Can having a marriage with a bipolar partner work?

Here is a similar questionWith my answer both on link and copied.Nicole Moncada's answer to Can a person with bipolar disorder lead a happy married life? Lately my husband has been making a fuss about everything and we constantly quarrel.

Can someone successfully get rid of bipolar depression?

You can´t get rid of bipolar disorder . You have to get a diagnosis first. So the first problemis how do I get to a doctor or preferably an outpatient clinic specialising in affective disorders or just bipolar disorder?Then if it is bipolar disorder:

Can you fight bipolar disorder without medication?

Well, I believe that the first thing I would, personally, advise a Bipolar to do, is to accept your Bipolar Disorder, not fight it. It's not going anywhere. You must accept that It's your lifelong companion. However, you can become very familiar with its tendencies and nature, and the subsequent and predictable outcomes IF you pay close attention.

Can you heal permanently from bipolar disorder?

That depends entirely upon your definitions and modes of interpretation.There are some important points to address before coming to any sort of coherent conclusions on the matter. I will write on some of them below, followed by a section which evaluates their collaborative usefulness in responding to your question..1. There is no physical,

Do people with bipolar disorder get startled easily?

When I was having some tough times with bipolar, there were periods of time when I startled very easily. I believe it is a common symptom. Often the symptom that is mentioned is

Does bipolar disorder get worse with age?

It can. Mood episodes (especially mania) cause ongoing brain damage. But of course, everything varies a lot by individual.We have four generations of bipolar in my family (mother to daughter), so I have an interesting perspective of how our symptoms change with age. Every family

How to be helpful to my bipolar wife

My wife has Bipolar Affected Disorder. I just asked this question of her and she suggested shoes and chocolate!I had a really enlightening conversation with her once. She said

How to get rid of bipolar depression

In short the answer is you can't!Bipolar phases are managed, you cannot just end them, sleeping fourteen hours a day requires you to lay down so to solve that one when you feel like lying down, don't! Go for a walk

How to make my divorce attorney work harder

Well, it is very hard for me to answer this question, because I don't know what the problem is. Normally when someone thinks their lawyer isn't working it is because:1. The lawyer is working on other cases, and so isn't necessarily as focused on yours as you would like. Lawyers prioritize their cases based on which are prime.

How can one get through bipolar disorder and depression quickly?

Depending on your severity of your depression there are many things you can do. Speaking from experience dealing with depression I can tell you it's no easy task.There were days in the past that didn't want to get out of bed,

How to go about bipolar depression

There are a multitude of things I had to learn to manage when I got sick. There are lots of practical, everyday tasks that must be fulfilled in order to stay in the game. In all of my trial and error learning, I've figured out some very crucial things. If you're mentally ill, I hope

How did you know that you were bipolar?

I can share my personal experience. I was four doctors. I did not want to believe it. So I kept fighting it and going to other doctors. When I started taking the right medications, my life changed. I started to regain control and clarity, although I also started to lose some of my

How to get rid of bipolar disorder

If you leave the label aside and look at the experience called bipolar, essentially it is instability, inability to have objectivity on and self-manage one's ups and downs. When the symptoms are not too extreme and/or when one has the ability to see and manage one's ups and downs, my observation is that it

How to recover from bipolar depression

Though I have myself recovered from bipolar and i know many others who have, I would still be hesitant to respond to this query in a straightforward manner. The reason is not that others cannot recover, but simply that each person has

How does bipolar affect one physically?

It may be different for others, but it affected me in several ways:1.) When I was depressed, it was very hard to get out of bed. I managed to muster up the energy to go to work but afterwards I had spent all my reserves just to be

How high are divorce rates of marriages where one partner has bipolar?

Extremely high. I don't know the exact number. However, I have several bipolar friends who are married to people who don't have the Illness and they have all been married for years. In addition to having spouses that are very understanding they do their best to take care of their Illness as much as they can without their

I don't feel empathy for people, I'm an excellent liar, but I love and care for my girlfriend very much. I tend to be manipulative and impulsive as well. Does that mean I'm just a jerk or might I still be a sociopath and can I love?

I am also an excellent liar when I choose to be, and I am quite impulsive and manipulative at times as well.As for feeling empathy, that tends to come and go depending on the person and what mood I'm in that day. There are times when I

What should I do if my husband doesn't believe/understand my bipolar disorder?

It can be pretty painful when you feel that your spouse doesn't understand a mental health challenge you are diagnosed with. It's even worse if they don't believe your diagnosis, or worse still if they don't believe that mental health challenges are serious challenges.I think

What are effective treatments for bipolar depression?

The greatest assist in treating manic depression is to be your own best advocate. Diligent Research into the latest clinical trials which can be found in the annals of the National Institute of Mental Health will keep you abreast of the latest discoveries and perhaps

What are my options when my bipolar spouse wants a divorce for no good reason?

There aren't enough details to know how to advise you. Has your spouse been diagnosed by a psychiatrist? Are they on medication? Do they take their medication? Are they seeing a therapist? Are they going to a support group? Do they get exercise regularly? Are they getting proper sleep? What are they doing to

What are the symptoms of bipolar disorder?

To list common symptoms of bipolar disorder, you must first separate depression from mania. The word Bipolar itself means two poles. So when you live with this, you spend most of your time either depressed or manic. Some can experience normal periods in between, but most stability is a result of treatment.Signs and

What is borderline personality disorder? How is it different from bipolar disorder?

What is Borderline Personality Disorder?Borderline Personality Disorder is the name for a specific pattern of issues that are caused by the interaction of parenting, childhood experiences, and the child's temperament. BPD begins in early childhood and shapes the growing child's personality. It is fully formed by the time the

Why are people so irresponsible when they say they have depression, but don't indicate if its diagnosed by a doctor? Is it a waste of time to guess what's going on, if someone wanted to answer one of these questions?

This type of question is the reason that people with depression aren't forthcoming with information. If someone says they have depression, chances are that it will have been diagnosed by a physician or psychiatrist.As for ‘guessing what's going on??' -it's none of your business unless

Why is there no permanent cure for bipolar disorder?

Thanks for the question. I have known for a long time that I will have to take medication for the rest of my life for my mental illness, but it still stings to see it written in black and white:........................................Research has shown there is no known cure for bipolar disorder, but

Would the keto diet negatively affect depression/bipolar issues?

In theory, the ketogenic diet might help with bipolar disorder. Yet it's hard to know whether this diet can actually relieve bipolar symptoms because very little research has been done on the subject.A 2013 study followed two women with type II bipolar

How to cheer myself up when in a depressive bipolar episode

First stop labelling yourself with these really insane titles and disorders. There isn't, till date, a definitive way to diagnose these so called

How to help my friend with bipolar depression

I'm not a doctor, so this is not medical advice. I am an alchemist and my job is to show you the gold that lies within you.Take 1000mg Omega 3 (usually one capsule) + Vitamin B12 + Folic Acid. Take all

How does bipolar affect one's political leanings?

No. It affects one's level of passion at a given time. Are Republicans more passionate than Democrats, Conservatives more dedicated to their values than Progressives? No. Geography has just as much influence on one's political leanings than one's health challenges. Does Cancer or MS impact one's political point

How does bipolar affect relationships?

It depends.If both are bipolar, then the entire relationship is going to be in and out 24/7 until it falls apart... and maybe comes back together.If one is bipolar, then the relationship depends on which category the normal partner falls into:SecureInsecure AvoidantInsecure AmbivalentIf they are secure, then they are more likely going to be

How does bipolar affect you?

Thanks for the A to A.Wow, I am afraid this will take a while to answer, so saddle up and prepare for the ride. I have 48 years of baggage here and it has been a very hard row to hoe.Lets begin at the beginning shall we. 1st off, it

How does bipolar disorder affect people's lives?

Mine life has been wrecked pretty much. For many years I have fought with my husband and didn't know why I was the way I am. I have genetic history - my paternal side of my family.I recently started medication for bipolar and

How does marijuana affect people afflicted by bipolar type one disorder?

I have bipolar disorder. Whether it is type I or type II is harder to say than it used to be, because I've been in treatment for a long time with enough success that my manias tend to be rare, restrained, and quickly-counteracted. I have had longer manias in the past than is typical with type II,

How does menapause affect bipolar disorder?

This is an excellent question and it addresses a connection that few people make.Bipolar Spectrum Disorder (BSD)is thought of as a

What are the major causes of Bipolar Disorder?

I wish I didn't have to talk about this anonymously. I agree with Joanne Shortell that the current understanding of bipolar disorder is that it is caused by a combination of genes and stress. But you know that Arnold Schwarzenegger's figure is also caused the

What does bipolar mean?

*** PLEASE NOTE!!!I am NOT a professional, and I have not been formally educated on any mental disorder, I have not been trained either.However, I have been through quite the load of mental illnesses, diagnoses, treatments, hospital stays, and don't even get me started on the battle of the constant search for the right psych meds.~"What

What is bipolar disorder?

I could easily give you a textbook definition of bipolar disorder, since as a sufferer I know more about it than most doctors.  However such information is readily available (see I will give a personal account which covers

Am I bipolar? I constantly feel both depressed and super joyful at the same time, constantly forget things because of my thoughts, can go from being very happy/excited to crying/depressed in minutes.

Sounds that you may be. Please talk with professionals on this matter. Mental Health in any city, county or country can help you. You do not need to pay if you have no money or insurance. They can do tests to determine this. Please do so. The sooner you get medication for whatever that you have, the

At what age does bipolar disorder develop?

I, like Micheal Dixon, did not get diagnosed until I was 48. Bipolar II was not listed in the DMS until 1995, so it makes sense why some people were diagnosed later in life.When l was seven, I started to have headaches and stomach aches that MD's could not link to any physical problems. They suggested to my

Can bipolar disorder be cured?

First of all, I am seeing all kinds of people now, who've been diagnosed with bipolar (Manic-Depressive) disorder, and aren't. They have other things wrong and other pathologies. For instance borderline personality disorder or using drugs and not telling that was an influence. Then there are the ones who never

Can bipolar I disorder comorbid with bipolar II disorder?

I can only speak from my experience. My initial diagnosis was Bipolar Disorder 2 since my manic episodes were not the extremes typical of type 1.However, one day I walked out of my Psychiatrist office and actually read the paperwork they handed me. Under

Does Marijuana help Bipolar Disorder?

In short, No.I'm not sure where this idea ever surfaced, but marijuana can only be attributed to be medically beneficial for chronic pain. While people praise its use for anxiety, it creates a myriad of other issues trumping its effectiveness on calming ones self. There are better options concerning treatments for

Does Trump have bipolar disorder?

No. There is no way. Bipolar Disorder will always lead to mania at some point. Common symptoms of mania are having impulsive sex, grandiose thoughts, very risky behavior, drug abuse, gambling with life savings, or going on big spending sprees are just a few. Trump had his empire a long time before he became president.

For those suffering from bipolar I disorder; what is the most important step you take to stay level?

As others have stated here, it is not one thing but many. What a lot of people don't realize is that mania is really just an extremely heightened form of anxiety. I know the roller coaster analogy is over used. But seriously imagine the type of anxious excitement that you

How to get bipolar disorder

Genetics, genetics and genetics, which then lead to biochemical imbalances that underpin bipolar disorder.Without underlying biochemical imbalances, it is humanly impossible to cycle in a bipolar manner that meets the full diagnostic criteria of a hypomanic or a depressive episode.For example, most

How dangerous is Bipolar Disorder?

Extraordinarily dangerous.Even on the magic mix of stabilizing medications, I still have swings and perceive things differently.Thankfully, the meds allow me to question my own mind and be patient before having knee-jerk reactions. I can respond, not react. But I do automatically go to dark places and worst case scenario.It is a daily struggle...often a battle...with

How do people with bipolar disorder think?

This is kind of tricky to deal with as it is something which is extremely hard to control and affects not only you but people around you.Generally there is no issues while you are in

How to deal with living with someone who has diagnosed bipolar disorder and OCD

I agree with the other two commenters. That's a good start, however living with anyone does have it's little annoyances. Someone with bipolar and ocd can be an extra challenge. If they are a room mate you can just cut them some slack and try not to

How does bipolar disorder progress?

Because I do not think of bipolar like a disease, I do not see why it has to progress.If you read my posts you will find that I believe that there are personality dynamics and family history patterns involved in creating the personality pattern that creates the behaviours that result in the label/diagnosis of bipolar.In

How terrifying is bipolar disorder?

Since I've dealt with bipolar disorder for about half of my life, I can answer this while I'm in my

I struggle with cognitive decline. How can I adapt to it? What helps with acceptance?

I agree with others about making sure that medical issues are not part of what is causing this. If you have been diagnosed at the Primary Care level, by your family doctor, ask for a referral (if you need one) to a Neurologist who specializes in this, or to a Gerontologist

Is bipolar disorder a subcortical seizure disorder?

I think/hope you misheard your professor. No one knows what bipolar disorder really is and there's no evidence it is any one thing -- it's just a label. U.S. NIMH is no longer funding studies based on labels like bipolar disorder that simply describe a cluster of

Is bipolar disorder always progressive?

I focus on bipolar as a personality distortion, rather than a disease. As a personality distortion there is hope. Every personality can go through metamorphosis. A caterpillar changes into a butterfly. Such miracles are possible in people too!In bipolar there is

Is bipolar disorder curable?

There is no known cure for bipolar disorder at this time but there are numerous treatments out there that work very well for people. Medications, various types of therapies, biofeedback, shock therapy, in patient treatment and other treatments such as meditation, diet changes and acupuncture may help. It

Is it possible to have comorbidity between BPD and OCD?

Yes it is, I am living proof haha. I suffer from BPD and pure O. Just to add to the mix I also have ADD.So you can imagine a bad day for me. Intrusive thoughts from the Pure O, which is

My friends father has mental health issues (bipolar/OCD) but he refuses to acknowledge it & won't partake in any form of treatment. He doesn't have a job. They won't get divorced but It's affecting her And her mother's life. What can they do?

This scenario seems like it is so specific, yet I bet it is more common than one would expect.He is ill. He will never get better. This will not only not end until death, but may get worse. He is not less ill than someone with

What are DIY strategies or treatment for situational depression besides time -- short-term form of depression that occurs as the result of a traumatic event or change in a person's life?

I recommend either camping, traveling or a light daily exercise regiment that takes place outside if possible. Personally, i ride my bike to the gym. I get some sun! I stop in places i wouldn't consider stopping if i was driving my car. Like a pet shop, a furniture store, a particular restaurant, etc. I take omega-3 supplements

What are the telltale signs of bipolar disorder?

Joao Tavares gave the most detailed response I've seen. And he has a degree. But, as a bi-polar (successfully treated and relatively sane for more than 20 years), I don't fully agree with his answer. He certainly lists some of the symptoms, but he also mixes in some which are

What does it feel like to have bipolar disorder?

I have bipolar disorder, as does my mother and as did her mother. I am the sort of person who "seems" bipolar to people; that is, my energy, creativity, instability, mercuriality, and easy gregariousness confirm many of the popularly-imagined stereotypes about bipolar people.That said, I

What medications are the best for OCD and bipolar mix?

The best medications for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder are the SSRI's and Tricyclic antidepressants. However these have to be prescribed with caution in people with bipolar disorder and always in conjunction with a mood stabilizer or can cause mania and psychosis

What other health problems does bipolar disorder cause?

Alcoholism and drug addiction are commonly found in bipolar people. I believe that the bipolar causes them, in that bipolar folks are self-medicating to try to deal with their symptoms. Bipolar people sometimes cut themselves or do other damage

Can DMT cure bipolar disorder?

DMT or dimethyltriptamine is often sought as a

How hard is it to get SSI for Bipolar Disorder?

I was very fortunate , I got Social Security Disability twelve years ago . I was accepted right away . I have heard it's really hard to receive SSDI now . It took my friend three years , and she had to end up getting a disability attorney . You have

How many times has your bipolar partner left you?

I'm bipolar. I've been married for 27 years and have never left my husband. Never even been seriously tempted to. I've gone through stages where I thought I was in love with someone else or that my soul mate was out there and wasn't him, but I always recognized that I wanted to keep my

Is bipolar disorder hereditary?

Few basic definitions in genetics before starting which will help you to understand the answer:Genetic: A medical condition or a trait that is related to our genesHereditary: A medical condition caused by a change in our genes that is passed down in a family. Sometimes this happens for the first time in someone, and they can pass it

Is the medication lithium used for any other purpose besides treating bipolar disorder?

To my knowledge, lithium can be used in individuals who may not fall into the full criteria for bipolar disorder 1 or 2 but may be diagnosed as bipolar spectrum i.e having some bipolar features but not enough for a full diagnosis. In fact lithium

What are reasons behind borderline personality disorder and bipolar disorder?

Both disorders may have to do with having gone through traumatic experiences, and with a lack of sufficient life and social skills (the latter often being a result of the first).With regard to another answer you got: Bipolar disorder is NOT ‘just an abnormality in the amount of neurochemicals being released in the

What are the symptoms of bipolar 2 disorder?

Very specifically per the DSM 5, bipolar 2 criteria consists of a major depressive episode and at least one hypomanic episode that lasted most of the day for four days.The depressive episodes are more frequent and more intense than the hypomania. A full blown manic episode has never been experienced

What is a proper way to convince a bipolar person for medication when he doesn't accept his illness?

Many factors can lead to mental illness, including genetics, physical illness or injury, and traumatic life experiences. Many people do not seek treatment for mental illness due to the associated stigma. Only 44% of adults with diagnosable mental illnesses receive treatment. Treatment for mental health problems doesn't only consist of prescribed or

What is the hardest part of having a bipolar spouse?

I was diagnosed with bipolar, at some point stopped the medications (note: only after a long and careful consideration, and after building up my inner balance using methods like meditation and yoga). After that the psychiatrist I had then wondered if the diagnosis was the right one. Of course who can tell if it was right but

Why does bipolar disorder have a history of being over diagnosed? The Social Security Administration estimates that it is the most over diagnosed mental illness used to apply for disability payments.

Too many doctors and other clinicians diagnose bipolar disorder without being intimately familiar with the disease. They haven't seen real bipolar disorder up close. They haven't worked inpatient. They have only read about it in books.A person who gets really drunk or high and thinks they are Jesus for 3 minutes frequently gets the diagnosis.Many