In the movie Interstellar, Cooper is able to survive the black hole. Is the science behind his surviving it possible? The science is that he traveled fast enough to go past the horizon because it is such a "gentle" singularity. Or is it just theory?

Nobody knows what is on the other side.The idea of black hole and its working dynamics is still a theory, nothing has been proved yet at that level.In the movie it is shown that when he is pulled inside Gargantua he enters into a different realm , into

What does string theory say about black holes?

Quite a lot. A large portion (more than 10%) of the research done within the String community revolves around black holes. That is several thousands papers each year.You will find several type of works:Singularity removal - there is more than mechanism, depending on

What are common misconceptions about black holes?

Biggest misconception of all ==>Black holes are cosmic vacuum cleaners.NO. Black holes, don't suck in everything around them. In fact, if the sun was replaced by a black hole, nothing would pretty much happen to the earth's orbit, except that we'll all die due to zero solar radiation. You'll only fall (and die) into a black hole

Would it be possible for the stars (S-1 to S-13) that orbit the Sagittarius A* Black Hole to have their own planetary systems the same as our own Sun but be stable in an orbit so not be destroyed?

Yes, it would be possible.Because if we exchange the sun with a black hole of same mass it will cause no change there than getting much cold.So I think, It is possible for the stars (S-1 to S-13) that orbit the Sagittarius A* Black Hole to have their own planetary systems the same as our own Sun but be

As shown in Interstellar is it really possible to come across black hole?

Here are some informations about black holes, not possible to come across:Though black holes are part of the universe, they are not random. They are calculated as to their weight to hold a certain part of the universe together and placed in the center of the parts to be held together. Of course

Could a man-made probe survive a voyage beyond the event horizon of a black hole?

BLACK HOLESWhat the common term " BLACK HOLE " is referring to is a " HOLE " at the center of a Galaxy which has a gravitation intensity so strong that nothing can escape. That is wrong. At the center of Galaxies the " GALACTIC

Could demons/angels/gods survive inside a black hole?

This is not really an answerable question, but hearkens back to the argument of

How Cooper managed to survive while entering a black hole in the movie Interstellar?

Once we understand how Christopher Nolan used the concept of alternate realities in Interstellar to save humanity in one of those alternate realities, things will become more clear.  Here's the plot of the movie. It might help understand things better.  So, we see that Cooper ended up inside the tesseract, a 5 dimensional space

How fast can a black hole spin?

The question wording implies multiple answers, so...The Kerr black hole spacetime spins at the speed of light at the ergosurface and faster than that within the ergosphere. For this reason the ergosurface is a called an infinite redshift surface.The ergosphere cannot accelerate matter within it up to the speed of light, so all massive matter in

In the movie Interstellar, Cooper jumps into the black-hole. How was he not ripped to shreds and spaghettified by the intense gravity and tidal forces of the black hole?

In THE original time line Cooper dies in the black hole and earth is doomed as Murph never receives the Quantum data and Brand escapes to begin a new planet. Brand sets up a new planet using the material in the ship which leads to the evolution of a new earth around

Is the singularity of a black hole in the future behind the event horizon of a black hole?

To be perfectly honest I'm not entirely sure what exactly you're asking. I assume your question is

What happens inside the event horizon of a black hole?

Black-holes are singularities and space-time's curvature around them is [math]\infty[/math]. Anything that goes beyond a black-hole's event horizon, can never get back to the space-time. It is outside the space and it is outside the time. This means that time does not exist beyond a black-hole's event

Why does a black hole need to have a singularity?

Pauli's exclusion principle is ultimately why a neutron star does not collapse further.  The thing is the Pauli's exclusion principle simple says two fermions cannot occupy the same state, not the same space.   There is nothing prevents two fermions from occupying the same space if they are in different energy states.So

Would we able to decipher the science behind the "Black Hole"?

Yes, we can. It's 2019 and technology just got more mature and awesome. Back in those days, it's a mere hypothesis and dedicated super-scientists like Dr. Stephen Hawking and others have proved the existence. From 2017 on we have seen a lot of pictorials and astronomers from multiple observatories have said they