Does exercise slow down or hasten aging?

Exercise in moderation reduces the degeneration of tissues and function that comes from aging. Excessive exercise can cause damage faster than the body can heal itself, so you end up with a cumulative effect.A minimum of 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week is currently considered the minimum to maintain good

Does lifting weights increase mTOR?

This question probably needs more context as mTor signalling is a very complex subject. It potentially plays a roll in protein synthesis (so in some way lifting weights will be related I'm sure), cell motility, cell growth, cell proliferation, insulin regulation (also insulin-like growth

Is having a lifestyle of regular high intensity cardio/strength training (like cross fit or some martial art) a good way to slow down your aging process and keeping yourself looking young and healthy? And is it scientifically proven?

Exercise can partially reverse the effects of the aging process on physiological functions and preserve functional reserve in the elderly. Numerous studies have shown that maintaining a minimum quantity and quality of exercise decreases the risk of death, prevents the development of certain cancers, lowers the risk of osteoporosis and increases longevity.Training programs

What simple exercises contribute most to slowing the loss of balance typical of aging?

Good question. Being 71 this year this is something that I pay attention to in my exercise routine. Our balance deteriorates quite alarmingly with ageing.Even though I do regular balance exercises I found recently when competing with a bunch of 50-year olds in an Obstacle Course Race that

Do different parts of the body 'age' at different rates?

Yes, they do. It's a question not so much of aging (changes that occur with the passage of time, including normal maturation of the body) as senescence (declining structure and function after an age of peak performance). Human organs and systems to vary widely in their rates of senescecence. Most physiological measures of performance peak between

How to stay active and lively as I grow older

There is only so much being active can achieve.Aging is killing you slowly, so it is best, in addition to leading a healthy lifestyle - e.g. Mediterranean diet and physical activity without overdoing it - to tackle aging itself, otherwise what you're doing is merely postponing by not all

How do people die of old age? What actually causes 'death from old age'?

QUESTION: How do people die of old age?ANSWER: Two things -exhaustionscarringWe are all familiar with young people thinking that they are invincible, or experiencing getting hurt and bouncing back quickly with

What are the biological causes of aging?

Alex K. Chen gave a nice answer, but allow me to present an additional perspective:Concerning the causes of biological aging in eukaryotes, more specifically, in the context of humans and the model organisms employed by the field of biogerontology (mice, C. elegans,

Why does space travel cause accelerated aging in astronauts?

There is only a partial relationship between space travel and aging. But known information about the effects of space travel on the body raise some real concerns about the feasibility of long term space flights.Here are two helpful summaries of the effects of space travel:

Aging: Why does stem cell count decrease with age?

There are multiple theories of what causes ageing, most of them deal with different 'levels' of the problem. For example, evolutionary theories say that stem cells decline because there has been no natural selection pressure to maintain them. While this is a satisfactory answer for

Could Sucrose in creams accelerate skin aging in the long run? It is added for better hydration, but how about the long-term effect? Multiple research confirms that sugar particles enhance protein glycation (which leads to wrinkles).

Sugars have been used for years topically as in milk sugar to break down the bonds that keep dead skin from shedding. Think of Cleopatra using yogurt and milk to make her skin soft, pale and smooth!Glycation that is internal is different, and that

Do very smart people biologically-age faster?

As Ivan pointed out, if anything, highly intelligent people will age more slowly when they are older.As children, however, it is very common for exceptionally gifted children to meet their developmental milestones early. It is not unusual for them to walk at 8 months, talk in complete sentences at a year or so,

Does exercise slow down or hasten aging?

Exercise in moderation reduces the degeneration of tissues and function that comes from aging. Excessive exercise can cause damage faster than the body can heal itself, so you end up with a cumulative effect.A minimum of 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week is currently considered the minimum to maintain good health and minimize

How come no one was ever born with a mutation that prevented him from aging?

I am always amazed at something that almost no one else seems to notice about people. That is that we are born with an incredibly good anti-aging system already.Did you ever own a 22 year old automobile? How well did it run? How often did it give you problems?

How do testosterone levels affect the rate at which people age?

Testosterone levels will be declined gradually in men, after age 30.Low testosterone is a strange level, at the point when properly measured, low testosterone is thought to be below 300ng/dl for male patients, albeit a few specialists recommend the ordinary reach is 270–1070ng/dl. And you need testosterone treatments(testosterone replacement

How does stress affect our aging?

At any age, stress is a part of life. Young and old alike have to face difficult situations and overcome obstacles. While young adults struggle to establish a career, achieve financial security, or juggle work and family demands, older people may face failing health or dwindling

How have you noticed your aging process as you've become older?

For some odd and unknown reason, my joints keep getting knocked out of place. I need to go to the chiropracter more often. As in once a year as opposed to once every five years. Although, I might go once a month just to see if we can put an end to the constant irritation of waking

Is aging a disease?

There are two groups of people in the gerontology field:The first group considers aging a normal part of life taking place in all species, albeit at a different rate. The elderly can suffer from diseases just like children. And just like in children, the elderly suffer more from

Is aging a form of slow death?

That's a little hard to explain. Aging will ideally be the process of death instead of a disease or accident. But aging itself brings on changes in the body. Organs and other parts of the body begin to eventually replace cells by division more slowly, most cartridge has turned to bone and

Is it possible to permanently reverse grey hair for a teenager?

Hello, I can understand your queries! Most of us face a lot of problems in our life but the hair problems are one heck of a problem! Grey hairs are one of those caused due to following reasons...The follicles generate hair and color or pigment cells that contain melanin.

Is it true that as you get older, you require less sleep?

Only in you early life. Babies require lots of sleep, like 15 hours a day. They are growing very fast and sleep really helps with that. I quickly made the graph below to show our sleep requirements.We can see that babies and infants all need lots of

Is the sun making the skin age faster?

UV Rays are responsible for 90% of the physical signs of aging. The skin of the first person will indeed age faster. There are a few caveats to that answer. While both UVA and UVB rays contribute to the aging process, UVA is the bigger culprit. UVA rays, unlike UVB rays, can penetrate

What are the factors of premature ageing?

Good morning Steve. I'm going to have to introduce you to a fact when dealing with me – I always start an answer with "I don't know!" When I was a young human I thought I knew everything, and I fought hard to convince people that I did.

What do the bodies of body builders like Arnold Schwarzenegger look like when they stop lifting weights and get older?

Arnie at 69 is in better shape than most men of 39. Sly Stallone's body could pass for a trained guy of 35.Arnie claims to be clean, good diet, exercise and its obviously true he has good genetics. Do I believe him, no. But I

What is the cause of premature greying of hair?

In normal greying process your genes decide how you will go grey. You DNA decide the time when your roots will stop producing melanin. But there are other causes of premature greying; stress is the main one of them all.It goes

What is the first to weaken in the aging process?

Thanks Jenna for a2a.I think our genes offer information about which parts are going to age first and therefore become weakened. I thought prior to my 40s that legs would help me till the end. That did not happen. I got knee issues perhaps because of sluggish performance by kidneys. Likewise, my digestive

Why are men more prone to baldness than women?

Well the men and the mane struggle dates back to time immemorial.There are quite a few reasons why women are saved from this.Genetics: specific pattern of baldness is inherited in males of a specific family called as male patterned baldness. This is X chromosome linked. And hence is more severe in males whereas women have two copies of

Why do some people age faster?

There might be several reasons. The most important ones are....They have suffered more tragedies, life situations, and stress.They have been ill. Or had a lifetime of ill health.They care for others that are ill or old.They carry burdens of responsibility and office.They worry.Life situations can cause these....They abuse alcohol.They eat food that malnourishes them.They don't get enough sleep.Peace

Why is hand grip strength the best metric of aging's effect on muscle strength/sarcopenia?

It's not.However, grip strength is the easiest way to measure strength.Since it is highly correlated with other (better) measures of strength, it is widely used in studies of the effects of strength on health, especially in the elderly and infirm.Just think

If our cells are continually replaced with new cells, why do we age (and die)?

Aging is not that a simple phenomenon as we see itIf I could explain it in your words-When we are infants, the number of cells formed is greater than the number of cells dying per day.Around middle age the number of cells reproducing and cells dying is almost the same.And

What's the strangest thing about getting older?

There's this funny little connection between your brain and your face and body. All your life you know what you look like. Your face is familiar, you look in the mirror and your never surprised. Your body, aside from gaining or losing