Can women stay single in Islam?

Meet saint Rabi'a al-Adawiyya al-Qaysiyya, better known as Hazrat Rabia Basri.Hazrat is an honorific like

How to Live A Happy Single Life

Happiness would be a feeling depending of infinite variables our mind is working or thinking.Thus a mind that is puzzled for whatever reason could find happiness that tries to address the puzzle.Another mind with specific desire or an obsession could be having a

Is it true that married men work harder, smarter and make more money than single men?

would you run faster if  you were being chased by a tiger? But seriously, there was a good study done on this at Columbia  that tested this. It turns out that marriage does not so much effect how men perform; rather the qualities that lead men to marry are the same ones that

Men: What are your biggest frustrations in dating?

I will be 64 next month. As a senior (good God, I really am getting old) I can tell you that dating is hard work. I think Mary Gignilliat summed things up nicely from a woman's perspective. Yes, men lie, but so do women. A lot. A whole lot. Mary gets

What is it like to have not been ever married?

I'm 52 and never been married.Everyone is different but in my case there are two things going on:I'm actually happy that I don't have the life of most married women I know. I know I'm supposed to be jealous of

What should I do if I still have feelings for my ex and want them back?

Been there. Done that.Listen, it is really okay to feel this way. And also remember, if you love something, let it go. It will come back. Trust me, this may sound cliche af but this is really true.I was dating my a guy for 5 years in

What's the hardest part about being a single parent that no one ever talks about?

Geez where do i start. It is not something you ever want to do voluntary thats for sure. I did it from the time i had my daughter till today she is nearly 13 now. I am a very strong determined woman and

Which is better? Getting married or staying single?

There is nothing better in this world. It varies from the relationship status of that person.A Married men envy on the freedom of single men. While a single men worry about not having a companion and envy on married men.Pros :Single :Less financial troublesYou are the boss of your life . No

Why are so many decent people single nowadays?

In work I have a number of female friends. They are all married. Everyday I receive various comments.

Why do people prefer to remain single after their divorce?

Because Divorce doesn't happens Due to a Good reasons. No one marries anyone to get divorce or to live in unhappy nightmare marriage which turns into doom. It leave scary memories and trauma's in the individuals.So they think that living single is far better than

Can being an athletic, physically fit, single male, actually put off some single women?

I can only give my experience.It's intimidating.First and foremost, in my area it's rare I come across a person that is completely single (No FWB, spouse, significant other, their genderfriend, side piece) in Atlanta, GA. So many people enjoy the power of options, to each its own.Second, most men

How does single/unmarried person go through old age?

It's hard to imagine a single person living his old age alone. As we grow old, we tend to become dependent on our close ones as they are the ones whom we have groomed and loved all our lives. If someone is

At what point, while being single, did you stop caring about finding a partner? What changed for you to make you stop caring?

My best friend is a mother at age 22, she met her boyfriend who she is still with at our highschool. My other best friend met her now husband in Uni and she married at age 22.I guess I thought that I would meet someone at school or something,

How to live a healthy single lifestyle

This is fairly easy to accomplish but you do have to look to others (family, friends, etc.) for the emotional support and companionship a partner would otherwise offer. Cultivate a "team" of people you care about (and who care about you) for a social life

Is it possible to date a rich single woman?

No. Rich single women are greedy and hide away once they get success and money. You can't find them.It's possible. Very possible. But you gotta pull some Batman level detective work and probably invest a few thousand dollars just to try. At the minimum. Not to mention acting classes.

Men: What are your biggest frustrations in dating?

I will be 64 next month. As a senior (good God, I really am getting old) I can tell you that dating is hard work. I think Mary Gignilliat summed things up nicely from a woman's perspective. Yes, men lie, but so do women. A lot. A whole lot. Mary gets

What are the biggest issue being 30, single and unmarried?

I am almost 30...And the biggest issue is people I love always telling me,

What is the hardest thing about being single?

I'll tell you something from the bottom of my heart. I am a socially inept person. I have absolutely no close friends, some consider me close, I guess, but there is no one who confides in me and whom I can confide in and I am very selective

What is the hardest things about being a single dad?

Trying to find the balance between job and your kid. You may find that at times you have to sacrifice one for the sake of other. If you don't meet your work schedule, that's one thing, if you don't pay enough attention to your kid, you inevitably receive a new challenge of addressing his/her stresses.

What should everyone know about living alone?

Aaaah living alone... There are good things as well as bad... But there are always solutions :)So.. I'm gonna right the pros and cons and you judge ^_^Pros: you come home everyday and it's calm, you can rest and relaax.. maybe light some candles and drink some teaCons: there's

Why am I single?

I am 25 year old guy and i have been single my entire life. I am a average looking guy and never in my life i even kissed a girl or held even someone's hand. i am posting it as anonymous i

Why don't some people get married or decide never to marry?

Well I'm sure there are as many reasons as there are people who decide this. But, having counseled many, and being married myself, I can list a number of possibilities:being married is really hard work. You have to make all your decisions

Why is it that good looking guys are single?

I'm going anonymous on this one so that I can accurately answer the OP's question while hopefully not sounding arrogant - I can't be arrogant if I'm anonymous as I'm not looking for any recognition. In real life, I promise that I am not arrogant at all. I

Would you date a 29 year old single mother with a 1 year old son?

Only date her if you're 100% serious about fully accepting the mother and her child as a package deal. Realize that this mother's child will always come first in her list of priorities, before you and anyone else. Do her a favor and don't date her if you don't

Am I abnormal to stay single and never marry?

Opting to stay single is not abnormal. Maybe just a tad bit unconventional in india. So, no. You are not abnormal for choosing to stay single.Coming to your parents, if staying single is a choice backed by your reasons (not interested ? Please.), then talk to them about it. Whatever it is. Explain your reasons and

Can a relationship continue with a single woman and a married (separated) man? Should the divorce be the deciding factor as to whether the relationship continues?

Well, yes, it can. We are an example (I was separated, my now-wife divorced) when we met. Can it for you? I have no idea - it's going to be up to you two.As to the

Can life be complete without marriage?

Absolutely, it can be a complete life. Marriage shows many great aspect of life like happiness, children, no lonely feeling, family etc etc.But my point is that everything is possible without marriage though. I'm phobic to marriage and always say people that its not that we cannot live without marriage.

Dating and Relationships: Why are most engineers single?

Engineers are single, simply because we understand relationships better.The reason is that for us engineers, relationships are easy to analyze. We go down to the first-principles, and then build a relationship logically up from there. As engineers we understand these facts inherently, but let me break down the basics of relationship for

Do people who didn't get married by choice ever wish they had found someone?

No there are none. Who ever says so is lying. In the beginning years you might feel free. But as your age group gets a family and becomes busy, you will feel left out and  lonely.You will never be able to understand, share or be aa part oftheir conversation.Later you

Do you prefer to get married or being single?

I wanted to be single for a long time.I had friends who married young like early 20's and I never understood how at such a young age you know that the person you are about to marry is

Do you really want to give up the single life?

Do I really want to give up the single life? Absolutely not.I've lived alone for 10 years. If I had known how much more I would enjoy life living alone, I would never have married.Living single, I only have to deal with my own moods. I don't have to wonder why she's turning away from

Do you think that some people will remain single for the rest of their living life?

Given the fact that the notion of romantic partnership is a privilege, rather than a universal right everyone's entitled to, it is logical to assume that there may be people who will seek to achieve this privilege and either fail or will only partially succeed in their

Has anyone stayed single their whole life?

There's someone that was close to me. She's my aunt. Now she turned 45 and got no man in her life. She had a boyish looks on her such as short hair, wears boots, no make-up and such. But her character was beyond her looks.

How does it make you feel to be single in a neighborhood full of love relationships?

I realize that it was a choice I made. I was being used for what I can buy instead of being liked for who I am. All of the favors seemed to be one way. I was putting all of my energy into someone else and not taking care of myself. It's a pattern that I seem to

How is the life of a woman without marriage?

I have my Aunt ( Sister of my father). Now she is 45 years old and haven't married yet.Out of 6 children to my grans (three male and three female)  she is the younger one.I know her since she was in her late 28 ( that time I was 10 yrs old) .including  My

I'm shy and an introvert guy, does this mean I'll remain single forever?

I don't think we humans last forever. Generally we expire somewhere around 70 or 80 years. If you're in your twenties, you'd probably remain single for about 50 to 60 years more, tops. No biggie.... Just kidding.Are you ready for a relationship? It involves showering everyday (twice if

Is being single better than being in a relationship?

Yes. And no. And of course, yes.I personally believe people should stop prioritizing relationships like there are

Is it better to stay single during your 20s?

There are two scenarios either you will rise or will fall being in a relationship.Firstly, I will mention second scenario. If you are single at 20's that is the best thing could ever happen to you. But still, in any certain point of your life if you feel connected to someone that

What are the consequences of not getting married and staying single for your whole life?

positiveyou can enjoy life as per your choiceyou never have to care for the opinion of your partneryou can enjoy spending all your earnings on yourselfyou can schedule everything as per your selfish choiceyou dont have to spare time against your willnegativeyou will be alone and h man being a social creature cant

What do you find to be the hardest part emotionally about being a single parent?

Exponential effort and negative synergy.Let me explain.When you are just you, there's a certain amount of effort required in ‘living', a certain amount of housework, organising and running errands, putting out crises, future planning, emotionally healing, etc. A certain amount of head-space. Like a worry coefficient.When you have a kid, that's increased...exponentially. He used 4 times the

What kinds of people are better off staying single?

My reasons( I am not proud of them, but they are what they are, no point in ignoring those):1) Control freak: I cannot even fathom the wrath I will show if things are not organized in there physical state as

Which is better for mental health, to be single or get married and why?

Leave it to destinyLive your life happily and peacefullyMake human connections all around you  ... at work, in your neighborhood, in the society ...If someone comes along who you believe could be your life partner, get married,

Which is better, getting married and having kids or staying single and retiring very early (50-55)?

Even though I have had a successful marriage for 35 years and had two great children--one a graduate of Yale and the other a graduate of Rice--this does not mean that marriage and children are for everyone.  For one thing the divorce rate in the United

Why are you still single?

Im 29 years old South Indian female who is intelligent;talented and good looking.I have been single all my life!(No i am not a lesbian) . During school all i thought about was to study. Yes i did have crushes, first one was

Why do people prefer to remain single after their divorce?

Because Divorce doesn't happens Due to a Good reasons. No one marries anyone to get divorce or to live in unhappy nightmare marriage which turns into doom. It leave scary memories and trauma's in the individuals.So they think that living single is far better than living suffering with the wrong person. They lose

Why is it difficult to live an unmarried life for a woman in India?

Because our society never seen unmarried woman from its beginning. Our social structure builds on such concept where people has to get married. This unmarried situation is recently imported from western countries. So society does not know how to deal with it. Its will take few generations to alter social structure and give a place for unmarried people.

Would you marry someone just to be able to have a better life or would you rather remain single and have very little in life?

I'm not sure of the basis of this question. But if it's a question of whether or not you should marry someone just for material gain, or remain single and have very little (possessions) in life, I'll propose an answer.I don't know how

Would you prefer to date someone who is single or someone who is divorced?

Divorced. I love that my bf is divorced like me, so there is never any arguing over whether marriage is in the cards for us. We have no illusions about how great it is to be divorced because we've experienced it for ourselves. Before I met him, it really got on