How should I plan for my husband's 30th birthday?

Partner's birthday is the best opportunity to you to express your love towards him.All the day don't even get into his notice that your planning something such a way that he should think that you have forgotten his birthday.This creates him suspense and thrill.Arrange a candle

How should I surprise my husband on his birthday?

Once you have finalized and selected your gift, then what next? We feel that the process of gifting him that gift is as important as the gift itself. You can plan a romantic evening, weekend or afternoon to make that day and moment a little bit extra special.

What are the best 50th birthday gifts for a husband?

I guess it depends on how old he is, how long you have been married, and how many gifts you usually give him, and if he is *your husband, or someone elsses.If you have only just gotten married and this

What gift did your husband give on your birthday?

I am not a gift lover. Every year we go to some new spiritual places in Pune. I like to sit there for some time. We can donate something. We have our lunch there only which has no comparison with hotel food. Blessings and love poured in it. One day morning

What gift should I give my husband on his 65th birthday?

If your husband is an active type who loves to work out, below are the gift suggestions I can share.Outdoor Gear. If you're shopping for a hiker, camper, fishing guru or any other man who hangs out outdoors, you've got plenty of options. First, think

What gift should I never get for my husband's birthday?

Kay nailed it. Your wife doesn't want a household appliance as a gift. Neither does a guy want chore oriented stuff. Not that these aren't useful,but they are household neccessities,not gifts. Apart from these ,un less he specificlly asks for

What is a unique gift I can give my husband on his birthday?

Surprise Your Husband With A Little Something To Show Him How Much You Love And Appreciate Him.Romantic Gift For Husband On Wedding Night - Coffee Mug Quotes For Husband - Unique Gifts For Him- 15 Oz White Cup - Man Behind Multiple Orgasms

What is the best gift that a wife can give to her husband on his birthday?

Imagine all the people he loves coming together into one surprise video montage made especially for him. Invite family and friends from far and wide to send a video message sharing their love and warm wishes. These video clips are compiled in a surprise video

What should I do to surprise my husband?

Do you think of how to surprise your husband? I do as frequently as I should! I know some folks hate surprise parties, but barely anyone hates the occasional surprise! You probably feel like you won't have time or money to acquire a complete surprise prepared. That

What should I gift my husband on his 38th birthday?

You can gift so many things like in clothing, watch,photoframe etc along with cake.If you want to order one of the best cake and you are from kolkata then i will recommend you Cake Online Kolkata |Order Birthday Anniversary Cake online, On Time Delivery Guaranteed one of the best sites.They provide you with best quality and

What should I gift my husband on his birthday?

Its ok. Money cant buy happiness.Shower him with love n romance, not some expensive gifts.You can arrange a nice surprise at home for him, maybe decorate the house in a candle light and flower petal ambience, wear wht he likes best on

What's the best birthday gift for my husband?

If you are looking for some bedazzling gifts to send to your hubby on his upcoming birthday, then there are lots of amazing gifts that you will find on It has an extensive range of Birthday Gifts for Husbands which are to

What's the best gift for my husband on his birthday?

Shopping for gifts for husbands can be quite a challenge sometimes, especially if the man in question is your beloved husband. You know him, his likes and dislikes and chances are that if you have been married for a while then you

Which gift should I give to a girl on her birthday?

Its actually based on your some conditions:Girl to GirlSistersBest FriendsBoy to GirlBrother-sisterBest friendsBoyfriend - GirlfriendLet's take

What are some awesome birthday wishes for the elder sister?

Wish your elder sister with special birthday wishes. Show your love to your sister on her happy birthday. Each sister needs to hear that she is loved, that she is an essential person in your life. Birthday is an ideal time to show your sister that how much you loved her, how much you care about

I got my boyfriend a birthday gift & he says I didn't have to get him anything. Should I return it?

Have you already given it to him? You should certainly not take it back. Have you already told him that you bought it, but not yet given it to him? Go ahead and give it to him. You don't want to say

Is it late to give a birthday gift to a girl two days later?

No it is not.Let's talk psychology, shall we?If you give her something when she least expects it, it will only add to the surprise !Just remember one thing though-if you happen to be a close friend don't go anywhere near her until you are ready with the gift.

Is it weird to give a friend a gift for their birthday, if you've only known them for 4-5 months?

Naa, because it's the bond that you feel that makes you want to gift a present that matters. Just follow your heart because brain will tell you to be cautious.Brain is a film critic; they hate themselves and nothing ever satisfies them. Heart is, well, good ol' beaty-boppity-bop-bop heart; a mushy

My 8 year old son has been invited to a birthday party for a friend. What is the appropriate amount of money to spend on a gift for a child of this age?

I'd say this is more a question for his peer's parents than Quora. Different communities, cultures and socio economic groups will all give different answers but only the people round you, know what's the norm there. Maybe casually ask one of

What are the cheapest 50th birthday gag gifts?

Hi!Well, for a 50 year old man or women you could buy a funny retro looking T-shirt with ‘Vintage ‘69' or Classic ‘69'. In my opinion, yes it's funny and very stylish too. :)You can find many cool designs at TeeChase! and most of them is just $17.95. Is this cheap? I don't know

What gadget should I get husband to be for his 30th birthday?

As it is a special birthday, I recommend buying a personalised gift. It'll serve as a keepsake for years to come too!Maybe a personalised watch or a bottle of personalised alcohol? Find some links below of products I have found that would make great 30th birthday gifts for your

What innovative and romantic gift can I give to my husband on his birthday?

Take him to  candle light dinner and surprsing him by his close friends to the party. Guys to be with their friends and your husband will love it.You can also try personalized gifts to say how much he meant to you. or you can collect his childhood pictures from his parents and make a

What is a unique gift I can give my husband on his birthday?

Surprise Your Husband With A Little Something To Show Him How Much You Love And Appreciate Him.Romantic Gift For Husband On Wedding Night - Coffee Mug Quotes For Husband - Unique Gifts For Him- 15 Oz White Cup - Man Behind Multiple Orgasms

What is the best birthday gift for a husband after marriage?

Browse Funny Gift Ideas As A Fun Gift For Men Or Women Gifts Here celebrate your husband birthday with beautiful gifts. They have customize mugs,t shirt,Jewelry,etc..Most item are less then 20 bucks, ship really fast and provide tracking

What surprise birthday gift should I give my best friend who is currently in another city?

The best and evergreen birthday gifts for all if a birthday cake, no birthday celebration gets complete without a cake ceremony. Sitting at home you can send birthday cake online to your friend who is currently in another city and get it delivered within