Are humans evolving quicker than other species?

Yes.This is because there are so many more of us. This produces an even greater pool of variation for selection to act on.Note, however, that the selective forces are quite different today than they were 50,000 years ago. An obvious result is the changes in DNA frequency related to resisting diseases now found

Do anaerobic bacteria generally have longer lifespans than aerobic bacteria?

Since bacteria 'live' until they divide into two daughter cells, you can restate the question as "Do anaerobic bacteria have longer times between division?" The answer to this is yes. Anaerobic growth is less energetic because most alternative electron acceptors (since oxygen isn't an option) have less reduction potential. So, less cellular energy is available to undergo

Do animals ever use drugs in nature?

I was born in Birmingham Alabama but grew up on a small family farm in southern middle Tennessee. On that farm were two ponds, three creeks, and in addition to both pasture and tilled land, fruit trees.The farmhouse was an early 20th-century vintage, actually it spanned the latter 19th and early 20th centuries in construction and

Do plants need animals to survive?

Animals break down plants quickly (eating, pooping). This is a good thing for plants, because it accelerates the process of breaking down plant matter, thus liberating nutrients for other plants to grow.Without animals, fungi and bacteria could still do the trick but slower.You can think of

Does chemical engineering contain biology?

Let's not jump into the answer directly.First, In my opinion, Engineering is a multi-disciplinary profession and always includes Mathematics and Economics regardless of your discipline. Lets look at Chemical Engineering. What do we study in Chemical Engineering? To put it easy, Chemical engineers use Physical

How do animals depend on plants?

Animals are totally dependent on plants. First of all plants produce oxygen which is vital for life on earth. Then, for many animals plants are their basic food, or if plants don't make up 100 % of their diet, plants are nevertheless essential

How to live long on Earth

Question is little bit Funny as well as serious. :)Michael Jackson wanted to live for 150 years.He appointed 12 doctors at home who would daily examine him from hair to toenails.His food was always tested in the laboratory before serving.Another 15 people were appointed to look after his daily exercise and workout.His

How do pull ups, a movement using the shoulder and elbow joints, end up being predominantly a lat exercise?

Because it doesn't primarily use the shoulder and elbow joints.It primarily uses the Latissimus dorsi to pull the arm in to the body.Any movement that uses your lats or pecs also uses your shoulders, true, but the largest muscles are activated for this,

How to define an aerobe, anaerobe, facultative aerobe, and facultative anaerobe in microbiology

Before I explain these four kinds of microorganisms, there is one concept that should be clear - the difference between Aerobic Respiration and Anaerobic Respiration (or Fermentation).Aerobic Respiration is the kind of respiration where an organism converts food molecules (or glucose) into ATP (usable energy of the

How does fat burn fat in the human body?

Fat or phospholipids are the results of stored excess that your body can use later for energy. The process of burning fat is carried through the liver and insulin cycle. Everyone always says

How is anaerobic respiration used in the industry?

I'm unsure which industry you're referring to specifically, so I'm going to assume that you're asking about industries in general by removing the ‘the' from your question.A good example is in the production of beer. When yeast respires anaerobically, they produce ethanol as a by-product of their respiration

Is healthy eating overrated?

Nobody is able to answer this question for everyone, so I will use my own experience that I am hoping you can relate to.Growing up and throughout my teens and early twenties I fought tirelessly against:asthmaallergiesacnesinus problemspoor sleepdepressive episodes and irritabilitydid I mention ACNENow, it took a few years but as I cut out

Is homosexuality observed in animals? Is it steady orientation or occasional behavior, and which is more common?

Before anybody jumps all over me:No, I am not saying you are evil for being gay, or bashing gays in any way. I am simply answering this question as factually as I can.This question likely came from a point that's been circulating around the internet, that some LGBT activists have said.It's something along the lines

Is menstruation necessarily connected with menstrual cycles in all the mammals species whose females menstruate?

The menstrual cycle is the cycle of ovulation, and, yes, there is often spontaneous abortion in many species when conditions are bad for raising young.Trying to separate a "menstrual cycle" from an ovulation cycle just cannot be done. In species who do not menstruate,

Is rhizobium aerobic or anaerobic bacteria?

Rhizobium is aerobic, which has a lot to do with the fact that Nitrogen fixation is an energy intensive process which requires large amounts of energy that could not be produced reasonably through anaerobic pathways.However, Nitrogenase is irreversibly damaged by exposure to Oxygen, so oxygen exclusion is a necessary pre-requisite for Nitrogen fixation. These two facts lead

Is the bacteria on washed clothes aerobic or anaerobic?

Yes, they are aerobic. Most public water supplies are fairly well aerated, with quite a lot of oxygen from a bacterium's perspective. Regardless, the water in a washing machine is oxygen-saturated by all the splashing around.Unless you have a front-loading washer, though, the washer is not airtight, and

Is there any difference between humans and animals nowadays?

It depends on the circumstances like for example- in knowledge and implementing we have to say humans are growing enormously well, but also we have to consider the dark side terrorism, terrorists are more ferocious than are premium animals which include lions, tigers and cheetas and targets

Is there any NADH produce in anaerobic respiration?

Yes, it can be ... but not because of reasons others claimed.Ken Saladin is the only one who got the distinction correct: The others referenced glycolylsis and fermentation, neither of which is a form of anaerobic respiration. I'll explain why at the end.1)

What animal evolves or has evolved the quickest?

Evolution is the process, and the process of evolution results in changes in allele frequencies within a population not within a single organism.  Allele frequencies (the diversity of which are a result of things like mutations, duplications, translocations, etc.) can change quite rapidly with environmental conditions.  Bacteria under antibiotic selection and viruses under selection by anti-retroviral drugs

What are some differences between male and female brains?

It's no secret that boys and girls are different-very different. The differences between genders, however, extend beyond what the eye can see. Research reveals major distinguishers between male and female brains.Scientists generally study four primary areas of difference in male and female brains:Processing.Chemistry.Structural differences.Blood flow and brain activities.The differences between male and female

What are some examples of aerobic bacteria and anaerobic bacteria?

Mention bacteria and nearly all of us assume them to be disease-causing microbes. However, not many of us know that bacteria play a major role in the overall functioning of our ecosystem. Believe it or not, a major biomass of the earth is contributed by minute

What are some of the most common examples of facultative anaerobe?

Facultative anaerobes: An organism which is capable of producing energy through aerobic respiration and then switching back to anaerobic respiration depending on the amounts of oxygen and fermentable material in the environment.In the presence of oxygen, facultative anaerobes use aerobic

What are the benefits of anaerobic exercise?

Hi Nathan,Anaerobic exercise basically means

What are the best reference books for Biology class 11?

For 11th grade Biology I would suggest that you just stick with NCERT. Question banks issued by Oswaal, Arihant, etc are really good for becoming thorough with that you've studied. Arihant's 'All in One' is a very useful book for this.  If you're aiming to score well in just your CBSE exam/ 11th annual exam held at

What are the best ways to study biology?

For the most part, biology is basically a

What are the characteristics an animal requires to evolve intelligence?

Biological evolution is a structural experiment of trial and error game that is played by the selfish (gene) DNA so that it can survive in the given environment and ecological conditions. It is random, very very slow, since the phenotypic changes has to happen with the changes at the gene level

What are the differences between facultative and obligate anaerobe?

Facultative : occurring optionally in response to circumstances rather than by natureObligate: require; restricted to a particular function or mode of lifeA facultative anaerobe does not require oxygen for respiration i.e. can make ATP by aerobic respiration in the presence of oxygen, but can

What are the main differences between plant and animal cells?

The difference between plant and animal cell is very basic as well as important thing to know from the biological point of view. Plant and animal cell are similar in many ways as they both are eukaryotic cells. Since these are eukaryotic cells so they

What is a facultative anaerobe?

A facultative anaerobe is, simply speaking, an organism which possesses the ability to survive in an environment containing oxygen while growing even more efficiently in an environment without oxygen. Facultative anaerobes can optionally function without oxygen by two main mechanisms; fermentation and alternate terminal electron acceptors. In fermentation, glycolysis is performed and pyruvate is

What is a good list of animals ordered by intelligence?

The question with which we must start is: can animals with very different cognitive strengths and weaknesses be uniquely ordered by a single cognitive measure? From 2006 evidence has been gathering for a pan-primate metric by which we might be able to do exactly that. Such a metric is refereed to as

What is aerobic and anaerobic respiration?

Respiration which occurs In presence of Oxygen is called as Aerobic Respiration,Or again more clearly we can say Break down Of glucose In the presence Of Oxygen to produce Energy, Aerobic respiration occurs in the cytoplasm to mitochondria.Respiration which Occurs in absence of Oxygen or the break down og glucose in the absence of Oxygen to

What Is facultative anaerobic bacteria?

Okay, imagine that you ended up in an environment where there was no oxygen.You'd die, right? can also breathe carbon dioxide (well, technically, you already do that, and you have to if you want to live), but the carbon dioxide does not function as efficiently in releasing energy for your cells as the

What is produced during anaerobic respiration in humans?

Anaerobic respiration in humans may be summarised by the word equation:glucose = lactic acid + energyIn yeast anaerobic respiration may be summarised by:glucose = ethanol + carbon dioxide + energyDuring glycolysis, glucose molecules (six-carbon molecules) are split into two pyruvates (three-carbon molecules) during a sequence of enzyme-controlled reactions. This is the same reaction as

What is produced during anaerobic respiration in muscles?

Anaerobic respiration is the ability of an organism to produce energy in the form of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) without using oxygen. Instead, sulfate, nitrate or sulfur is used. To break down the equation above, organisms that use anaerobic respiration to produce energy start with glucose. Glucose is sugar, and the same sugar from the photosynthesis equation

What is rhizobium bacteria?

Rhizobium is a bacterium ( sing. Of bacteria) which can convert atmospheric nitrogen into usable form for plants . It cannot make its own food . So, it often lives in the root of some lugumes and provides them with nitrogen. In return, the plants provide food and

What is the best reference book for biology cbse class 12?

NCERT book for biology is best. I am regretting buying S. Chand of Biology. However, for medical entrance exams i will prefer Trumen's or ABC.For CBSE class 12, I refer only NCERT and Arihant's chapterwise solution (great book!)Moreover, Trumen's and ABC's biology are great for AIIMS, AIPMT and

What is the difference between aerobic and anaerobic respiration? What are some organisms that use the anaerobic mode of respiration?

Glycolysis is the first stage of respiration, in which a glucose molecule is broken down into two pyruvate molecules, releasing electrons in the process and generating two molecules of ATP, the energy 'currency' of the cell, and the desired outcome of respiration. During aerobic respiration, when oxygen is present, those pyruvate molecules go

What is the difference between facultative aerobes and facultative anaerobes?

The difference lies in their intermediate metabolism and the way they obtain the energy necessary for their growth and multiplication, the optional aerobic term establishes as the ideal growth condition the presence of oxygen, however at lower partial pressures of oxygen, these bacteria can follow growing. While the facultative anaerobic term establishes an ideal growth condition for

What is the difference between Human and animal? Is human a animal or animal is human?

Humans are supposed to be higher version of animals. Or you can say humans are highest form of living being.This is because humans are born with four powers, self awareness, imagination, conscience and independent will.We are aware of our emotions and can control them.We

What is the Major difference between Human & Animals?

A2A.Major differences between human and animals:-A human is more intelligent than any other animal.Humans have evolved such that they lack a post - anal tail, while all other chordates have post - anal tails. In humans, the tail is just a shortened bone and is known as

What is the quickest healing animal in the world?

Good question to which I can only postulate an answer.  Cockroaches,  insects for that matter,  have a fluid flowing within them called haemolymph.  It delivers nutrients to every cell,  waste products from every cell,  and in addition to many other things,  it contains healing factors.   In

What personality traits are genetic?

I think the question is a bit too vague.  How do we differentiate between a genetic tendency towards a trait with the trait itself?  In some cases, it could be argued that the brain chemistry is genetically pre-disposed to certain responses and thereby would give rise to more specifically defined

What should everyone know about breathing?

Breathing is as much, if not more, about getting rid of the carbon dioxide in your blood as getting more oxygen into your bloodstream.  In any given breath, the air you breathe in is 21% oxygen and essentially 0% carbon dioxide.  The air you breathe out is ~20% oxygen and 5% carbon dioxide. 

What should everyone know about circadian rhythms?

Humans do not all have the same circadian rhythm.  Here are examples of different natural sleep/rise cycles (eg, no alarm clock, no blackout curtains, no artificial sun lamps, no manmade items artificially blocking or enhancing natural light/dark environment outside, only small nightlamps

Which animal species exhibit homosexual behaviors during times of overpopulation?

Your question's not specific. After a literal reading I'd be tempted to say "all", because I know of no animal species where their members engage in homnosexual behaviour turning it off during overpopulation times.But it seems to me

Why can humans ride bicycle?

Why can we type? Why can we sing opera? Why can we break dance or skydive or pilot an airplane?The answers to these (and your) question are all the same: because evolution selected us to be adaptable.Other animals got selected for speed (cheetahs), size (elephants), strength (gorillas), slowness (sloths) and all other nature of traits.But our ancestors

Why can't we ride bicycle with our hand crossed?

Two answers:Our brains quickly hardwire neuron links so that sensory input from your balance sensors is linked to arm motions to restore balance. Crossing your arms over makes the hardwiring move your arms in the opposite sense as necessary, which will exaggerate the imbalance rather than restore balance. Your conscious mind knows that it needs

Why do we need oxygen?

To explain why we need oxygen one most first understand how metabolism works. The overall reaction for metabolism is: Glucose (C6H12O6) + 6 O2 --> 6 CO2 +  6 H2O + Energy Obviously, oxygen is necessary for this reaction to occur, but why?In reality this reaction is a  oversimplification, and is really made up of many

Why does aerobic respiration produce more energy than anaerobic respiration?

The end products of aerobic respiration are H2O and CO2 which are the lowest energy compounds in common metabolism. The end products of anaerobic respiration are either pyruvate or lactate - compounds that still contain a lot of energy which can be

Why does Saccharomyces Cerevisiae prefer anaerobic respiration (fermentation) over aerobic respiration?

I am going to disagree with most people here. You are right. Cerevisiae prefer anaerobic metabolism in a sense and as you put it, even with oxygen, they tend to mostly perform anaerobic respiration and make ethanol. This property is

Why is cell theory not a law?

Brief explanation below. ( yes the question is not about evolution - but it explains laws and theories fairly well )Evolution is Not Just a Theory: homeYou've been told that "evolution is just a theory", a guess, a hunch, and not a fact, not proven. You've been misled. Keep reading, and in less than two minutes

Why is it classified as a facultative anaerobe? The one that could grow under both aerobic and anaerobic conditions.

Bacteria which use O2 as an electron acceptor in respiration are said to be aerobic. Those which use alternative electron acceptors are anaerobic. There are also some which can switch from aerobic to anaerobic and vice versa if the conditions require it. They have

Why should I donate my organs after death?

Spend an hour walking around your home with your eyes closed; try to fix a pot of coffee and drink a cup and then get dressed and shave or put on make up. And after you've run into enough things, know

3 weeks ago I couldn't run 200 yards without collapsing, gasping for air. After running daily, I can now comfortably do 2 miles at 6.5mph. The technique is unchanged. What possibly could have changed biologically in such a short time to allow this?

This kind of rapid improvement is normal for beginning runners.Just be careful not to increase your weekly mileage too quickly. The rule of thumb is no more than 10% increase per week. Then cut back your mileage every fourth week for one week, as a rest.Example:Week 1: 10 miles totalWeek 2: 11 miles totalWeek 3:

Ammonification by ammonifying bacteria takes place in which condition, aerobic or anaerobic?

It is an anaerobic process. Ammo is step of Nitrogen cycle.Step 1- Nitrogen Fixation : special bacteria called Diazotrophs, eg. Azotobacter, Rhizobium which have Nitrogenase Enzyme that convert Nitrogen to Ammonia to be used by plants.Step 2- Ammonification : Organic Nitrogen is converted to Ammonium ion. Enzymes involved are GS, GOGAT, GDH etc.Step 3- Nitrification : Ammonium ions

Animal cell differs from plant cells in possessing?

Animal cell has no cell wall and have a higher rate of metabolism. they also posses centrioles, they lack chloroplast as they are not autotrophic, they have a smaller vacoule compared to plant cell wall, the food material stored in animal vacoule is mainly fats and proteins.but in a plant cell they have a

Animals cannot survive without plants. How is that?

not in all cases ... well it depends on the level of consumer as there r three levels of consumersprimary ,secondary , tertiary...and top consumers . now simply primary are herbivores which depends on plants and secondary consumers are also known as primary carnivores and they depends on the primary consumers

Are cells conscious?

For the normal meaning of consciousness in psychology and neuroscience, biological cells would not be considered conscious. One could, however, expand the definition of consciousness to includes cells, at least in a metaphorical sense.In science (psychology, neuroscience, medicine), consciousness refers to the awake state as

Are human beings part of a larger animal?

The problem with this question, when it's taken literally, is the word "are," which implies there's some sort of definitive answer: people either ARE part of a larger organism or they're not. The problem is that divisions are arbitrary. We tend to divide things up in ways that are traditional or

Are humans considered to be large land animals?

We are medium size animals. We aren't considered large in the grand scheme of things. Some of us may manage to reaching the size of a large animal. However I hear our body system isn't designed to be sufficient in supporting the sizes of anything above 6 feet 4 or 3 inches as well

Are humans evolving quicker than other species?

Yes.This is because there are so many more of us. This produces an even greater pool of variation for selection to act on.Note, however, that the selective forces are quite different today than they were 50,000 years ago. An obvious result is the changes in DNA frequency related to resisting diseases now found in urban environments as opposed

Are humans the best adapting species of animal ever?

The modern human has been around for about 200,000 years. The fact that we're smarter and more technologically adept than any species to ever walk the earth may have some bearing on our adaptability. But, it's a double-edged sword. We're also the

Are humans the only species to attempt to save other species from extinction?

Yes.There is no reason to think any other animal even understands the concepts involved, much less puts its own resources into trying to prevent the extinction of another species.An individual animal may on rare occasions delibetately take action to protect an individual of a different species, but that is not the same thing.As for the idea

Are most wild animals unhealthy?

I agree with Jessica. "On the brink of death" isn't quite right, because as you explain, animals in aggregate do survive. That said, many individuals within a species die in massive numbers, especially the young.Below is a selection from"Tables

Are there animals that don't feel any emotions?

Yes. Animals that do not possess the brain structures and/or brain networks we refer to as the limbic system do not have the capacity to experience emotions such as anger, happiness or sadness, or even great fear.Animals totally lacking this would include simple multicellular organisms like rotifers and sponges through most

Are there any animals that are evolving?

Whoa there -- this is a classic case of the cascade of sensationalism that happens when the lay media starts reporting on scientific papers. (Though, in this case, it's especially embarrassing -- the organization responsible for ramping up the sensationalism is the lay arm of Nature, the

Are there any emotions that animals have that Humans don't?

As Oliver Starr discussed, it would be a matter of recognition of that emotion. If we have no experience or concept of that emotion, how could we recognize it as such? Let's turn the question around. What emotions do we possess, that animals may not have?I can think of

Are there any predatory type organisms that attack virus or bacteria?

Eat bacteria? Yes, although whether it's predatory is debatable. Plenty of bacteria and protozoa feed on bacteria. The amoeba is a common example you can observe under a microscope.

Are there any species with more than two sexes? If not, is there any specific reason for nature to stop at two sexes only?

I'm answering for the recently-merged question Why isn't there a third (or more) gender in nature? Is that a possibility?Hundreds of species have more than two genders. Arguably the best known is in coho salmon, where there is a single female gender and two male genders,

Are there likely to be undiscovered animals that are bigger than humans?

The answer depends a lot on how strict the definition of

Are there snake species that are friendly to human beings?

I own a corn snake, and he is my first reptile. As others have said, snakes are not 'friendly' the way dogs or cats or birds can be, but they can grow used to you, and be 'friendly' in the sense

Are we humans a programmed species?

Absolutely.Schools, toys, television programming (it's called that for a reason I guess) books, papers, magazines, billboards, social media, radio, cinema, are all vehicles used to carefully program us into what consumerist and socially preferred direction governing bodies and those who monetarily profit from specific behaviours wish to implement.

Based on evolution what is the next animal to evolve and how will it evolve?

Based on evolution what is the next animal to evolve and how will it evolve?Evolution, as we understand it, states that all things are constantly evolving. Every change, however minor, in composition of the genetic composition of a population constitutes an evolutionary change. It's not all that

Besides humans, are there any animals in nature where the fattest, heaviest individual among its species was over 7 times heavier than its average adult counterpart?

Besides instances of hive queens (like ants, termites, etc.) I'd say no.Every animal on Earth besides humans have to either hunt their food or are hunted for food. Either you have to chase down and physically kill something that doesn't want to be caught

Biologically, why does unhealthy food *generally* taste good, and healthy food tastes terrible?

Your observation is correct!Probably you would have thought of foods like Pizza, French Fries, desserts etc as unhealthy foods versus the healthy foods like fruits, just boiled vegetables, whole grains etc.The answer is simple.There are many unhealthy foods around but there is always ONE THING common among them.Guess what?Most of the foods we call unhealthy are made

Can animals communicate with each other through sounds?

Certainly. Many animals make danger sounds, have mating calls and more. The two below actually have languages.Dolphin language is so complex and difficult for humans to understand that scientists are now using computers to decipher it.

Can DNA or RNA leave the nucleus?

Here is how genetics is working: 1 DNA is used for replication. That principally takes place in the nucleus, but during mitosis or meiosis the nuclear membrane is disintegrated. 2 DNA->RNA is used for expressing genes, i.e. producing protein. During that process information in one gene is transcribed from DNA to RNA in the nucleus. That RNA

Can evolution make animals conscious?

First question (Can evolution make animals conscious?) - evidently either yes (because we are, and we got to be through evolution), or no, we're not. I think we are, so yes.Second question (Will dogs and cats ever be as smart as we are now?), you mean

Can non-human animals reason or think?

Yes. Dogs have shown the ability to problem-solve under test conditions. Solving problems requires the ability to think and reason, to plan and to project their thoughts to a possible future outcome.When I say ‘dogs', I mean ‘some dogs'. Some dogs are thicker than others, and don't figure out

Can plants and animals be gay?

In animals biologists talk about sexual behaviours, they don't talk about their orientation because that would require you ask how they feel, all you can do is observe what they do, homosexual behaviours occurs all the time in animals, how they feel about it is anybodies guess, presumably they enjoy it, though animals being exclusive homo or hetro

Can someone please define aerobic and anaerobic reactions in a cell?

Aerobic reactions are ones that require air, specifically oxygen. The most important of these is aerobic metabolism, which uses oxygen as the final electron acceptor in the reactions oxidizing sugars, fats and other carbon sources to CO2. This is the series of reactions that converts the chemical energy of the food we eat to energy that is usable

Can your body adapt to eating less?

Yes human body mechanism is built for survival. The average human body stores fat in the body only for survival or future use.Building a muscular body is never a priority for a human body . But we can trick the

Did animal cells evolve from plant cells?

Samuel,This question has already been answered but it reminded me of a similar question a student once asked me. If we are lucky enough, once in a while, we get questions that make us think about things we already ‘supposedly' know, but in a different way. AND

Did plants and animals evolve from a common ancestor?

Not only do plants and animals share a common ancestor, they are more closely related to one another than probably about 90% of all the rest of life on earth.Plants and animals are both eukaryotes, and that immediately makes them more

Do all animals have the ability to feel fear?

No. It is unlikely that single-celled animals experience emotion of any kind. For that matter, it would be impossible to ascribe this emotion to many multi-cellular animals. Or at least it would be impossible to separate the emotion of fear from the response of avoidance.For

Do animals ever use drugs in nature?

I was born in Birmingham Alabama but grew up on a small family farm in southern middle Tennessee. On that farm were two ponds, three creeks, and in addition to both pasture and tilled land, fruit trees.The farmhouse was an early 20th-century

Do animals feel empathy for humans & other living beings?

Yes.If you want to read about it, do an internet search for the following key words: National Geographic (listed because I recall reading some good articles in that periodical on this topic), animals, and empathy.Anyone who has ever had a dog or cat that sat with them and tried to make them

Do animals other than humans eat salt? How did animals begin eating salt?

That other animals need salt can be seen anytime you see one licking your skin. The Salt is bad for you myth has extended to animals yet they need it too. While too much can be bad, too little can likewise be unhealthy.

Do any animal species mate with another animal species?

To procreate is to reproduce. In other words, to procreate is a more formal way of saying "making babies." ... That's a clue that this word is about making something, in this case, making more creatures. In biology, procreation is typically called reproduction. so according to nature it is not possible, however man has tried a lot to

Do bacteria have bacteria?

Yes.We know that bacteria range in size from 0.2 µm to nearly a mm. That's more than a thousand-fold difference, easily enough to accommodate a small bacterium inside a larger one.Nothing forbids bacteria from invading other bacteria, and in biology, that which

Do bacteria have emotions?

Emotions as commonly understood and defined require a nervous system, which bacteria plainly don't have. That definition of emotions makes this an uninteresting question that really is not worth answering.But if we look beyond the machinery of emotions to their purpose (although inferring purpose is always dangerous in biology), we can fashion

Do both plant and animal cells have cell walls?

Do both plant and animal cells have cell walls?Short answer: No. Only some eukaryotic cells - plants, fungi, algae, water- and slime molds - and prokaryotic cells have cell walls.Explore the Quora search function! Using that would quickly lead you to these already answered questions:

Do human animal hybrids exist? Are they possible via gene splicing or other technologies? Can humans and animals produce offspring?

I had a larger answer to the original more recent question (gamete specific) whose draft was largely lost during the merging process, so I'll just add a little bit from what's left from the full answerIt's apparently unclear, but tending towards

Do living creatures require sleep to live and survive?

No. There are a number of single-celled animals that are constantly feeding and moving. The only time they stop is when they are reproducing and that can't at all be considered rest or sleep. The higher animal life forms do seem to

Do people with higher heart rates burn more calories?

Do you mean higher resting heart rate?Do not use the resting heart rate as the benchmark for calorie burn. If two people are of the same weight, their resting heart rates may not be the same. Due to genetics one may have a

Do plants breath? Yes or no?

Yes they do. Like us, plants also need oxygen to live and give out carbon dioxide. Weird, right? We have always heard that plants take in CO2 and give out O2 and what I just said is opposite to that! Well both the things are correct.Plants during day time perform photosynthesis and

Do plants have cells?

Yes, of course its indeed..There is no cell in plant there is no lives . All living things are made of cells.Smallest living unit of structure and function of all organisms is the cell.Plant cells are eukaryotic cells that differ in several key aspects from