How open should public school teachers be about their political beliefs?

My district will write a teacher up for making their political beliefs known.If a teacher wants to avoid parent and/ or administration problems- the teacher should remain neutral. Just presents to facts of the curriculum.Students do not need to know if their teacher is Republican, Democrat or belongs to any other group. It isn't worth the hassle

What's the most ridiculous superstitious thing you actually believe in and what makes you believe?

Demon Possession. Seriously, hear me out before dismissing me as a lunatic.I've seen stuff that I can't unsee and I have a hard time making sense of it - perhaps you can help?For obvious reasons, I'm reluctant to bring this topic up with anyone who doesn't know me well and respect

Why don't you believe in evolution?

Because nobody *believes* in it. Evolution is nothing to be believed of, there is no *faith* here, it is a well documented, well studied fact of life, and the origins of species.Evolution is to be understood, it is much well established that quantum

Why do people believe God is male?

The Abrahamic streams of religion have a basis in patriarchal system and societies - putting the male above the female - the male being primary.Therefore,

How to believe

These are the two steps out of your black box:1. Practice love.As you love those around you, you will begin to believe. I promise you this will happen. Ask a mentor for advice how to love someone, or pick from the following right

How many people do you know who believe in God?

I know about a dozen people who actually believe in god, including some of my older relatives and work colleagues. I also know some people who are what they call spiritual. Almost everyone i know, meet and work with who expresses

Do you believe that there is only one human race? Why or why not?

Race is biological nonsense. All humans are related and race is a social construct and not biologically grounded. As a species we share an estimated 99.9% of our DNA with one another. Interestingly, we also share about 96% of our DNA with Bonobo chimpanzees. The

Why so many people believe in politicians?

First, realize that politicians promises will not happen exactly as they say, because the process for creating laws requires compromise. I don't vote based on campaign promises but on philosophy of government. I believe in small government and therefore choose candidates

Do you believe aliens exist on another world?

Mathematically speaking it's almost impossible for there not to be alien life. The only thing we lack is actual evidence.However, I also believe that whatever alien life is out there is no more advanced than we are. Which is why we have no evidence.It is my personal belief that it

Do people actually believe in Hinduism?

Four main pillars of Hinduism are :-1). Satyam (Truth)2). Dharma (Righteousness)3). Karma (Action and Reaction)4). Moksha (Deliverance, Salvation, Release from Death and Rebirth)What is there not to believe?

If people believe in God then why don't they believe in ghosts?

Those two are not exactly related.People generally believe in a God or a Deity on the basis of a religious scripture or mythological folklore. If this scripture does not speak of the existence of ghosts, why would the people believe in it?You also are assuming here, that people don't

Would extraterrestrial beings be likely to believe in capitalism?

It is possible they believe in capitalism but wouldn't see us as worth having anything to trade with.They'd still have to cope with economics, the allocation of energy, talent and resources. For example, they may have much more advanced technology but don't have unlimited resources to decide how many ships to

How to believe in people

Maybe I'm lucky in the people I've met, even casually, but most people seem basically decent. Sure, there are some who'll rip you off and take advantage of you, but there are a lot more who will not.You only need to observe community reactions to a natural disaster to see how far they will go out of their

Do people really believe in parody religions?

No.The crest of the Upright Citizen's Brigade comedy school has a banner with a Latin motto-as crests do. It says

If we had no religion and everyone believed in science, what would be the God in science, and would science become a place like heaven?

As it happens, people who believe in religion are somewhat more likely to disbelieve in science than people who don't. But there's no real contradiction between religion and science.Science tells us things we know about the world that we can't immediately see but have to figure out from what we

What is something that everyone believes is true, but you do not?

I believe that I am part of everyone, so if I differ in opinion, then everyone can't believe it to be true.If I am the only who believes something differnt than everyone else, then everyone believes that they are correct, and I do not.Even

Why do Muslims believe in Moses (Musa)?

It is simple really!Allaah has enshrined Moses in the Qur-aan as a great Prophet and Messenger and has referred extensively to him as a paradigm of behavior. We must believe in and accept all of the prophets who came to mankind!Why? Because they all came to guide mankind back to a God-centered worship/submission

Do tribal people really have faith in their traditions?

Faith is define as believing in what has not yet been seen. It should be noted that faith in it natural existence does not depend on goodness and badness, all you need is get a place to trust your believe and it shall work. Tribal people believe in the tradition both in

Do atheists believe in rebirth?

Atheists are people who lack belief in any gods. Why are you asking atheists? This question has absolutely nothing to do with atheism. Even a little bit. You should be asking skeptics or scientists. See this Atheism FAQ.Entirely separately, there is no evidence of reincarnation. Not even a little bit, no matter

Do you believe in demons? Why?

I am a spirit incarnated into a physical body, and so are you. Sooner or later the physical body dies and perishes. At the moment of death most spirits will return to their spiritual homes. A small percentage of the spirits

Is astrology baseless? Why?

Think about it this way. Let's say you are born today, and somehow, in some unexplained way, the position of mars and jupiter, millions of miles away, has an affect on you.Wouldn't it affect EVERYONE alive on that day? You'd need to explain why this unexplained, unobserved force affects us all, and

Is there a snow god?

Depends on your belief.In Nordic mythology we have Ull and Skadi who are strong in the winter.Ull is an Aesir. He is a hunter and is known for his skiing.Skadi is a Jotun. She is married to

Do you believe numbers can have magical powers? Is there something special about certain numbers? My friend says 888 represents Jesus and is a the angel number in numerology.

For a certain type of person who is mathematically inclined, numerology seems endlessly fascinating.... and has been so for a very long time.Biblical scholars note that the

Do atheists believe in anything?

Atheists in genereal don't.For the five-million-sixtyfive-thousand-two-hundred-and-eightyseventh time, atheism is the lack of belief in gods and nothing more. No

Why did all miracles happen in the past? Why dont miracles happen today?

Your calculation is wrong. Miracle happens even today and even every day but it is not visible before all common beings. Because, the period is the Kalyug, which is a demon and whose influence are bestowed up on all common beings. Except

Does anyone believe in reincarnation?

The foundation of Hinduism is based on reincarnation.The tragedy been, the basic entity is non testified. You can't really prove reincarnation. Yet, the third largest religion of the world is based on this fantasy.

How are people convinced to believe a specific religion?

There are many reasons people are convinced of one religion or another's claim(s). The most obvious being that they were raised that way. It's really hard to break away from something that has been drilled into your head since you were born. I was

Do scientists believe in curses?

No, and I do not believe anyone else should. The days of witchcraft and seances should have passed. We know a little more about life than we did back then, although there seems to be an affinity for it with some people.

Do the people in western countries believe in Ghosts?

I am assuming that u live in Asia and by west u mean both Europe and the americas. Although most of the american culture is based on Europe so the concept of ghosts and paranormal is pretty much the same in both regions.Now, whatever the culture is ghosts have been and integral part of their beliefs. Same

Belief and Beliefs: Can the existence of a god be proven or disproven?

I am not writing this as anon because I just don't want to get into a debate with someone I know over this topic. I know it kind of kills the credibility here, but I have added all sources at all the required places.Now I have no idea or proof whatsoever

Do Americans believe in Karma?

Some immigrant communities in the U.S. from South Asia likely believe in the direct, literal concept.    More generally, there is a strong sort of foundational Calvinistic sense in American culture that values personal efficacy in a positive sense and then places personal responsibility (as rather opposed to any very high degree of societal responsibility) on people in a

Do most people believe that there is something besides this life? What makes people believe in eternity?

If you take religious beliefs out of the picture, eternity still makes complete sense. Without some kind of inexplicable magic, something's going to last for eternity. Anything else must violate at least one known natural law.The reason this question has never been resolved is everyone is

Why don't the Chinese believe in God, but they do believe in ghosts, angels, ancestors, and spirits, etc.?

A story of mine.I do believe in ancestors and ghosts. Why? Because they had connections with us before they become something else.When I was around 6, I was left in my groundma's empty house (a real big one) alone in the countryside, and my grandma left us a year before just

Which is the most recently created god in which people really believe?

Well, there was a time people liked to think of a personable understanding of the intricacies of nature, and mature human nature too, as cooperated effort of a majesty of surmountedness of gods of fish cities that would explain some pretty wild fish stories. This sort of thing is actually a beautifully created

Why do most Indian religious people believe in ghost?

A good question with simple answer...Not only Indian religious people, but there are numerous people around the world with different religion and atheists believe in ghosts...Let us think a little scientifically... As per Newton,

Do you believe humans are special?

All animals have special qualities that enable them to survive. Will Bond outlines several human specialties, but does that make us special? Only to ourselves, I suggest. Birds can fly unaided. I've read that rats make better parents than us on average. Many animals can run faster, have greater endurance, have more acute

Do atheists believe in rumor?

Atheists do not believe in anything. Atheist analyze, experiment, recheck, doubt and experiment again till truth is found. Believing is extremely bad tool to describe reality. Believing doesn't ask why, what, how etc. Believing is dead end that gives 0.0 of knowledge and knowledge gives us progress.

Have you ever seen anything that absolutely made you believe in alien life?

Not near me, but almost all the time online.I'm not talking about those SF movies. I'm talking about a kind of behavior on social media - Quora included - that is not typical for common Humans.When you write about things that

Why do people believe Trump?

I'm not sure they really believe him. They just want to believe that someone else can solve their problems for them.Kind of like people who pray to gods.

What do you believe in most?

Nothing is permanent in this world I repeat NOTHING.Neither your happiness nor your sorrows not even a materialistic thing will remain permanently with you.Not your feelings will remain same for any individual, whom you like today you might hate them tomorrow so attach yourself to anybody within limits because it is also possible

How many people believe in Unicorns?

Tell your daughter that I whole heartedly believe in unicorns! However, you have to be a very special person to see them. You have to believe in dragons, mermaids and all the magical creatures. You have to believe that fireflies turn into fairies and fly away to a magical land at the end of every summer.

Should we believe in spirits?

I have a saying on my website: Believe what you wish but understand the implications of what you believe.The model for reality I use in my metaphysical study is that we exist to gain understanding. It is understanding of the actual nature of reality we seek

How can people still believe in God in 2018?

Evolution isn't as credible as you think especially if you stay up to date with science.major way to test a philosophy or worldview is to ask: Is it logically consistent? Internal contradictions are fatal to any worldview because contradictory statements are necessarily false. "This circle

Why does Hinduism believe in idols?

Do you have a picture of your parents or grandparents in your house?Though you know that it is only a picture would you allow me to disrespect it. No, because that picture represents and symbolises your parents. Similerly in Hinduism, idols symbolises and represents our beloved Gods. So we respect them