How to help my sister, her husband left her for her best friend

So her friend settled for playing 2nd fiddle?It's irrelevant who he left her for, and I do not blame the friend for accepting him into her life, this happens sometimes, you can't blame or accuse either of them if that's where their hearts were, good luck

If he/she ever comes back, will you get back together?

There's a reason I broke up with him. He not only cheated on me. He kept on doing it while pretending to me that everything was over between them. When I voiced my doubts, instead of assuring me, he went on the offense and blamed me for not believing him. So

Is it okay for same-sex best friends to have sex?

For the love of God, don't do it. Your friendship will most likely be ruined.I lost my best friend because of this (well not only, but it was one of the reasons), and we didn't even have sex in the end. One day, she smoked a joint. We were talking and I had fun teasing her; she was tripping

My best friend's husband is having tuberculosis. She wants to give him a divorce. What should I suggest?

My wife is having Tuberculosis (TB). She is just 29 years of age. Should I Divorce her?Let me tell you in detail:Six moths back my wife caught with a fever and cough. First we started with self medication but when the condition did not improve

My husband has a friend who is rude to me and sometimes in front of my husband who says to just let it go; that's how he is. I don't want him at our house anymore, but my husband says I'm being unreasonable. What would you do?

I had the exact same experience, except it was from my mother in law!She would make sly comments about my appearance, work load, opinions, then slip out of the room at the point when I wanted to respond. Leaving me feeling embarrassed and lonely, surrounded by the rest

Should I marry my divorced best friend even if I have never been married before?

Dear Best Friend of a Divorcee,Let's start with a few hard facts about marriage:People marry People! Tags like Single marries Divorcee are social constructs which

What are some secrets that you have hidden from your best friend?

Until recently I hid who I really was from my best friend for over 10 years and as my best friend she didn't even blink an eye and stated she already knew lolI grew up in a diffcult and strict parenting. Although she is my adoptive mother she would beat the living shit out

What can I gift my best friend who is currently going through a divorce?

I have to go with Dixie on the journal idea for sure. Journals are good because they allow you to vent your  thoughts and organise them so you aren't in such a tangle when  communicating with others.Something else I have seen is best friends going and

Should I go and support my friend or stay away?

I think that this situation is very volatile and if it is messed with it has the potential to blow up. My advice is to let everything simmer down with time while encouraging your friend to make the decisions that feel right to her. While I would

What are some good captions for a best friend picture?

with you i laugh a little louder, cry a little less and smile a lot more. Together , till death do us apart. <3<3<Life was meant for Best Friends and Good Adventures!Best Friends make good times better and hard times easier!

What is the best comment for a best friend?

A friend is everything when he/she accompanies us whether we are wrong or right.he/she must may or may not be with us in happy days but we require a friend in miserable days.we are taking about best comments for best friend right!!!so i

Which animal is man's best friend, horse or dog?

We have both horses and dogs at home and it's interesting to see how they interact with us.It's important to remember that there are significant differences between them - horses are instinctively prey animals while dogs are predators. Then there is size to consider. It is not a trivial matter to bring a horse into the

Who is your best friend? Why?

My best friend !!I have many friends but only few of them are close to my heart , whom I never want to lose not even in my dream!Friends are medicine for wounded heart and vitamins for hopeful soul.SAI SUPREETH YK, from the day I met I feel

I feel like my friends don't care about me? Why?

You feel like your friends do not care about you because you are a caring person. If you did nit care about your friends, you would not care. I don't know how old you are, but your age determines how much you care about

I love my boyfriend, but I think I'm also starting to fall in love with his best friend. What should I do?

Grow upTake responsibility for your life, your decisions and your moralsStop using the word love if you don't know what it means.I love my boyfriend. He is crap at giving me attention sometimes. Most girls would probably cheat or start looking to someone else, but I realize that he's just clueless and I do my

My friend is a big gossip.How do I politely tell her I really don't care about the rumors or nonsense she always talks about?

Have you considered the possibility of being honest with your friend?What are friends for? Are they so committed to each other that when they see destructive or detrimental behavior they go along with it?Among friends (actually among everyone) there is a social contract. Usually it's of the nature: I'll be polite to you if

What are some secrets that you have hidden from your best friend?

Until recently I hid who I really was from my best friend for over 10 years and as my best friend she didn't even blink an eye and stated she already knew lolI grew up in a diffcult and strict parenting. Although she is my adoptive mother she would beat the living shit out of me if

What secret are you hiding from your best friend?

I'm going anonymous because - hey it's a secret, which I've hidden from my best friend(who is on Quora too) till now. So, I'm not planing to tell him this way of-course.Okay the secret -

What secrets do you keep even from your 'best friends'?

This feels both easy and hard to say at the same time...I wish I was a female. Saying that evokes so many emotions and feelings within me... I am a male but have always felt urges that mt sexuality was wrong, that what I did and how I acted represented a female, not

Have you ever wanted to have an affair with one of your husband's best friends, how did you handle those feeling?

Don't usually do this, I suggest you contact The Solutions, he's a very trustworthy and reliable hacker. I read about him on Quora from someone named Mike, I contacted him but I was skeptical at first because he asked me to pay some money upfront,

How to know if your best friend loves you or not

It's the same as what you do if a friend openly likes you ... Aim to do more with that friend.  Nurture their needs.  SLOWLY invite them into aspects of your life, and create opportunities to be at the same events.Don't go too fast. 

I love my best friends boyfriend and I think he really likes me too. What can I do to make them break up, without them knowing it that it was me?

You have a real problem. IF they do break up and IF you take up with him and SHE will find out, if not sooner then later, AND you WILL loose your best friend. (This is betrayal pure and simple~!) Most girls will not even date a guy

If you divorced your husband, somehow you become his best friend now. Do you setup blind date your ex-husband to single friends?

Except yes, she can divorce someone even if the person is a good person, apthat is because compatibility.Sometimes there might be something that is important where the couple can neither find a solution netiher ignore it. For example let say i want to raise my kids to be religous, while my partner want

What can be the disadvantages of marrying your best friend?

I married my best friend. I was 18, he was 19. We had been dating since I was 15 and living together since I was 16. He was severely physically disabled, so sex was non-existent. But besides that, I wasn't attracted to him like that. I loved him. I didn't want to have sex with him.

What do I do? I have been having an affair with this married man for months now. We were very close when we were together and he was my best friend until he decided to cut me off because his wife found out about me.

i am not here to make moral judgements. I am not in a position to. It's happened to me, during an extremely difficult period (old friend, not married but attached.) It happens to a lot of people. I had no idea what I

What surprise birthday gift should I give my best friend who is currently in another city?

The best and evergreen birthday gifts for all if a birthday cake, no birthday celebration gets complete without a cake ceremony. Sitting at home you can send birthday cake online to your friend who is currently in another city and get it delivered within