Are 5x3 shoulder presses, split squats, deadlifts, and pull-ups enough for strength and size? Would not doing a bench press cause muscle imbalance?

You won't want to do this program indefinitely. It will not result in significant amounts of muscle growth once you get past your linear gaining period. There's not enough volume to elicit a strong hypertrophy responseI would also question why you're doing split squats instead of conventional back squatting. The split squat

Are bench presses, chin-ups, deadlifts, squats, and HIIT sprints enough for a strong attractive body?

This is a complicated question that cannot be answered so easily.It's possible that these heavy lifts (I've found that it has to be the low rep, high weight scheme that boosts T) will do it for you.It's also possible that your nutrition is off and nothing will help if you don't get the proper nutrients. Zinc, for example,

Are pushups on elevated dumbbell handles better than flat handed pushups due to greater range of motion?

This is my opinion based on studying muscle movement, perhaps some may not agree.Range of motion is often misunderstood. Your weakest FUNCTIONAL strength is when the muscles are at 90 degrees with each other. That is why when you do the

Are weighted push-ups and flat bench press enough for chest?

Flat bench press is great to make awesome gains for over a year even if that's all you do for chest. You can add in variation when you become a more experienced lifter.Please check out my YouTube here: Jordan King and click the subscribe button. I do videos at least once a week and usually twice. Once

Can I build chest muscle without bench press?

Definitely. In fact, the bench press isn't an optimal movement for chest development (and this is coming from multiple popular powerlifter and physicians experience). In this article goes over the muscle groups that the bench press works as well as assistance exercises that help with growing the pectoral muscles.What muscles do the bench press

Can I do a bench press after finishing my routine workout every day to increase my bench?

Your best bet is starting every workout with the bench press.There a principle (SAID) in strength training that says the closer your exercise is to the test you want to improve, the better. What that means is that improving your bench 1RM requires you to train close to that range.Benching when your fatigued means

Can I increase my bench with dumbbells and how?

Yes. Dumbbells have an interesting advantage over the barbell when performing the bench press. Mainly, it's that the range of motion is greater with the dumbbells than it is with the barbell. As such, the amount of weight being used will be inherently lighter but the greater range of motion will also

Can I just bench press and deadlift to gain muscle mass?

It is interesting question. To know the answer I researched what kind powerlifters there are, who mostly focus on three key lifts, deadlift, bench press and squat. Here is what I have found.There are many powerlifting individuals who have very high strength levels, for example youtuber Maxx Chewning. He apparently

Can someone bench press 405 naturally?

Certainly. Doing 4 plates on bench? All natural and no drugs?Yes. In just about any commercial gym in USA, you can find few guys that can bench, squat and deadlift 4 plates or more.400 pound plus bench, squat and deadlifts are awesome and only folks that very

Can you achieve a fit looking body by just doing squats, deadlifts, and bench presses... and no cardio?

YES! In fact, my training program when leaning out primarily consists of the big three (squat, bench, deadlift). The key is to train for neuromuscular strength, ala powerlifting, by training at high intensity (percent of 1 rep max) and low volume

Can you get stronger by only doing bench press, power cleans, and squats?

Yes and no. 'Strong' is a relative term - for boxers in a club being strong means that you can beat most people up in their club, for other sportsmen strong means something else for them. You will certainly get better at doing these things, and your muscles which you trained

Do deadlifts, squats and bench press help you become stronger in wrestling?

Dear Michael Jones:Yes. Indeed. Your primary focus is wrestling. For strength training, as an assistant exercise program, combine 2 to 3 days of weekly sessions of weightlifting covering all variations of squats, deadlifts, and overhead pressing. You will improve your grip, legs, upper body and core strength and increase muscle mass, endurance and improve stamina

Do pushups increase your bench press?

It depends. Assuming that you are starting from square one on your pecs, wide arm push ups will almost certainly help. They will work your pecs, and they will add tone and definition, although I find them to tone an area a little higher on the pecs than I usually use for bench, so the effect

Do you skip the Bench press?


Does bench pressing increase your punching power?

I'm a small guy, 5′6″ on a good day, not particularly flexible even as a child, (I remember in kindergarten wondering why I couldn't sit in the frog position like my classmates). Despite being a shrimp, or perhaps because of it, I gravitated to the martial arts at a young age. Judo at

Does deadlift increase your bench press?

Deadlifts pretty much are a testosterone factory. Just on that basis alone they will facilitate any gains you make from Bench press (and pretty much everything else).Beyond that, while your pecs are not directly engaged in deadlifting, your delts, traps, and your entire core is, and every one of those muscle groups helps stabilize your bench press.

Does Planet Fitness have free weights such as dumb-bells, barbells, and stack weights that one would put on a bar for benching?

I have heard that Planet Fitness is as much about meeting people as fitness. I, as someone who has had a very good physique and could lift quite heavily in the popular lifts find their advertisements insulting. Their televised commercials can be viewed as humorous or discriminatory. The commercials imply that

Does the bench press work biceps?

the striated muscle may be a stabilizer for the bench press. however the main muscles ar chest, triceps, shoulders. plenty of individuals will not suggest further bicep work for beginners.It's not your bicep as a result of your bicep initiates once there's a contraction of the forearm

Does the squat deadlift bench press row and press work the whole body sufficient?

Does the squat deadlift bench press row and press work the whole body sufficient?Thank You Ryan Wood,That combination is pretty good coverage. You would definitely get good results. How sufficient it is depends on what your goals are and on your specific body.If you are trying to come up with a generalized, one size fits most,

Fast and explosive or slow reps for bench press, squats, and deadlift? What's the difference and the benefits?

The speed at which you lift is a component of program design that you can manipulate to help you get the results that you want. Read How to Use Tempo Training and 6 Questions About Tempo Training for a good overview.If you're training for strength, the general goal

How are pushups different from bench presses?

It has everything to do with the muscles you are able to recruit.Bench PressMuscles Recruited:Pectoralis major (chest)Deltoid (shoulder)Tricep Brachi (tricep)Latissimus Dorsi (lower 1/2 of back)Some Physiological Mechanics:The upper back in the bench press is not used directly in pushing the bar, but its importance is that it is

How to do exercises close to squats, bench presses, deadlifts, and overhead presses at home without any equipment

Squats: sit down and stand up, down sit onto a chair, but sit down so your butt almost touches the floor and your heels stay down.Bench press: perform push-ups, put your feet on a bench to intensify the movement.Deadlifts: pick anything up off the floor,

How to gradually progress on lifting heavy in compound exercises like bench press, squats and deadlifts

You need to Squat to squat more. And you will improve.Yes, you are already doing the best training to improve.Here are some keypoints to keep in mind:Dont rush. It takes time to improve muscles, and muscle groups (whole leg here) takes even more time.Make sure you never, yes, never bend your back

How to lift more in squats, deadlifts and bench presses if I seem to have hit a plateau

It depends on what you've been doing up until now in order to reach your current plateau.My guess is that you've been doing some sort of beginner program such as Starting Strength or StrongLifts 5x5. This is not a bad thing!But it's probably time to advance yourself to intermediate programming. For this, I recommend

How to safely increase my bench press without a spotter

I have been powerlifting for quite a few years and the bench press is my favorite main lift. I have been training in it for over 10 years. It is a great measure of strength and technique because in order to progress in this lift you have to adequately master both. Most people try to power through this lift

How can people lift more weight with bench press than with pushups?

A pushup is 65% of your bodyweight - but you're taking most of the balance out of the equation. An average person who doesn't train will therefore be able to do more pushups than they could bench press reps with 65% of their bodyweight.I say untrained because obviously if somebody trains for this, their result will be

How to engage abs during squat, deadlift and bench press

I would say it's more about engaging your core rather than your abs. What you want to do is brace your core for the exercise.The simple way to do this is to inhale air, not to your chest but to your belly. (You should

How to fix my butterfly pull-up

Looks exactly how it should for someone about two weeks away practicing it for 5 minutes before each workout away should look. It will be perfect with a few more sessions. One thing helped me get over the hump was temporarily widening my grip. You are so close, a

How to increase bench press capacity

I have been powerlifting for quite a few years and the bench press is my favorite main lift. I have been training in it for over 10 years. It is a great measure of strength and technique because in order to progress in

How to properly bench press

Bench press is one of the best exercises for overall strength. It is a compound movement with great potential for building muscle when done correctly.Starting PositionHealthy shoulder motion: While the bench press is an excellent upper body exercise, it's also an easy way to exacerbate preexisting shoulders injury. If you

How effective is a supine bench press machine?

Assuming you mean a machine like this: Supine Bench Press, I think it is probably effective at giving you big pecs. As for making you strong, I don't think it helps as much as it might seem. Compared with a properly done bench press, the total number of muscles

How important are squat, deadlifts and bench press for your training?

The health and performance benefits of the squats, deadlifts and bench press are very important in your training as they transfer to the abilities of your daily activities.The squat is a well known exercise to strengthen the muscles of the lower limb. It is agreed to be among the top

How is my dumbell bench press as strong as my barbell bench press?

Both the exercises are similar to each other in some ways, okay so let me tell you the differences between these two types of exercise :The Barbell Bench PressThe Barbell Bench Press is the classic move that you'll see fitness enthusiasts doing in the gym. It's also featured in sports such as power lifting and football as a test

How many push-ups should I do to balance out my bench press?

What do you mean by balance out? If you're talking about achieving overall balance in strength, you should counter your bench press movement with a pulling motion like pullups or barbell row.If you're talking about right and left balance during your bench press, then you should drop the

How much can Chris Hemsworth bench press?

An article from Bodybuilding . com says that Hemsworth did heavy compounds lifts- bench press, squat, deadlift, weighted dips and pullups, overhead pressing, etc. (Race God To Norse God: Chris Hemsworth Thor Two Workout).Chris Hemsworth is 6′3″ and about 215 pounds as he says,

How much can I increase my bench press, squat, deadlift and clean with press up in 3-4 weeks?

There's no one/right answer to this. It depends on you, your stage in development, and where you are relative to your maximum potential.Maybe 0.5 lb per week?No one knows.If you're not progressing and you know your form, diet, and sleep are on point... try buying fractional plates and adding those. These will

How much does Dwayne Johnson bench press?

I once saw "The Rock" working out. Not bench press but I hopped on the cable fly machine right after he got off to see how much stronger the dude is.At the time I was benching 225x8, and got off 4 good reps on the fly machine. He

How much does The Rock deadlift, squat and bench press?

Huh.I used to do work for Under Armor and had the chance to interact with Dwayne. Dwayne avoids all traditional squats and deadlifts, he leg presses, lunges, and does hamstring curls. It makes sense; squats and deadlifts are one of the

How much easier is a Smith bench press than a Barbell bench press? If I can bench X with a Barbell, what's the equivalent on a Smith?

Basically the Smith machine removes the factor of balance completely. When pressing a freeweight barbell you not only have to push the weight against gravity itself, you also have to balance the weight when pressing it in order to not look like you're epileptic fitting every time you bench and of course to

How much weight should you aim to lift for the Big 3 (deadlift, bench press, squats)?

These are some commonly quotes standards that i like-Standards for an average fitness enthusiasts -Bench - bodyweight x 10 repsSquat - bodyweight x 15 repsDeadlift - 1.5x bodyweight x 10 repsStandards for a team sports athlete -Bench - 1.5x Bodyweight x 10 repsSquats - 2x bodyweight x 10 repsDeadlift - 2.5x bodyweight x 5 repsStandards

How much would I have to be able to bench press to do a 100 clap push-up?

To push a dead weight of 160 lbs to the height of 37 inches per second is simple physics.You would need to be able to bench press yourself to half your height 70″/2 or 37″ .Energy in motion tends to stay in motion. Your height

How will deadlifts help my bench press?

Hi James:Perhaps you only bench, and thus far you have not included the deadlifts/squats in your plan. Maybe you don't have a working program. Do you?In my world, the deadlifts and squat training complement the bench performance. Also, benching and dead-lifting practices complement the squats performance under the bar. Furthermore, the squats and bench pressing improve the deadlift performance.

How will you design 3 days a week workout using deadlift, front squats, back squats, overhead press, bench press and pull ups?

This is a great selection of exercises for overall strength.If you're at the novice level-meaning, you can recover from your workouts within 2 days-then you can follow a template similar to StrongLifts or Starting Strength.Workout A:Back squat 3x5Bench press 3x5Pull ups 3x to failure. If you can do 8 or more pull ups

If bench press is analogous to pullup, how can I get my 1st pullup by doing bench press and how long does it take on average to add 30kg+ in someone's bench press?

A PULL UP IS NOT ANALOGOUS TO BENCH PRESS!A pull up works your back and pulling muscles and bench press works your chest pushing muscles.They work antagonist muscle groups.You won't really be able to help your pull ups by doing bench press.You can help your pull ups by:Work your

If I can bench 215 for five sets of ten, what do you think my 1 rep max would be?

You can estimate your theoretical max approximately as follows.Calculate RPE = (21 - # sets) / 2. For 5 sets, RPE = 8Look up the percentage of 1RM from this table (from Beginning RTS ReactiveTrainingSystems)

If pushups are 65% of body weight, why can I do many pushups easily but I struggle to bench press the same weight?

Generally speaking, pushups are done in what would be considered a close grip style bench press. People that bench regularly, unless training their triceps, generally lift more with a wide grip and elbows flared. So, to begin with, your not really in an optimal pushing

If you had to choose one of these exercises which you would choose: Deadlift, Squat, Bench Press, Military Press?

You haven't given me a legitimate reason for why I must select only one exercise from a list of four exercises that are each important for different reasons.If you want to keep your body as fit as possible, you must train all of the

Is 60kg dumbbell bench press the same as 60kg barbell bench press?

No.The dumbbell bench press requires a lot more stabilisation compared to the barbell bench press, and your stabilisers aren't nearly as big or powerful as your pectorals and triceps. This makes the dumbbell bench press significantly more difficult than the barbell bench press.This is why some powerlifters who are able to bench press

Is a slightly wide grip incline bench press an effective exercise to target upper pecs?

Common knowledge that incline bench targets upper chest and that's a myth or rather not true for everyone.Your pec insertions determine yoir upper chest. If you have a high insertion no matter matter how wide or narrow or how much you incline 15% 30% 45% it will never target your

Is bench pressing a healthy workout, or is it too much strain on the body?

Yes. The only proviso being that your muscles will quickly get stronger than your joints. So correct form, no bouncing, and not overdoing it is essential.Relatively low weight and high reps builds muscle and joint strength. Heavy weights and low reps builds size. So do more low weight, high reps workouts than heavy ones.

Is deadlift, bench press, pull-ups and squat enough to get muscular and well rounded?

No.  Limiting oneself to four exercises probably would not be a great way to go about it (becoming muscular and well-rounded).Deadlift, bench press, and squat all involve the work of moving weights.  Pull-ups only involves body weight.  As it turns out, deadlift, bench press, and

Is it best to do bench presses on a slight incline say 15 degrees so you work the upper chest a little more while still been able to do roughly the same poundage as flat bench?

If your concern is upper chest increase the incline to about 45 degrees and do a regular incline. If your concern is poundage stick with the flat.The answer with any exercise related question is always related to what your personal goals

Is it okay if I do bench press and chest press every day?

Its OK in as much as it won't hurt you this year or even next year. Its not OK from the point of view that its a fairly poor use of your gym time. And eventually your joints will pain you- 5 - 10 or even 20 yrs down the road.If

Is it possible to build a nice chest by doing only incline bench press?

Consider that your ‘Chest' is made from several different muscle groups. So isolating one particular lift doesn't involve all those groups. Upper Pectoralis, Lower Pectoralis, Deltoids, Biceps, Triceps, back muscles like the Latisimus Dorsi, etc.If you want a well built chest then balance is the key. Flat

Is one arm dumbbell bench press better than two hand dumbbell bench press?

one arm dumbell bench press is a good exercise coz it works on your body balancing capacity and it is a core building exercise is a secondary can't do extreme is not a primary exercise to build chest if you

Is Smith machine bench press as effective as barbell bench press?

First up - I'm referring to the ones that allow you to move only on one bar path - there are newer ones which allow more freedom along the x and y axis, but they have their own problems.Depending on your goal, it is either pretty effective (muscle growth, muscle mass, hypertrophy, etc.) or not

Is there a multi gym machine for base exercises - deadlift, bench press, squat similar to one below?

No. There are no replacements for big 3 exercises.There are no backup, double, equivalent, fill-in, proxy, replacement, stand-in, sub, surrogate for a barbell.Don't try.Machines have their place in a bodybuilding gym. A powerlifting gym operates only with a barbell, plates, squat rack, bench rack, deadlifts pad. Don't forget the

Should I barbell row the same weight as bench press?

Not necessarily...In theory, yes: you want your chest and back to be equally strong. Many injuries are caused from a disparity in strength. Not to mention other chronic issues that may come about from having too strong of one side than the other.But the exact same

Should I be doing standing overhead presses, before bench presses?

Just out of curiousity, what's your goal? Everyone breaks down their workouts differently, but if your goal is chest day, then I would consider focusing more on exercises geared to activate the chest muscles.The over head press is a good workout, but aimed to activate your deltoids (shoulder).Here are my advice to go about it:if you

What are the benefits of doing incline bench press?

Incline bench press will help you to get a bigger chest, a stronger chest or both. This will definitely helps you to reach your goals faster. One of the most common and effective exercises for working your chest muscles is the Incline bench press. The blat bench press also work with same muscles, but incline bench

What are the pros and cons of bench pressing using a Smith Machine?

The problem with most exercises on the Smith Machine is that it forces your body  into a single plane of motion.  The bench press, like most barbell movements, doesn't always move in a single plane and to force the movement

What causes shoulder pain during a bench press?

Whenever you are doing the pressing motion in a bench press, you are probably flaring out your shoulders. This causes strain on your rotator cuff and the ball on your humerus is being pulled out of your shoulder socket. You should keep your traps pinched, chest out,

What degree should a decline bench have for an effective dumbbell press or fly workout?

As the answers already provided suggest, the decline bench is a fairly marginal addition. However, any change in angle will target muscles in slightly different ways and have some benefit. Most decline benches are fixed at around 30 degrees decline but there is nothing special about this angle. As with shoulder press, more different angles

What did you do to get your bench press up?

The bench press is less compound than the squat or deadlift, meaning that it takes more work to bring up.Step one is a caloric surplus. Of all the compound lifts, bench press and overhead press will come up most readily with a caloric surplus. Consuming 40% of your daily

What did you learn after reaching your max bench press?

This happened when I was 62-years-old. I wrote this the night after I achieved my personal best 405 lb. lift.After more than a year of "tweaking this here" and "changing that there," and with a small change in technique, I was able to achieve my goal of

What do I do if the bench press is stuck on me?

You have reached plateu. That is a significant benchmark for many things like your strength level, overall performance, setup strategy, goals and so on.It described your level of your foundation as well which is back - lattissimus dorsi, upper/middle trapezius, the rotator cuff, levaeto scapulae and others. These form a

What do you consider as strong on the squat, bench press, deadlift, pull up, standing overhead press and bent over row?

This is just too subjective of a question as I have no idea of your size or condition and there's just too many variables but I will tell you what my bests were and quantify that by saying that I never considered myself to be much bigger or

What does 100 pushups translate to for 1RM bench press?

SHORT ANSWER:You cannot determine as there is no relationship between the twoLONG ANSWER:Performing 100 push up is most likely going to activate your slow twitch or endurance muscles.Performing a 1RM on the bench press triggers another type of muscles called the fast twitch or power muscles.If you are able to push out 100 push ups (thats really good!),

What exercises will help increase bench press?

I have been powerlifting for quite a few years and the bench press is my favorite main lift. I have been training in it for over 10 years. It is a great measure of strength and technique because in order to progress in this lift you have to adequately master both. Most people try to power through this lift

What is a good Chest and Shoulders workout for mass?

You have everything that you need right there as long as you have weights!If you are just beginning, focus on compound exercises, and using low reps with heavy weights. We normally do a fitness test and what we call a

What is a good full body workout with a bench press and a pull up bar?

Instead of remaking the same answer that the other guy had, im going to add on some excerises which will create wider range of muscle involvement:•Close grip Bench press- Higher involvement on triceps.•Close grip pull ups (hands facing away)-Forearm and brachialis involvement.•Squats with weight plates

What is a good number of push ups?

SUSTAINABILITY is the best count....the count may increase with the time or it may even decreases however it shoul be maintained in a way that is sustainable till long run ;also that doent mean you must stick to a fairer count you might also try to increase your demographics for your peace of mind but also

What is a 'respectable bench press'?

Depends who's asking and where you are!For a man, of normal health, not competing in powerlifting:Three plates (140k, 315lbs) = respected everywhereTwo plates (100k, 225lbs) = respected in most commercial gyms unless you clearly weight 400lbs and are muscularBodyweight x1.5 (this is a good goal for intermediate lifters, but is much harder for the heavier lifters) is

What is the average bench press by age and weight?

Typically the average untrained man between ages 18-35 can bench around 40–60% of his Bodyweight for a one rep max.Between ages 35–50 that percentage would be around 35–50%.Between ages 50–60 for that percentage it's be around 30–45%.While the average untrained woman between ages 18–35 can bench around 25–40% of her Bodyweight for a one rep

What is the best way to get dumbbells off the floor for heavy-weight dumbbell bench press?

I tend to do a lot of dumbbell work and the method I use is very close to Jason Chan's answer. The difference with me is that I will kick and rock, but keep the dumbbells right on my chest, elbows tight in. Then I just open a bit and

What is the heaviest theoretically possible deadlift, squat, and bench press?

Backing up Peter Foran's answer, its impractical to guess a theoretical question like this. I would look at the current world record holders and study their regimen and reasoning to find any areas they could improve. Perhaps with a higher dosage of sust, tren, etc someone

What is the incline vs. flat bench press for overall aesthetics for a novice weight lifter?

Different trainers have different approach here, and so you will probably get a variety of answers.But because you are interested in aesthetics, and are a novice, I'd suggest you focus on doing incline bench presses. So, that means starting with them, so you are doing the heaviest weights possible

What should your max bench press be if you can bench 185 4 times?

At a 4-rep press of 185 pounds your max bench press should be in the range of 200–225, but if you cannot hit these numbers for a one-rep max, that does not mean you are not physically strong.There is a science to

What will happen if I did squats, bench press, deadlift and shoulder press 4 times a week?

Nothing will be happen if you do these excercise 4 times a week.listen these are the heaviest excercise so size and strength are important for lifters.if you do these excercise your body needs full protein diet to regain the muscle.if you are able to regularly maintain your diet and manage for protein drink then you

What will happen to my body if I do deadlift, squat and bench press everyday?

Hello there,Well, if you squat and eat a healthy diet.You will gain muscle mass. But since all the exercises you mentioned are compound exercises you will destroy your body if you do this every day. Depending on the intensity. Furthermore, you will ultimately break

What would be a good warm up and cool down for a Hypertrophy session of curl and pull ups, dumbbell flies, incline bench press, dumbbell curls, and dumbbell press?

The warm up for any weight training is to get the heart rate up and your blood flowing thereby warming up your muscles and facilitating the start of your exercise with less risk of injury. Muscles dislike sudden unusual stress

What would happen if I bench pressed every day?

Depends if:if you are training solo, with no idea what to do, and you don't do any research on your own to learn, then most likely you will be doing things wrong. in the long run you will suffer injuries,

What would happen to my body if I only bench pressed everyday for a year?

Thanks for the A2A!It'll depend on how many sets and reps you'd perform as well as the weight you'd be using. Let's say you do bench in pyramid (5 sets with 10,8,6,8,10 reps) for a whole year. That will be enough to produce a decent noticeable effect on your chest(along with an adequate diet)but

What's your max bench press?

What do I bench? On a good day, and good days are getting fewer and farther between, I can get an ugly 100kg (@220lbs). I haven't been anything but a part time bencher for a number of years now.Let this be a warning to you young whippersnappers. It is easy, well maybe not easy, but it is common to

When strength training, is it important to train the eccentric portion of the big lifts (deadlift, squat, bench press)? Why or why not?

As is usually the answer to these sorts of questions, that depends what your training objective is.

When training in high rep range (15 reps) on an exercise like bench press or shoulder press, what do you think is the best way to pace it for optimal perfomance, banging them out one after the other, or pausing between each rep, or a mixture of both?

article source:-5 Ways to Do More Reps in Any LiftOur body's prime source of energy when lifting weights comes in the form of ATP (adenosine triphosphate). It fuels us for explosive, intense work for no more than 15 seconds and usually takes a couple of minutes to completely restore ATP once we've drained the available supplies. But

When you first started working out, what were your stats (bench press, # of pull ups, etc), and what are they now after how much time has passed?

When I started working out with resistance exercises, I was 13 years old. I was 5'10 and weighed 130lbs soaking wet, at approximately 15% bodyfat (pinch caliber tested). I was uncoordinated, unathletic, gangly and awkward from my recent growth spurt. My stats on the major lifts were

Which exercise is better bench press or overhead press?

So here's the thing. They're both important, good exercises. But the bench can be replaced (with dips), it can possibly be foregone in favor of only overhead pressing, and there's an argument to be made that dumbbell benching is better too. In fact, the bench isn't even that good for much of what people bench for (chest development)

Which is better: a dumbbell bench press or a barbell?

To many of us it might appear that we have traditionally been training with free weights and that the resistance bands are just a new fad, which will soon pass. However that is not the case, resistance bands have been around now for a century and their popularity is just increasing. In this article we will compare

Which is better, doing dumbbell flies on a flat bench or an inclined bench?

It depends of your objective, and your body.I never do flat flyes, I only do inclined. Why? My lower chest tends to grow a lot, much more than my upper. I don't like how it looks. So, when I work chest, I only work upper chest. My

Which is better incline bench or flat bench?

Despite the common belief, the pecs are not as ‘split' as many people seem to think.Often the answer is given as,

Which is more beneficial among bench press, squats and deadlifts for muscle gaining?

You can't miss one of them and expect to build a well balanced physique.Deadlifts work your legs as well as your upper back, basically what we call the posterior chain. Apart from that deads are also useful in developing arm, trap and a little bit of delt strength. There is no other movement that has a better carry-over to

Which is the king of compound movements the Squat, Bench press or Deadlift?

Who's a better fighter? Mike Tyson or Anderson Silva?They do different things and are kings of their respective kingdoms.Except... I mean... the deadlift has a real contender in good mornings, so far as I'm concerned. Good mornings make my dead go up

Who can bench press more weight: Superman, Thor or Hulk?

This is a really complex question, but nevertheless I will do my utmost best to draw an accurate picture as to who can bench press the most amongst these three iconic superheroes.Now coming back to the answer, it really depends on which version of Superman we're using, seeing that no specific version of Superman has been explicitly mentioned in

Why do most strength training programmes focus on squats, deadlifts, and bench presses?

The basic compound movements (squat, deadlift, pullup, chinup, military press, bench) do not receive their fair share of credit. You can still hear relatively competent coaches praise them then say you need some other special exercises to develop some other muscles here and there.The human body does not work like that.

Why is it bench pressing causes me shoulder discomfort yet pushups cause none even done to the same intensity and load?

Thanks for the A2A.My guess is that your form is off on a bench press. Although similar, these two exercises feel significantly different in terms of balance and execution.You are pretty stable on the ground, but things tend to get wobbly on benches which are, in most commercial gyms, pretty narrow. Furthermore, it's way easier

Why is it so hard for my bench press to go up compared to my squat and deadlift?

The other answer touches on this but I'll expand upon it a bit -Squats and deadlifts are more compound than the bench press.A compound movement really just means an exercise which necessarily recruits multiple muscles.In the case of the deadlift, this means your

Why is my bench press stronger than my push press?

The bench press primarily recruits your pectoral muscles, which are larger and stronger than your deltoids as a general rule. It would be pretty weird to push press as much as you bench press, not to mention you'd possibly have an imbalanced physique.I don't