Among the men whom beautiful women want to marry, do some of the men not deserve their beautiful women?

Women will marry good looking and not so good looking men. That is just how it is. Why? Because the man is a good provider, or works his best to provide and be a good friend and protector to the family he wants to make with that woman. Women

Are Canadian girls generally beautiful?

Compared to the superficial of the Americans, no we wouldnt be considered beautifull at all. We generally wear less *Fake up if at all & not obessed with celeb culture as much as them. It's not contantly talked about in the news & we hardly care

Are Estonian women beautiful?

Yes. Of course not every single Estonian women is beautiful. But we have a much higher percentage of beautiful women then normal. This is because,Estonia is on the Baltic states, a European region well known to have beautiful women.Estonia, being on Northern Europe, is

Are Greek women beautiful?

I mean this sincerely - no sarcasm intended. I'm hoping to use this opportunity to change the way the OP asks questions, or at least how they are phrased. Sincerely - that's all I'm trying to do here.Okay. Please think about this: beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That means it's subjective. What you may

Are men more beautiful or women?

Personally, I think women are more beautiful, at least from a purely aesthetic perspective.On a more objective level, well, things get a bit more complicated. There doesn't seem to be a scientific consensus on this, and our conception of beauty, like most

Are most people unattractive?

i would agree that the vast majority of people are unattractive and normal looking but I think part of the problem is that the standard of beauty we are exposed to in the media gives us completely unrealistic expectations about it is and a distorted view. From an early age young children are brought

Are Russian girls usually very pretty?

Yes and no.And before someone gets angry, let me mention beforehand that this is all my opinion based on my perception of things, so hear me out...On average, Russia doesn't have more

Are Russian women really beautiful?

I, personslly encountered a Russian woman alive in some meeting which was arranged by one of our homegrown liftist political party.She was beautiful in a humanely way.The beauty I've seen in her was the perfect silence in her lips, with an intense sharpness. That lady when looked at me, it felt like I

Are there any beauty tips for men?

I'm a male and I've never struggled with finding beauty tips. That's because I don't narrow my search down to

Are Turkish women known for their beauty?

Nah.There are, of course, very beautiful women, which is normal for every population. There is a distribution from really beautiful to 'gudubet', ie hobgoblin.The average Turkish women, the majority, is neither beautiful nor terrible. She is short and more often has pear shaped body, the curse of being Mediterranean. She does not have

Are Vietnamese women known for their beauty?

Vietnamese women are absolutely stunning! Typical Vietnamese features are small face, small nose, larger eyes. The eyes are a huge giveaway. Skin color tends to range from pale to tanned skin. Majority of Vietnamese people, in general, are actually pale/light-skinned though. Very, very few have had cosmetic surgery

Can a woman be too beautiful to be approached by men?

The more beautiful a woman is, the greater likelihood that an average man will not approach her, because she's out of his league.It's nice on paper to say that she would welcome attention of any man, and that looks are not the issue, and that it's the inner human being that matters.Yeah, right.When push comes to shove, there's

Can Botox injections cause health problems?

I have been injecting botox for over a decade.  I just read the answer above, and it seems quite inflammatory and untrue.   Botox works by binding to the acetylcholine receptor of the muscle.  This bind is irreversible.  Botox "wears off" because you form new receptors. It is injected in

Can girls only like handsome guys and ignore ugly guys?

It all depends on how you view yourself. If you carry that ugliness with confidence, then your chances of rejection will decrease. Women usually don't go for looks unless you're an ugly ass monster with withered clothes, but girls who are below 16 do

Can makeup really make girls pretty?

As a boy/man i always told the girls that they are way more prettier without makeup. i really mean that.But not to forget, i told them every time: Ok, use mascara or/and eyeliner, but don't put powder, in my artistic taste, powder is bad. eye makeup is subtle and really can

Do beautiful men date average women?

Note: This reply is in regards to sex/intercourse. It is unclear to me how these facts pan out in dating.Statistically speaking men who are towards the top of the bell curve for attractiveness do not typically engage in intercourse with average women HOWEVER statistically they are more likely to date

Do beautiful women feel competitive toward other beautiful women?

I'll go anon in this one. I consider myself a beautiful woman, I receive lots of looks from men, and much more from the jealous creatures called women (I'm included in this category too, OK!). And yes, I feel competitive towards other beautiful

Do beautiful women get attracted to ugly men?

All the time. All. The. Time.If you look at most beautiful women they are with ugly or average men. Let's put it like this, how many times do you see handsome men or pretty boys (and I mean REAL pretty boys) with stunningly beautiful women?I'll answer, not many.In

Do beautiful women realise the power they have over men?

That looks a lot like a no-brainer, doesn't it?The responses you've gotten so far should tell you otherwise.Beauty isn't something people possess, it's something others perceive.The biggest problem women who want that power have is figuring out what

Do even married men get nervous around stunningly beautiful women?

I've been in a relationship longer than the Afghan War. I married the woman of my dreams and, despite the reality of two complex and flawed people running a life and raising four kids, it is amazing.That was my disclaimer.I was attending a convention a few years ago, discussing the practicalities of surviving the zombie apocalypse alongside

Do facial exercises help define cheekbones?

It does I tried the following. This was posted by Swati rao7 Really Simple Face Exercises1. Puff Up Your CheeksPuff out both of your cheeks and shift the air in your mouth from one cheek to the other, 5 times. Then release air while making a small

Do men choose beautiful women over intelligent women?

Choose for what? When it comes to mate selection, men are much simpler as compared to women. The primary purpose of mating, whether you come from an Darwinian mindset or a religious mindset, is procreation. We are driven to reproduce and sex is the natural means

Do men hire beautiful women instead of average-looking women?

I oversaw majority of the hiring at the IT company I work at and I've seen it happen both ways. Mind you this is in North America.1. If given the choice and equal skill level, men will usually hire the prettier candidate. It's not a hard

Do men only love the beautiful women?

The only way to remember the name of a physically unattractive woman is to sleep with her.It's a nasty joke best left to an all male company. Biological injustice.It's not a waterproof approach, but the prospects of remembering the woman's name

Do ugly guys hate pretty girls?

This is a common misconception. Immature guys with low self-esteem hate girls that don't like them back. Yet a girl should never concern herself with what immature guys think. It's not her fault other people want her and she owes those people nothing. A girl should follow her heart and never feel guilty when some one

Do you know some beauty or make up hacks?

Hey there! Well, I know few.Let's start!What to do when you don't have a primer?Ans: Apply some Aloe Vera Gel and you sre good to go. You can use the following aloe vera gel:Wow Aloe Vera Gel ( It claims to be 99% aloe vera)2. How to make your make-up long lasting ?Ans: Give it time.

Do you think life is beautiful? Why or why not?

God has created this world! He has also created the beautiful mountains, streams, oceans, rivers, animals, birds, flowers and also thought of you to be the part of it!Ever noticed that why you have been choosen to be there in this beautiful

Do you think life is more beautiful than it is ugly?

Life can be beautiful or ugly, depending on the perspective you are coming from. Considering your choice of wording in setting up the question, I presumed you will like to think life is more beautiful than it is ugly. Of course life can be

Does a beautiful woman have an easier life than a handsome man?

Here is the difference between a beautiful woman and a handsome man:A beautiful woman has sexual power, a handsome man doesn't have much.Sexual power (or sexual capital) can be exchanged for monetary power which equates to financial power. Look at all your millionaire models? Many women in

Does death make life beautiful?

Christianity is not about signing up for a religion. Christianity is about being born into the family of God (John 3:3). It is a relationship. Just as an adopted child has no power to create an adoption, we have no power to join the family of God by our own efforts. We can only accept His invitation to know

Eyeshadow: How do you apply the smoky eyeshadow look for hazel/green eyes?

Hey Donna! How's it going? Thanks for the question my friend. I see that you're interested in the application process for a

Has anyone tried face yoga (or some exercise for the face)? Does it really help in lifting the face?

For everything you need to know about face yoga, I suggest you read my exhaustive guide on the topic. I'm a professional facialist and have been working with face yoga and face exercises for close to a decade.The EvidenceMany studies have documented real beauty results with face yoga and facial exercises.A study at

How can beauty be a curse?

Beauty and with that I mean outer beauty isn't rosy always. It has its own drawbacks as much as it has its perks. Let us see when it becomes a curse rather than a blessing.It becomes so -When your achievements like cracking a job interview or a promotion is attributed to your good looks rather than your work.When you

How to attract beautiful women

Look these pieces of advice I give might not adhere to every woman's desire list of attraction, but biologically and intuitively should strike with most.Truthfully i think today's world of modern men are wimps. I am not saying this about all, but it is so common that most have lost what it means to be

How to be naturally beautiful

Removing makeup completely before going to bed is the first and foremost step to a naturally glowing skin.Cleansing, toning and moisturizing our skin is the key to get a younger looking skin.Exfoliation is another important step to slough away all the dead skin cells which develop over time.

How to get daily makeup hacks

Fab2u- Online Salon Booking, Spa Booking and Fitness BookingThinking of places, you can go for getting your hair done. Want to be fit but could not find a reliable Gym. Want to know which style is going around your city? Fab2u- Online Salon Booking, Spa Booking

How to have beautiful hair

Straightening, smoothening.. Whatever is available in the market..does damage the hair. You are young, you don't wanna torture your hair now! Wavy hair looks beautiful too! I used to feel the same like you. But now, I love my wavy tresses.

How to improve my appearance

This might sound a bit corny to you, but trust me when I say it matters... the most beauty comes from the perfect combination of confidence and kindness.I'm 26 years old, but grew up having serious insecurities because I thought I had a big nose and was terribly shy. I

How can one make his life more beautiful?

Live A Beautiful Life In 10 Easy StepsLife is beautiful! And even more so if you are living a life filled with happiness, peace and contribution. However, many people, including myself, have lived a life full of possessions, with a soul full of hatred, a job

How come kerala men and women are so beautiful?

In the pursuit of Varnasahnkaram ideologyIt sickens me seeing so many of my south-Indian peoples trying to bypass & bury the facts by saying south-Indians & north-Indians look similar. How racist we south-Indians became? Every time there's a north-vs-south or ‘looks' question, our peoples desperately posting pictures of

How do beautiful women deal with aging?

In my man's eyes, since we met 16 years ago when I was 34, I am a physically beautiful woman. I get a lot of joy from his apparent approval. I love how proud he is of my looks. Other men find me good-looking, and I have had my fair share

How to get a beautiful girl if I'm ugly

Basically one ofBe powerful ie. Rich, Famous or a Leader/Authority in your company-society whatever.Be a nice person and befriend the girl before she becomes truly beautiful and even after this time when she has many

How to keep eyes healthy and beautiful

you need to take special care of their eyes during examination to see clearly. Just like it is important to keep your body healthy similarly you also need to keep your eyes healthy.

How to look beautiful

The definition of

How to look naturally beautiful and fresh without artificial makeup or lotions

I cannot be assured without any makeup but probably the product which I am gonna tell about is more of natural. Matki Foundation Neutral from Clamy Cosmetics should be your selection.I got to know about this from my makeup artist friend and she told that she has been recommending this

How to make a guy feel beautiful

Put your hand on his (or look him directly in the eye) while telling him how wonderful a person he is, while acknowledging and complimenting his finest personal qualities.If this method doesn't achieve your desired result, try this one instead:Sephora: Lancôme :

How to make my hair dense and strong

Applying oil before going to sleep gives enough time to pass the nutritional effects of oil to hair and scalp.Don't stay in sun for long time. It will heat up your scalp and make your roots weak.Hydrate your body. Drink plenty of water throughout the day to keep your body hydrated. Hydrating body helps in keeping your

How to make my hair grow thicker and longer quickly

First of all, it's related o genetics. but you can make it better with your lifestyle and eating habits. Zinc, proteins , biotin and Vitamin D all are best for hair growth and thickness. You need to avoid stress and lesser use ofphones. Secondly , you must

How to remove sunken eyes/hollow eyes naturally

Nothing can cure sunken eyes short of surgical procedures.Having said that, I'll try to tell you about the cause of sunken eyes. The eyes are almost always in the correct place at birth. They do not ‘grow'with aging. The primary cause

How do unattractive men date beautiful women?

Men are attracted to women primarily because of their looks. Don't worry, we fall in love with their personalities, but you don't get to

How to use the law of attraction to become beautiful

I'll tell you my example.6 months ago i weighed around 85 kgs, and from my childhood my teachers and friends used to give me names which was very humiliating for me. I also got suspended from my coaching centre when i throwed

How does one stay good looking and healthy throughout life?

it is not difficult to stay good looking and healthy throughout the life provided one has to follow some strict and discipline life first and the foremost thing is to take care of one's diet and does exercises regularly ,take plenty of water everyday, eat

How important is exercise for looking good?

Exercise is a key part of a healthy lifestyle, but just one part! Health is about balance of these key ingredients: sleep, nutrition and exercise. You might note, I put exercise at the end of that sentence. I think of health in that order. Every day

I have seen ugly girls with handsome guys, but not ugly boys with rich and beautiful girls?

Try to see the world out of your own reality, and remove the blinkers, you will find that the opposite is true. Actually, a lot of rich and financially stable guys will marry a good looking woman even if she is uneducated and poor. Guys are interested in looks most of the time, they are

In one sentence, what makes life beautiful?

I asked my friend this question. He always talks philosophically. He pondered over this question and asked me why we are living.I stared at him with nothing in my mind. I didn't intend to answer this question.Then he again asked a question how

Is Kerala beautiful?

A journey can rejuvenate the body and mind. It transforms the person, fulfilling the soul. There are many choices of destinations for traveling in South India and one can fulfill the journey to Kerala with services of homestay in Kerala. If you are preparing for a Southern Kerala tour,

Is the life of a beautiful woman really beautiful?

This is the story of my ex, and I'm anonymous to protect her identity.We met online, and through mutual interests. I didn't actually know what she looked like, we fell for each other's personalities. When I got to see her, by gum she was gorgeous. She

Is the prettiest girl in your high school still pretty?

no.females are most attractive, generally, from 15–24, then after that they start to age poorly in most races and in most cases. not all, but most.when i think of the top say, 5 in our high school from way back, sure, there's still something there, it's not like they became another person, but...

Should ugly guys think of beautiful girls?

If you're a particularly fat and ugly guy who wants to date Paris Hilton and Miranda Kerr, you better be filthy rich.I believe you've heard of Low Taek Jho, aka Jho Low.He is a third generation heir to a multi billion dollar

Though they differ, are male images of beauty as equally unattainable as female images of beauty?

Yes and no.Looking "ideal" as in on par with the best-looking people in the world, people who have as their full-time-job to look good is attainable by NOBODY, not even the top models themselves. The thing you see in the magazine is the

What are beauty tips for a boy?

Most of my beauty related answers begin by saying: "Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder"Because it actually does. For men, more than the facial beauty the hygiene factor plays an important role. If you are asking the question to feel good, read ahead. If you're asking the question to impress

What are important pre-wedding beauty tips?

Hello,Wedding is the most special day for every bride-to-be's & it's a dream for every bride to look the best on her D-day. But for this taking care of your skin & body is very important.Make some changes in your beauty routine atleast two months ahead of your wedding. And do these skincare rituals

What are some affordable and natural DIY beauty tricks?

That would depend on what your problem is, because natural isn't always the best answer. As to affordable, your best option is usually to keep your skin clean and moisturized and drink plenty of water. For the darker spots that might come with age, a little lemon juice won't hurt. If you're young and have good eyebrows

What are some Beautiful lines to comment on beautiful pictures?

Well there is always a sudden feeling when you see some picture.It's just you have to convey it in more sophisticated and beautiful way.Here are some Beautiful lines :In nature, light creates the color. In the picture, color creates the light.The beauty has no boundaries in this

What are some beauty hacks that actually work?

I'm relatively new to the world of makeup since I never took much interest before. But the last couple of months I've been experimenting and these are some things I've learnedCoconut oil is an amazing eye-makeup remover - Just massage the oil on your lids and brow bone till you

What are some beauty hacks that will change my life?

Always, always follow the Cleansing, Toning,Moisturizing skin-care regime and it will do wonders in your life.Always Apply a lip balm before applying your matte lipstick, it will stay on for several hours and does not come off like a brittle powder and does not feel sticky to your lips.Don't Towel

What are some beauty hacks that you know and others don't?

I don't know if someone knows about these beauty hacks or not but these hacks must be known to everybody as they are useful.Do you feel irritated when your perfume doesn't last long? Just apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly to pulse points before spraying perfume and the scent

What are some beauty hacks to make a guy like you?

Be friendly and approachable. Honestly, the most important part to attracting a man, is to be easy to talk to.On a more shallow note, generally, stay thinner. You don't have to be a string bean (honestly, like the song says, "Boys like a little more booty to hold at night"), but overall, thinner is sexier.And, again generally speaking, a

What are some beauty hacks used in the fashion industry?

Pins are used to make clothes hang better on models. For the best look show off your ankles and wrists. For example, blazers look great with the arms pushed up to the elbows, and jeans look great when they are rolled, cut or hemmed so they reveal some ankle.Pointy shoes make you look taller

What are some beauty tips and tricks used by Geishas?

Oil CleansingOil cleansing is a recent skincare trend, where you are advised to cleanse your face with an oil-based cleanser first before using your regular face wash. This makes sense, because makeup (even waterproof) ones are not fully water soluble, so, using both oil and soap-based cleanser is the way to make sure all your makeup is taken

What are some beauty tips for men?

How to know how to look more handsome you should burn all the beauty and style magazines that you have ever bought. Seriously, winter is coming and you'll need some fuel for the chimney.What you don't need are thousands of articles about the three things that make you more attractive and the two

What are some beauty tips for women by men?

This answer shall serve as an experiment to determine how closely my wife and mother follow my content here, for I shall bait them by answering this question as though I were single. So take these to heart, since it might be the last thing you ever hear from me:Looking like a salon bunny screams

What Are some beauty tips to get a flawless face?

I follow a strict routine to maintain a healthy skin on a daily basis.Follow the basic skin care regime of CTM, which is Cleansing, toning and followed up my moisturising. I follow this routine twice a day, once in the morning before leaving for work and once at night before sleeping.Once or twice

What are some beauty tips used nowadays?

Hello readers,I have written some home remedies on beauty tips. for same i am providing links below.Please go through all the links it will certainly boost your knowledge on beauty tips.BEAUTY TIP#1 (ANTI AGING TIP) | Health & BeautyBEAUTY TIP#2 (REMOVE SUN TAN)

What are some DIY beauty hacks from kitchen?

DIY Beauty Hacks to Create in Your KitchenYou've probably heard it said that beauty isn't just skin-deep-but let's be honest, there is something alluring about a healthy glow that reflects a life well-led and well-fed. Natural foods are a great way to fuel your body, but did you

What are some easy beauty hacks using coconut oil?

Use coconut oil as conditioner. Take the oil and carefully warm it until it just melts or use the liquid kind. Spread through out your hair starting at roots to tops, leave for 10 to 30 minutes, gentlely shampoo, and done! If still oily then carefully wash again or blow dry. Can be used as

What are some effective beauty tips for summer?

Summer days are definitely a pleasant break from the biting cold winter months but soon we find the blazing heat to be unbearable. Apart from the discomfort, summer months can also give rise to multiple skin problems like acne, prickly heat, etc.Use Sunscreen: One of the best ways to avoid photo aging is

What are some exercises and ways to work out your forearms?

Wrist Curls and other such nonsense are often useless in my opinion, in terms of training function.What they might be good for is hypertrophy, particularly at high volume (these muscles are predominantly slow twitch tissues and seem to respond best to higher rep

What are some face washing/cleaning tips and hacks?

I'm gonna suggest you something that is not very common and might even sound quite weird at first- the oil cleansing method. So I literally cleanse my face with oil every 3 days. Few years ago, I was going through the worst phase of

What are some favorite beauty products?

I often get asked this question a lot since I am a makeup and beauty artist and so I thought of coming here and penning down some of my favorites along with a few suggestions. There are a

What are some few minutes beauty tips?

Here some beauty tips are given and to know more visit this article.The world would have us believe that there are no simple and inexpensive natural beauty tips and tricks. What makes me say that? Well, did you know that the beauty industry is a nearly $300

What are some good male beauty hacks or tips?

From a man who cares about how he looks:A flawless skin: now not everyone is blessed with a flawless sparking white vampire skin.. but we all can make it the best it can be. everyone has different skin issues, so it

What are some hacks that will change our beauty routine for the better?

I always make sure to go through my skin routine before makeup and I don't put a lot of foundation (I just use some powder to decrease the shine in my face) on since I have sensitive skin, so I'm prone to breakouts. Always to make sure to wash your brushes/blenders weekly since

What are some makeup hacks that don't work?

Sock Beauty Blender - This tip is used to blend your foundation without using blender or brush. Instead of brush, sock is used to blend. But this hack doesn't work. Because the foundation will get absorbed into sock.Cocoa Powder and Lotion as Self Tanner - Many people use cocoa powder with lotion as self tanner, which doesn't works.Lemon as

What are some makeup hacks to look beautiful on pictures?

Less is more. Always. And no spf in the base product, because that would have a flashback (*spf based base products will have a white flashback in pictures, the reason being obvious, it has spf which is made to protect you from the sun) and use contour/bronzer if you are using a

What are some of the most hauntingly beautiful classical compositions ever written?

As for my own experience, I have several good candidates I'd like to share.Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 23, 2nd Movement blew me away the first time I heard it. The sheer eloquence and haunting pathos it exudes at times make the vast majority of pieces of the

What are some of the pre-wedding beauty tips for brides?

Every bride is a star on her wedding day. Here are some pre-bridal beauty tips to make you stunningly gorgeous on your big day.1. Clinical sittingsUnwanted marks and spots on the skin can be treated carefully with clinical sittings to achieve a fairer and spot-free skin. In

What are some of the real beauty secrets for good body or clear skin?

Real beauty secrets are hard to come by - I've spent the better part of the last 2 years experimenting, testing, and trying all sorts of skincare fads, trends, and products. A load of them are bollucks.Long story short - I struggled with my skin for a long time but eventually found a skincare routine based on the philosophy

What are some overnight beauty hacks that give quick results?

For dry feet, soak them in warm water for 10 minutes and then slather them with a thick cream. Put on some old socks. Your feet will be soft the next morning.If you have a blemish, put a dab of paste (not gel) toothpaste on it and it will shrink by the next morning.Exfoliate your

What are some powerful beauty hacks to look gorgeous?

Here are the beauty hacks that I have implemented:1. Eyebrows play an important role in your beauty so give perfect shape as per your face cut. If you don't know which shape will look good then you can try picture idea on your phone or desktop.2. Don't skip makeup primer

What are some simple beauty tips and hacks?

All actresses do it,Is to simply feel beautiful.Sitting quietly, with closed eyes, feel beautiful.Too much beautiful cloth hide the real beauty, clothes could only be ordinary to outshine the beauty, they can find faults in your clothing, but that Gap is filled by your beauty, gaudy vs elegant.Be

What are some tips to be a beautiful person?

Remove Dead Skin And Revitalize Your Face With An Organic Papaya MaskMany exfoliates contain abrasive ingredients that scratch your skin, which may damage the skin and speed signs of aging. Instead, it's better to use an enzymatic exfoliant. Papaya contains the natural enzyme papain, and pineapple contains the enzyme bromelain, which helps naturally exfoliate the skin to

What are some ways to look naturally pretty?

Okay here are some tips:1. DO wear makeup. A little foundation: find one that perfectly matches you skin tone and looks natural, like go to Sephora and say "I want a foundation as natural as possible". They will do the rest. (I never apply too

What are the beauty tips a bride must follow few days before the wedding?

Bridal Wedding Makeup in UdaipurA nutritious diet is a full-proof way of achieving healthy skin. A wholesome diet does the job on its own to keep you radiant and healthy from within by giving your body all that it requires. You add fruits and vegetables to your daily intake. Foods that are rich

What are the beauty tips for girls?

I think this is rather a very big subject. But some that pops in my mind and which are easy to follow are:Drink loads and loads of water. It will make your skin healthier, your body energetic and all your vital body functions smooth.Eat healthy. Stay away from processed

What are the best beauty hacks to look my best?

Beauty hacks should be part of every girl and women. Know the beauty hacks that will make it easier for you to look your best even in any time. The beauty hacks may be at sleep, day time, work out time, during winters, summers, Glam at NightHacks

What are the best beauty tips for girls to add to this article? Are lots of beauty tips on the internet how ever The most important beauty tip is to restrict midday sun exposure (10 am to 4 pm) and to use broad-spectrum sunscreen that covers Ultraviolet A and B daily.80% of what are called aging changes in the skin are due to

What are the best beauty tips for glowing skin?

There is a very simple and easy solution to get rid of all of these problems, make some changes in your diet that keep your skin bright, which is not possible by any artificial remedy. That's why we are going to tell you in this article what to include in

What are the best beauty tips for gorgeous skin and hair?

Personally, I am strongly against using DIY or homemade recipes for skin care.For three reasons:They get messyThey harbor bacteriaThey simply don't work well, or at all.I recently decided to embark on my journey to achieving healthy, radiant skin & thick beautiful hair. You really should start taking