Are Hindu pushups or dands beneficial? Will it lead to lower back injury?

Hindu pushups are an excellent exercise that improves both flexibility and strengthens the dorsal and ventral ‘chains'- the interconnected muscles, ligaments and joints that allow you to go about your daily business with some measure of grace and dignity. Provided

Are incline push-ups more difficult than regular push-ups?

The incline pushup is actually a much lighter movement as you have to deal with a smaller fraction of your bodyweight, thanks to your body being more upright. Thus it's safe to say, the higher the incline, the lesser the load. Due

Are push-ups good?

My colleagues have answered this question thoroughly, so I won't belabor the point: yes. Push-ups are EXCELLENT excercises which have stood the test of time; they are simple, require ZERO equipment, and when done properly, can whip a man's body into shape quickly without overly bulking him up. (Still unsure? Check any prison or jail. Bored

Are pushups a total body workout?

In pushups, primary work is to develop pectoral muscles and secondary it develops the strength of shoulders. In calisthenics their are many types of pushups like azetec,back clap and three clap etc they all need body coordination and explosive power to function . It vary from pushup to pushup that which movement are

Are pushups enough?

Are Push ups enough for what ?They are good for building upper body strength. They work the triceps, pecs muscles, and shoulders. When done correctly , they can also strengthen the lower back and core by engaging (pulling in) the abdominal muscles. They are a fast and effective exercise for building strength .Are they enough then as others have

Are the following calisthenics, Interval workouts and weekly run routines good for building overall strength, endurance and hypertrophy?

Well Mr Anon, I don't know how long you've been following this routine so far, maybe you haven't yet or maybe you have and your body is now literally breaking apart at the seams and you're questioning your life decisions.I'm being overly dramatic here but the message still stands. Your routine looks extremely challenging and incomplete.ChallengingReading your

Are there any good exercises to do with free weights for your core?

There are plenty of core workouts that can be done without any weight except for your body's of them is plank. It is important and excellent exercise to do which will help you strengthen your whole core, but you

Assuming nutrition is adequate, how long should one rest between intense weight training sessions?

There are a few factors to consider here:First, how intense is 'intense'? Let's say you've worked your arms all day and can barely lift the groceries; that's too intense. Give it 48-72 hours. If you were more careful and worked them hard, but could probably squeeze out another set if you really really pushed

Bodyweight Exercises: Are rest days always necessary?

I found an answer I liked on http://Bodybuilding.com "Rest and recovery is a tricky puzzle. For the sake of argument, no, there isn't a reason you couldn't program in such a way as to avoid rest days. For practical application for most people

Can a average size 15 year old get a big muscular chest?

Most definitely YES! When you are 15 years old you are in the middle of puberty and awash with anabolic hormones like testosterone and growth hormone. You will respond very well to weight training and any other form of physical exercise. I would recommend a balanced training program including compound lifts which

Can higher body fat contribute to someone's strength positively?

Not directly but indirectly yes for the following reasons:If you have more body fat, your muscles leverages change, which can make exercises easier depending how you store fat.You have more cushionining around your joints, which can also help you lift more.If you have more body fat, your likely in a surplus of calories,

Can I actually do a clean bulk? To where I bulk and won't lose my six pack?

You're going to put on fat and that's a neccessary evil if you want to bulk up and get insane results. In saying that, you can still keep your six pack if you're lean enough.Think of it like having a haircut. If you get down to 10% and bulk up to 13–14% you'll still have your 6 pack,

Can I be huge using just body weight exercise?

First of all i would like to say that gaining lean mass or gaining visible changes doesn't only depend on your workout.There are 3 imp parts that add upto ur success, 1)workout 2)diet 3)rest.U can't achieve what you are looking for if you neglect any one of them...

Can I do pushups and bodyweight exercises on my resting day?

Bodyweight practices are awesome; for expanding general molding, as well as for their capacity to put on abundant sums bulk (as opposed to what a great many people will have you accept).The truth of the matter is, I've been doing high volume bodyweight exercises since I was 13, and essentially doing

Can I get rid of gynecomastia by exercising my chest?

Unfortunately, no. Cardiovascular exercise and a clean diet can help you lose your overall body fat and reduce the severity of the unpleasant aesthetic of gynecomastia. However, those with this condition often find that the chest is one of the last

Can I train a muscle two times a week?

Well you can but the bigger question is which ones? All of'em?The First case: Hitting only selective muscles 2 times a week.I can share my old workout routine. May be that helps.Day Muscle # of ExercisesMonday Back 4Biceps 3Tuesday Chest 4Triceps 3Wednesday Legs 4-6Thursday Shoulder 5-6Friday Biceps 4Triceps 4Saturday AbsSunday RestI needed to train my arms more than other

Can two people working together lift a weight heavier than the sum of what each could lift on their own?

Yes, it's possible but it all depends on the leverage and grip they are able to get on the item as well as each person's individual strength. Another tool that can help two people carry extremely heavy weights is the forearm forklift.Not sure about the world record, I just know this

Can you achieve a fit looking body by just doing squats, deadlifts, and bench presses... and no cardio?

YES! In fact, my training program when leaning out primarily consists of the big three (squat, bench, deadlift). The key is to train for neuromuscular strength, ala powerlifting, by training at high intensity (percent of 1 rep max) and low volume

Can you build a killer male physique with only 30 mins of bodyweight training per day?

Thirty minutes might not be sufficient. The 30 minutes must incorporate plenty of push ups chins lunges burpees dips squats reverse rows and ab work. Break up the 30 minutes over these and that leaves 4 to 5 minutes per movement. How many

Can you explain power training and strength training using bodyweight exercises?

Bodyweight exercises are extremely convenient and effective. You don't need any equipment or gym subscription since you'll be using your own body as your resistance.They can be used to get stronger and more powerful but to an extent. If you want to make serious gains in strength and power you

Can you get ripped using only bodyweight exercises?

Following answer is literally copied and pasted from: Zaid Allam's answer to What kind of body and muscles can you get with only a bodyweight workout?It answers this question very adequately.Start quoteYou can get an incredible physique.Now, it will certainly be harder to do so without weights, but you'll

Can you inspire me to build a muscular body without consuming suppliments?

1)To be straight honest, you have to accept the fact that these physiques like lazar cannot be acheived without the use of body enhancing drugs or 'steroids' for the matter of fact, let alone supplements. Also even if you take these drugs, you still need to have that kind of symmetrical genetics in order

Could a person with less muscle be stronger than the one with more muscle?

Of course. Muscle strength is affected by many different factors. Metabolism Type (aka Muscle Type like Type II Fast Twitch), speed the Muscle can metabolise Energy (Depends across people, some have Oxidative aka Aerobic Respiration that is carried out so fast that it matches the speed of Type II

Do all body builders use steroids?

99% of professional bodybuilders use some form of steroids as do a large amount of professional athletes of any sport. Most people look at mass monsters of today and think bodybuilders are crazy muscleheads and steroids abusers because it is in

Do fitness models get off steroids?

Assuming they are using, most probably. I'm not advocating their use but it would be advisable for someone who were to go this route to use medical supervision, especially if they are using them professionally. Typically supervision would cycle the use of an anabolic

Do five reps of five sets build muscles?

Oh be still my heart a question regarding the best setup for the gym!Yes. 100% yes. Five sets of five will build muscles. If you do it right.

Do guys just do random pushups and pullups? Why?

For some people it may be completely random because they have no idea what the heck they're even doing in the first place. Like there are some guys at my gym that just jumps up and grabs on the pull up

Do leg press, squat, and deadlift help to lose the percentage of body fat?

Yes , when combined with good diet and workout plan these compound exercises helps in losing body fat.Compound exercises are those in which more than one joint ( joints ) involved. So, a lot of muscles work during these movements. Due to which metabolic stress on body increases. Increased RMR

Do people who go to the gym follow a routine?

Yes most do.There are too many approaches to list here but for example I do strength training so my routine is Chest, Arms, Legs and then Back.  This way when I cycle back to the same body part it is repaired.  I also do cardio on

Do you believe in bodyweight exercises?

These training tools are designed only for marketing and not for helping society. Nowadays many fitness gadgets, many training machines are packed in our home and gym, but there is also an easier way to make our body stronger, reduce fat from our body.

Do you need to use weights when working out?

Thank you for asking.Not necessarily.Resistance Training' is another name for exercising your muscles using an opposing force i.e. dumb bells, barbells or resistance bands or bodyweight exercises.Any form of exercises that is based on above definition can help you build lean mass. Barbell training is very effective and faster

Does bodybuilding weakens the heart?

A2A.NO! If anything, body building or any kind of physical activity for that matter strengthens your heart, improves your cardiovascular fitness, increases your stamina, improves blood circulation, provides better muscle coordination and in short enables your heart to pump more blood and

Does taking a cold shower raise testosterone levels in men?

Taking cold showers DO raises testosterone levels in men and yes, its very beneficial to men's health. Its relaxing but still, many guys across the world claim that it's simply a myth - keeping the gonads cold would improve testosterone production.But remember, its not

Have you experienced for yourself the benefits of regular bodyweight exercises?

I started with bodyweight exercises in high-school and did that for a couple of years before joining the gym. I was agile, strong, muscular, proactive, happy and never had any ailment. I still do bodyweight exercises whenever I don't get time for the gym. I feel light on my feet and happy after the session.

How to achieve 20 pull-ups in row? How I should train for this goal

Practice.. Try with what your body can max out. If you can do 2-3 initially, without losing on form, that is still good.. As you keep training, over time 20 will be reality. Pull Ups work your back, but you also need to have

How to become a fitness model

There are several different things that a person need to remember while starting there career as a fitness model or training themselves to become a fitness model.Here are some basic steps to become a fitness model.Keep yourself focusedEat healthyMaintain a well shaped bodyLearn to be comfortable infront of

How to do more Pushups and Pullups

I can do around 50 push ups at once. I used to be able to do 100 at once, when I used to do them every other day (couldn't afford a gym membership).I can do 5 pull ups with 40kg attached to my body,

How to drop body fat from 27% to 20%

It's just about eating healthy. If you lift or do cardio/are active then that will amplify the benefits from your diet. But if you're not eating healthy anything else you do won't show much at all.Eat things you know you're supposed to eat. Eat plenty of protein/fruits/vegetables. Don't eat at restaurants or fast food. If

How to get a strong and big body

Focus on big muscle groups like back, chest and legs and do exercises like squats, bench presses, deadlifts. Do not go too heavy if you are just starting out. Get a trainer to show you the proper way to do these exercises. Eat better. Meaning you gotta eat in a manner that will help you

How to get abs and a toned body when I still have excess body fat

The short answer is, you can't. To be a bit more specific your abdominal muscles are under a layer of belly fat, it doesn't matter how large or defined they are you still have to get rid of this layer of belly fat to get them to show. Think

How to get lean body fat from 23% to 19%

Without knowing your workout routine, sleep habits, nutrition, and lifestyle it's hard to answer this question but I will do my best. Here are some tips:Only eat your carbs for breakfast, before weight training, and after weight training.Avoid any and ALL processed sugar!Eat a TON of green leafy vegetables.Complete

How to get the benefits of weightlifting with bodyweight exercises

Here are some of the best benefits of starting bodyweight exercises as soon as you can: 1. High Caloric Burn Bodyweight exercises are extremely efficient in burning off calories because you can steadily increase the intensity of each movement and you can shift to another movement in a matter of seconds.

How to increase upper body muscle mass and decrease fat in my lower body

You need the following:Switch to a balanced diet plan that ensures your body gets everything it needs in the days you are working out.Running not only strengthen your legs, but also reduces the fat over thighs, tummy and legs. So you should start running about 4-5 km each day.

How to lose body fat without losing weight

By combining strength training with a ketogenic diet.If you're trying to lose fat but maintain, or even gain weight, strength training is your new best friend. Lifting weights increases your lean muscle mass, which in turn burns fat because those new muscles need to be fed in order to maintain themselves. So consistently train

How to reduce fat from my lower body without reducing fat from my upper body

Yes :) You can reduce fat from lower body with out any fat lose from upper it's proven also;A comfortable lifestyle has made us carry a rougher approach towards our body. Trapped in the basic machinery of life we have started treating our body as lifeless machinery too.Neglecting the vast spectrum of services that

How to build a stronger body

I would suggest the following:1. BMI is not the best measure, as it is mainly based on the height of the body, and does not account for the volumetric increase of a three dimensional object when the sizes are increased proportional.2. to increase lung capacity and overall constitution, be aware that it will not happen fast.

How to build muscles on my ribcage without weights

Good Question Actually. Cant explain within quora. I have added a detailed article here. You can check it out if you have some time :)Bodybuilders have impressive physiques with one muscle on top of the other. One of the characteristics of a bodybuilder's

How to get a muscular fit body without weightlifting

You can surely do that. Weight lifting is nothing but providing resistance to the body muscle so that they can be strengthen. I also find weightlifting monotonous and boring . You can try exercise such as Bosu Ball training, TRX training, Suspension training, Cross fit training. This all form of exercise don't have much of weight lifting.

How to go about body building

Your diet needs to be optimized and corrected accordingly, for you to recover from the situation and go on to build muscle. Although this will involve assessing all of your current parameters, including daily schedule and eating habits, you can get started with the following tips:-1. Increase your protein consumption. This is

How to lift weights without having weights at home

Well, you have a few options. And believe me, I'm answering this question from personal experience and at times having no feasible way to get to the gym. You can 1. lift your own body weight(it gets to be a pain

How to lose fat without losing body mass

Hello,Add more protein in your diet if you want to lose body fat and not body mass.Protein is an important component of every cell in the body. Your body uses protein to build and repair tissues.Protein is an important building block of bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood.The amount of food from the

How to remove the fat covering my lower abs

First of all, you must first realize that you CANNOT target fat loss.That's not how the body works.If you want to remove the fat covering your abs, then you must remove body fat across the board.I actually have some experience with this topic as I recently

How does a female over 50 lose weight?

I love seeing questions like this. How does X lose weight. What's the best workout for X. How does X lose # of weight in # of weeks.It's easy to think we are a variable and that there are inherent differences, when in truth we are more

How does consuming alcohol affect body-building?

Bodybuilding is all about discipline ! U have to eat right, do right to reach ur gains or goals. On other hand if u are alcoholic it will cause problems reaching your set goals. It's a world known fact that alcohol damages ur kidney and liver and liver is

How drastically can your face change through exercise and by getting lean?

I was 330lbs (150kg) when I put this question on my Answer Later list as a wishful-thinking vanity project. I ended up losing about 160lbs (73kg)-enough that I actually wear a smaller size of fitted baseball cap now.I look better of course, but the change in my face isn't quite as drastic I'd hoped. Once

How effective are body weight exercises compared to weight training?

You said your priorities were; "safety, muscle size, and strength"Safety: Bodyweight wins this oneMuscle size: weightsStrength: weightsWeights win vs bodybuilding if you are talking about muscle size and strength. For example, the best bodybuilders all achieve their muscle size and look through intensive weight training. 

How is strength training different than body building?

There is an interesting thing that not many people talk about. When you start lifting most of your immediate gains are due to better communication between your brain and your muscles. The neuro-muscular pathways have to be trained. You don't have to think much about lifting a fork to your mouth. You learned that

How long of not working out will noticeable decreases in strength/muscle mass start to occur?

It depends on what you define by inactivity and what does your top workout looks like.If you are a beginner-intermediate weightlifter, and your daily life includes walking, running, lifting moderate weight like bags/babies/water bottles/whatever, and you, say, have sex on top regularly, then you probably

How many consecutive push-ups should one be able to do to consider different variations?

25–30 clean, controlled push ups with full range of motion until you progress to the different variations.That's the number which you should be aiming at. When you become proficient with the regular push ups and increase the strength until hitting a regular set of about 25 reps and you can repeat that effort multiple times afterwards, then

How many days does it take to get fit by doing a bodyweight workout?

There are a lot of factors that contribute to your question. Some of these factors are how is your diet, what exercises you are doing, how intense are your bodyweight exercises, and how many days a week you are working out.Your diet will affect the time it takes you to become fit. To shorten the length of time, cut

How many push-ups are adequate in one workout before you start doing them for no additional gains?

It depends on what you define as gains. If you mean strength gains, then once 5 sets of 5 reps with a decent rest between each are too easy, then you're not going to gain that much strength from them.If you define gains as muscle gains, then once 3 sets of 10 reps with about a minutes rest

How many push-ups should I be able to do before moving on to one-armed push-ups?

TL;DR:  at least 2x 20, better would be 30-35 for 2-3 setsWarning: Certain push-up variation can be extremely rough on the shoulders, elbows and wrists. If you feel any pain in your joints, discontinue the exercise immediately. Should the pain persist, get treatment and look for alternatives. The most important thing

How many pushups and running rounds can you do in a day?

‘In a day'is a hard question . There are few people who can do thousands of push-ups in a couple of hours. I can do some 300 push-ups in half an hour. I haven't tried beyond that. If you do 200 push-ups in an hour it is

How many pushups should a beginner do?

One should start to do as many pushups he or she can do if you are not able to do more than 5 pushups or even one then place your knees on ground and then perform pushups it will give you strength to do pushups without the help of knees. After that you can

How much Creatine should I take per day?

What amount of Creatine to take per day?Some Creatine product companies said you need to first load your body of Creatine with 10g in your earlier phase then start reducing the Creatine quantity to 5g daily but there is no science behind this therefore only following one thing which brings actual results.Actuality, If you supplement

How much muscle can you gain by working out with your bodyweight only?

Bodyweight training is incredibly effective for building muscle. Some would even argue that it's better than free weights. Bodyweight exercises don't beat up your joints as much as traditional weight training exercises do. They allow for a more natural range of motion and improve your overall athleticism quite effectively. Advanced bodyweight exercises require unmatched levels of full

How much practice I must do to be able to do one arm push ups?

If I share my personal learning of one hand pushups, the first thing is that you should be able to do atleast 25–30 regular pushups after having a command on them you can do the explosive variety that is the clap pushup, close grip, wide grip, diamond, side to

How muscular is too muscular?

If you have to use drugs to keep them = too muscular.If they become your god = too muscular.If they require lots of time, excess food, expensive equipment & gym memberships, and everything revolving around them = too muscular.If they make you vain and proud =

How should I do pushups?

Ok the thing is you may have gained a bit of extra weight or I don't know about your age but you may have loose strength with age or you don't know the right technique yet or your strength is not at that level now. Chill it happens with 80 percent of newcomers. Ok so now I have

How should I work out next?

Sounds like you have had good success, good job!If your goal is to get back to 180 but with a lower body fat then you need to start putting on some muscle.Do you have any experience with lifting?Lifting, primarily

How will doing push-ups every night benefit me?

I'm actually in a great position to answer this. Around 2-3 months ago, I started doing 20-30 push-ups at semi random times, about 3 times per day. Being a horrible procrastinator, two of these were usually left for some time at night.I would generally do one of these sets with my hands

I got my body fat down to 13.5% which I know as a woman is very good. But why do my quads still look undeveloped and have higher fat deposits on them than the rest of my body? Is there anything I can do to tighten them up?

If you do not stress the muscles in any part of your body, fat will take over that reagion and lack of muscles plus stored fat will make the body part look undeveloped and not in shape.Doing body weight squats, Lunges does help. Another alternative for you have

I know body fat and weight are different at times, but can you possibly lose fat without losing muscle?

Of course. If you starve yourself, yeah, you'll lose muscle. But if you exercise, and eat, you should be able to ADD muscle while burning fat. Examples:I've always been slender and active (6′3″, 168 ish most of my life), but when I switched from doing just martial arts and related activities like pull-ups

If I do modified push-ups will the results be any different from a regular push-up?

Yes. If the variation is easier then you'll get less value for the time you put in, and if the progression is harder then you'll get more value. The harder progressions will develop greater functional strength and coordination especially core

If I lose muscle mass will I be able to do a pull up?

I doubt it has anything to do with only body weight and muscle weight.There are full-grown bodybuilders doing pull-ups, and then there is 68 kg professional climber Adam Ondra pulling himself up using only three fingers. Strength is not how big a muscle is, but how much work a muscle can perform, (especially climbers prove

If you workout at a gym do you finish a set of one exercise then move onto the next machine you need, or do you complete all sets then move on?

You can do either one, it depends on the program you're following.Some programs have you do what are called supersets, generally two exercises back to back that work opposing muscle groups. So one set of each with no rest between

Is 200 pushups a day enough?

Hi there, if you are asking that you want to train your chest and only want to do 200 pushups only, then you should not do it. Here is why.You may ‘overtrain' your chest if you are a beginner, also you may

Is 5 sets of 50 push-ups overtraining?

No it is a perfect workout for getting high result with bodyweight. It could be 1m30 of rest so you have time to get the pump like mad between sets and i assure you that if you do that for 1 month you will get you fast big hyperthrophy result moslty if

Is a 'testosterone only' cycle the best first steroid cycle?

In my personal opinion yes. OR just try ONE compound first i.e. DBol, Deca. I did Deca first and grew like crazy. My test was very high being young so I didn't have the sides that most people seem to think happens to everyone.I tell the story here - https://www.secretsofbodybuildin...However I was young, and looking

Is beer good for body building?

Alcohol and Bodybuilding Don't MixIf you are serious about adding muscle and getting 8-pack abs, alcohol is enemy #1. Alcohol and bodybuilding do NOT mix. There are two great reasons to avoid alcohol if you are a bodybuilder: 1) because it inhibits gaining muscle mass and 2) because it makes

Is body building more dangerous than other sports?

Most to least injuries -Basketball. More than 170,000 children ages 5 to 14 were treated in hospital emergency rooms for basketball-related injuries.Baseball and softball. Nearly 110,000 children ages 5 to 14 were treated in hospital emergency rooms for baseball-related injuries. Baseball also has the highest fatality rate among sports for children ages 5 to 14,

Is doing one set of each exercise until reaching failure when working out, as effective as doing multiple sets?

If you are doing just 1 set of an exercise until you reach failure you are probably going too light and doing too many reps which doesn't help much in terms of building muscle. The reason why people do multiple sets is because they have to put enough stress on the muscle they

Is doing push-ups, sit ups, squats and runs each day enough for a home workout?

I would throw in some pulls ups and rows with some sort of resistance bands to make sure you're getting more back work than front work with the push ups.If you are doing sit ups, make sure they're the McGill version, which

Is intermittent fasting bad for stomach?

What I've Learned from 2 Years of Intermittent FastingAdopting a philosophy of self-experimentation can make a tremendous difference in your life.Choosing to experiment with new ideas can help you start a successful business. Choosing to experiment with sharing your work can launch your career as a writer or an artist. And choosing to experiment with different diets

Is it bad to go to the gym 5 days a week straight, as long as you switch up the exercises?

I am glad you asked this question. So when you read this answer, don't take anything I say personally. This is actually very similar to the routine I did back when I was 15.I get it. Big chest, big arms and

Is it better to take creatine before or after a workout and why?

Don't take creatine with caffeine.If you're taking creatine with caffeine, you're essentially flushing your money down the drain.Creatine is a water soluble molecule. This is why creatine manufacturers will suspend the creatine in a

Is it easier to build muscles when starting with low body fat or normal body fat?

Short answer - Low Body Fat.Why?Insulin Sensitivity & Calorie Partitioning.There is evidence that suggests that as you get leaner, your insulin sensitivity increases and your body gets better at ‘Calorie Partitioning'.What does that mean?Calorie Partitioning is the process by which the body decides where the

Is it necessary to go to a gym to have a good body?

It's not necessary.  You could work out at home/participate in sports (be an athlete).  Genetics are a factor (obviously), but the short answer is - it's tough to  imagine you not going to the gym/not doing sports/not working out at home - and having a good body.The second

Is it ok to workout two times a day on the same muscle group even after one has rested those muscles?

You can but it is totally unnecessary. You may think that you have rested the muscles but that might not be the case. I will give you an example. If you have been working out then I am sure you

Is it possible to build significant muscle mass with only bodyweight exercises? Where should one start?

Hi Michael.Thanks for your question. Body weight exercises are great and maybe the healthiest way to built muscle mass. Having said that, you must understand that you will build long, lean and strong muscle mass that is created through the process of myiofibrilar hipertrophy which creates lean and elastic

Is it possible to get six packs with proper exercise/work out, but improper diet?

Exercises is safe method to get six pack abs. For people who want to get six pack abs in short time, you can try Imodstyle 6 Pack Abs (please search on google) . My boyfriend try it and his abs showed clearly within

Is L-arginine effective to gain lean muscle?

Supplements are not really that important for weight loss and gain muscle. I know the ads make them look like they are magic pills. In order to gain lean muslce, you will need do two things:1. diet. It is 90% success. Make sure

Is learning how to muscle up for the first time using a thick pull-ups bar difficult or even impossible?

I'd say it would be hard, but not impossible if you followed the correct progressions and followed it through like any other muscle up progress.Star with maybe a resistance band and lower the resistance as you get stronger.Then do negatives versions from the top of the bar (jump up

Is Planet Fitness a good place to do barbell based workouts?

No.Planet Fitness only has smith machine barbells which will force you into a fixed movement pattern, defeating the purpose of doing barbell based exercises as opposed to machine exercises which is to activate large swaths of musculature via the motor recruitment of both primary movers and stabilizer muscles.

Is Planet Fitness a gym for beginners?

Given the low membership cost and diverse availability of equipment, I'd say it's great for beginners. I wouldn't consider it a specialty gym at all. There are people of all dedication levels working out at my local Planet Fitness.As always, fitness training grows and diminishes in popularity with the

Is running before work, and working out (fitness) after work the optimal plan for body building?

I have tried both the ways and did little bit of research. Running later is optimal. It's always recommended to run after workout. but you should warm up before workout. If you are not doing that then you can run for 10 minutes before workout just to warm up

Is there a good workout routine for getting up to 1000 body weight squats quickly?

The way I see it you could go about training for this in a few different ways:Increase the work volume. You could do excess volume with unlimited break between sets. For example doing 5000 body weight squats with as many breaks as you want through out the day.Increase the weight. Do a

Is there a workout app or something that can help me gain muscle, & get buff & strong that actually works?

Well, you must know there are hundreds, probably thousands of apps to chose from.No app will help you gain muscle and get buff. Only you can do that but an app CAN show you routines that will help you get in shape.I'll suggest the one that I use. It's called Fitness and Bodybuilding. It lets you chose

Is there any difference between doing many pushups at once and doing the same amount of pushups divided throughout the day?

It depends on what you're actually trying to do. If it's building strength and muscle mass, I would suggest doing at a go would be the best. Muscles respond better when they are taxed. Our bodies are designed to adapt to different situations and various levels of stress. So the key to building  strength

Looking to increase my overall body strength. What is the best workout schedule to follow?

The Best Full Body workout At home without any equipment.Only 3 workout that is sufficient for your all body.In this, How Full Body workout Beneficial and how much time are sufficient to Do full body workout?Every Set (Repetitions) Mentioned Properly. Such a really great article.In this your complete solution of Full Body Workout.Read it:-Full Body

My body fat percentage is 22.1%. How much do I need to lose to get abs?

The general idea is that you need to be at a body fat percentage lower than 10% to be able to see good visible abs.Having said that, if you do not have a good muscle mass on your body then you will end