Am I selfish for not wanting marriage?

I gave up on the only girl I had ever loved!While I was in college, I felt great in the company of a beautiful young girl. She studied engineering while I studied medicine. We had common friends. She was bold, very lovable, respectful, and whatever she spoke made sense to me.

Am I selfish for not wanting to have children?

As many others have commented, or will comment, the short answer is

Do (some) people 'become' gay because they can't get a girl?

No. Sexual orientation, as far as we know, is for the most part genetically and epigenetically determined and can not be changed. But sexual orientation is a spectrum. And on this spectrum a person can exist close to one of the poles, let's say the heterosexual one, and for the vast majority of

How are personality traits useful?

Because without them, you're like a useless robot.They make us all unique.Now while they make us unique, they make us of some worth because we all have something different to offer to the world.Personality traits make things unpredictable and interesting because you certainly won't have the same set of those as anyone else, and nor will anyone

How to deal with a terrible father

I know exactly what you are going through but believe me you have plenty of options . its your life and you should have it your way.most people donot really want freedom because freedom involves responsibility and people shy away from responsibility. you should think of moving out of your house. you must be aroun 23

How to get over bad memories and bad relationships

First things first, we Quorans would like to assure you that a lot of people go through this kind of thing; so you're never alone in any of this. Also you have this big, wonderful community to help you be a better person. That's some

How to know if you are a selfish person

When someone tells me. When I think I am. How else should one know?By someone's input or when you think you are. That's how you know about ANYTHING about yourself. Most insecure people think they're ugly, even when no-one has said so. You'll know you're being when someone tells you so, or you find out for yourself.Of course

How is human behavior different from animal behavior?

One word: Ego. Human behavior is very much driven by the conscious mind, or the ego (what I call the Lono.) This is the mind that over-rides the impulses sent to us by our sub-conscious mind, (what I call, "the Ku.")Animals, while they do feel things like

How likely is it that my verbally, emotionally & sometimes physically abusive boyfriend learned it from his dad?

The abusive behaviour of your boyfriend may be a result of one or more of many factors. Let us look at them.The personality of an infant is affected by two major factors:The geneticsThe environmentPersonality traits can be inherited from the parents. But, at the same time, these traits are again influenced by the environment in

Humans share a large amount of DNA with other animals, how well does studying their behaviors translate to usable information for understanding human behavior?

I don't think we know enough yet about which genes have any influence on behaviour. Behaviour is very complex, and arising from the entire organisms systems working together. We are only just beginning to discover which genes control the production of certain hormones or neurotransmitters, and those in turn would

If someone is having a bad time and wants to take their frustrations out on someone, what kind of person are they likely to chose, and why?

Based on people I know the kind of person someone like you described will choose either of two types of people. The first being a person who is hard to phase and is strong enough to take the abuse (this can include the bad boy type,

In human behavior and animal behavior (disregard science definition), who cares more for their babies?

Depends a great deal on the species. Some animals simply lay eggs in a decent spot and leave. Some guard the eggs till the little guys hatch, and then abandon them.Some (like most birds) continue to care for and feed the hatchlings until they are able to fly.Most mammals

Is being shy a negative personality trait?

I am a shy, introverted, quiet person.As some people have already said, shyness and introversion are two completely separate things. I also find that a lot of people confuse these things with being quiet.Being shy is not so much about how you act, but how you feel. You

Is Tyrell Wellick (from the show Mr.Robot) a sociopath?

Tyrell is a sociopath. Sociopaths can exhibit anxiety when their own person is in danger be it extreme physical harm or capture. Tyrell exhibits several traits on the checklist for Anti-Social Personality Disorder/ Sociopath. The most notable is his facility to assume personas like a chameleon. He can be charming or menacing, gay

My husband is very selfish and refuses to accept responsibility for anything. Why is that?

The chances are you are quite correct and that he is in fact selfish and refuses to accept responsibility for anything. I have seen this behaviour on many occasions, it is not uncommon, unfortunately.Why is he like that? Because for some reason, this was a successful strategy when he was growing up. He has probably

Should I be selfish to selfish people?

Avoid selfish people. If you have to be with one because it can't be avoided then be kind towards them. Not a fool, but kind. What does it serve you if you are being selfish back? Are you more satisfied with life? Is revenge what you are

What are examples of human behavior?

You know these people who fake accents and deliberately choose to speak only in a foreign language (anything other than their native language) just because they have lived in a foreign country for an extended period? Try giving them a scare... or a life-threatening shock... like pretending

What are some amazing human behaviors?

In prison there are lines, and some dudes are well aware that once they cross that line they might end up dead, and these foos still crossover. And they end up dead... beat to death by his new cellmates ... some people are actually

What are some great psychology tips, tricks, and techniques that I can use during a job interview that will increase my chances of getting any job? I want to have a positive psychological effect on an interviewer.

It completely depend on number of factors on you and to your interviewer. So for now i would consider some few points which you could practice.1. Ambiance You have herd about this famous adage "First impression is the last impression". Suppose if you went for a sales job and the ambiance of that premise is not good

What are some of the most likable personality traits?

.          "What are your favorite personal personality traits of others?" For me personally I like others to have intelligence, courtesy, and bluntness. While I can't stand racism, I much prefer politically incorrect dialogue which is accurate and unaffected. While I don't mind clever witticisms, phony

What are the best examples of personality traits being linked to a particular genetic variant?

There are various genetic variants related to personality traits. Here are some examples of some interesting ones:DRD4 (rs1800955 ) also called the

What are the most interesting scientific findings about human behavior?

A few of my favorite that are highlighted in my book Captivate include:Vulnerability is attractiveMost people will not notice your flubs and failings. But what about the people who do?Researchers Elliot Aronson, Ben Willerman, and Joanne Floyd wanted to know what people really think about those who make mistakes.

What causes people to hate their job?

In my opinion it's mostly the lack of appreciation and recognition/reward if you go the extra mile and it's taken for granted or your input is not taken seriously.An example is the last company I worked for kept on asking for input from us of ways that we could save the

What is borderline personality disorder? How is it different from bipolar disorder?

What is Borderline Personality Disorder?Borderline Personality Disorder is the name for a specific pattern of issues that are caused by the interaction of parenting, childhood experiences, and the child's temperament. BPD begins in early childhood and shapes the growing child's personality. It is fully formed by the time the

What is considered to be the most desirable personality trait?

Greetings!The most desirable persanility trait would differ from person to person, community to community but the commonly accepted are as follows.SimplicityHumilityGentlenessStraightforwardnessHonestySincerityTruthfulnessCheerfulnessToleranceGenerositySerenitySelf-controlChastityNon-violenceDedicationDisciplineConfidenceCarefulnessDynamismPerseveranceSelf-containmentMagnanimityCourageFearlessness

What is my personality trait?

There are several factors that determine the formation or shaping of our personality.Among them the three major factors are: Heredity, Environment and Situation.There are five Big Personality Traits which have a significant impact in individual's life.a) Extroversion: Extroverts are sociable, lively, and

What is the creepiest thing that society accepts as a cultural norm?

I can think of multiple things from my own culture, but for the sake of simplicity, I'll choose one thing and that is sexism against women.I come from the Middle East, and while this is certainly not true everywhere. It is quite prevalent.Historically speaking, before Islam men practiced a common ritual. Whenever,

What is the least common trait in people?

From my personal understanding, it would be selflessness.People can be very helpful towards others, but most of the time it all boils down to them. Most people have the idea that if I help someone, they will help me. Can you see

What makes people emotionally abusive?

Fundamentally, I think it's the need to prove one's self worth. We all have this need but in some people the 'proof' manifests itself in a rather twisted way. Such as needing to put someone down to make oneself feel better. Or the need to control someone else in order to feel in control ourselves.

What personality trait do you like least about yourself?

The inability of self acceptance.The fact that any of us including myself ever have to look at ourselves and think thoughts of how far below the grade we are. We live in a competitive world and simply enjoying oneself for who we are isn't possibly, certain

What personality traits are genetic?

I think the question is a bit too vague.  How do we differentiate between a genetic tendency towards a trait with the trait itself?  In some cases, it could be argued that the brain chemistry is genetically pre-disposed to certain responses and thereby would give rise to more specifically defined

What shapes human behaviour?

According to the normal living I consider that the main characteristics that shape the human behaviour are ten. I have listed them in order of notoriety.1.- The physique : If there is a comparison between same type of body between a man and woman, that have same size, weight and race, one can see that the masculine gender

What trait of personality do you think is unforgettable?

I think people who have the capacity to forgive are the most amazing. I know someone who does that and he's a rare find. Very mellow man. Best character I've ever seen. Sometimes people do him serious wrong. He does not let them treat him as a doormat, but he forgives. It is a wonder to behold.

What's the hardest part about getting older?

as you get older...many of us lose our rose tinted goggles and begin to see existance for what it realise and eventually lose both your realise that apart from maybe one friend or a wife or a brother or sister...these people were the only people on planet earth that truly loved you, and now they

Why are some people so obsessed with working out?

Becoming stronger and making progress with your physique is intoxicating.The first time I looked in the mirror and saw my abs after months of dieting and working my ass off, it motivated me to push even harder. I kept going until I was

Why do most people not attempt to understand human behavior?

It's startling to me that many/most people don't even care to understand their own motivations and reactions.I was raised to be a member of a community and a citizen of the world. As a willing participant in those larger groups, it has seemed necessary to

Why do most young people naturally stay up late and sleep in late? Is it biological or psychological?

It's physically impossible for a teen to sleep early when their body clock (circadian rhythm) is synchronised with their surroundings. Melatonin (the sleepy hormone) is released a lot later in adolescents, therefore causing them to feel their sleepiest closer to midnight. Adolescents need 8-9 hours of sleep each night to

Why do people get OCD?

OCD stands for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and it is a mental illness which many believe may be genetic and has to do with how a person's brain is hardwired.  There are several drugs on the market which are quite effective at treating the disorder which frequently manifests itself in activities such as compulsive hand washing, checking

Why do so many people hate themselves?

Rest assured, you are.A lot of people are.Maybe this is not the language you were expecting. Normally, when someone asks this question, the hidden implication is to say that you are not. I am not going to say that. I didn't even read the other 15 answers, as

Why do some people feel a need to fidget all the time?

In addition to the reasons outlined in your question, it would seem as though there is a real social context to fidgeting.The Social Significance of FidgetingDo we fidget only for ourselves or also for others? I think fidgeting is primarily regarded as something that we do for ourselves. Erving

Why do some people think it is selfish to not want children?

When a child is born it is completely helpless, vulnerable, and dependent upon anyone who chooses to care for it. Most often, that would be the same person (and the companion) who chose to birth it. This requires a sacrifice of ones self in time,

Why do we swim?

There's a flippant answer here. Why should we swim? So we can eat cake. But that's really just a joke among swimmers, particularly open water or outdoor or wild swimmers (and it may primarily be a joke in the UK).I can say

Are humans the only creatures to have pets?

No - baboons have been known to keep dogs as pets. See A Scientific Mystery: Do Wild Baboons Kidnap Puppies for Pets? A gorilla has been known to intensely care for cats:'s also the famous "crow and kitten" video- And even a lion that tried to

Can depression affect self-preservation?

It can affect self preservation but not always very long. There could be still some problems with self destructive behaviors, negative thinking and bad relationships but people can stay preserved over long periods of time provided they are able to find the triggers that can

Could you please recommend books about human behaviour?

Oh, well, I do hope you won't take it against me to recommend you to find time reading all the non fiction books of B. F. Skinner. To me they're all soporific, lol. But to me, at the same time, they are so called foundational books on human behavior.If you prefer fiction, try

Do attitudes predict behaviour?

According to definition from text book Behaviour is defined as "The way in which one acts or behaves in response to a particular situation or stimulus (humans or animals)

Do horses understand human behavior?

I could give you the scientific information about how horses are capable of reading our emotions. A study was done where pictures of people exhibiting happy or angry faces were shown to horses. They reacted to the pictures quite differently. There are more notable face/ear reactions in a horses than in dogs. The have very subtle

Do humans feel more pain when they see videos of humans being abused or animals being abused?

I suffer most for animals. As a species we are, generally speaking, programmed to root for the underdog. Who doesn't like to see a bully get his comeupence?I feel that animals are always the underdog when it

Do laws change human behavior?

A common way of thinking in psychology is seeing how consequences of behaviour (postive and negative) affect behaviour. This is the main principle of the so-called behaviourist school of psychology, which studies the effects of reward and punishment of behaviour.It is established beyond any

Do psychopaths know they are psychopaths?

I think the best way to realize you are a psychopath is to try to have a relationship with someone.I had been diagnosed with psychopathy since I was a teenager however I was never convinced about it. First, I dont consider myself to be charming, while I'm definitely good looking and turn eyes every club or bar I enter,

Does magnetism affect human behavior?

One paper was published - that I know of, there could be more - about a tribe in Australia that the members apparently were able to cultivate a sensitivity to the Earth's magnetic field, such that they can be blindfolded,

How can the MBTI be helpful in daily life? How can it be harmful?

For me as an INTJ, it made the most difficult thing for me to understand (emotions,) and turned it in to the easiest thing for me to understand (systems.) My type is more prone to not embracing emotion than most. We pretend

How to become more dominant

In positive way becoming dominant and assertive means you leave a positive yet strong impact on others to whomever you meet.Your impression should be strong enough that people often talk about you even in your absence, and feel your absence when you not around.All this

How to stop hating a lot of people

I was once a person who hated people. I got annoyed by anything people talked about that was just plain senseless. I have verbally abused people to the point of them hating  me back and now people who see me feel a welcoming presence. One of the nicest people you'll meet.

How to understand human behavior and psychology

The reason most people fail to understand human behaviour correctly is that they look at their behaviour without taking other variables into consideration.If you did so then you might get the wheel incorrectly or fail to understand its function. For example you might never understand why the wheel has certain holes

How do people with consistently stressful jobs stay calm?

Many people are naturally calm and become even more relaxed during a panic or under stress (too busy trying to deal with the situation to roll around in worthless, paralyzing, destructive emotions). People like these don't usually have to do

How do psychologists study human behavior?

Psychologists study mental processes and human behavior by observing, interpreting, and recording how people and other animals relate to one another and the environment. To do this, psychologists often look for patterns that will help them understand and predict behavior using scientific methods, principles, or procedures to test their

How do we identify a person with Narcissistic Personality Disorder? What are the characteristics and behavioral patterns of an NPD person? Do they require psychiatric help?

There are different things to look for depending on how the narcissist views you. The easiest one is if you are a potential romantic partner. Look for idealization and for the narcissist to try and match your interests or personality. You might

How do we know what animals think about human behavior?

Most wild animals have evolved to show very minimal emotion. If you've ever seen an antelope or wildebeest being eaten by a lion, you know there's pretty much zero evidence of distress on the animal's face. This is probably because it's rarely adaptive for a wild prey species to reveal emotions. If a lion could detect

How to read someone's mind through their body language

Body language provides an amazing amount of information on what other people are thinking if you know what to look for. And who hasn't wanted to read people's minds at some point?some checkpoints to remember in future, hope it helps-1. Crossed arms and legs

How does culture influence human behavior?

Culture as an influence of behaviour takes the

How does human behavior resemble animal behavior?

People have wars, so do Squirrels, Chimpanzee's and many other animals. Animals that go to warHere are four examples of nature's warring ways, red in tooth and claw.SUICIDE MISSIONS: Termites and ants. Exploding Ant. ...TURF WARS: Chimpanzees and meerkats. Meerkats. ...COUPS

How does skinny-shaming affect people? Do they start seeing them being thin as a problem or something they don't like about themselves?

It can make you feel terrible.I've been told I could be a model numerous times. I've also been told I can pull off anything and everything because I'm skinny and tall. I've had girls tell me they'd kill to be as skinny as I am.I've also been told I'm flat like a TV screen.

How does social media impact human behavior?

We all know that time social media is a very common platform for everyone to connect with known and unknown peoples from one place to another place and sharing valuable or non valuable information with each other, but according to me the impact of social media for

How does society influence one's behavior?

There are unlimited ways in which society influences behaviour. This can also differ in different cultures. After all we are social creatures who are very much shaped by external factors. Some ways society can influence behaviour includes:- pressures from society may restrict you to doing jobs

How is human behavior formed?

I know it is unusual to ask a question about a question, but need to know to know what you would like to know.Is the question how did human behavior come to exist, or why it exists, or what/wheredoes it come from? Is it specific

How is human behavior studied?

Good question!Unlike Ryan's wife I am not a fully fledged Psychologist - I merely have a degree in the subject. That said I find myself most interested in Twin Studies.Monozygotic twins (Identical) are an excellent source of behavioural analysis - especially when they are separated at birth.

How many people hate themselves?

We talk a great deal about

Humans share a large amount of DNA with other animals, how well does studying their behaviors translate to usable information for understanding human behavior?

I don't think we know enough yet about which genes have any influence on behaviour. Behaviour is very complex, and arising from the entire organisms systems working together. We are only just beginning to discover which genes control the production of certain hormones or neurotransmitters, and those in turn would have an influence on

I am constantly having mood swings, sometimes I feel more motivated and sometimes I feel depressed thinking about all the failures faced in my life. How do I make my mind peaceful and balanced?

Once during His visit to Chicago, USA, Swami Vivekananda was taking a  stroll on the banks of a river. There he saw some young boys with an air  gun trying to shoot at eggshells floating in the river. As the

Is human behavior deterministic?

Probably, modulo a bit of quantum mechanics (QM). QM forbids you from actually conducting an experiment in which things were exactly equal both times.  The no-clone theorem forbids you from precisely duplicating any quantum state, and renders the whole idea of doing the "reset" kind of

Is human behavior genetic or learned?

My dad was adopted, and he didn't meet his biological mother until he was around 40 years old. His biological father died in 1955(ish), so he never - not once - interacted with the man in his life.My father loved icecream. Chocolate was his favorite. (mine, too.)His biological

Is human behavior transcendent?

Nope. But the 'mind' that creates the behavior can reach the states of transcendent.A transcendent mind seeks enlightened behaviors. The minds that have not reached that stage stick with normal behaviors.Transcendent behaviors- integrity, character, oneness, tolerance, peace, coexistence, all come within it's folds.All the very best! Regards,Swaroopa Blog.

Is human behaviour genetically inherited?

Q. Is human behaviour genetically inherited?-(From Stain or badge of honour? Convict heritage inspires mixed feelingsJune 8, 2015A recent report in Molecular Psychiatry identified a

Is human nature taught?

Human beings have an essential nature that is biological in origin. This evolved over millions of years. But humans also are influenced by the environment, both cultural and directly within the family and in school. For example, humans are born with an innate ability to learn language and express language. Culture

Is it a common phenomenon that when you get too much attention, you don't pay attention?

I would share my personal opinion regarding this behavior. As per Maslow's need theory, social affiliation is the third most important need of a human being. We strive to strengthen our social bonds, form and maintain relationships, earn accolades. Majority likes a compliment, let's not hide the fact. For example, I have heard people complaining that chats

Is it okay to judge people?

Here's a little story straight out of my diary from the year 2004–05.My early days as an undergrad in Calcutta were very rough. Some might say depressing, too.Among several things that I was afflicted with, the worst was being left out on the streets,

Is Narcissistic Personality Disorder treatable?

Simple answer: YesComplex answer: Sometimes.Realistically: probably not.I have and have had many narcissist in treatment. Some come on their own. Many of those came after something happened enough in personal relationships, they sought help. More come as a result of someone threatening them with a loss if they don't. As we sort through the dynamics

Is procrastination a normal human behavior?

Not just humans. All animals.In the animal world, energy comes at a high price. Getting food is dangerous in the wild for both herbivores and carnivores. The individuals who were least likely to survive were ones that needed to eat more because they squandered their energy on

Is there a behavior that you portray outside your home that your spouse has no idea that you behave that way?

I personally go out of my way to be the same person -outside normal societal conventions, which we all do, of course- both to my partner as I am to everyone else. The more different you are in your core values,

What are characteristics of people with high emotional intelligence (EQ)? What distinguishes them from low EQ people? How could I become a high EQ person?

QUESTION 1: What are characteristics of people with high emotional intelligence?Here are a few:1. They ponder their feelings.Emotionally intelligent people think a lot about feelings and emotions-both their own and those of others. They try to identify those emotions and determine their role in affecting their thoughts, words, and actions.This

What are examples of human behavior in psychology?

Here are a few classics:Authority Bias: Milgram Experiment | Simply PsychologyScarcity Bias: Scarcity heuristic - WikipediaGroupthink: What is GroupthinkI highly recommend the book Influence by Robert Cialdini. It's a fantastic introduction to practical psychology in the real world.Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, Revised Edition: Robert B. Cialdini: 8580001041766: Books

What are examples of human behavior?

You know these people who fake accents and deliberately choose to speak only in a foreign language (anything other than their native language) just because they have lived in a foreign country for an extended period? Try giving them a scare... or

What are some commom examples of human behavior?

One common human behavior of some Quorans is to come on Quora and ask a question related to some assignment they are tasked to think about, maybe research, and then perhaps turn in for a grade. Then other Quorans who answer questions for those in real need of answers, will take their time

What are some common examples of human behavior?

I am not sure where this fits in, but it was somewhat stunning to me at the time. As a Credentialing Coordinator, part of my job was to get copies of physician licenses when they were renewed and provide copies to all hospitals where

What are some good books to begin learning about human behaviour, particularly on micro-expressions?

in my opinion, this book fits the category you are askingStudying Human Behavior: How Scientists Investigate Aggression and SexualityIn Studying Human Behavior, Helen E. Longino enters into the complexities of human behavioral research, a domain still dominated by the age-old debate of

What are some of the most interesting case studies about human behavior?

I do know of one case I learned about in one of my Sociology classes as an undergraduate student: Saints and the Roughnecks published in 1996 by W J Chambliss describes,

What are some of the most interesting Human Behavior examples?

Thanks for A2A Indy Singh.As you have asked me to answer this question, I would first like to say as that of my Bio suggest, that I am not a learned psychologist by nature i.e. I am kind of that bend of mind that makes me consider myself psychologist. So I do have many interesting hypothesis

What are some rare human behaviors?

Cannibalism is extremely rare. There is evidence for it occasionally in ancient times, but it was not routine. Sometimes it was ritual, ingesting the strength of a slain enemy, but not an ordinary food source. Even peoples who frequently killed slaves or prisoners did

What are the benefits of hugs?

Even though I don't hug people often (due to eastern culture probably), I sense another way that, intra-personal interaction is rather sweet, though not necessary. The difference between "by myself" and "a group of people" is subtle, and it's hard to differentiate the benefits

What are the characteristics of a mentally strong person?

This are the top 15 major characteristics of a mentally strong person:1. They're emotionally intelligent.Emotional intelligence is the cornerstone of mental toughness. You cannot be mentally tough without the ability to fully understand and tolerate strong negative emotions and do something productive with them. Moments that test your mental

What are the different types of human behavior?

Dear soul gHuman behaviour is formed in many births.We are born with a preformed behaviour.That is reason many of us are of angry or spiritual in nature in childhood itself.This keeps on changing according to the company we keep.Either positive or negative,strong behaviour people effect the other weaker souls behaviour.The politician (negative) and Saints (positive) are two examples of

What are the most common lies people tell?

A resume and a matrimonial website.

What are the most common lies that people tell themselves?

It's okay I don't need to write the notes I can remember it. ( Never ever it happens. It's a lie. You have to note it down)Let this semester go I will study seriously from the next semester. (Common buddy this is a never ending loop. Please come out of

What are the most important aspects of human behavior?

The most important aspect of human behavior is its sensitivity to the environment that comes before and after it. Human behavior is changed (primarily) by the consequences that follow it, and these changes are often called

What are the most interesting facts about human behavior?

The human brain is an interesting and powerful organ, but understanding why it does what it does is a process that we're still studying. Both the conscious and subconscious mind have a significant influence on our behavior, but most us have only a minimal understanding of how they work. What follows are 26 interesting facts about human

What are the most Powerful books on Influencing Human Behaviour?

I'm not sure. But apparently if you can break their attention away from an action it will be easier to influence them. Say a person is walking down the street and they have whatever on their minds.. If you're trying to get signatures for a wildlife petition, go up and tell them

What are the recommended psychology and human behaviour books?

Here are a list of books about psychology and human behavior that I've read (and highly recommend):59 Seconds by Professor Richard WisemanThe Hour between Dog and Wolf by John CoatesInfluence by Jenny NabbenHow We Learn by Benedict CareyThe Power of Habit

What can we do to better understand human behavior?

Aaron-To learn from other people, the experience you've had in the past, and learn from that on your own.But sometimes the

What causes people to hate their job?

In my opinion it's mostly the lack of appreciation and recognition/reward if you go the extra mile and it's taken for granted or your input is not taken seriously.An example is the last company I worked for kept on asking for input from us of ways that we could save