Aesthetic Fitness: Which is the best resistance band brand?

Ace Fitness, the website of the American Council on Exercise, has published resistance band reviews. The council recommends SPRI StrengthCords. The bands feature a strong, braided material and soft foam swivel handles. They are color-coded and numbered, from easy to

After bulking up, how do you cut without losing muscle?

Okay so i am not a professional bodybuilder or a nutritionist or an expert in any field but i do have years of lifting as well as done several bulk and cut cycles. Also i've read and watched enough scientific studies on the body (i'm not talking about workout videos and bodybuilding

After how many days do we lose muscle if we stop working out?

I was curious about this too a few months ago, so I looked it up.I couldn't find a right answer anywhere at all. One website said one week, others said a few days, it was all confusing. So I'm going

After training and exercising to get abs, how do you maintain having those abs?

Abs Best Exercises that you can do at home or office without any equipment.In this, you mentioned Which exercises are best for beginners. and which time is best to do this workout.How to start a Workout and what is its amazing benefits?All answers are in this article so read it and These workouts are for men and women both.Read

Any good exercises to gain muscles on the lower stomach?

I liked that you asked about gaining muscle on the lower [abdomen] stomach instead of asking about how to get ripped abs. As someone who has dealt with weak and compromised pelvic floor muscles and hip flexors in the past, I believe

Are 20 inch biceps attainable naturally?

Mine are 18 naturally with minimal body fat and I'm fairly genetically gifted in this area.Two inches is a lot for arms but I'm by no means the biggest dude around. I'm 6'2 and about 200 pounds here. There are plenty of people who can get 20 inch arms naturally BUT you have to be a genetic

Are 8 pack abs possible? If so, which muscles are involved?

There seems to be a misconception that by working out more or taking steroids, you can go from a 6 to a 10 pack. That isn't exactly true.By dieting, you can lose the belly fat and see your rectus abdominis muscle. This muscle has

Are a lot for the six pack shortcuts a scam?

No, ALL of them are a scam. Also pretty much any marketing material that refers to "shortcuts" or "secrets" is a scam. If you want six-pack abs then you need to do a lot of cardio, minimum of an hour a day 6 days a week. You need a calorie controlled diet extremly low

Are abdominal crunches bad for your lower back?

You have to work on your core strength.If you want to do abs you have to do lower back as well. Do the plank or bodybridge whichever one you want to call it. Once your body is straight, concentrate on pulling your bellybutton up towards the sky, by sucking it in.A very good

Are band workouts great for a whole body workout?

Resistance bands are made of strong, thin rubber with handles at the end, and come in a variety of resistances depending on your fitness level. With resistance bands, you can do just about any type of strength training exercise -

Are bicep curls a waste of time?

If you are a novice to intermediate strength athlete then bicep curls shouldn't be your top priority. Compound joint exercises like the squat, deadlift, overhead press, bench press, and, if properly coached, Olympic lifts should be the focus of your programming. Most athletes can get all of their bicep work completed with pull-ups or chin-ups. Not only

Are body rows a good exercise if you can't do many pull-ups?

They work a different area of the back. Whenever I train back I do exercises for back width and back thickness. Pull-ups are a back width exercise. Rows are a back thickness exercise.Back when I was around 20–21 I couldn't do many pull-ups either. I could maybe do

Are bodybuilders actually strong?

In general, body builders are quite strong. Their central-nervous system (cns) has adapted to the stresses induced from lifting heavy weights. Body builders are considerably stronger than the average person, however, power-lifters tend to be strong than body builders in most cases due to them having denser muscle mass. Power-lifters and body builders train with different goals. From

Are drop sets beneficial for strength gain, or just mass gain?

Drop sets are only the best for PURE SIZE GAINS -And yes you would NOT want to do drop sets if you were training for strength.But first please refer to the explanation on how do bodybuilders and power athletes differ in training because I see some confusion here alreadyThe 3

Are eggs enough to build muscles?

No, you need to exercise as well that too like hell !!!Just Kidding.Now with proper diet apart from eggs, such as sprouts from moong dal, gram, soya, you can add the natural protein intakes. If you eat non veg, do take 30-50 gms of boiled chicken

Are females able to build more muscle by lifting weights?

Yes but they do not have as much testosterone in their body as men do so there is no danger of looking like the incredible hulk! But don't forget that diet plays a huge part in building muscle too.Weight training for women has more benefits than just adding muscle mass. It also increases bone

Are great trap muscles built by doing heavy compound movements (like deadlifts) or should they have exercises dedicated to them (like shrugs)?

While you are most likely referring to the superior or upper trapezius muscles, there are actually three different sections of the trap muscles and it is important not to neglect any particular group. With that being said, however, if you

Are high reps or low reps better for building muscle?

All strength training whether 1 rep or 30 reps will develop strength.Training to *failure* is an inefficient way of developing strength and a very efficient way of building muscle size.Training low reps with progressive overload is a very efficient way to develop strength and an inefficient way of developing size.Why? It stresses your central

Are home workouts really effective?

Yes, home workouts are effective.To make home workout effective you need to have a proper training schedule and work according to the goals set.Home workouts are generally calisthenics which are body weight exercises.To make the best use of home workouts you should have a bit of intensity, with time and experience your body

Are kettle bells better than dumbbells for building muscle?

It really depends on the exercises. I don't think there is any "best" anything. Some equipment is better for a particular thing than another piece of equipment.A word of warning however. Kettle bells were used back in the day like the turn of the century for exercises the dumb bells are used for today. See below.Triceps extension...

Are leg rises and inclined crunches enough to reduce belly. My upper abs are and other body parts are also showing progress but my tummy and love handles aren't. What should I do?

Direct Abdominal training will only fire those muscle fibers and do nothing for overall physique. Your body is one single unit and you need it to grow organically.If you want to put your overall body under physical tension in order to produce a strong muscular looking physique with visible

Are lunges better than squats for building muscles?

Both the exercises are important in their own way. If I speak from experience, then lunges do a better job in tearing up your glutes than sqauts do.And quadriceps also have 3 different muscles groups.As you know one leg (forward) during lunges imitates a

Are most body transformations on the internet fake? I've been workingout for about 8 months going to the gym 4 times per week with a 'Proven to work' workout plan. I eat enough etc etc. yet I'm no where near those 'transformation videos'

While there are plenty of legitimate transformations to look at online there are also plenty of exaggerated or outright fake transformations.A legitimate transformation can be made to look a lot more impressive with a few minor photographic and bodybuilding tricks.You say that you are using a

Are one arm pull-ups and one finger pull-ups bad for your shoulders?

All pullups risk injuring your rotator cuff (which can be very nasty and takes months to heal fully) if you do not engage your muscles the entire time and end up doing a "deadhang" where you hang straight down with your ear pressed against your arm. Obviously one arm pullups are more dangerous in that regard

Are protein bars good for muscle building?

Protein bars have protein in them which is a macro nutrient that is used in the process of muscle building, but in order to build muscle you must also complete resistance/strength training.Protein bars that you buy off the market today

Are protein powders safe?

The following article from a Kaplan Univ Professor is probably the most concise and clear article I came across for this questionProtein Supplements: The Good, The Bad, and & The Ugly...It was not until my older brother asked me a

Are pull-ups the best upper body exercise?

Like all things fitness-related, the answer to this question is: it depends.The pull-up (and all variations of grip, bar and width) is a fantastic upper body exercise, and when it comes to maximal muscle stimulation it's definitely up there. Not only are you activating the muscles of your upper, mid back and arms, when you do

Are push-up better than lifting weights for chest muscle mass?

Push-ups is a great exercise to build strength into your upper body core i.e. it involves multiple muscles mainly Chest and Triceps. It helps to increase strength but here the strength is limited due to the only involvement of body-weight. You will gain the initial muscle mass to support your body-weight framework.

Are pushups a good pre-workout before weight lifting?

It depends on what you're doing afterwards.Push-ups will do two things.They'll warm up your chest, shoulders, triceps and all the joints and tendons in between.They'll get your heart-rate up and get the blood flowing through your torsoSo - if after a set of push-ups, the plan

Are resistance Bands as good as weights for building muscles?

They are great for fat loss , and initial muscle gain. They help you do a certain workouts too like Assisted Pullups . But if you want to gain some serious muscle you have to lift weights !You can use resistance band to do a full body workout too !Squats , Overhead shoulder presses , Abs ,

Are resistance bands good for building muscle and a good alternative to weights?

They are great for building muscle. I wouldn't say they're a good alternative as they are even better when added to weights.Using resistance bands with weights is called

Are show muscles different in composition from muscles developed for a purpose?

I'm no expert on body building, but the trainers I've read say,

Are six pack abs worth all the work to achieve?

Short answer no.For me, living in the UK it's always cold and miserable so I don't go to the beach often. The thing with 6 packs is they're (obviously )only visible with your shirt off. You gotta ask your self how many times your shirts gonna be

Are squats helpful in building muscle strength?

Try muscle-building exercises to build muscles and lose fat, Squats may be useful but they are not the only exercises for a sculpted body, Try other exercises too, All exercises are not treated equally. Some exercises are meant for building muscle and strength and most of us think that the only way we can do that

Are the following calisthenics, Interval workouts and weekly run routines good for building overall strength, endurance and hypertrophy?

Well Mr Anon, I don't know how long you've been following this routine so far, maybe you haven't yet or maybe you have and your body is now literally breaking apart at the seams and you're questioning your life decisions.I'm being overly dramatic here but the message still stands. Your routine looks extremely challenging and incomplete.ChallengingReading your

Are there any benefits to intermittent fasting when on a bulk (i.e. in a caloric surplus)?

Depends on the individual. Hard gainers should obviously not intermittent fast while trying to gain weight - it will only make it more difficult.However for most people I would say a 14 ish hour fast would still provide plenty of benefits (insulin sensitivity, even energy levels,

Are there any benefits to mixing high rep (10-12) sets and low rep (6-8) sets in the same workout?

Yes, this is called the congruent method. Basically you're trying to train/maintain two or more physical qualities simultaneously. However the other benefit is that it's reflective of how to optimally train within a training session even if you weren't doing it. You're not going to do 3 rep

Are there any good exercises to do with free weights for your core?

There are plenty of core workouts that can be done without any weight except for your body's of them is plank. It is important and excellent exercise to do which will help you strengthen your whole core, but you

Are there any workouts that will build muscle without building mass?

If your question intended to ask about building muscle strength without building muscle mass, the answer is yes.The difference is programs built for muscle hypertrophy (growth) versus strength and power. The latter programming focuses on central nervous system (CNS) training where

Are twenty rep squats with maximum poundage the ultimate muscle builder?

The ultimate muscle builder?I'm not sure if it's the best training protocol ever for gaining muscle mass/weight, but it is very effective and has long been accepted as a weight gaining program/exercise.In my opinion, you'll probably get the best overrall results by rotating different training protocols/exercises (periodization):3–4 months of heavy power training with back/front squats, low

Aren't bodybuilders better at lifting large volumes of weights (heavy weight for reps) than powerlifters (heavier weight for 1 rep) since that's what their training is?

Typically you'll see that powerlifters have a better one rep max because they specifically train their body to handle maximal loads. This has as much to do with training the central nervous system as it does developing the muscle.Bodybuilders will often be able to do more reps of the same weight when you're talking

As a beginner in the gym, how should I work out? How can I stay motivated?

This is the #1 question. A big part of the health and wellness industry is built on this. A google search will return millions (if not billions) or results. Social media is flooded with ‘health nuts'. Because it sells.I was once a beginner, still am, always

As a beginner, what type of workout routine should I do to gain muscle? Only have access to a barbell with power cage and adjustable dumbbells.

You've got the best equipment then (dumbbells put aside)As a beginner building strength is the most important focus, as it is the basis of all future goals. Strength for a beginner is best built on nice relatively heavy sets increasing each week. This new added stress to your body will be adapted to if you rest properly (eating

As a new bodybuilder, what supplements do I need to take to build muscle?

You do not need any supplements.Let me write that again. You do not need any supplements to build muscle.In fact, people who rely on protein powders and vitamin supplements are giving themselves a false sense of security. They think that since the

As a vegan, is there any best and proven vegetarian diet plan for six pack body building?

Abs are often one of the top areas of the body many people work hard to strengthen and improve, which isn't a bad thing. Aside from a nice physique, strong abs are actually important for your health. Your abs are part

As I am a beginner in working out, what are some great push and pull exercises?

Push movements- push ups, diamond push ups, bench press with variations like flat, inclined, declined, skull crusher, overhead press, miletary overhead press, dumbell press with variations, push down with rope, barbell.Pull movements-deadlift, rowing, pull up, chin up etcDo not forget to train legs.For legs - squats, lunges, sumo DEADLIFT, leg press, heck squats etc.

Assuming nutrition is adequate, how long should one rest between intense weight training sessions?

There are a few factors to consider here:First, how intense is 'intense'? Let's say you've worked your arms all day and can barely lift the groceries; that's too intense. Give it 48-72 hours. If you were more careful and worked them hard, but could probably squeeze out another set if you really really pushed

At what age one should start building abs?

There is no certain age for building six pack abs, however below are some points for getting six pack absHere is the thing that many people, including a lot of trainers, overlook: diet. The single most important tool that you need in order to develop your abs is diet.Regardless of what you've heard, or what

Between dieting and working out, what is the best way to get into shape?

This is always an interesting question. And it's also where you'll commonly hear the 80/20 rule – 80% diet and 20% training.Thing is, it's not a dichotomy; it's not an either/or.Both, your diet and your training play an integral role when your goal is to lose fat and build muscle.

Bodybuilding: Did Arnold ever 'bulk up' to the point where his abs were completely non-visible?

Perhaps. When Arnold first came to America after becoming a European champion, Joe Weider introduced him to Vince Gironda -- who was one of the finest bodybuilding coaches in the history of such contests. From eyewitness accounts, Arnold swaggered into Gironda's gym and announced; "It's me, Arnold... Mr. Universe."To which Gironda looked up and snarled back, "You

Bodybuilding: Is it alright to sprint the day after squats?

Before answering your question let me tell you some things about exercise.There are two types of exercises based on type of energy source used,Aerobic: In this type of exercise, body(heart) continuously supplies oxygen to working muscles through blood. Because of this reason, we can continuously do this kind of

Bodybuilding: Which one do you prefer, clean bulk or dirty bulk? Why?

A lot of my friends (and myself included) are bodybuilders, and I can tell you that dirty bulking is faster, but it is also a lot more painful than people think.Dirty bulking means eating beyond comfort.  Dirty bulking is choosing 2 pizza's instead of 1.  It's ordering a McFlurry and a Big Mac

Bodyweight Exercises: Are rest days always necessary?

I found an answer I liked on http://Bodybuilding.com "Rest and recovery is a tricky puzzle. For the sake of argument, no, there isn't a reason you couldn't program in such a way as to avoid rest days. For practical application for most people

Can 20 push ups a day for 6 months get you jacked?

Nope.Sorry dude.Try googling progressive calisthenics.Google it together with the terms

Can a 14-year-old boy get six-pack abs after training?

Before answering to the question, I would like to share some fascinating records of 14 years old guys or even less.14-year-old Brandon Miller Runs 1:51, Age Group World Record!14-Year-Old Powerlifter Keeps Breaking RecordsBoys' 13-14 US National Age Group Records (SCY) - SwimSwamSo, how did these guys achieve such a huge milestone

Can a average size 15 year old get a big muscular chest?

Most definitely YES! When you are 15 years old you are in the middle of puberty and awash with anabolic hormones like testosterone and growth hormone. You will respond very well to weight training and any other form of physical exercise. I would recommend a balanced training program including compound lifts which

Can a fatty teenager of 85 kg get six pack abs in 8 months?

Yes. It requires dedication beyond your imagination. But is it recommended ? No. Six pack is a very fancy term. Going to gym means he/she should have six packs. Instead start working out religiously and follow a healthy diet. You will start to notice changes

Can a guy be very muscular and at the same time very flexible?

Definitely. In fact a more flexible muscle have stronger strength potential. The muscle is attached to our bones via tendons which is muscle fibers. Muscle fibers can grow longer by stretching and in general longer muscle fibers can also grow bigger in size. A short muscle fiber has limited strength.

Can a person build muscles without taking any supplements?

Yes, you can absolutely build muscle without supplements. Supplements are just options available to you if your diet of whole foods and regular meals is lacking the necessary vitamins, minerals, and macronutrients.However, building muscle is really based on a few factors including how much you're eating (must be

Can a relatively skinny guy like me (9-12% body fat) lose fat while gaining muscle through fasting and eating healthy and weight lifting, or is it harder to do both at the same time if you're already pretty low-fat?

All of these thing dont work together,Fast gove your less or no calories, weightlifting require huge amount of calories to lift, and you need protien to make muscles.So fast will make you lose fat and then lose muscles, because muscles are also source of

Can a skinny guy build body in one year?

It is possible, but you need to have patience, be consistent and work hard. You would have to commit yourself to this to achieve what you desire.Being said that, now we could learn about things you need to focus on to reach your goal. I've listed below the things that you have

Can a skinny guy go to the gym and workout to get a lean muscular body like David Beckham?

SAID principle asserts that the human body adapts specifically to imposed demands. [1]In other words, given stressors on the human system, whether biomechanical or neurological, there will be a Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands (SAID).[2]For example, by only

Can alchol consumption hinder muscle growth?

The short answer is yes, alcohol consumption can hinder muscle growth.Let's find out why and how.How Alcohol Affects The BodyA gram of alcohol contains ~7 calories with minimal useful nutrients. This may not seem like much, but it can quickly pile up

Can anyone can give me the most effective exercise for each muscle group?

If you are amateur then you should start the exercise first for gaining strength in your arms. This is d most important step before you start your proper workout.As far as i have experienced body weight training exercises are more effective.. Body weight exercises are good for ripped body.following are some exercises....Surya Namaskar push-up/

Can calisthenics help me build muscle?

It's really good if you know what you're doing and keep adding the challenge and weights for your workouts. Calisthenics is mostly (hope I said this right) about mastering difficult skills as Gymnast do, but at the same time you build your overall strength over time (lots and lots of compound workouts).Depending on

Can doing 100 push ups and 100 pull ups a day do anything for my body?

I have been self-training myself for past two years. I don't just do that to look attractive and show-off my ripped physique. Oh! No, I don't. The most important reason is that I want to look and feel tough. I want to stay

Can endurance training build muscle?

Indirectly yes, but only assuming that you also incorporate weight training in addition to your weight training.Let me explain how endurance training compliments weight training in your quest to build more muscle (vs people that skip endurance training altogether, in favour of only

Can endurance weight lifting build muscle mass?

Our bodies are the most efficient machines on the planet.With that, it would not be an efficient use of energy to have to fuel large masses of muscle to perform a task with endurance. So, on the surface I will tell you: No, building

Can flexing your abs for long periods of time throughout a day help build muscle?

Yes, when you say flexing I suppose you mean vacuum. its a great technique to have the ab muscles flexed and controlled which in turn help in better abs.Vacuum was practiced by many great bodybuilder of 70 and 80. even yoga practitioner do that exercises here are few Tips which can help. To

Can gymnastic rings build muscle?

At the same time looking at the summer time Olympics the last few days you might be hard pressed not to realize the satisfactory physiques possessed via many of the athletes. However through far and away the most muscular our bodies perpetually belong to the gymnasts and the sprinters. These guys definitely know easy methods

Can holding the down pushup position help gain muscle?

In simple terms, yes.For a more complicated approach, moving through the motion of a push-up under slow, controlled tempo would arguably be the most efficient way of using the exercise to gain muscle. Introducing both the concentric and eccentric contractions at a measured pace increases the TUT (Time

Can I actually do a clean bulk? To where I bulk and won't lose my six pack?

You're going to put on fat and that's a neccessary evil if you want to bulk up and get insane results. In saying that, you can still keep your six pack if you're lean enough.Think of it like having a haircut. If you get down to 10% and bulk up to 13–14% you'll still have your 6 pack,

Can I be huge using just body weight exercise?

First of all i would like to say that gaining lean mass or gaining visible changes doesn't only depend on your workout.There are 3 imp parts that add upto ur success, 1)workout 2)diet 3)rest.U can't achieve what you are looking for if you neglect any one of them...

Can I body build and learn to fight at the same time?

R2A: Requested to Answer- Thank you.The answer is (as others have said, unanimously so far)

Can I build and maintain muscle mass whilst playing badminton?

It is the fastest racquet sport in the world-Why should you care?-It will make you sharper, your brain will interpret the surroundings faster, you will be alert and it improves your reflexes.The game is played in a relatively small court, but due to its pace, it will

Can I build muscle at age 52 through weight lifting?

Can you Travis?There will be a few points to take under consideration.Past manual work experience.Past workout experience.Dedication.KnowledgeYou've probably heard the term old man strength. It means you've been busy in your life and have great muscle memory.If not, dedication can

Can I build muscle by lifting the same weight but increase the number of reps over time?

Of course, you can! That's one way to progressively overload.I think most people would agree that progressive overload is the number one key for muscle growth over time. Period.And while the famous application of progressive overload is by adding weight over time, you can achieve that in other ways. For instance, you can add reps as you mentioned here.

Can I build muscle if I work the same body part every day?

My answer is No, but there is possiblites.Here is reason to Not Work the Same Muscles Every Day.If you're looking to get a toned body and improve your fitness fast, you could be forgiven for thinking the harder and more often

Can I build muscle in one month?

Of course. You can build muscle in a day (well actually 2–3 days). But don't be misled by all of the BS that you may read. Averaged out over the long-term, the amount of muscle that you can gain in an average month will vary from 0–3lbs. at best. It takes

Can I build muscle with 20 pound dumbbells?

Yes and no. Depending on what exercise you're doing, 20 lbs may be too much or too little. If you want to get really big and muscular, 20 lbs will be tough to do it with, because there limited progressive overload.Progressive overload is the increase in stress on the muscle during

Can I build muscle without steroids?

No pain, no gain. There's no better use of this proverb than when it comes to building muscles and working out.The problem is that too many newbies want to pack on serious mass and do it fast, so they resort to anabolic

Can I build muscles and abs without bulking?

Yes, there is no need to bulk to gain muscle. bulking is a advanced technique performed by bodybuilder to maximize their muscle gain. professional bodybuilders often have many years of training, well over 15 years. When you have trained for such a long time it is difficult to gain muscle due to the natural limits*. Lets

Can I convert to a dumbells only weightlifting routine and still build and maintain optimal muscle mass?

Well I have 3 ways to answer this question!1-Hypothetically asking ?Than I would have to just say yes, you can !Have a nice life !2- A question just to take money from Quora ?No fucking answer for you.3-You have issues with machines and cables? You have issues

Can I do a back day after deadlifts?

I can't tell for sure if you mean a deadlift day, and then a back day the next day; or a deadlift day, after which (same day), you do a back accessory workout. The second one is a very typical way to build a back day. Deadlift is the most taxing

Can I do chest and shoulder workout after back and bicep day?

Yes, you can certainly go forward with it. In fact, I suggest my clients to do chest and shoulder workouts after back and bicep day because shoulder day targets your delts (front, middle and rear), and back day targets your back with very little

Can I do pushups on rest days?

A2A.It is difficult to answer this without knowing your training plan, what level you are at among other things.A generic suggestion would be to not do push ups immediately following chest/upper body workout because the body needs to recover.If you want to

Can I exercise every day and build muscle?

I think you can. I work out everyday and I mostly do push ups and pull ups.This is what I do actually.Morning:52 push ups after waking up.Why 52? I actually can't do more than that !!You probably know, the right way to

Can I exercise only 3 consecutive days at the gym and rest the following days, then repeat the same routine and see good results?

Hi, Samy. Thanks for the A2A!Sure you can do this! I constantly switch my workouts up based on my mood and goals for each month. Now there is a good way to do this and a bad way to do this.Let's focus on the good side of this routine.The setup would need to be similar to what I'm

Can I gain 10+ lbs of muscle after training for 4+ years? I haven't done well in the first place. The total muscle mass I gained is just roughly 20lbs.

Twenty pounds is not all bad. Despite the various bits of advice out there, basically people don't know what the ideal signal is for hypertrophy - lots of factors and lots of individual differences. You can add weight but there will be an individual biological ceiling where the

Can I gain 5 inches of arm size within 10 months with only dumbbells? My arm size is 10 inches now and I'm training with 40 lbs dumbbells (will add more plates), pull up bar and dip station.

ya you can but it will need hell lot of sacrifice , hardwork and commitment.You have focus on compound exercise like deadlift, squats, bench press.Use varity in body weeight exercise. Body weight exercise will give you strength.Work out max. 5 days a quality foods and avoid salt sugar and oil to the minimal.

Can I gain muscle by doing light weights 5 days a week instead of heavy weights 3 times a week?

Yes, you can. However, the type of muscle growth you will obtain from light weights and high volume, as opposed to heavy weights and low volume, is quite different. A light weight, high volume program will almost solely increase muscular endurance. Assuming

Can I get 6 pack abs while doing daily activities?

Exercises is safe method to get six pack abs. For people who want to get six pack abs in short time, you can try Imodstyle 6 Pack Abs (please search on google) . I was pretty lean before, but after a 21 days of follow that guide I actually

Can I get a bigger butt by doing two variations of squats 200 times each and if I already have an average big butt?

Yes, provided you do them correctly!Many people complain of doing squats for months without visible results. If you have aggressive deadlines, try below:1. Use weights that make you exhausted2. Make sure your knee do not cross your toes even when you are gasping3. Never, ever, ever,

Can I get muscle mass without bodyweight exercises?

Well....Bodyweight exercises are not even a particularly good way to gain muscular mass or

Can I get rid of gynecomastia by exercising my chest?

Unfortunately, no. Cardiovascular exercise and a clean diet can help you lose your overall body fat and reduce the severity of the unpleasant aesthetic of gynecomastia. However, those with this condition often find that the chest is one of the last

Can I get ripped in half a year?

It depends on where you're starting from.Are you obese? Then you'll probably be able to lose a lot of fat in 6 months, but might not necessarily be ripped.Are you skinny? Then you'll probably need to focus on adding muscle, and then removing any excess body fat to reveal your shredded gains -

Can I go to gym as a beginner for 5 days per week?

That depends on the volume and intensity of your workouts, as well as the amount of time put into each session. Also, saying that you will go to the gym for five days a week is different from actually going to the gym (I mean this in the nicest way possible). People