If my wife is bisexual, how could I as a husband satisfy her other needs?

So, about 19 years ago my new wife of only a year, had always been sensitive about her underwear drawer. I thought it an odd fixation, but ignored it on the premise that we were newlyweds and maybe she was embarrassed like going to the bathroom in front of your new spouse. One day I finished

Is it true that all humans are born as bisexual?

Yes, and No. There's more to it than you might think; As with most things it is not so black and white.By nature, and nature being the key word here, all humans that are operating within healthy parameters are merely sexual. It's one of the primal urges: It's part of the id. The pleasure centre cares only for pleasure,

So what's your real opinion, anonymous as identified only by state, age, gender, and sexual orientation, about gay men, gay women and bisexual people?

Age: I'm in my 60′s, but I'm old at heart. Wait. That's the same thing, isn't it?Gender: Male, but deeply in touch with my so-called feminine side. I love musical theater, flowers, decorating, So You Think You Can Dance and

What is the difference between 'lesbian," 'gay," 'bisexual," 'transgender," and 'queer'?

Lesbians are women who identify as women and are primarily romantically and sexually interested in other women who identify as women.Gay men are men who identify as men and are primarily romantically and sexually interested in other men who identify as

What made you realize you were LGBTQ?

Having little limitations in my childhood, I had a small dynamic going on as to how I expressed myself through clothes and through the things I liked. I genuinely like the feel of dresses. I like how its femininity aligns with my body. At

When did you realize you were LGBT? How did it feel?

All my teenage years I thought I was the straightest of the straightest until I turned 17. It was when I discovered there was also a gay tab on pornhub. Clicked on it and OH MY GOD. At first it felt a

Why do some devoted Christians turn a blind eye to people who get divorced yet are repulsed by and condemn homosexuality and cite the Bible as justification for their beliefs? Can't this be seen as hypocritical?

Not necessarily. If divorce for any reason was promoted and defended as homosexual relations are, and those who oppose it are maligned as possessing an irrational fear and attacked as hateful, and denied employment or business locations. And if the practice (by men)

Is Hillary Clinton a lesbian or bisexual or heterosexual?

Probably not. As the others say, she is in a heterosexual marriage, complete with kids and has never been known to have had a lesbian relationship or even a fling.  This is not an absolute garantuee of course but why

Am I gay or bisexual?

i am 22 year old guy who is really confused and unable to control his gay cravings and what to do in his life and does no't really know what is my sexuallity...i grew up with a friend who knew he was always

Are there more gay, straight, or bisexual people in the world?

The lowest estimate that I have seen, derived from the most optimistic view of prevalence of non hetero orientation, would suggest that a minimum of 70% of the world is straight while about 10% each are gay, lesbian and bi.

Are women more likely to be bi/gay than men?

There are a number of late in life lesbians, probably more than guys but it's not so much turning gay. The whole brain chemistry is actually different, men who are gay have a completely different brain chemistry to straight men. Straight women

Are you bisexual?

Surprise people, yes I am.I don't want to go too far into this because my friends are sure to see this. If so, hi there. Please don't bring any more stress onto me and my life.It started in the 2017–18 school year. I was having

Are you okay with being bisexual?

I truly enjoy being bisexual! There is a huge difference in having sex with either sex, with a woman I am more in tune with taking care of her needs and desires. Kissing, caressing, lots and lots of oral sex, massaging and long periods of fucking. With much practice I've learned to last a very long time before orgasming

At what point in your life did you realize you were gay or bisexual?

for me, it was confirmed i was bisexual when i formed a crush on a woman online and i felt completely and utterly infatuated with her soon after experiencing my first heartbreak a boy had given to mei was just like... shiti am so gayi always knew i was gay, or i was attracted to

Can anybody be bisexual?

Yes, why not anybody can be a bisexual if they feel they are bisexuals sure they can be bisexuals no doubt because we have human rights to take our decision right? why we shouldn't be bisexuals so don't stop thinking like feel lonely there is a much-supporting organizations for us we can

Can divorce be filed by a wife on the charge of a husband being bisexual or gay?

________Once again- QUORA Merged two similar questions that do NOT mean the same thing and get different answers!-----MYy answer to THIS question is that IF the Woman was misled and didn't know her husband to be Bi or Gay when they married- just that could be

Can you be asexual and bisexual at the same time?

Here's a fun lesson in how human orientation works: you have a sexual orientation and a romantic orientation.Sexual and romantic attraction are two separate things, and should be treated as such.To put it simply (from my understanding): sexual attraction is what turns you on, romantic attraction is who you

Can you explain the terms like lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender?

I'll answer this in simple words.LesbianA female having romantic and sexual feelings for other females.GayA male having romantic and sexual feelings for other males.BisexualA male/female having romantic and sexual feelings for both the sexes.TransgenderPeople who feel that they are the wrong sex and who express this in the way they dress, live, behave sexually, etc.

Did you realize you were bisexual or gay only later in life? I only realized recently.

I am a 48 yr. old male. When I was 13, I was hit on by an older guy. At first, I walked away without a response. I never thought about guys sexually. But in the days that followed, I became aroused at the thought. I went back and let him know

Do bisexual men and women get called dykes/faggots just like lesbians and gay people?

Yes and no. Growing up I never wore skirts and hated pink. In the end I was called names and it had less to do with my sexuality and more to do with certain people not knowing howto communicate they thought I

Gays and lesbians, do you believe in bisexuality?

Do I believe in the label or the fact of bisexuality?They are two distinct ideas.It is a fact that throughout the course of human existence, vast numbers of people have felt strong sexual attraction both to other people of the same gender and to other people of the opposite gender.One cannot be literate

Has anyone on here thought they were bisexual but realized they were straight?

It took me a good while to figure out the difference between arousal and attraction. I would be watching women in movies*, especially in submissive roles, finding myself aroused by it and thinking I must be bisexual.But I have zero

Have you ever thought you were gay or bisexual but then realized later on that you weren't?

I went through a moment in time when I thought that I might be gay because I had been enjoying Mutual masturbation with an older guy that I knew.He had introduced me to mutual jerking and one day he leaned over and suck me off to completion. It was the most powerful orgasm I ever had. We

How to know if you're bisexual or bicurious

Bi-curious it the curiosity of knowing about same sex activity. Bisexuality is the the acting on the curiosity. Those are the quick answers.Curiosity in a boy is built in. Since locker rooms are wide open a boy gets to see all sizes of penises. Nowadays they are trimmed, shaved or natural. When you are smooth,

How to tell if your man is gay and in the closet

You want to know how to ask your boyfriend if he is a closeted gay man.Presumably you want to know because you don't want to waste your time with him as a boyfriend if he's really gay. You might still want to keep him as a friend though.You must suspect

Why is two same sex sharing masturbation together considered gay?

Because same sex sex is gay sex, no matter the technique and sexuality of people involved.If you want to have

How long did it take you to come to realize you're gay, lesbian or bisexual?

During my teenage years, me and my cousin used to get naked and sleep together. We had recently discovered our hard penises and loved to play with it. Gradually, we got to know that stroking our dicks led to something awesome. We stroked each other during our study times, had multiple "dry" orgasms.

How long have you realized that you're not straight?

I know I'm not like other kids in my class since middle school. I know it sounds super

How prevalent is bisexuality?

Probably more prevalent than the picture painted by surveys, and likely to become more prevalent as education and social acceptance improve. Bisexuality is a spectrum, and not something you discover at a predetermined point in your life. In any case, sexual experimentation is healthy. It simply might take the right person, environment, experience and/or level

I have these fantasies about holding hands and going on a date with a friend of the same sex, and on rare occasions, I imagine us cuddling or just spending time together. Am I bisexual?

I suspect that you may be asking the wrong question.  "Bisexual" is a label used to categorize (or less charitably, to pigeonhole) people.  If you are still figuring out your sexuality, it is too early for you to pick a label.Anyone can appreciate the beauty

I'm 13-years-old. How can I tell if I'm straight, lesbian or bisexual? Am I too young to tell what my sexuality is?

It looks like you're struggling against Quora's character count. If you have more details you want to share, feel free to add them in a comment to your question.I'm inferring that you haven't had a relationship or sex with a woman, and you're trying to figure out based on fantasy/porn consumption/sex acts

I'm a cisgender bisexual woman, can I call myself queer and/or gay?

Sure.Calling yourself gay might not make sense though, if you are equally open to dating or having sex with men. Calling yourself gay would suggest to people that you aren't interested in men at all, so it might be best not to call yourself that if you do also want men. Words exist to

Is every woman secretly bisexual?

If one agrees there are many ways men and women have similar hopes, likes fears and opinions I would guess many women have my type of decision making. I have enjoyed same sex activity from a young age and still do. From the beginning I always kept my likes a secret. It

Isn't everyone fundamentally bisexual?

No. There's a spectrum. According to research, there are more bisexual people than 100% gay or straight people, especially if you classify someone as bisexual if he or she has ever, even once, felt attraction to someone of his or her own sex.Still, there are people at the far ends of the spectrum. I'm one of them. I

So what's your real opinion, anonymous as identified only by state, age, gender, and sexual orientation, about gay men, gay women and bisexual people?

Age: I'm in my 60′s, but I'm old at heart. Wait. That's the same thing, isn't it?Gender: Male, but deeply in touch with my so-called feminine side. I love musical theater, flowers, decorating, So You Think You Can Dance and talking about emotions. I can watch sports, but generally think they

What do gays and lesbians think of bisexuals?

They're people, too! Some of my best friends are bisexuals!As you can probably tell by my sarcasm, I'm kidding. But kind of not. Hi, I'm a lesbian, and I love bisexuals. You're acting is if we look down on them, which we do. I mean

What 'experiments' did you do to find out you were gay?

When i was a young teenager i lived on a farm and has lots of guys and girls that were my friend. And we.would spend nigjts at eachothers houses and camp out in the back yard or bush. And i was 15 and whent to church

What if all humans were bisexual?

I get the impression we're rapidly heading in that direction as it is. Certainly sexual and gender fluidity seems to be much more common among today's young people than it used to be. Most likely it was always the case that human beings were less binary than was commonly believed and

What is difference between transgender and bisexuality?

They're unrelated.Transgender is a term related to gender identity. Specifically, transgender means that a person identifies as another gender than the one assigned at birth. Your gender identity has nothing to do with who you're attracted to.Bisexuality is one's sexuality, aka who you're attracted to. A bisexual

What is it like to be bisexual?

I'm in my mid 60s and my first sexual experience with another boy at age 13. My relationship lasted with him for 5 years. I also dated girls in high school and no one ever had a remote idea that my friend and I were being very intimate. He went away to college at 18 and I met

What is it like to come out as bisexual and then gay/lesbian or gay/lesbian and then bisexual?

I originally came out as bisexual in highschool. At first I dated a few men then I went on to lady's than back to men. In the first time I dated men as a bisexual, most were just sex driven young adults wanting to have threesome

What is it like to have an openly bisexual wife?

Ultimately it's no different then being with any partner, sure it's fun to talk about are taste in different people but a person's sexual orientation or preference does not matter it's down to the connection you share, for me anyway. I love my wife she is amazing we share similar

What is latent bisexuality?

My definition of latent bisexuality describes most married men. The guys that I have played with typically consider themselves straight but do enjoy getting together for some mutual masturbation and the little more.Bisexuality has a spectrum where man to man activity would go from slight were 2 men jerk

What made you realize you were LGBTQ?

When I was in 4th grade (about 9 or 10), I had a crush on this girl. I never knew what to say around her, and I actually made a list of things to say when talking to her so I didn't go blank. She confused me a

What was it like finding out you were bisexual or gay after entering a heterosexual marriage?

I have not been married, however, I have been in a relationship where I entered pretty unsure about myself, and drew the lines out imbetween. It was not alright, not in the slightest. See, I am the kind of person who can get all happy emotionally if you're nice to me no matter your gender.

When and how did you first realize your bisexuality?

OH SHIT!I just sat up on my bed to answer this.When I first realized I was bisexual I think I was 10. It was with my best friend Joanna. She was the most beautiful girl in my neighborhood and still the prettiest girl I've ever

When did you realize you were gay or bisexual?

The first time that I took a cock in my mouth. I was 19 and my long term girl friend and I had been broken up for about 3 weeks. I wasnt worth a shit , i was depressed and horny as fuck. So one evening

When did you realize you were LGBT? How did it feel?

We had discovered masturbation, my two friends and I, and everything changed. It began as a physical itch that metamorphosed into demand and it hasn't ended yet. I'm almost 60, I guess it'll be ending soon enough. But as preteens we experimented and compared notes.

When did you realize you weren't straight?

When did you realize you weren't straight?

Who did you tell first that you were bisexual?

My best friend here on Quora.The first person I ever told about being bisexual was my Quora best friend. Me and her message each other everyday, and tell stories about our days and make each other laugh. It's amazing. She was completely accepting, and actually had a feeling I was.Then, I officially told

Why are people born bisexual, gay, lesbian, etc?

First of all, people are not born homosexual, they become homosexual. They may be born with biological predisposition to homosexual behavior, which can be quite influential, but in any case there is no rigid determination, such as with eye color, for example. Gay activist groups claiming that homosexuality is inborn simply ignore basic scientific facts and

Why are some straight women attracted to bisexual men?

At the risk of causing controversy, I think it's becauseBisexual men often have non-judgmental, original attitudes. As an invisible minority, such men hold non-conformist attitudes as a result of lifelong discordance between their nature and the

Why are you bisexual?

I actually don't know for sure.Ever since I was a little girl I've always been equally attracted to girls and guys. Even tried kissing my fellow friends who were girls on the lips back in the 2nd grade. I'm not entirely sure why, and I'm sure I wasn't