some have been confirmed with DNA. There is even a DNA confirmed second generation one. We knew it could happen already from zoo studies. And there is a specimen form the 1860s

Do black bears kill people?

If they feel threatened or they are really really hungry they can potentially kill a human.It is very unlikely though since black bears are known for not being aggressive and running away. But even though they can climb really well and are fast which aids

Do grizzly bears eat humans?

Although it happens, grizzly bear aggression is usually not predatory in nature. Most grizzly attacks are territorial in nature-the bear, like a solid American, wants you off his land and is prepared to use deadly force to ensure it-or are the result of females protecting their cubs.The only bear that is likely to

Do grizzly bears kill black bears?

Black bears and Grizzlies have a mutual respect sort of thing going and normally leave each other alone. In a fight, they are surprisingly evenly matched. A full-sized grizzly has a lot more mass but a full-sized black bear is quicker. This means that if a grizzly

Do polar bears ever eat humans?

One thing we did when I was a zookeeper to help pass the time during cleaning was to imagine what would happen if the animals got out into the enclosure while we were out there. The polar bears were ones that we knew would eat us before we even knew what was happening.I remember one day there was

Do Russians have domesticated bears?

There is no need to domesticate bears in Russia or anywhere else; they are party animals who love a good beat, and if you play a good tune, they'll dance and follow you all over town, with or without a leash. My next-door-neighbor in my freshman dorm in college

Does a bear know when not to attack?

What guides like Russell Annabel and others have said about bears is that the bear doesn't know what it's going to do next.Listen to what the guides say-not what some digested twerp like that Treadway said about bears being nice and cuddly. Yep, I said digested.Bears can attack with blinding

Does playing dead work as well in protecting oneself from black bears as it does with protecting oneself from grizzly bears?

No - I would never play dead with a black bear.The reason playing dead with grizzlies is generally accepted as a reasonable strategy is that a grizzly is more likely to be conducting a defensive attack - it attacks you to eliminate you as

For $1,000,000, you have to be locked in an empty warehouse with a grizzly bear. You will only be armed with a can of Bear Mace and a Swiss Army Knife. Do you accept the challenge? If so, why?

I'd need to know:How long has it been since the bear last ate?For how long will I be locked in the warehouse?If the bear ate recently, and I wouldn't be locked in for very long, I would happily accept, because I think my chances of surviving the experience would be pretty

Have you ever been attacked by a bear while you were hiking in the woods and why did the bear attack you? Was it hungry or defending it's territory?

No. I would never go into bear territory unprepared to defend myself against a bear.People who ask the question

Have you ever had a close up encounter with a polar bear? If so, what was it like?

I, personally, have never had a close-up encounter with a live polar bear. The closest I came is that one day when I was in grade school, there was a bear in town and we all had to stay inside after school.Polar bears are incredibly large. Like, it's hard to grasp just how big a full size

How to fight a polar bear

unarmed? you cant. polar bears have been known to kill baleuga whales and have extremly powerful jaws and claws.they can take down a moose with ease and have also been known to kill a walrus with out much diffculty. if you have a rock try throwing at the bears

How do bears attack?

The encounter I had with a black bear was in the middle of one of the largest camps in a large Provincial park in Canada. It was 1973 and the camps still used barrels on 4X4 posts for campers to throw their garbage into...which for raccoons, bears, chipmunks and squirrels was just

How do Grizzly bears and Kodiak bears get their strength?

Leverage and weight, mostly.The muscles themselves are shorter and broader than in animals built for speed. Speedwise, the important thing is the distance a muscle can shorten, per unit time. So our arms and legs have long, thin muscles, and a gazelle has

How to avoid bears in Denali National Park

My first advice would be to not go there at all if you know your chances of encountering a bear is high. If you insist, though, practice techniques that could help you avoid confrontation, bring bear repellent or pepper spray, have company, be completely aware of your surroundings, and carry with you

How to survive a bear encounter

Main thing is try NOT to encounter a bear in the forest. Believe me, bears have absolutely no interest in encountering you (you are not "food" for them, just, at most, a nuisance). So, when walking through the forest, make some noise. Try to always be in

How likely are you to survive a grizzly bear attack?

Most people who are attacked by grizzlies survive. They're mauled and often gashed by the claws so awful scars and long hospitalizations are common.Climbing a tree higher than the bear can is one of the few solutions, they can run as

How real is 'Bear Grylls'?

Edward Michael "Bear" Grylls is very much a real person, with a real military career and real survival skills. His show is basically survival theater and situations are often created for him to be involved in, in order for him to demonstrate what to do in those situations. He's gotten a lot of crap

How realistic was the bear attack in the movie The Revenant (2015)?

I haven't seen it, yet, because the movie was described to me as "Leonardo DiCaprio torture porn." And I'm waiting to be in the mood to watch that... But I can say with confidence - probably pretty realistic maybe?And I say that because there is

How strong are bears?

Insanely strong. Grizzly bears have been known to smash into doors and break into cars without much trouble, and if you visit the Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma, Washington, they have an old polar bear toy on display that was made of super-tough plastic materials that was destroyed in about a day- Polar bears

How strong is a grizzly bear compared to a human?

I worked with two grizzlies at a zoo that were brought to us when their mom was shot and killed. They grew up there from a young age and were very used to people, and therefore very interactive with us through the steel bars. I

If a silverback gorilla and a grizzly bear were to fight to the death, which one would win?

So theres some very important distinctions to make hereFirst and foremost: the descriptions most are offering for "grizzly" bears are actually closer to that of "Kodiak" bearsThere are many similarities here, but there are enough differences that they are considered 2 distinct subspecies alot of which deal with size; which is important for

If you had to be locked in a cage unarmed for 15 minutes with one of these three wild animals, would you choose a tiger, a gorilla or a grizzly bear?

Tiger.Because frankly let's be honest, 15 minutes is a long time to make no mistakes with an already agitated and confused wild animal. 15 minutes in a cage with any of those three is going to result in catastrophic injury.Bear -They're nasty pasties, they don't give one single fuck.I think

If you were being chased by a polar bear what would you do?

I would slide across the ice flow with the bear hot on my arse. As he came closer behind me I would feel his hot, skanky breath on the back of my neck. I would kick my ice skates off backwards. The blades would become lodged into his ribs on either

In the event of a bear attack, should you play dead or run like crazy?

Depends on what kind of bear you are talking about. Start by carrying pepper spray.Black fight back. Brown lay down. (Thank you, John Fouse).Grizzly-Hump on the back. DON'T RUN!! You might as well wear a sign that says, Eat Me! Spray is first line of attack. Then, if it doesn't work, drop

Is a bear attack possible during winter?

I write from Finland, so my knowledge is from the Finnish winter and the Finnish bears, which are of the Eurasian subspecies of the brown bear. You don't tell where you're from, but hardly from Finland. So this may differ

Is a Kodiak bear bigger than a grizzly bear?

Kodiak Bears are normally significantly larger than most Grizzly Bears (in fact, they are the largest known Brown Bear subspecies in the world, usually on par with Polar Bears). They are both considered subspecies of Brown Bears. Both reside in North America, with Grizzly Bears primarily living in

Is a polar bear bigger than a grizzly bear?

Polar bears are generally bigger than grizzly bears. A full grown male polar bear weighs around 350–700 kg (772–1,543 lb), while a female is about half that size.Grizzly bears weigh about 270 kilograms (600 lb) in the interior and 400 kilograms (900 lb) on the

Regarding bear attacks, the saying goes 'If it's white, good night', but what would be a reasonable thing to do in case of a polar bear attack?

The thing that marks polar bear attacks apart is that it is never about territory, they're not very territorial. Although they are risk averse, they don't truly fear humans - they are a true apex predator.Therefore, polar bears attacks are almost always about lunch. And as polar bears sometimes need to go days without

Should I worry about bears while camping?

Hanging food is a great start, I hang mine in Bear Sack but know others who use a Bear Can equally well. Hang the food between 2 trees at least 15 feet above the ground and 10 feet from a tree

What ammunition do Alaskan guides use in case of bear attack? Would a shotgun slug stop a bear?

[Author's Note] I have several articles addressing this under my persona on this site. Please review those for more information as well.There are a few things that rarely get taken into account that really play more of a determinate in the life/death equation

What animals kill their own young when the young don't seem fit to survive?

I covered this on another Quora answer, and will copy the relevant parts here. My answer is non-exhaustive. For more examples, see the original thread, where many posters have contributed (What animals eat their own babies?). An excerpt from The National Geographic (LINK): Indeed, mother bears, felines, canids, primates, and many species

What are the chances of survival if someone encountered a bear face-to-face?

Chances are very much contingent on the situation, species, age, and sex of the bear.  By and large, bears want to be far away from you, making such an encounter quite rare.  For some, such an encounter would be a rare treat!I have seen

What can I do to avoid being attacked by bears while camping in a national park?

Easy.Don't feed them. At least not out of your own pocket, your tent, or your car. All food that isn't being immediately prepared and consumed, keep it in a bear canister inside your vehicle, locked, with windows rolled up. If you're backpacking or kayaking, hang the bear canister(s)-holding ALL food and snacks- from a tree limb at least

What do bears eat?

It's common knowledge that bears are omnivores and eat both plants and meat but are they truly the powerful predators they are portrayed to be? You see a bear's diet depends on the season. Looking at an examination of bears from Yellowstone I will give you

What if polar bears meet grizzly bears?

Well, polar bears DO meet grizzly bears, especially as grizzlies make their way further north with climate change. And sometimes, they interbreed.A few times, hunters have shot bears in Canada that have features ‘between' a grizzly and a polar bear. In a few cases, DNA tests have confirmed that they were hybrids.

What is a bear that is white, but is not a polar bear?

Bears have four ways of wearing a white coat. Polar bears have genetically adapted this coat as a camouflage on the ice sheets where they live. Bears can also be white due to albinism, extreme variations of their natural colors, and interbreeding with polar bears..All mammals can be white

What is the best gun to defend against grizzly bears?

There are a few guns that seem to be widely accepted, but it should be noted that bear spray appears to have a better track record, as does other bear avoidance steps - like tying a can with a few dried beans or coins to your pack as you go

What is the largest bear you have ever seen in the wild?

The largest brown bear was a big coastal bear I watched through binoculars from my kayak on the Prince William Sound of Alaska. This huge boar was eating from the carcass of a dead whale and by my estimates, he easily ran 800 to 1000 lbs. It was late summer and he was putting on fat, but he would